12/13 ROH FINAL BATTLE report: Live ongoing coverage of Rush vs. PCO for the world title, The Briscoes vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham for the tag titles

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 13, 2019

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, Caprice Coleman

We opened with a shot of the darkened arena.  The commentators weren’t shown as they welcomed us to the event.  Silas Young’s music hit to start the night despite ROH’s website promoting that the Marty Scurll tag would start the show.  He and Josh Woods entered together to Young’s music.  Dalton Castle was out next with two fake Boys.  Joe Hendry was out last.  His music played but there was no video on the tron.  Castle and some fans in the crowd waved their arms for him.  Cabana pointed out that the newly-named Young-Woods combo had matching red & black trunks for the first time.

(1) DALTON CASTLE & JOE HENDRY vs. TWO GUYS, ONE TAG (Silas Young & Josh Woods)

Hendry and Young started.  Castle and Woods tagged in and went back and forth with mat wrestling until Castle peacocked to throw him off his step.  2G1T were able to isolate Castle and tagged in and out on him.  Hendry made the hot tag.  Young catapulted Woods toward Castle but Castle caught him in Bang-A-Rang position.  Woods countered into a two-count.  With all four men in the ring it was unclear who was legal.  Young catapulted Castle again into a knee strike from Woods.

WINNERS: Two Guys, One Tag in 9:16.

-The commentators put over 2G1T going 6-0 and Cabana said it’s because they’re more of a legit tag team at this point.  The Bouncers were shown watching in the crowd.  They ran down Young being garbage but said Woods was alright.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  This was more of your traditional WWE pre-show with two midcard tag teams than what ROH tried the past couple pay-per-views by hooking people with a big match between top stars.  I’m not sure the complicated dynamics among the two teams would be easily understood by first-time viewers but they showcased Hendry’s strength and Woods looked good.  I have no idea why they’re wasting Castle.  Hopefully he’s leaving when his contract is up because Castle in NXT could be incredible.)

-The commentators ran down the full card.

-Brian Zane was backstage trying to get words with The Allure.  Velvet Sky was still absent.  He asked Angelina Love if she was afraid of Maria Manic.  Love said she’s been in the business almost 20 years.  She’s a seven-time world champion and isn’t afraid of “bigger” women.  Mandy Leon texted through the whole thing.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  Riccaboni has stressed PCO’s 51 year-old age multiple times tonight and Love just put over herself as wrestling for 20 years.  I know The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express just won the NWA tag titles but it’s an interesting tactic to make the experienced age of the roster a selling point when so many promotions are youth-focused.)

-In the arena Alex Shelley made his entrance.  He stood on the stage and said Baltimore’s been an ROH city since the beginning.  Shelley said ROH is pro wrestling’s greatest classroom.  Sometimes people leave and sometimes they come back to become teachers.  He mentioned Jay Lethal and The Briscoes.  Sometimes they don’t wrestle, though.  Sometimes they just work backstage.  He brought up Colt Cabana and said he wanted a singles match because they’ve never faced each other.  Cabana looked pleasantly surprised at the broadcast table.  He said as the NWA national champion and just coming off a big run in NJPW a little bit of his heart sank not being booked to wrestle tonight.  If it was okay with the guys backstage he accepted the challenge.  Cabana headed to the back to change.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  I do like how himself Shelley is and how he just speaks and acts how he wants instead of trying to fit a certain mold.  It makes his promos stand out but they can also meander a bit too.  As he started to speak about people working backstage I had no idea if he was addressing the Joey Mercury situation or if this was going to be another rah-rah “ROH is amazing” speech.  The crowd seemed equally uncertain as the arena was dead silent until he mentioned Cabana.)

-A video package recapped the history of Kenny King and Rhett Titus recently as well as their time as The All-Night Express.

-Titus made his entrance first.  His wife was in the front row, holding their newborn baby with noise-cancelling headphones.  Kenny King’s music hit but then switched into the old ANX music.  King and Amy Rose did the ANX handshake on stage.

