AEW News: Baker suffers concussion during tag match, why Young Bucks post-match segment got cut short, post-show interviews with Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Jericho, Dustin Rhodes (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist



-Britt Baker suffered a concussion at Fight for the Fallen last night in Jacksonville, Fla during her tag team match. Baker teamed with Riho against Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima on the Buy-In pre-show. She was diagnosed with a concussion after the show. Referee Aubrey Edwards accompanied her after the show and checked on her during the night according to a tweet from Baker, which can be seen below:

AIW Owner John Thorne, who owns the AIW Wrestling School where Baker was trained, said he talked to Baker and she will be seeing a doctor this week for a follow up visit. Thorne referenced Baker accidentally trying to tag out to the wrong partner and said he can’t make fun of her for trying to tag out to the wrong partner because she had what sounds like a severe concussion. You can see Thorne’s tweet below:

Baker appeared to be hurt after a kick to the head from Priestley early in the match, which can be seen in the clip below:

Radican’s Analysis: This is the type of injury where AEW should have trained medical staff on hand watching the match closely to check for concussions. This injury appears to have happened very early in the match and Baker even tried to tag out to the wrong partner at one point after the kick to the head from Priestley.

Baker was able to get through the key spots in the match, which included a nice one-on-one spotlight segment to set up a possible future match with Priestley, but it would have been best to just get her out of the ring and not risk further damage. 

-Regarding the end of Fight for the Fallen, The Young Bucks were cutting an in-ring promo and seemed to be setting up a nice moment with Dustin & Cody Rhodes, who they had just beaten in the main event, but Kenny Omega’s music interrupted the segment for AEW’s presentation of their donation to the Fight for the Fallen Foundation. PWTorch sources indicate that someone hit Kenny’s music way before the que for him and the other wrestlers to come out and that’s when he came to the ring with Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Shad Khan among other to present the check to close the show.

-Tony Khan did a post-show media scrum after Fight for the Fallen. Khan said that the debut date for AEW on TNT would be announced before All Out on Aug. 31. The show is heavily rumored to be starting on October 2, which is a Wednesday night.

Khan also talked about AEW’s focus going forward as they head to All Out. He mentioned the main focus of the company is going to be promoting the big matches on the card, which he listed as Hangman Page vs. Chris Jericho to crown the first AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears. Rhodes vs. Spears was not mentioned on the broadcast of Fight for the Fallen and the two did not interact on the show, so this is the first mention of that match.

Khan discussed the success of AEW so far to date. He noted they did 100,000 PPV buys for Double or Nothing in May. He pointed to the PPV buys and quick sellouts of Double or Nothing and All Out as markers of AEW being a legitimate company once they launch on TNT in October.

One other thing Khan talked about was getting the inspiration to build Dailey’s Place where Fight for the Fallen was held from watching the wrestling themed episode of South Park called WTF. You can see a picture of the wrestling venue in South Park compared to how Dailey’s Place turned out in Khan’s tweet below:

Radican’s Analysis: AEW has one heck of a lineup set up for All Out. Spears carried himself really well and his character stood out in the six man tag he was in last night. The reveal of Spears vs. Cody on the card gives AEW a stacked top three singles matches.

The Lucha Bros. also challenged The Young Bucks to a Ladder match at All Out after beating S.C.U. last night. I’m surprised AEW is giving away this many high-quality matches before they land on PPV, but they have a chance to put on an incredible show prior to starting on TV on TNT in October. 

I didn’t like the way Daily’s Place looked when the sun was out, but once the sun went down and the lights came on, the venue had a really cool look to it. I also enjoyed that Khan got the inspiration to build an amphitheater from South Park, which I’m a big fan of. 

You can see Khan’s post-show media scrum below courtesy of

-Cody Rhodes did a post-show media scrum and was asked about the length of the show, which combined with the pre-show went for four hours. Rhodes said he didn’t have a problem with the length of the show and said when AEW goes to TV, you’ll get two hour shows from AEW, but on PPV caliber specials like Fight for the Fallen, AEW believes in letting the wrestlers play their music, which is why we didn’t see any four minute matches.

You can see Cody’s entire post-show media scrum below courtesy of

-Chris Jericho conducted a post-show media scrum. Most notably, he discussed cutting a promo without a script for the first time in 20 years. You can see his post-show interview below courtesy of

-Dustin Rhodes conducted a post-show media scrum. He talked about giving Sonny Kiss advice and calming him down before his match against Peter Avalon on the pre-show. He also mentioned he won’t be at the All Out PPV on Aug. 31. You can see his entire interview courtesy of below:

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  1. Poor Britt Baker. Damn she is becoming a favorite of mine and then she gets a concussion. If AEW can get Tessa Blanchard, that will definitely put them over the top.

    I am looking forward to All Out.

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