9/24 WWE 205 LIVE TV REPORT: Carrillo vs. Garza, Lorcan & Burch vs. Gulak & Nese, strong Kendrick promo

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Aiden English, Dio Maddin

-The show opened with a video package recapping the number one contender match for the Cruiserweight title between Oney Lorcan and Lio Rush on NXT. As the highlights ended, Lio Rush was shown celebrating his victory. The camera then cut to a pre-taped interview with Cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak. Gulak called Rush a “ghost form his past” and said there was nothing he could do to take the Cruiserweight title from him. He then stated he and Tony Nese would be taking on Lorcan and Danny Burch later that night.

-The camera then cut to a pre-taped segment with the Singh Brothers, who talked about the upcoming match between cousins Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza. They stated that they were almost ready to return to in-ring competition, as their “Singh Sessions” at the “Bollywood Actor’s Studio” were ready to conclude. The 205 Live intro video played, followed by the entrance of Humberto Carrillo.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Gulak has a noticeable presence and the in-ring work to back it up. He shows great intensity without over-emoting. I like that 205 Live typically has short backstage and pre-taped promos, as the wrestlers get their points across effectively. However, these Singh Brothers segments continue feel out of place and are counter-productive to the show overall. These segments don’t make me want to see the Singh Brothers get beat up, but rather, they consistently make me roll my eyes because of their cartoonish nature. 205 Live needs to establish a roster of athletes that can be taken seriously before trying to introduce gimmicks and comedy.)


After a quick lock-up, Garza rolled outside the ring and gave a fan a high five. Garza then took control with a headlock but was countered with an armbar. The two returned to their feet and quickened the pace. Moments later, Garza tried to hit a hurricanrana, but Carrillo landed on his feet. The two traded quick arm drags until Garza stopped the momentum and asked for handshake. Carrillo responded with a slap to the face. Garza then played to the crowd by tearing away his full-length tights to reveal shorter tights underneath them. Garza charged Carrillo in the corner, but Carrillo was able to dodge the attack. Quickly, Garza kicked Carrillo to the outside and the scaled the second rope. Garza hit a moonsault on Carrillo and played to the crowd. At the count of seven, Carrillo returned to the ring but was met with a stiff kick from Garza. From there, Garza propped Carrillo in the corner and landed a running drop kick to Carrillo’s knee for a two count. Garza then cinched in a modified chinlock.

(Taylor’s Analysis: The chinlock seemed very out of place here, as the announcers were telling the story that Garza’s strategy was to ground Carrillo by attacking his knee. Garza never even returned to the knee after dropkick. I’m not sure if this story was incorrectly assumed by the announcers, or if Garza was doing a bad job telling it. Either way, something was off, and it took away from the match.)

-Carrillo broke the hold but was met with dropkick for a two count. Garza returned to the modified chinlock, but Carrillo countered with a hip toss. The pace quickened, and Carrillo hit a running moonsault for a two count. After, Carrillo threw Garza to the outside and quickly hit a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Carrillo hit a missile drop kick for a two count. Garza then took control and landed a flurry of offense followed by an attempted suplex. From there, Carrillo was able to create separation and hit a back-elbow for a two count. Carrillo returned to the top rope and tried to land a moonsault, but Garza extended his feet. Despite the counter, Carrillo avoided contact. The pace quickened until Carrillo knocked Garza to the mat and hit the Aztec Press for the victory.

WINNER: Humberto Carrillo via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: In addition to the odd storytelling, the face/heel dynamic was off. The crowd seemed to be enjoying Garza’s over the top character. I think the “stripping” spot in the middle of the match was designed to get Garza heat, but did the opposite with the crowd. Carrillo’s character remains flat and that contributed to the problem. This was a standard 205 Live match and nothing more.)

-A video package for Connor’s Cure aired showing Roman Reigns talking about his Leukemia announcement. The package included clips of Reigns visiting children’s hospitals and sharing his story with children and their parents.

-A video package for the season premiere of Raw aired highlighting the return of Brock Lesnar.

-The camera retuned to the arena and focused on the announcers. Highlights were shown of the attack from The Brian Kendrick on Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher the previous week. The announcers then threw to Sarah Schreiber who interviewed Kendrick. Kendrick stated there was an “epidemic of disrespect” throughout the 205 Live locker room. He stated that despite his veteran status, he still had not received a Cruiserweight title match in three years. Kendrick ended by saying he would remind the whole 205 Live roster, including Tozawa, what respect looked like.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Kendrick was captivating here and did a good job making the promo sound natural. He has great facial expressions, delivery, and should be given more of these segments.)


-The match began with Gulak backing Burch into the corner. The two traded quick holds until Burch took control on the mat with a headlock. Moments later, Gulak tried to break the hold with strikes to the body but was dragged into the corner where Lorcan made the tag. Lorcan and Burch hit a double chop to Gulak before Lorcan quickly tagged in Burch. The team then hit a double Russian leg sweep for a two count. From there, Burch targeted Gulak’s wrist. After a distraction from Nese, Gulak took control and made the tag. Nese hit a back-forearm for a one count. Burch made a quick tag to Lorcan who entered the ring and hit a running back-forearm of his own on Nese. Gulak entered the ring illegally, but Lorcan fought off his attack.

With Lorcan’s back turned, Nese attacked and dropped Lorcan to the mat. From there, Nese hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. Moments later, Nese cinched in a camel clutch and then made a tag to Gulak. Gulak landed a back-suplex for a two count and then locked in a modified chinlock. Lorcan then evaded a charge from Gulak which sent Gulak over the tope rope. After, Gulak returned to the ring and tried to prevent a tag from Lorcan to Burch but was unsuccessful. Burch quickly entered the ring and hit Gulak with several strikes.

From there, Burch tagged Lorcan and the two attempted a tandem maneuver on Gulak only to be interrupted by Nese. Lorcan and Gulak traded blows until Lorcan hit a blockbuster. From the two count, Lorcan transitioned into a one-leg Boston crab. Nese tried to break the hold, but Burch stooped him and cinched in a cross-face. Eventually, Gulak was able to break both holds by kicking Lorcan into Burch. Lorcan then tagged Burch and the two tried more tandem offense only to be interrupted by Nese a second time. With Lorcan on the outside, Nese hit a corkscrew dive. Gulak then tagged in Nese who hit a 450 splash on Burch for a two count. The pin fall attempt was thwarted by Lorcan who pulled Nese to the outside. Nese then reentered he ring but Burch hit a reverse forearm. From there, Burch tagged Lorcan who ascended to the top rope. With Nese on Burch’s shoulders, Lorcan hit a diving back-forearm for a two count.

(Taylor’s Analysis: The crowd was genuinely into the match at this point which nice to see. I’m sure it felt good for all involved, as well.)

-Chaos ensued as Lorcan knocked Gulak from the apron to the floor. With Lorcan distracted, Nese attempted a roll-up from behind for a two count. Lorcan then tagged in Burch and they hit a modified DDT for the win.

WINNERS: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pinfall

-Lorcan and Burch were shown celebrating the win as Gulak and Nese retreated up the entrance ramp as the show ended.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was a hard-hitting match that furthered the issue between Lorcan, Gulak, and Nese. I think very highly of Lorcan and Burch as a team and individually. The show would have really benefitted from an interview with Lio Rush as the new number one contender for the Cruiserweight title, especially in place of the Singh Brothers segment. There were more positives than negatives this week, and this episode is worth watching for it’s effective talking segments and storyline development.)

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