(2) KENNY KING (w/Amy Rose) vs. RHETT TITUS

They avoided each other’s signature offense early on, selling how well they know each other.  King ran Titus throat-first into the top rope and went to ringside to trash talk his wife.  Titus flipped over the ropes and caught King with his legs on the way down.  Belly to belly suplex on the floor.  They went back into the ring but Titus clotheslined him over the top again.  He hugged his baby and told Rose to back up.  Suplex to King on the floor.  Titus ran into a spinebuster from King that planted him across the edge of the apron.  King with an overhead suplex into the corner.  Cobra clutch.  Titus fired up and put King down with a clothesline.  King looked for a superplex but Titus shoved him off and hit a crossbody.  King called for a Lethal Injection but Titus blocked it and planted King with his own Royal Flush.  King kicked out at two.  Titus with two big boots to King in the corner.  Rose grabbed his foot.  Sinclair admonished her.  King kicked Titus between the legs behind the ref’s back and hit a Royal Flush.

WINNER: Kenny King in 11:09.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  The final ROH pay-per-view of 2019 having a cheap low blow finish in the second match is only fitting.  I’ll be shocked if this is the last low blow we see tonight.  I’m going to predict three total.  Titus worked hard in the biggest spotlight he’s had in years and what may have been his final ROH match.  King bumped like crazy for his former tag partner.)

-Brian Zane was at ringside with a house mic.  He approached The Bouncers and asked how they’re enjoying the show.  He asked who they think wins the world title tonight.  Brawler Milonas said Rush; Beer City Bruiser said PCO.


Maff hit a suicide dive in the first minute.  Cobb with a standing moonsault for a one-count.  Maff with a pounce and cannonball in the corner.  Cobb with a deadlift suplex while standing on the second turnbuckle.  Maff avoided a Tour Of The Islands.  They traded headbutts.  Clothesline from Cobb.  German suplex.  Maff with a spear.  Ripcord clothesline.  Maff called for the burning hammer.  Cobb avoided it and hit an overhead suplex.  They fought on the second turnbuckle.  Thunderclap from Maff.  He pulled Cobb off for a burning hammer but Cobb avoided it again and hit a Tour Of The Islands.  He dropped his straps and hit a second Tour to seal the deal.

WINNER: Jeff Cobb in 8:51.

-They exchanged the code of honor to close out the “not a pre-show” free first hour.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  The commentators didn’t hype up Maff’s age of 43 but you can add him to that list of “experienced” talent on the roster now that he’s re-signed.  I’m really not sure why he earned a pay-per-view match when he only returned to ROH last month while people like The Bouncers and PJ Black, who have been working hard all year, sit on the sidelines.  For that matter this show probably didn’t need 11 matches.  I’m still baffled at how underutilized Cobb has been.)

-A samurai-themed video package played speaking about the code of honor among warriors and juxtaposing it against the ROH heels who don’t respect the rules.

-Pyro shot off on stage as the cameras tried their best to mask how few people were in attendance.  Marty Scurll’s music lit up the tron.  He wore his six-man title over a Villain baseball jersey.  (No elaborate costume and entrance this year.)  The injured Brody King accompanied Scurll and Gordon before heading to commentary.

(4) MEXABLOOD (Bandido & Flamita) vs. VILLAIN ENTERPRISES (Flip Gordon & ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Marty Scurll)

Code of honor all around.  Gordon and Flamita started.  Gordon with an eye poke at 4:00.  Sunset flip + double-stomp combo from the villains.  Scurll stomped on Flamita’s fingers.  Flamita fired up and took both men out.  Tag to Bandido.  Corkscrew crossbody to Scurll.  Running shooting star press.  MexaBlood put down Gordon and flossed for some reason.  Flamita tried for a springboard splash onto both men at ringside but slipped.  Bandido helped him stay steady while the villains waited for him to jump onto them.  More tandem offense to Gordon in the ring.  Tornado DDT from Scurll to Flamita followed by a superkick from Gordon.  Bandido with a Fosbury flop onto both villains.  Lots of no-selling and lucha rules (apparently) as the four men hit a series of splashy moves one after another.  Sliced bread + powerbomb combo from the villains to Flamita.  Flamita and Gordon were apparently legal as Flamita officially tagged out to Bandido.  Bandido with the moonsault powerslam to Gordon.  Scurll grabbed him from behind for the chicken-wing but Bandido escaped.  Flamita with a springboard 450 to Scurll.  Ex-knee from Bandido to Gordon.  With both villains hanging on the middle rope Flamita hit a 619 to both as Bandido hit a 21plex to both.  He pinned Scurll to boos.

