RADICAN’S 5/18 AEW PAC vs. Hangman Page report (w/video)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


MAY 18, 2019

The footage begins with PAC interrupting the ring announcer. The announcers say his scheduled opponents won’t be wrestling. One isn’t there and one is injured. PAC comes out with the Dragon Gate Open The Dream Gate Title over his shoulder.

PAC gets on the mic and says what a surprise his competition has vanished. He said Robbie X and Jody Fleisch knew what they were doing when they ducked out of the match. PAC says he’s undefeated for 20 months and there isn’t a man on the roster or in the country that has the balls to stand toe to toe or face to face with a bastard like him.

Hangman Page’s music played and he made his way down to the ring to a big pop. The announcers say these two are just one week away from wrestling at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. A big holy s–t chant rang out in the crowd.


Both men went head to head before the match began. PAC charged right into a punch form Page and the match was on. Page hit a fallaway slam on PAC and clotheslined him to the floor. Page followed PAC to the floor and sent him into the guardrail as the fans fired up. Page caught PAC with a big boot to the face and PAC went to the floor. PAC avoided a dive and tossed Page back into the ring, but Page got right up and nailed him with a suicide dive. Page went up top, but PAC shoved him to the apron and he spilled to the floor. PAC hit a big dive to the floor onto Page and tossed him back into the ring. PAC went up top and hit a 450, but Page kicked out at 1. Page tried to fire back with some chops, but PAC cut him off with a kick to the gut and then whipped him hard into the corner. PAC hit a dropkick to Page’s shoulder. He then worked him over with a chinlock on the mat. Both men began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Page hit a big forearm off the ropes and PAC went down. PAC pulled the ropes on Page, who spilled to the floor. PAC went for a moonsault off the turnbuckles, but he missed and landed on his feet. Page then went all the way to the top and hit a moonsault to the floor and the fans went crazy.

Page hit a big running dropkick in the corner and a running SSP for a two count. Page set up for the Deadeye, but PAC got out of it. PAC went for a springboard, but ate a boot form Page. Page then locked in the Bolo Lock (modified crossface). PAC struggled, but managed to get his foot on the bottom rope. Page went for the Buckshot Lariat, but ate a superkick. He didn’t go down and he returned fire with a superkick of his own, but PAC didn’t go down. PAC ducked a charge and hit a snap German. PAC then hit a deadlift German with a bridge for a near fall. They went up top and PAC hit a superplex. PAC was slow to make the cover, but he hooked the leg only for Page to kick out at the last second. PAC went up top, but Page popped to his feet. PAC leaped over him and hit an enziguri. PAC went up top again and went for the Red Arrow, but Page moved. Page hit a discus lariat. He followed up with a Deadeye variation for a near fall. Page hit a big running lariat. He went to the apron and set up for the Buckshot Lariat, but PAC grabbed the ref and kicked him right in the junk. Page then hit the buckshot lariat for a visual pinfall. The ref recovered and called for the bell.

Page yelled at the ref after the match. PAC then came in from behind and nailed Page with the edge of a chair from behind. PAC put the boots to Page. PAC slammed the chair over Page’s leg. He then stomped on Page’s ankle. PAC put a chair around PAC’s ankle. He went outside and grabbed another chair to Pillmanize Page’s ankle. Page sold his ankle and the fans booed.

PAC got on the mic and said the only reason he was going to Vegas was to hurt him. He said his work was done. He said he could tell his buddies he’s not coming to Double or Nothing or AEW. A graphic was shown with a big x in red over the Hangman Page vs. PAC promotional picture for Double or Nothing with the word cancelled in the middle.

WINNER: Hangman Page via DQ in 14:00 (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good match up until the DQ. AEW got the job done in terms of giving fans the match the promised for Double or Nothing. The graphic at the end of the video was hilarious. AEW has given no official explanation as to why the match is handled.

I’m surprised they handled the cancellation of this match so poorly so far, but I’m hoping the company makes an official statement at some point. I’ve been unable to confirm or deny the report that the match was cancelled due to creative differences between PAC and AEW management.

The leading indication I’ve gotten from sources is the match was cancelled due to visa issues. Jason Powell of prowrestling.net has also said multiple sources have suggested to him the match was cancelled due to visa issues, but I’ve been unable to get confirmation that is indeed the case.

The way the match ended was done in a way where I got the sense PAC wasn’t going to be in AEW for a long time if at all, but it was done in a way where they could go back to the match in the future.)

You can watch Hangman Page vs. PAC below:

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