9/11 WWE MAIN EVENT REPORT: WWE actually replays the atrocity that was Charlotte’s Raw moonsault, plus Dana & Logan vs. IIconics

By Mike F. Meyers, PWTorch contributor

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2019

Announcers: Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Dio Maddin


What happened to Peyton Royce mid-match?


Enes Kanter was shown standing at a ringside seat, applauding Brooke as she made her entrance.

Logan, who howled into the air as the match started, started off against Kay. When Kay enthusiastically attempted a howl of her own, Logan headbutted her and knocked her to the mat. Logan knocked Kay down again with a shoulder block, causing Kay to scramble to her corner and tag in Royce.

Logan scooped up Royce and carried her to the top turnbuckle of a neutral corner. When the ref separated the wrestlers, Royce struck the “iIconic” pose. Royce then leapt from the middle turnbuckle, arms held high in a double axe handle position, allowing Logan to clobber her with a right cross. Royce fell to the mat, then crawled to her corner and tagged Kay back in.

Kay literally walked into a dropkick by Logan. Royce entered the ring again, only to be assaulted by Brooke. Brooke and Logan proceeded to double team the iIconics, eventually knocking them out to ringside with simultaneous dropkicks. Royce and Kay writhed in agony as we cut to commercial.

We resumed the show to find Logan pounding on a prone Kay. They got to their feet and Kay briefly slowed Logan by pulling her hair, then tagged in Royce who did some hair pulling of her own, allowing Kay to kick Logan in the face. Royce covered Logan for a two-count, then shrieked angrily at the ref. The iIconics did a brief double team against Logan before Royce applied a chinlock.

Kay tagged in and struggled to contain the still-energetic Logan, who was struggling to finally get to her corner. Kay dragged Logan to the center of the ring by her ankle, then dropped an elbow and covered for a two-count. Royce tagged back in and was immediately overcome with the savagery of Logan, who again grounded and pounded her opponent. Kay tagged back in, and once more prevented Logan from getting to her corner. Royce tagged in and the iIconics double teamed Logan with a bulldog across Kay’s knee. Royce covered, and for the first time this match, Brooke entered the ring and broke up the pin.

At last, Logan was able to tag in Brooke. She ran in and did a standard hot-tag clothesline of Royce, but when she went in for the follow-up clothesline, Royce was slow getting up and was not in position to take any particular move. She seemed stunned. Brooke improvised and sort of pushed her toward the ropes, and Royce stumbled backward into the corner, where Brooke laid in some shots.

Kay entered the ring, but Brooke scooped and slammed her. Brooke ran the ropes and did a handspring splash onto Kay and covered, but immediately gave up the pin to defend against Royce – who was actually doing nothing, still dazed in the corner where Brooke left her. Brooke shook Royce down a bit, then turned her attention back to Kay. Pointing, Brooke said, “I’m done with you!” She ran across the ring and landed a reverse elbow against Kay in the corner. She then lined up to give the same treatment to Royce, but Royce sidestepped at the last moment, causing Brooke to strike Logan instead, who was standing right behind Royce on the ring apron. Logan fell to the floor outside.

Brooke was shocked, and the iIconics took advantage with another double team: Kay held Brooke aloft in a modified nelson maneuver, allowing Royce to deliver a running knee strike to the Brooke’s exposed skull. Kay covered for the pin and victory.

WINNER: IIconics by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Love them or hate them, it’s fun to see the iIconics bring some flair to Main Event. It wasn’t as fun seeing Royce appear to get her bell rung when she flatbacked for the Brooke clothesline. The late-game misfire between Brooke and Logan will no doubt lead to another epic series of singles matches for months to come.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Bayley/Banks – Charlotte video package
  • Match rundown for upcoming PPV Clash of Champions
  • Replay of Lynch & Charlotte vs. Bayley & Banks from Raw (NOTE: This edited replay began seconds before Charlotte’s abysmal moonsault, as if to specifically feature its atrocity)
  • Replay of Universal Championship contract signing featuring Steve Austin from Raw
  • Replay of Rowan’s in-ring promo from Smackdown, and subsequent Rowan-Reigns brawl
  • Replay of Kanter – R-Truth rivalry from Raw
  • Replay of Kofi—Orton verbal exchange and brawl from Smackdown
  • Replay of 10-man tag team match from Raw

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 4.2

FINAL THOUGHTS: With only one unseen match on offer, Main Event twirls even further into the murky depths of uselessness.

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