9/17 WWE 205 LIVE TV REPORT: Lince Dorado vs. Ariya Daivari, Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick, Oney Lorcan vs. Tony Nese

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Aiden English, Dio Madden                                                                                

-The show opened with a video package recapping the Cruiserweight title match at Clash of Champions between Humberto Carrillo, Lince Dorado, and Drew Gulak.   The highlights ended as Gulak was shown celebrating a successful title defense.  The 205 Live intro video played.  After panning the crowd, the camera cut to the stage and Lince Dorado made his entrance. 


-As Daivari made his entrance, the commentators talked about Daivari’s attempts to cause dissention between Dorado and the rest of Lucha House Party.   The bell rang, and Dorado attempted to start a “Lucha!” chant unsuccessfully.  Daivari approached Dorado, and began trash-talking him, claiming that Dorado would be Cruiserweight champion had Dorado followed his guidance.  After a hard shove from Daivari, Dorado landed a series of strikes.  Daivari retreated to the outside but was met with a dive from Dorado.  As Daivari tried to return to the ring, Dorado jumped from the floor to the apron and hit a backwards moonsault.  Still on the floor, Dorado scaled the barricade and hit a hurricanrana.  Back in the ring, Dorado hit a modified hurricanrana from the top rope.  From there, Dorado charged at Daivari but was thrown over the top rope.  Dorado grabbed his left knee in pain at ringside.  Daivari threw Dorado back in the ring and whipped him hard in the corner.  After a pin fall attempt, Daivari cinched in a head lock.  Dorado was able to break the hold and hit a springboard cross-body for a two count.  From the pin fall attempt, Daivari hit a DDT and attempted another pin fall.  From there, Daivari briefly tried to take off Dorado’s mask before cinching in another head lock.  Dorado tried to make his way to his feet but was thrown down into the mat before Daivari returned to the head lock.  Dorado was able to create separation and hit a modified springboard kick to Daivari’s head.  The kick made only a small amount of contact, which the announcers called and then noted that Dorado was only 48 hours removed from a grueling title match.  Both men laid on the mat.  Eventually, they stood and traded strikes.  From there, Dorado hit a spinning heel kick followed by a drop kick.   In the corner, Daivari countered a charging Dorado with a back body drop over the top rope.  Despite the counter, Dorado landed on with his feet on the apron, scaled the top rope, and hit a high cross body for a two count.  After, Dorado returned to the top rope but Daivari caused him to lose his balance.  With Dorado injured, Daivari slammed Dorado from the top rope for a two count. The camera stayed on Daivari who was beginning to show frustration.  Dorado crawled to the opposing corner and countered a charging Daivari by throwing him headfirst into the turnbuckle.  With Daivari on the mat, Dorado hit two moonsaults in quick succession.  After the third moonsault attempt, Daivari stood up causing Dorado to adjust his landing.  With both men on their feet, Dorado hit a cartwheel kick.  The pace quickened as Daivari hit a modified uranage slam for a two count.  Daivari forced Dorado to his feet and attempted a hammerlock lariat, but Dorado countered with a crucifix pin for a two count.  From there, Dorado attempted a hurricanrana but Daivari blocked the move and hit a standing powerslam for a two count.  The frustration continued for Daivari, as the announcers questioned how much Dorado could have left at this point in the match.  Daivari positioned Dorado on the top rope and attempted a top rope suplex.  After a series of strikes from Dorado, Daivari fell to the mat below.  With Daivari on his back, Dorado hit a 450 splash for the win.  

WINNER: Lince Dorado via pinfall  

(Taylor’s Analysis:   Dorado clipped his feet on the rope during his decent to the mat, but that luckily did not cause an unsafe landing.  While there was plenty of high spots, the pace of this match was slower and more deliberate than the typical 205 Live match.  This was a nice change of pace to open with and shows that the roster can wrestle a dynamic range of styles.  Solid match between Daivari and Dorado.)

-The camera cut to the announce team as Aiden English praised Dorado for defeating Daivari.   A replay was shown of Tony Nese attacking Oney Lorcan.  The camera then cut to Lorcan backstage, who claimed he was going to hurt Nese later in the night and then focus his attention the Cruiserweight champion, Drew Gulak.

(Taylor’s Analysis:  The promo was short, but Lorcan showed a lot of intensity without going over the top.  I love the serious, focused side of Lorcan.  If given the chance, he could represent the 205 Live brand as the scrappy underdog champion who never turns down a fight). 

 -Commercials for WWE Shop and WWE 2K aired in succession. 


-As Kendrick made his entrance, a pre-taped interview was shown where Kendrick stated he would show Gallagher the same level of respect the WWE Universe had been showing him as of late. The bell rang and Kendrick initiated a lock up.  Kendrick then tripped Gallagher and targeted Gallagher’s ankle.  From there, Gallagher returned to his feet and brought Kendrick to the mat with a wrist lock.  Both men stood and the pace quickened.  Gallagher hit a standing drop kick which briefly caused Kendrick to leave the ring.  Back in the ring, Kendrick whipped Gallagher to the opposite corner.   Gallagher used the momentum to prop himself on the top rope and he performed his signature upside-down taunt to Kendrick.   From there, Kendrick tried to charge but Gallagher evaded him and executed a back body drop.  After a series of strikes from Gallagher, Kendrick exited the ring to the floor.  Kendrick ducked a baseball slide, but Gallagher landed on his feet and threw Kendrick into the barricade.  Gallagher threw Kendrick back in the ring, but Kendrick quickly kicked Gallagher into Tozawa at ringside.   This caused an argument between Tozawa and Gallagher.  With Gallagher distracted, Kendrick struck Gallagher in the back with a Kendo stick causing the referee to stop the match.        