WINNERS: MexaBlood in 13:51.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  MexaBlood looked good and you know the Young Bucks will come calling the second their contracts run out.  I personally don’t care for all the big spot, big spot, no-selling moments where it’s clear you’re watching a choreographed performance and not a fight but I can’t deny that lots of people do.  Still no indication as to how they’re going to get the six-man title off of Scurll.  Nothing they have done with their presentation of him this past month would make you think he’s on his way out the door but the entire wrestling world would be stunned if he chose to stay with ROH over AEW or NXT.)

-A video package recapped Vincent Marseglia betraying Matt Taven with new promos mixed in seemingly shot on a farm.  (In a real WWE move, Vincent has apparently dropped his last name.)


Taven ran to the ring and tackled Vincent.  He beat him around ringside and ripped up some mats.  Taven backdropped Vincent over the guardrail and into the crowd.  Taven ran and hit his Flight Of The Conqueror splash over the guardrail to take out Vincent.  “Fuck him up, Taven, fuck him up” chant from the crowd.  Texas cloverleaf from Taven.  On commentary Riccaboni gaslighted us viewers by claiming that Taven was an honorable world champion.  (I seem to recall him stabbing PCO in the eye with a railroad spike at one point…)  Taven got dumped to the floor and jammed his knee.  Back body drop planted Taven on the apron.  A vertical suplex dropped Taven on the exposed concrete.  Side Russian leg sweep from Vincent in the ring.  They took a long rest period.  Flight Of The Conqueror to Vincent at ringside.  Top rope frog-splash from Taven to Vincent on the apron.  Side Effect from Vincent.  Redrum.  Taven kicked out.  Just The Tip (of the knee) from Taven.  Climax but Vincent got his foot under the bottom rope.  A second Climax but Vincent kicked out.  LOL  Taven went under the ring and brought out an ax.  He brought it into the ring but Marseglia hit him with sliced bread for the pin.  LOL!

WINNER: Vincent in 13:33.

-Coleman tried to put over the finish by saying Vincent not getting spooked by the ax was the difference maker.  Taven and Vincent went face to face.  Bateman showed up and tombstoned Taven.  Vincent grabbed a wooden block and smashed Taven’s ankle with a steel chair while Bateman held him in position.  Bateman held up his hand, which was wrapped in a white cloth with a red V written on it.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Lots of similarities to the King-Titus match with the two real life friends working hard to make each other look good.  The crowd was firmly behind Taven, which is obviously a positive sign.  The finish was a joke, though.  Vincent was 1-3 in singles matches this year going into this.  He was a lower midcarder at best.  For him to kick out of two of Taven’s finishing moves in a row is ridiculous.  Even more so when the commentators immediately mention how that move ended Jeff Cobb’s undefeated streak.  Then he pins the former world champion with a basic sliced bread.  Good grief.  So Vincent’s getting his own horror-themed stable now.  Maybe they can go full Ministry Of Darkness and kidnap and re-brand some jobbers.)

-A video package recapped the Mark & Vicky Haskins vs. Bully Ray feud.

-Mark Haskins and his wife Vicky entered first.  As they were about to enter the ring Bully Ray ran down with a giant piece of wood with barbed wire on it.  He hit Mark from behind, then ran it into Vicky.  Ray ran Mark head-first into the ring post.  Security checked on Vicky (since ROH doesn’t have medical staff on hand at their live events).  Ray kicked two of them and grabbed a chair.  He told them to get her out of there and hit Mark with the chair.  For reasons unknown the referee called for the bell to start the match.


