12/10 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Kenny Omega vs. Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford), Scorpio Sky vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Peter Avalon, Jurassic Express vs. Reynolds & Silver, Orange Cassidy on commentary

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


DECEMBER 10, 2019

Commentators: Excalibur, Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Britt Baker



Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Dasha Gonzalez

-AEW Dark opened this week with highlights of The Young Bucks & Dustin Rhodes beating Santana, Ortiz, & Sammy Guevara, followed by Santana & Ortiz issuing a challenge to The Young Bucks for a Texas Street Fight, then highlights of Cody and MJF including quick pieces of footage of an MJF promo in response to Cody on AEW Dynamite last week. Video of Nyla Rose’s attack and Awesome Kong and Brandi aired as well. Lastly, highlights of the Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela match.

-Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez were shown standing in a tunnel inside the empty arena last week in Chicago. They talked about the stare down between Moxley and Jericho before previewing the matches on Dark. First, Scorpio Skyvs. Peter Avalon vs. Jimmy Havoc, then Jurassic Express vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds, and in the main event it is Kenny Omega vs. Kip Sabian.

-Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy joined Excalibur for commentary.


Jimmy Havoc immediately rolled to the outside of the ring looking for something, Scorpio Sky rolled out and kicked Havoc. As Sky tried to reenter the ring, Leva grabbed his ankle, but Sky managed to esapce before Avalon could hit him with an elbow drop. Sky managed to get a couple of two counts before Havoc entered and took control hitting Sky and Avalon with suplexes. Avalon and Havoc formed a temporary alliance teaming up against Sky before Avalon hit Havoc with a double knee stomp. Scorpio Sky took control temporarily and suplexed Avalon out of the ring over the top rope and onto Havoc before hitting a Tope Suicida onto both men. Havoc took control of Sky in the ring as Avalon regrouped on the outside. Havoc rolled back out and grabbed a staple gun, but Avalon interfered before Havoc got to use it. Avalon tried hitting Havoc with a book, but Scorpio Sky stole it and used it on Havoc himself. Scorpio Sky caught a jumping Avalon as he tried to avoid Sky running the ropes, Sky hit Avalon with the TKO for the win.

WINNER: Scorpio Sky in 6:00.

-Schiavone and Gonzalez back and talked about Sky’swin noting that he’s been a great tag team wrestler and you have to be a great singles wrestler before you can become a great tag team wrestler and Sky is proving that.

-Schiavone then introduced the video package that aired on AEW Dynamite last week regarding The Dark Order of their ritual in the woods. Schiavone and Gonzalez back and talked about the poor man just wanting some friends. They called The Dark Order creepy and said there’s no doubt we hear more from The Dark Order in weeks to come.

-Schiavone then threw to a video package of Chris Jericho last week talking about having to have one final match in 2019 and his “Lexicon of Le Champion” of people who he refuses to wrestle followed by Jurassic Express interrupting him and the creation of the upcoming match between Jungle Boy vs. Chris Jericho in a non-title match.

-Gonzlez then said it was time for the next match on Dark and threw it back to Excalibur.

-Britt Baker was at the commentary table and replaced Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy.

(2) JURASSIC EXPRESS (Marko Stunt & Luchasaurus w/ Jungle Boy) vs. ALEX REYNOLDS & JOHN SILVER

Luchasaurus and Reynolds started the match, but Reynolds quickly tagged out after being intimidated by Luchasaurus. John Silver entered the ring and got in Luchasaurus’ face, but he was about a foot shorter. Luchasaurus took Silver down with a chop, then took down Reynolds with a slam. Marko Stunt tagged in and hit Silver with an elbow drop to the back of the head. Silver slid out of the ring and Marko went for a dive, but Reynolds hit him from behind. Reynolds and Silver took control isolating Stunt in their corner. Stunt kicked out of multiple pinning attempts and had multiple instances of fighting back that were stopped by Reynolds & Silver’s tandem offense. Stunt finally managed to escape to tag in Luchasuarus who took control immediately taking down Reynolds and Silver before hitting them both with a Double Choke Slam. Stunt tagged in and hit Reynolds with a Corkscrew Cutter off of Luchasurus’ shoulders for the win.

WINNER: Jurassic Express in just under 7:00.

-Schiavone and Gonzalez back and reacted to the win for Jurassic Express before transitioning saying it’s time to look at the AEW Women’s Division and threw it to a new member of the team, Lexy Nair.

-Lexy Nair was back in studio and showed highlights of Kris Statlander’s win over Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose beating Leva Bates. The video then aired of Nyla Rose’s post-match attack on Rose, Shanna, and Rick Knox including the powerslam to Knox through the table, then Shanna being power slammed onto Knox. Lexy Nair stated that Rose has been suspended through the end of 2019. Nair then talked about Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong followed by the video of Brandi talking to Kris Statlander after her win last week on AEW Dynamite.

-Lexy Nair then threw to a video package on Big Swole.

-Swole stated that her name means she has a big personality and a “swole mentality.” Swole talked about April 2008, where her heart stopped beating. She talked about being diagnosed with Chron’s Disease and being told she had thirty minutes to live before her intestines would “explode in her body.” She said they took out over two feet of her intestine to stop her from dying. She was told she would never be able to have kids or be active again. Swole got very emotional talking about how she used to thing she wouldn’t be able to have kids and stated that this whole situation caused her to spiral “completely out of control.” Swole then talked about getting pregnant and giving birth to her daughter and how that reinvigorated her. Swole was shown hugging Kenny Omega backstage after a match and he offered her a contract with AEW on the spot. Swole said the word “can’t” shouldn’t be in anyone’s vocabulary.