WINNER:  Jack Gallagher via disqualification 

-Kendrick threw Gallagher into the ring.  In shock, Tazawa watched Kendrick continue to strike Gallagher with the kendo stick.  Eventually, Tozawa stopped the attack and checked on Gallagher.  Kendrick then attacked Tozawa with the kendo stick.  Kendrick left the ring as Tozawa looked at him in disbelief. 

(Taylor’s Analysis:  The turn on Tozawa was executed well enough, but unfortunately, it got almost no reaction from the crowd.  205 Live does a good job setting up feuds and new match ups week to week, but the general lack of interest from the live crowd consistently counteracts the positives of the show.)

-A commercial for NXT aired.  

-The camera cut to Sarah Schreiber who interviewed Humberto Carrillo.  Carrillo stated that Drew Gulak stole his moment at Clash of Champions, and that he would earn another title shot.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Another brief promo, but Carrillo got his point across effectively.  Hopefully his character continues to develop, as right now it’s stale and uninteresting. )


-The match began with a takedown from Lorcan.  The two traded reversals and each landed several ground and pound strikes on the mat.  Both men returned to their feet, and Nese countered a charging Lorcan with a back elbow.  After, Nese quickly attempted a moonsault from the top rope.  Nese missed but landed on his feet and was met with a double forearm strike from Lorcan.  From there, Lorcan slammed Nese before hitting a running knee strike to Nese’s mid-section.

(Taylor’s Analysis:  At this point, Dio Madden claimed that he spent a lot of time with Lorcan in NXT.  He then claimed that before traveling to shows, Madden would have to pick up Lorcan from “under a bridge.”  The other announcers did not ask for further explanation and just accepted the comment, which was awkwardly funny.  I think Madden was implying that Lorcan use to fight in his free time, but he may have meant he would find Lorcan asleep under random bridges in Orlando.  We will never know for sure.)

-The action continued with Lorcan on offense.   In the corner, Lorcan hit several strikes to Nese’s head.   Lorcan then sent Nese over the top rope and tried to throw him into the announcer’s table.  After creating separation, Nese drove Lorcan spine first into the LED ring post before knocking Lorcan to the floor with a hard tackle.  Nese broke the referee’s ten count and threw Lorcan into two different sides of the barricade.   From there, Nese threw Lorcan over the announcer’s table which caused the table to collapse.  With Nese back in the ring, the referee began the ten count.  The match continued as Lorcan returned to the ring at the count of nine.  Nese stomped on Lorcan and hit a powerslam for a two count.  From the pin fall attempt, Nese cinched in a head lock.  Loran broke the hold and the pace briefly quickened.  After a sunset flip attempt by Lorcan, Nese countered with a stiff kick to Lorcan’s face.   Nese continued to punish Lorcan and hit a vertical suplex for a two count.  With Lorcan on the mat, Nese locked on a body-scissors hold.  Lorcan broke the hold with elbows to Nese, but Nese was able to lock on a bear hug.  Eventually, Lorcan stood and broke the hold.  After trading chops, Nese targeted Lorcan’s throat by snapping Lorcan’s neck off the top rope.  Nese then attempted a moonsault but hit the mat as Lorcan moved out of the way.  Lorcan hit several more chops before hitting a running uppercut forearm.   With Nese in the corner, Lorcan charged Nese and hit three running elbows.  From there, Lorcan hit a running neck breaker which caused Nese to retreat to the outside.   Lorcan followed Nese and threw him over the barricade into the crowd.  Back in the ring, Lorcan tried a back suplex but Nese countered with a standing kick.  Both men traded blows, but Lorcan got the advantage with a running lariat for a two count.  From the pin fall attempt, Lorcan continued to chop Nese’s chest.  The pace quickened and Lorcan again attempted a back suplex.  Nese countered and threw Lorcan to the mat and hit a double stomp to Lorcan’s mid-section for a two count.   Both men stood, and Nese attempted a sunset driver.  Lorcan countered and then scaled the top rope.  From there, Nese hit a forearm which caused Lorcan to fall into the bottom corner.  Nese signaled for a running Nese but was met with a drop kick from Lorcan.  Lorcan then propped Nese on the top rope, but Nese took the advantage with back elbows.   With Nese on the ring apron, Lorcan hit a running forearm sending Nese to the floor.  Lorcan gained momentum for a running dive, but as he hit the ropes, Drew Gulak emerged from an unknown location and grabbed his feet.  With Lorcan distracted, Nese executed a roll-up from behind for the win.   Nese and Gulak taunted Lorcan from the ramp as the show ended.

WINNER: Tony Nese via pin fall 

(Taylor’s Analysis:  What a lazy way to end a good match.  This wasn’t as terrible as most distraction finishes, as Lorcan didn’t stand facing the entrance way for several seconds because someone’s music hit.  However, it still fell like a tired, played out way for the heel to win.   The distraction finish in all forms needs to go.  Despite the ending, the show overall was solid from start to finish with well-paced matches and effective set-ups for new feuds.  The promo work was quick and effective, and focused on wrestlers trying to either earn their shot at the Cruiserweight title or settle a personal issue.  Removing the typical WWE-isms from 205 Live would help get the brand tremendously.) 

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