11/14 NXT UK TV REPORT: Kassius Ohno vs. Tyler Bate, Xia Brookside vs. Kay Lee Ray, Travis Banks vs. Ligero

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


NXT UK TV REPORT (Episode 69)
NOVEMBER 14, 2019


The match starts with some arm holds. Ray grabbed Brookside’s arm and started to work on it. They bring it to the mat and trade arm holds and headlocks. Brookside escaped by essentially doing a headstand and flipping out. Back on their feet, the two women continue arm holds on each other until Ray lays a fist to the cheek of Brookside. Ray attempted to toss her into the ropes but was countered by a crucifix roll up for three- two counts. Back to their feet, Brookside kept her in a side headlock before Ray lifted her up onto the top turnbuckle. Brookside attempted a cross-body but was caught and slammed to the mat. She kept Brookside down and a front face slam to the mat allowed her for a two. Brookside countered a backslide and lifted Ray over her head onto the mat, and followed it with a bulldog for two. The crowd really started getting behind Brookside at this point. Brookside went for a move from the top rope but was countered, but not well enough as Brookside flipped Ray head first onto the mat for a two count. That move looked like it could have ended poorly for Ray with her head flush to mat. Ray attempted a slow roll up for two and upon getting up, landed a gory bomb for the win.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray in 7:01 via pinfall

(Koenig’s Analysis: Slow, but likely because Brookside is still young and green. Maybe because of her petite frame, she reminds me a bit of Alexa Bliss. Shes not horrible on the microphone and with some seasoning, I think she will get there. I’m sure having her veteran father backstage for NXT will allow her some connections. I look forward to watching her grow. I’m ready for Ray to move on to a new feud. I think a long feud with Piper Niven would be exciting and fun between the two being they are polar opposites in size and in the ring.)

– Recap of the storyline of Ilja Dragunov choosing Gallus over Imperium

– Survivor Series ad

– Piper Niven personality profile.


Note: This was a rematch from three weeks ago when the match ended in a draw.

A handshake to start the match before they quickly exchange strikes. They both kicked each other in the face- putting both of their backs to the mat. Back up, Ligero hits a back handspring off the ropes onto Banks for a two count. They works holds for a bit and Ligero puts Banks in an abdominal stretch. Ligero stood over Banks, looking down after he landed an elbow to the back of his neck. Banks got pulled back up to his feet and looked Ligero in the eyes and shook his head as he gathered his strength. Shades of their draw from a few weeks back arose when Banks attempted a backslide, but went down to the mat and rolled to their side, pinning both men’s shoulders down for the two.

They make it to their feet and exchange more blows. Banks cornered Ligero and kept him there long enough to climb to the other turnbuckle and connect with a near coast to coast. Banks pulled Ligero back up and went for a slice of heaven but was countered with a sunset bomb for two. When the action was grounded, several near fall occurred as the two traded cradles- one that almost gave us another double pin. Banks then with a forearm, a great German suplex and superkick. He hit the ropes but was met with a fist from Ligero ,a kick to the ribs and Banks countered with a Kiwi Crusher for two.

Back on their feet, the two continued to exchange strikes and make it to the middle rope in the corner as Ligero looked for a superplex which he finally landed. Both men seemed to feel the wraith of that move and they eventually stand up, but outside of the ring on the apron. The two exchange blows and Banks hit a Fisherman’s Suplex onto the hard apron. Banks went for the double stomp from said apron to keep Ligero down for the countout, but he rolled out of the way. Ligero hit a tornado DDT from the steps. Banks rolled his way into the ring and as Ligero was about to do the same, Joseph Connors ran down and tossed the luchador into the post before rolling him into the ring. The referee didn’t see as he was checking on Banks. Slice of Heaven from Banks, giving him the win. Immediately after the pin, Conners came in and stomped both wrestlers into the mat. He grabbed the mic and said that this was about him and that he was supposed to be on the first NXT Takeover and was sick of the excuses. He went on to say that if he was going to suffer, everyone will suffer along with him.