-Lexy Nair was back and presented the latest AEW Women’s Division Rankings: 1. Hikaru Shida, 2. Nyla Rose, 3. Emi Sakura, 4. Britt Baker, 5. Kris Statlander

-Christopher Daniels was shown backstage being checked out by a trainer. Alex Marvez walked up to talk to him about taking another Pile Driver from Pentagon. Daniels said he’s furious after what happened and said he knew he made a mistake coming back from his injury early. He said he has to get in the mindset to beat someone as good as Pentagon and he needs to do it quickly.

-Schiavone and Gonzalez were back in studio and they threw to the video package that aired on AEW Dynamite last week of The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny explaining their attack on Cody. Gonzalez then threw to the video of Cody’s promo last week on AEW Dynamite where he talked about having to wrestle MJF.

-Schiavone then said that MJF responded to Cody on social media and threw to a video package MJF shared on Twitter. MJF was in a room while Wardlow paced behind him. MJF said his family has more money than the U.S. Mint and with all that money, he was able to buy the assistance of The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny. MJF bragged about his AEW Diamond Ring and talked about Cody needing to find a friend to help him with The Butcher and The Blade, but he doesn’t have any friends left. MJF said that’s exactly why Cody wanted them to pick his tag team partner. MJF said he gave them some advice on who to pick. MJF then mocked the fact that Cody can never be champion and reminded him that he’s the reason why.

-Dasha Gonzalez then announced that QT Marshall was chosen as Cody’s tag team partner.

-Schiavone then introduced a highlight video of The Young Bucks & Dustin Rhodes vs. Santana, Ortiz, & Sammy Guevara. Guevara, Ortiz, and Santana were then shown throwing things around backstage after the loss. Santana challenged The Young Bucks to a Street Fight this week on AEW Dynamite. Excalibur said Santana & Ortiz have no idea what they’re in for. He’s seen The Young Bucks for 14 years and these matches are their bread and butter.

Schiavone and Gonzalez were back to promote the upcoming AEW Dynamite shows including newly announced shows in Huntsville, Ala. On February 5 and Austin, Tex. on February 12.

-A commercial then aired for Chris Jericho’s Little Bit of the Bubbly.

-Chuck Taylor was back on commentary with Excalibur for the main event, Orange Cassidy did not return.

(3) KENNY OMEGA vs. KIP SABIAN (w/Penelope Ford)

The match started with the two locking up with the two exchanging wrist holds before Omega finally grounded Sabian. Chuck Taylor talked about knowing Kenny Omega for years now and watching him grow up during his time in Japan. Omega had Sabian in the corner and hit him with multiple chops to the chest, which caused Sabian to flinch and the crowd cheered as Omega laughed. Sabian was on the floor and Omega went to run the ropes for a dive, but Penelope Ford jumped up on the apron to stop him. Sabian took advantage and after hitting Omega with a dive over the top rope, Sabian scored a two count on Omega. Sabian hit Omega with a Spinning Neck Breaker for another two count and Sabian argued with referee Aubrey Edwards. Omega fought back exchanging blows with Sabian before finally taking control with a high knee strike and a clothesline to Sabian. Omega attempted a Snap Dragon Suplex, but Sabian countered with a kick followed by a Swinging DDT off the top rope for another two count.  Sabian then scratched at Omega’s eye and while Edwards scolded Sabian, Penelope Ford held Omega in place for Sabian to hit him with a kick. Sabian went for another move, but Omega caught him and hit him with a quick V-Trigger. Omega went for another, but Sabian grabbed Aubrey Edwards. Penelope Ford then entered the ring and hit Omega with a Stunner, Sabian hit him with a Poison Rana, but only managed a two count. Omega regained control after a V-Trigger followed by a pair of Snap Dragon Suplexes. Penelope Ford reentered and Omega teased hitting her with a suplex, but shoved her into Sabian instead. Omega then hit Omega with a Tiger Driver 98 but only got a two count. Omega gathered himself, hit Sabian with another V-Trigger in the ropes, then the One Winged Angel for the win.

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 14:00.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Very strange week in terms of commentary. Chuck Taylor called the first and third matches, Orange Cassidy joined him for the first match, but no the main event, and Britt Baker called the second match. It was strange, but I think they all did well. Orange Cassidy, staying true to character, didn’t say a word and didn’t even bother putting on the headphones, he just sat next to Taylor.

The video package on Big Swole was the highlight of this show for me. Her story is unique and interesting and it’s nice to have a real life feel good story where someone has overcome hard circumstances, but survived and is doing better now. The matches were all okay, the main event match being the best in my opinion. I’m quickly growing tired of the interference spots. This match had Penelope Ford interfering multiple times in plain sight of the official, Aubrey Edwards, and I’m just not okay with that. AEW continues to have spots where the officials look like incompetent fools and I wish they’d find better ways to do interference spots and do them FAR less frequently. As it is with most weeks of AEW Dark so far, it’s nothing you have to make time to see, but I don’t think the show was bad. Overall it was a very enjoyable hour of wrestling.

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