9/20 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Galindo’s report on LAX vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack, Dreamer & RVD & Rhino & Tessa vs. OVW

By Jessie Galindo, PWTorch contributor


Editor’s Note: Jessie Galindo joins Jordan Thomas as part of our newly expanded Impact Wrestling coverage as Impact moves to the higher-profile AXS TV network and filling the Tuesday night prime time slot being vacated by Smackdown as of next week.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis



Josh Matthews compared Tessa and the ECW Originals to the Avengers. They started with a punching brawl that led to everyone scrambling out of the ring. RVD and Sami Callihan were left in the ring. RVD took over pretty quick with a Rolling Thunder. Tessa started going after Madman Fulton hard. She had him up in the corner for a Shattered Dreams. Then Tommy Dreamer and Jake Crist took their turn in the ring with a fall away slam from Dreamer. Jake and Tommy took turns diving onto the other wrestlers. Jake’s was clearly more impressive. Then RVD takes his turn diving. Tessa finally got Sami alone. Tessa said something in Spanish that was censored. Callis said it wasn’t nice. She then hit him with a cutter. Dave Crist then gave Tessa a Superplex to the outside onto the rest of the wrestlers.

Sami hit Rhino with a suplex he no sold and then Rhino hit him back with a spinebuster. They started a series of spots from each wrestler one at a time. Tessa hit Fulton with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT. Fulton gorilla pressed Tessa for Jake to do a super cutter. Near fall. Dreamer and RVD then took out Fulton with a kendo stick. Rhino then introduced a table. Sami hit Dreamer and Rhino with low blows and then put Tommy in a Cactus Special but Tommy countered with a groin claw and was about to piledrive him but Jake hit him with a superkick. Rhino then gored Jake through the table. RVD hit a 5-Star Frog Spash on Jake and then Tessa made him tap out using a kendo stick on her submission.

WINNERS: Tessa and the ECW Originals

-Backstage, Alisha Edwards is wondering why Ace Austin showed up but he said he wanted to be there to support her match with Taya Valkyrie. He was in a wheelchair and an arm sling. He asked where Eddie was and she said she didn’t know. He then checked out her rear as she walked away.

-Jimmy Jacobs interviewed The North. They were wearing party hats because they were celebrating that LAX was leaving Impact. Ethan Page gave Jimmy a party hat and pulled out a pinata for a fiesta.


Ace Austin was wheeled to the ring by a doctor. Taya dominated Alisha early on while showing off and flaunting her body but Alisha took over after a counter in the corner. She hit Alisha with flatliner but John E. Bravo pulled her out of the ring before she could pin Taya. Austin got up and kicked Bravo while doing a handstand but then jumped back in the wheelchair before Alisha could notice. Taya then finished Alisha with the Road to Valhalla.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie.

-After the match, Austin was attempting to clap but fell out of his wheelchair. Alisha called for the doctor and they went backstage together.

-The North were recruiting party goers in the hallway, putting party hats on random guys and giving them party blowers and then punching them in the stomach to force them to blow. They come across RVD and Rhino and think they’re dumb. Rhino broke their pinata. RVD said he likes to party and asked Rhino why he was mad. Rhino said he just wanted the candy.

-In the ring, Gama Singh introduced Mahabali Shera as the newest member of the Desi Hit Squad. All three of them came out and bowed to Singh.


Cody has little to no offense as Shera dominates almost the entire squash match.

WINNER: Shera.


The match started with the Rascalz doing triple moonsaults and then triple dives to the outside. Trey and started out with each of the AAA luchadors. The Rascalz showed off in was a hybrid squash and spotfest match. The AAA stars got to show off high flying moves but the Rascalz kept up and showed they fly just as high. Each of the AAA stars hit different moves to the outside but the Rascalz ended it with a series of double team moves.

WINNERS: The Rascalz.

-Moose was walking down the street in Mexico City claiming he was the most dangerous man, not Ken Shamrock, because he wanted to fight with Mexican Thugs but he just beat uptwo old guys and a skinny dude.

-Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer were ready for the bachelor party and Brian Cage told them they were gonna cheat like they never cheated before.


Jimmy Jacobs had a sit down interview with Tenille Dashwood. He asked her why she came to Impact, and she said that she never faced a lot of the Knockouts yet. She wants new competition. She said she was looking forward to facing Madison Rayne, Tessa Blanchard, and Taya Valkyrie. She told the story that Taya’s first match was against her in a losing effort. She said she has been overlooked and now the spotlight’s on her.

(5) HAVOK vs. SU YUNG in a No Disqualification Match

Havok came out with a staple gun. She took the fight to Su early. She tries to staple her face but Su counters with bite to the arm. Su set up a chair in the corner of the outside and makes Havok crash into it. Suy goes up on the barricade to pay homage to Undertaker’s Old School but Havok takes her down quick. Havok brings in a ladder but Su baseball slides it back into her. Su used to staple gun on Havok’s crotch and her chest. She takes off her nightgown and dived onto her outside the ring. Su pulled out her bloody glove but Havok kicked her and hit the Tombstone for the win.


-After the match, Su sat up and hit Havok with the Mandible Claw and uses the ladder on Havok. She then threw a chair at Havok’s face. They then fought up the ramp and into the back. They ended up in a stairwell where Havok then put a noose around Su’s neck and hung her from the stair railing. Officials came to Su’s rescue.

-At Melissa Santos’s bachelorette party, Taya and Madison tried to make it about them. Taya made a toast to herself. Joey Ryan showed up as a stripper dressed as a cop. They all were excited except Kiera Hogan who immediately left. Taya looked disgusted.

-At Brian Cage’s bachelor party, Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann watched Cage eat donuts shirtless for his cheat day.

-They aired a video package promoting Johnny Swinger coming to Impact.


The match started with Swann and Santana. They were evenly matched. Santana and Ortiz took turns working down on Swann. Willie Mack got the tag and then started to getting double teamed. He and Swann regained momentum on Ortiz. Santana got the hot tag and took it to Mack and then Swann. They double teamed Swann. After some back and forths, Swann hit the Phoenix Splash and Mack hit the frog splash for the win.

WINNERS: Rich Swann and Willie Mack

-At the hospital, Su Yung is in the ER and flatlines on the table. The doctors call it and walk out. Su then wakes up and the show ends.

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