Ray stomped away at Haskins.  German suplex.  Another.  Bully Lesnar Ray stomped on him again.  He pulled a guardrail out from under the ring and slid it in.  German suplex to Haskins onto the guardrail.  Bully Bomb.  Ray found a cheese grater.  Enziguiri from Haskins.  Ray found a kendo stick and another steel chair.  He took a mic and said “God bless New York City.”  He sat down in the chair and hit Haskins with the stick.  He asked Haskins if he saw what he did to his wife and called him a jobber.  Haskins said “Hit me, you pussy.”  Ray hit him.  “Fuck you,” Haskins responded.  Ray hit him again.  Haskins stood and gave him the finger.  Ray looked for a powerbomb but Haskins countered into a drop toe-hold that sent Ray face-first into the chair.  Multiple chair shots to Ray’s back.  A pump-kick sent the chair into Ray’s face.  Haskins brought out a ladder.  He set it up in the ring and climbed to the top.  Ray tipped it over and Haskins crashed.  Ray brought out a table to cheers.  He also threw his barbed wire board back into the ring.  “You’re dead now, bitch,” he said over the mic.  Ray laid the barbed wire board across the table and looked to powerbomb Haskins through both.  Haskins fought back.  He looked for an apparent Frankensteiner but Ray powerbombed him onto the board/table.  It didn’t break.  Haskins kicked out at two so Ray clotheslined the referee and dumped him.

Ray set up another table in the ring.  He wiped Haskins’ blood on his cheeks and laid Haskins across the table.  Vicky returned and hit him in the groin with the cheese grater.  (That’s low blow #2.)  “My balls!” Ray yelled.  She continued to grate his crotch (never mind the fact he wears thick shorts and other padding underneath).  They teamed up to toss Ray off the turnbuckle and through the table.  Haskins hit a double-stomp.  Todd Sinclair chose this exact moment to run down to the ring and count three.

WINNER: Mark Haskins in 16:29.

(Pageot’s Perspective: If ever a match called for a “same old shit” chant this was it.  The guy on the creative team gets the longest match of the night so far but that’s probably just a coincidence, right?  I mean they swore a lot so that’s how you know this was real.  Haskins looked like a loser.  ROH looks ridiculous for allowing Ray to attack referees with no consequences.  The “referee shows up at the exact right moment to count three” motif is eye-rolling.  And you have got to love that ROH won’t do intergender wrestling but they will let Ray powerbomb Tenille Dashwood through a table and attack Vicky Haskins with a barbed wire board.  Because men and women consensually entering into an athletic competition is not cool but a man attacking women from behind is just some good old-fashioned heel heat.  I also love the inconsistency of ROH wanting us to boo when Ray accosts security but cheer when Maria Manic does.  The only way this could have gotten any worse is if nZo showed up to help Ray win.)


Chain wrestling to start.  Just as things started to pick up speed Cabana looked for a Superman pin but Shelley countered into a pin of his own out of nowhere.

WINNER: Alex Shelley in 6:32.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  That was strange. I have no idea why it was the only match not announced in advance on an 11-match card and Cabana said as recently as this week’s Art Of Wrestling podcast that he didn’t know what he’d be doing at Final Battle.  Also his name was on Joey Mercury’s list of wrestlers expected to be let go from ROH at the end of this year.  I don’t want to jump to conspiracy theories but he had a very Bret Hart post-Montreal screwjob look on his face after the three-count and that finish seemed completely out of nowhere.  Also I would be shocked that he would agree to taking a clean pin the night before he defends the NWA National Championship at their pay-per-view.  Just very strange all around.)

(8) MARIA MANIC vs. ANGELINA LOVE (w/Mandy Leon)

Manic cut off her own introduction, charging the ring and driving Love into the corner.  She grabbed Mandy Leon and pulled her over the top rope, handily taking out both of them simultaneously.  Pearl River Plunge to Love.  Manic played to the crowd.  Leon jumped in with her hairspray but Manic kicked it out of her hands and she scurried off.  Love tried for a crossbody but Manic sort of caught her and sort of threw her.  Leon tried to get involved again.  Manic bodyslammed her on the floor.  She press-slammed Love onto the timekeeper’s table.  This one didn’t break either as Love just hit it and rolled off.  Manic took a fan’s MJF scarf and put it on.  Love remained dead as Manic strolled around the ring.  Torture rack until Love tapped.

WINNER: Maria Manic in 6:25.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  Okay, well ROH has to do intergender wrestling now because Manic just destroyed half the division at one time with minimal effort.  Love didn’t get so much as one single kick in.  Manic vs. Kelly Klein would have been the next big match if they hadn’t fired Klein.  Where do we go from here?  Manic vs. Sumie Sakai?  Jenny Rose?  Hahaha.  Women Of Honor is a joke.)

