AEW News: Joey Janela gets into fight with Enzo Amore at Blink 182 concert, war of the words continues after on Twitter (w/Radican’s Analysis)

Photo credit: AEW/Joao Ferreira


AEW wrestler Joey Janela and former WWE wrestler Enzo Amore (real name Eric Arndt) got into a fight at a Blink 182 concert in New Jersey at the PNC Bank Arts Center Tuesday night. The war of the words started back in April when Janela tweeted at Enzo following his appearance in ROH during WrestleMania Weekend at G1 Supercard:

PWTorch sources indicate the incident began when Janela went up to Amore and introduced himself before flipping him off. After the incident took place, the two continued to exchange words on Twitter and more details of the altercation came out from Janela.

Amore was the first to tweet about the incident writing:

I’m glad you introduced yourself cause I couldn’t pick you out of a line up. You don’t want no smoke.

Where was that energy at? We aint friends [Joey Janela]. Dont introduce urself to me f*ckboy I thought u were a fan hahaha the second I realized it was u I slapped ya bitchass hands down & walked @ u w/ MY HANDS UP YA F*CKIN RAN BACKWARDS & told my homey to film it.

He later added several follow up Tweets directed at Janela:

Janela responded to Amore’s tweets and added some context to what triggered their altercation at the concert, which can be seen in Janela’s tweets below:


Janela also challenged Amore to come fight him again later last night:

On Twitter last night, Janela indicated one of Enzo’s friends had filmed the incident and this morning, Amore tweeted out a video of the incident. PWTorch has learned from sources that the portion of the video that Amore showed does not show the entire incident and no punches are thrown during the video.

You can see the video of that incident below:

Janela also posted a tweet on Twitter saying that the entire incident wasn’t shown by Amore:

Janela also said this wasn’t a work and he wasn’t setting up an angle with Amore in response to a question on Twitter:

Radican’s Analysis: Janela needs to drop this feud he has with Enzo Amore and move on to focusing on AEW. Amore’s wrestling career is likely finished in the mainstream and he was a toxic figure behind the scenes when he wrestled in WWE according to multiple sources. 

Janela has a lot of buzz going for him right now and engaging with Amore will get him a lot of attention, but ultimately he has a lot more going for him in wrestling than Amore does coming off his main event match against Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest last month. There’s no reason for Janela to bring Amore the attention he craves. Amore looked foolish tweeting that Janela ran away only to post a video showing that Janela did not in fact run away. 

Janela’s tweets seemed to indicate he’s ready to move on from the incident and not turn it into a wrestling match, which is a good decision. 

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