12/12 WWE UK TV REPORT: Imperium vs. Gallus, Kay Lee Ray vs. Isla Dawn, Trent Seven vs. Michale May, Holland vs. Starz

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 12, 2019


– They lock up to start the match and Dawn caught Ray in a wrist lock. Ray countered and they hit the ropes. Cross body by Dawn for a two count, followed by another pinfall attempt for her on a roll-up. Ray attempts a Gory Bomb and Dawn countered for year another two. They hit the ropes again and Dawn connected with a dropkick, sending Ray into the corner. Dawn charged after her and ate turnbuckle after Ray moved. They got to their feet and Ray planted her with a White Witch for a pinfall attempt. Ray started to work on Dawn’s leg on the rope. Dawn dodged a kick and countered with a backdrop. Ray ran to the corner and this time Dawn connected with a knee. Dawn went outside of the ring and then to the top turnbuckle and landed a meteroa and two count. Dawn attempted a German suplex but Ray hit Dawn’s hurt knee, and an immediate Gory Bomb gave Ray the “W”.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray via pinfall @ 4:33

-After the match, Ray gets the microphone and says that she has gotten into the head of Toni Storm. Piper Niven’s music hit and she started to walk to ring. Storm ran right past her and into the ring. Niven rolls into the ring and was immediately ran into by Ray, who then left the ring. Storm and Niven argued as Ray walked away. Sid Scala went to the end of the ramp and announced that Ray will defend the NXT UK Women’s championship match at Takeover in a triple threat match against Niven and Storm.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A good opening match. Ray is impressive and this was, to the best of my memory, the best match I’ve seen Isla Dawn in.)

– Jordan Devlin shows another “Best of NXT UK” highlight video, showing a bunch of footage of Tyler Bate losing or getting beaten up. He was explaining how Bate fails at all of the “big moments”.

– WWE TLC commercial

– Joe Coffey interviewed outside from earlier today about his upcoming title match with Walter. He said that he is out for revenge from a wound that he suffered at the hands of Walter last year and that he will take the championship at Takeover.


Right before the match started, Eddie Dennis came from nowhere and pulled May’s feet and beat him outside of the ring. He sent the beaten May back into the ring and Seven questioned Dennis and checked on May as Dennis left.


(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine way to further a feud.)

– Noam Dar is being interviewed backstage by Radzi Chinyanganya. Dar asked Radzi to follow him into Johnny Saint’s office. Saint and Scala were walking out as he was knocking. They booked a match for next week against Tyler Bate.


This was Holland’s second match and continued his domination from the get go. Holland tossed Starz the air and across the ring like a rag doll’s rag doll. Holland put the boot to Starz’ ribs while he stood above him. Start made it back to his feet and was a series of knees to the face. An overhead belly to belly by Holland followed and then tossed Starz in the corner. Holland threw him from corner to corner and Starz was able to get some minimal offense in. Holland caught Starz in the air with a driving tackle and sent him flying. The northern Grit followed for an easy three.

WINNER: Rich Holland via pinfall @ 2:38

(Koenig’s Analysis: Jack Starz is essentially the Steve Lombardi of NXT UK. This was a squash match that highlighted Holland’s brute strength. I like his look and gimmick and look forward to seeing where he goes.)

– Amir Jordan in a backstage interview saying that he is back from injury and will be tagging with Kenny Williams next week.

– Smackdown commercial

(4) GALLUS (c) (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. IMPERIUM (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) – NXT UK Tag Team Championships

Wolfgang and Aichner start and the two brawl around the ring immediately. Tag by Coffey and the action is grounded. Aichner laid a headlock into Coffey who then powered his way to his feet. Barthel tagged himself in and worked Coffey’s arm into a long wristlock. Imperium broke the hold when Aichner was tagged back in. The two hit the ropes a bit and Wolfgang gets the tag.

Wolfgang started working on Aichner’s arm and held it as he tagged Coffey back in. Some double teaming followed, sending Aichner rolling out of the ring. Barthel ran in and attacked Gallus. Coffey countered an attempted samoan drop but was tossed shoulder-first into the post and attacked while Aichner struck Coffey’s head with a sliding kick from the apron. Aichner kept the beating on Coffey and tagged Barthel back in, who put him in the corner and laid in a bunch of headbutts. Medical personal came down to check on Coffey, who was able to quickly get up and go to work on Barthel. That didn’t last long as Barthel got Coffey into his own corner, kicked him multiple times, and tagged in Aichner who continued the beating. As he was sent into Imperium’s corner, Coffey took out Barthel with an elbow. Coffey then countered as Aichner came after him and sent him over the top rope. Coffey went for the slow-crawl tag and was quickly cut off by Aichner, but still able to connect and Wolfgang ran in. He started clotheslining Barthel and landed a cross body to him in the corner. He then laid an elbow into Aichner on the apron, who fell outside of the ring. Wolfgang went to the top rope and hammered Barthel. Wolfgang pressed Barthel, and launched him into Aichner. Suplex and a two count.

Coffey got tagged back in and Gallus double teamed with a Samoan drop for a near pin. Tag back in to Wolfgang, but he was kicked back outside of the ring  by AIchner, who then went at Coffey again. Barthel got the tag in, but the two illegal men were still fighting in the ring. Wolfgang came in and was hit by a spine buster by Aichner, with Barthel running in for a pinfall attempt and kickout. Tag to Aichner. They went for a European Bomb but Coffey interfered and they kicked him to the ground. Imperium met Wolfgang in the ring and laid fists on both of them before being suplexed by Aichner. Coffey jumped back in and exchanged strikes with Barthel. Chaos ensued in the ring with all four brawling, The Grizzled Young Veterans came down, stole the belts and were met by Morgan and Webster on the way back up. The bell rang and the match was called.

WINNER: No contest at 12:08

-After the match, the four teams brawled in and out of the ring. Saint and Scala came out and took the tag titles, saying that the titles would not be disrespected any longer and announced a four-way ladder match for Takeover.

(Koenig’s Analysis: These two factions have great chemistry and it showed here as this great storyline moves forward. This match connects the dots to several other coinciding storylines and is very well booked. The match had good action and makes you look forward to the next chapter of the story.)

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