-An ad aired for Shane Taylor Promotions.


Despite changing his name to Ryu Lee in NJPW he was still introduced as Dragon Lee here.  Taylor was in control out of the gate.  He sat Lee in a chair at ringside and hit a running high knee.  Guillotine leg drop to Lee draped across the apron.  Taylor continued to methodically work over Lee, mixing in some cocky covers.  Lee took out Taylor with some flips at 6:00.  Lee hit a dropkick in the corner but was unable to lift Taylor for a suplex.  Knee strikes from Lee.  Double-stomp to Taylor on the apron.  Another in the ring.  Lee slapped Taylor.  Taylor responded and put him down with body shots.  Clothesline from Taylor.  High knee.  Package piledriver.  Kick out from Lee.  German suplex to Taylor.  German suplex to Lee.  Taylor went for a Vader bomb but got hung up in the ropes and took another double-stomp.  Knee strike from Lee but Taylor kicked out.  Welcome To The Land but Lee kicked out at two and a half.  Taylor looked shocked that his finishing move was kicked out of by a guy who lost clean to Dalton Castle and Kenny King just a couple months ago.  Taylor took a steel chain and wrapped it around his fist.  Lee avoided a punch and hit a Canadian Destroyer.  Hunt jumped onto the apron.  Lee stuffed the chain in his kneepad and hit a knee strike to Taylor.  Taylor kicked out at one.  Lee wanted a suplex but Taylor sort of just collapsed to the mat instead.  He kicked out anyway.  Lee kicked Hunt off the apron and dropped his knee pad.  Running knee strike to Taylor.

WINNER: Dragon Lee in 14:35 to capture the TV title.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  Sigh.  ROH just can’t help themselves.  If they can’t do an overbooked finish with a surplus of outside interference and shenanigans they just don’t know how to end a match.  Maybe I’m a traditionalist but I hate this trend of the supposed babyfaces lowering themselves to the heels’ level by cheating too.  Jay Lethal was one of the best faces in wrestling last year because of his refusal to do that, instead determined to beat them anyway and prove you can be a good person and still succeed.  Of course he just turned heel too so I guess the moral of the story is that good guys are losers and we should all just do whatever the hell we want.)

-PJ Black joined commentary for the tag title match.  He said he saw the success Young and Woods were having and was thinking of finding someone from the ROH Dojo to mentor so that they could enter the tag division too.

-Lethal & Gresham made their entrance, followed by The Briscoes.  The full Briscoe clan were shown in the crowd including their father.  Lethal had a brace on his recently-broken left arm.  The two teams milked the crowd response as the clock crossed the three-hour mark.


Gresham and Mark started.  Lethal was aggressive against Jay early on.  The teams fought to ringside.  Mark used a chair to run and cannonball over the ropes onto both opponents.  Suicide dive from Lethal to Mark at 10:00.  Gresham wanted a Doomsday Device but Mark saved Jay.  The Briscoes hit one of their own on Gresham but Lethal made the save.  They worked to isolate Lethal.  Gresham made the tag and went Super Sonic.  Lethal Injection to Mark.  Top rope shooting star press from Gresham.  Jay broke up the pin.  Gresham worked over Mark’s leg.  Ura nage from Mark.  Tags to the Jays at 18:00.  They threw hands.  Gresham disposed of via a death valley driver.  Jay Driller to Lethal.  Gresham pulled the ref out to prevent the three.  Lethal was dead to the world but woke up seconds later to clock Jay with the tag title behind the ref’s back.  Jay kicked out at 20:00.

Figure four from Lethal to Jay.  Gresham with a sleeperhold to Mark at ringside.  Mark dropped Gresham back-first onto the apron.  A froggy-bow freed his brother from the figure four.  The Briscoes called for the end.  They set up for another Doomsday Device but Gresham shoved Mark off the top rope and Lethal rolled up Jay with a handful of tights.

WINNERS: Lethal & Gresham in 21:56 to capture the tag titles.

-The Briscoe relatives threw garbage into the ring.

