11/8 WWE 205 LIVE TV REPORT: The Brian Kendrick vs. Mansoor, Tony Nese vs. Angel Garza, Lio Rush vs. Raul Mendoza at Full Sail in front of enthusiastic crowd

By Mike F. Meyers, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 6, 2019

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Mickie James


  • Rowan added to Main Event, works decent tag match


As Benjamin entered and posed for the crowd, Vic explained that for Benjamin, it’s all about winning matches, because winning matches leads to championships, and championships lead to more money.

Jose established the upper hand early, applying holds on Benjamin while integrating dance moves in an annoying fashion. This led to Jose hitting a high cross body, and a pin for a two-count. “Can’t let No Way Jose’s dancing fool you – the man’s so serious every time he steps into the ring,” lied Vic.

Benjamin turned the tide with a big kick and a suplex to Jose before covering for his own two-count, then applied a headlock. When Jose broke loose, Benjamin leveled him again with a big boot. Benjamin landed a couple halfhearted taunt kicks before going to a chinlock. Jose escaped quickly with a jawbreaker. The wrestlers exchanged blows in the center of the ring. Jose had the edge, then ran the ropes and twice knocked Benjamin down with a clothesline and a reverse elbow. Jose landed a hip toss neckbreaker and pinned for a two-count.

Benjamin escaped a fireman’s carry, but Jose countered the counter with a backstabber. He moved to the corner and removed his right elbow pad and wound up his arm. When Benjamin finally stirred and turned to face him, Jose went for the pop-up punch but Benjamin sprung upward with a knee strike to Jose’s chin. With Jose staggered, Benjamin hit the Paydirt, then covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This was a match on Main Event.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Video package of NXT Invasion from Smackdown
  • Replay of Miz vs. Ciampa from Smackdown
  • Replay of Heyman / Lesnar in-ring promo from Raw
  • Match rundown for upcoming PPV Survivor Series
  • Replay of Rollins vs. Cole from Raw


Young vs. Ryder to start, with Young dominating early until Ryder hit Young with a bulldog. Hawkins tagged in and immediately went for a sunset flip over the top rope, pinning Young for a two-count. Hawkins locked in an arm bar.

Ryder and Hawkins made quick tags, working Young over near their corner. Young eventually knocked Hawkins off the ring apron, then tagged Rowan in, who leveled Hawkins with a charging attack on the floor. He shouted at the crowd as we cut to break.

Back to the action, where Rowan just finished a vertical suplex on Ryder in the ring. Young tagged in and slammed Ryder’s skull into a top turnbuckle, but Ryder fought back with forearm blows. Young then fired Ryder across to the opposite corner sternum-first, then covered for a two-count.

Rowan tagged in and blasted Ryder with a pump handle backbreaker. Rowan applied a chinlock to Ryder, then transitioned into the dual-fist vice on Ryder’s temples. Ryder managed to get free but Rowan leveled him with a reverse elbow, then landed kicks and an elbow drop. Ryder escaped peril in enemy territory, side-stepping a charging Rowan who shoulder-blocked the ring post through the ropes. Young tagged in, while Ryder made the hot tag to Hawkins.

Hawkins hit a leg drop and a sitout powerbomb. He went for the cover, but Rowan entered the ring and busted up the pin with a boot to Hawkins. Rowan then charged toward Ryder on the apron, but Ryder dropped, yanking the top rope downward, causing Rowan to topple over and out to ringside. Ryder then launched over the top rope, with assistance from Hawkins, to hit Rowan with a flying senton outside.

In the ring, Hawkins was enjoying Ryder’s attack instead of minding the legal man, Young. Young set up to slam Hawkins face-first, but Hawkins managed to roll through the move and pin Young for the victory.

WINNERS: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: More fresh blood this week with the addition of Rowan to Main Event. Not a bad tag match, but the ending was an example of a wrestler seemingly unable to kick out simply because they were surprised – as such, it was a foolish ending.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 6.8

FINAL THOUGHTS: Bonus points for Main Event maintain the storyline of Lesnar decimating one of its announce crew, Dio Maddin, who was missing from this episode. His absence was acknowledged by Vic and Mickie, and footage of the incident was included in the recap session.

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