11/7 NXT UK TV REPORT: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, Coffey vs. Tyson T-Bone, Isla Dawn vs. Killer Kelly, promo for Bate-Ohno

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

-Standard opening with graphic promoting main event


As you might think with two powerful strikers, this match started with lock ups and boxing- like punches. Coffey would take down T- Bone with a hip toss and keep him there with a backbreaker. A two-count followed. Coffey started working on his right arm and then grounded him, still holding the arm. When Coffey lifted him back up, T-Bone nailed him with a headbutt and tossed him to the mat, freeing his arm. They went back to striking, T-Bone caught him in a suplex and got the two-count. The two exchanged blows on their feet before Coffey landed a lariat, followed by the winning pinfall.

WINNER: Coffey in 4:55 via pinfall

(Koenig’s Analysis: A couple of powerhouses battling it out but there wasn’t much crowd reaction. I assume because they are essentially both heels. Slow, but luckily a good length.)

– Alisha Taylor’s backstage interview with Xia Brookside. A brief, cliche interview promoting an inevitable future match between herself and Kay Lee Ray.

– Cool vignette for Ridge Holland- coming soon to NXT UK. It showed a dark figure from the neck down holding a club with some faint talking in the background.

– WrestleMania Travel Package commercial.

– WWE Shop commercial

– Nice Piper Niven video package showing a brief history of her career and how she was influenced. I love vignettes like this. WWE should utilize this concept for their talents that are newer, or who audiences may not be completely familiar with. If NXT UK can do these on a 45 minute long show, WWE can do them on 2-3 hourlong shows.


This is Killer Kelly’s first match since early summer after dealing with an injury. She was brought to the ground quickly as Dawn went to work on her arm. The two remained down on that mat, throwing sloppy blows to each other. Kelly forces Dawn to the ropes and kicks at her from above to keep her down. They make it back up and Kelly gets a two count after hitting a clothesline. Kelly works a chinlock, followed by a cravat and a punch to the back of the head. Dawn puts Kelly in the corner and lands a couple of hard uppercuts. A belly to back suplex followed for the two. Kelly refreshes for a moment outside of the ring, and dropkicked Dawn to the corner a couple of times. Kelly attempted the Valdemort but was countered with a bridge/German suplex for the three.

WINNER: Dawn in 4:22 via pinfall

(Koenig’s Analysis: This dead crowd has affected this show for sure, but these two wrestlers also don’t seem to be striking the right chords with them. Dawn’s personality is not strong enough yet, and, even though I like the look and name of Killer Kelly, I feel she needs to earn that name a little better by showing more visious aggression. Hopefully with time.)

– Tyler Bate vs. Kassiuss Ohno next week. A video promoting the match followed. Very well done showing the history of British Strong Style and its roots with Antonio Inoki. The video made Ohno look like a legit heel. NXT UK’s video vignettes are tremendous.

– Commercial for Glenn Jacob’s upcoming book- “Mayor Kane”

– WWE Smackdown on Fox commercial

– Xia Brookside vs. Kay Lee Ray/ Travis Banks vs. Ligero next week


Webster and Gibson start the match. Soon after the bell rung, Webster kept Gibson in a headlock and kept it firm, even with several counter attempts.. Gibson turned it around tagged Drake. Webster with a quick sunset flip for a two count. Tag to Andrews. The two bring it to the mat, countering each others backslides. Andrews with a double leg takedown and two count. Webster tags himself in for a quick double team to Drake. Andrews becomes the legal man again. Gibson tags himself back in without Andrews seeing and double- teaming ensued ended by twin dropkicks from Andrews & Webster. The Veterans refresh outside.
Gibson and Andrews work some holds before a tag to Webster. Double team for the two count. Drake tags himself back in unbeknownst to, Webster, trips him and takes out Andrews. Tag to Gibson. Webster, who is outside of the ring, falls victim to a two-man backbreaker. They mock Webster as he rolls on the floor before bringing him back into the ring.

The Veterans trade tags for the next couple of minutes to continue the beating on Webster. Gibson tossed him from corner to corner and then a two count after a suplex. Tag to Drake. Webster flips off of the top rope to ground Drake, and crawls to the corner for the hot tag to Andrews. However, Gibson pulled his feet out right before the tag could be made. Drake with the backbreaker to Webster for the two.

Gallus is seen walking from the curtain to watch the match. Webster breaks free from Drake for the tag to Andrews who goes right to striking both Veterans- taking both of them out. Two count to Gibson. Tag to Drake. More double-teaming followed, but Andrews held his own. Webster gets a quiet tag and a 2 count on Drake following a senton. Gallus work their way closer to the ring.

The Veterans work on Webster, who is alone in the ring and score another two. Andrews makes his way back into the ring only to be with a kick to skull. However, he counters Drake with an impressive reverse Rana. All four are laid out in the ring. At this point, so much stuff was going on, it was hard to see who was legal. Aichner and Barthel from Imperium come out from the side and nod their head to Gallus. Gallus run to the ring with Imperium right behind. Joe Coffey and Alexander Wolfe appear from the dark and the 6 of them stand on opposite ends of the apron and stare each other down. Walter arrives and the 7 men go face to face in the ring. Ilja Dragunov then comes down and seemingly sides with Imperium, but joins Gallus and NXT UK goes off air with the 8 of them in a brawl.

WINNER: No contest in 16:00.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Fantastic match up to the finish. These are 2 incredible tag teams and I am particularly fod on the Veterans. It will definitely be interesting to see how this all unfolds with Gallus and Imperium ruining the finish.)

CATCH UP… 10/24 NXT UK TV REPORT: Noam Dar vs. Trent Seven, Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith, Travis Banks vs. Ligero

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