(Pageot’s Perspective:  Shenanigans strike again!  This was a good match, if not the all-time classic they were aiming for.  My same complaints stand as with the MexaBlood match.  There were far too many stretches with all four men involved in the action or the teams fighting at ringside for minutes on end without getting counted out.  It broke up the flow and hurt the overall story.  Like usual with ROH pay-per-views this match would have had an even bigger impact if there were three matches fewer on the card and it was taking place an hour earlier.  The live crowd was engaged but I know I’m fading on my end and the shenanigans wouldn’t be so aggravating if this wasn’t the fifth out of ten matches to involve them.)


Rush hit PCO on the arm with a chair and then across the head.

WINNER: PCO in 1:48 via disqualification.  Rush retains the world title.

Never mind, apparently chair shots to the head are legal and sound now.  (Concussion policies be damned!)  Rush threw PCO into the guardrail and choked him with a camera cable.  He did push-ups in the ring to a chorus of boos.  (I guess he’s a heel again?  What a mess.)  Rush stomped PCo into the corner, could have hit The Bull’s Horns, but chose not to.  Instead he did the tranquilo pose to more boos.  Rush got in the fan’s faces and glared at them.  He hopped the guardrail and went into the crowd to pick up a small stepladder.  Rush chucked it at PCO in the ring.  Rush set up the ladder in one corner and whipped PCO into it.  PCO suddenly came to life with a splash and a pop-up powerbomb.  Cannonball through the ropes.  PCO looked for the cannonball from the top rope onto Rush on the apron but Rush moved and PCO crashed onto the edge of the apron like usual.  Rush suplexed PCO onto the timekeeper’s table.  For the third time tonight the table didn’t break.  Rush tipped it over.  He dragged PCO up the entrance aisle at 10:00.

At the top of the stage was a hearse PCO supposedly drove to the arena.  Rush spit on it.  Smoke started to come out of the car.  Rush hit PCO with a piece of guardrail.  He threw PCO onto the stage and cursed in Spanish.  Rush threw PCO off the stage and onto a couple guardrails stacked on the concrete floor.  Rush headed back to the ring alone.  PCO’s music hit and Destro walked out.  Lights began flicker in the hearse while smoke kept pouring out.  Destro struggled to pop the hood of the car.  He exposed some jumper cable and electrocuted PCO back to life.  Rush charged and PCO unloaded with right hands.  He chokeslammed Rush onto the hood of the hearse at 15:00.

Leg drop to Rush onto the hood of the hearse.  Rush threw PCO off the car with an overhead suplex.  PCO swung at Rush with a crowbar.  Rush avoided it and PCO smashed some windows.  Rush hit PCO with an equipment case.  Back at ringside Rush pulled three doors out from under the ring.  (Groan.)  German suplex to PCO.  Knee strike.  Rush covered for the first two-count of the match.  Top rope senton.  PCO kicked out at one.  Rush picked up one of the doors and slammed it over PCO’s head until his head popped through.  Rush dropkicked him through the second.  PCO speared him through the third at 20:00.

PCOsault landed but Rush kicked out.  PCO set up a folding table in the ring.  Rush hit him with a chair again.  Rush punched out Destro at ringside and threw him into the guardrail.  Rush dumped him into the front row.  PCO with a chokeslam in the ring.  He set Rush on the table and went up top for another PCOsault.  It landed and Sinclair counted three.

WINNER: PCO in 22:22 to capture the world title.

-PCO bent the crowbar with his hands and wore it like a necklace.  Riccaboni said PCO is the oldest world champion in ROH history.  Cary Silkin presented him with the title belt.  Destro, Brody King, Marty Scurll, and Flip Gordon celebrated with PCO.  The show went off the air at 3 hours at 59 minutes.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Awful.  Just another boring garbage brawl barely one level higher than the Bully Ray nonsense.  If the plan was for Rush to wrestle the whole match as a heel, why didn’t they set it up that way beforehand?  Wouldn’t that have been a stronger build?  Arrogant heel champion who doesn’t care about anyone vs. the guy who’s spent 30+ years trying to win the big one?  Why show us Rush celebrating his world title win with his son?  Why position him as the babyface in feuds with The Kingdom?  For that matter, why wasn’t this match just made a falls count anywhere match?  We’re led to believe this was booked as a standard singles match and Todd Sinclair just decided on the spot not to count out or disqualify them.  It’s just another layer of unnecessary complications and nonsense.  But hey, at least we only got two low blows total on the night.  Small victories, right?)

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