WINNER: Travis Banks in 9:47 via pinfall

(Koenig’s Analysis: Fine match. These two are, and have been pushed as even par with each other. It will be nice to see them move on to different directions. Hopefully that will happen with the way this ended and both wrestlers likely wanting a piece of Joe Connors.)

– Nigel McGuinness and Tom Phillips on commentary hyping the main event and introduced next bideo package.

– Video package for Ridge Holland, who is debuting on NXT UK next week.

– WWE Shop commercial

– Smackdown commercial featuring The Fiend

– Video of William Regal and Johnny Saint in the NXT UK training center. Alexander Wolfe interrupted asking for a match between himself and Ilja Dragunov, which he was granted.


– After a minute or so of recognizing the lively crowd, Ohno started the match off by easily bringing Bate to the ground with a wristlock. Bate countered and did the same to him- bringing Ohno to his knee. His superior strength allowed him to counter with a grounded arm stretch. Bate rolled up and over Ohno (in a really cool counter), bringing him back to his feet. Ohno went for a cravat, but Bate countered with an octopus. Bate attempted a sunset flip but there was no budging the big man, who countered with a neck crank, which transitioned into a bow and arrow hold. Bate escaped and both men were back on their feet.
Ohno grabbed Bate and put him into a headlock, paired with some palm strikes and a closed fist to the face. Some pacing around the ring between the two followed for the next couple of minutes. Bate would do a handstand from the top rope just to show off, but Ohno jumped in, grabbed Bate and sent him flying. Ohno kept working on Bate and sent him outside of the ring.

Bate got back into the ring but was still on the mat. Not a smart move as Ohno just kept on playing with him. Bate missed a roll-through and was hit with a senton. He kept toying with him for a couple more minutes before displaying his newly refined Kassius Klutch, followed by a French tie stunner for two. More pacing followed until the crowd started chanting “Big Strong Boy” and Bate hit Ohno with his exploder of the same name. This is when Bate started to get his momentum back. When the 2 were both upright, Bate landed some solid uppercuts, knee strikes and another Big Strong Boy exploder, followed by a standing shooting star for two. Bate wanted to end it with a Tyler Driver 97, but Ohno was too heavy for him. The move broke and he tried for it again, but the powerful Ohno flipped him so high up into the sky that he may have gotten a sunburn.

When Bate got back up, Ohno was waiting for him with a cyclone boot for two. Headbutts and punches continued to keep Bate down. Bate started to come around again and contacted with a series of strikes to Ohno that connected so well that it yielded a near pinfall.

Bate lifted Ohno back up and attempted what I’m guessing should have been an airplane spin but again, the girth of Ohno was too much. Ohno got a hold of him and sandwiched Bate’s head between his elbow and knee, sending elbow strikes to his temple. Upon getting back up, Bate tried taking down Ohno with a trio of clotheslines and some knee strikes. Nothing. As Bate was on the ground, Ohno went up to the top rope and missed a moonsault. Bate quickly attempted a German suplex for two. As they once again made it back to their feet, Bate landed some rolling kicks. Ohno connects with a big boot, and Bate hits the ropes and connected with a clothesline. Ohno rolled outside and of course, whenever somebody (or multiple people) are outside, the opponent must fly over the top rope and land on him. That happened here. Back in the ring, Ohno connected with a dream crusher followed by a two count.

Ohno started yelling out “you chant my name!” and pulled Bate up from the corner by the throat and slapped him. Ohno mocked him in the corner, placed Bate on the top rope and went for a Kassius Klutch. Bate slid out from underneath and struck Ohno’s hamstring. Bate then got the behemoth up on his shoulders, walked him to the center of the ring, worked a fantastic airplane spin and threw him to the ground. He lifted him up for a Tyler Driver and that was all she wrote.

WINNER: Tyler Bate via pinfall in 24:08

(Koenig’s Analysis: A tremendous match. One of the best that I have seen on any NXT UK product and could have easily headlined a Takeover. A wonderful story was told in the ring. My only criticism is that I think 5-8 minutes could have been shaved off. Particularly in the mid-match lull. The story could still have been told in my opinion, but a barn burner none the less.)

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