1/29 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Sarah Logan vs. Deonna Purrazzo, Cedric Alexander vs. Riddick Moss

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

WWE Main Event results and analysis


JANUARY 29, 2020

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Mickie James


  • Logan vs. Purrazzo Part II: The Improvement
  • WWE in-ring debut for Riddick Moss


Byron acknowledged that this was a rematch from last week’s Main Event, where Logan was victorious. Mickie suggested that Purrazzo has probably viewed footage of Logan since then to come up with counters.

The women exchanged holds in the ring to start, and Purrazzo broke free from Logan’s grip with a reverse elbow to the chin. She turned to face Logan, then slowly bowed to her. Purrazzo ran the ropes and attempted a high cross body, but Logan caught her and proceeded to dump her through the ropes out to the floor. Logan joined her at ringside to dish out some punishment against the safety barrier, then rolled Purrazzo back into the ring.

Purrazzo ducked one clothesline, but Logan nailed her with the second. She howled into the air while Purrazzo writhed on the mat. Purrazzo got to her feet and leveled Logan with a back elbow. Purrazzo took her own turn at punishing Logan at ringside, throwing her against the ring apron shoulder-first. In the ring, she locked in an arm bar against Logan.

Purrazzo continued targeting Logan’s left arm by wrenching it around the bottom rope, then kicking said rope. Logan escaped a hammerlock and whipped Purrazzo toward the corner and against the ring post, shoulder-first. Logan went on a flurry of offense, featuring a forearm knock down, a drop kick, and a knee-lift to the midsection. She then landed a suspended suplex into a bridging cover and two-count.

Logan was the first to her feet and lifted Purrazzo to her feet. Logan tried to whip Purrazzo toward the ropes, but Purrazzo hit the brakes and dropped Logan to the mat with a side leg sweep. On the mat, she transitioned into a Fujiwara arm bar. It appeared to be curtains for Logan, but she crawled to the edge and got hold of the bottom rope. Purrazzo broke the hold at the ref’s four-count.

Purrazzo stood up and punched Logan’s left shoulder, and Logan winced and yelled, “No!” Logan got to her feet as well and whipped Purrazzo neck-first against the middle rope, which left her stunned on her knees. Logan took that chance to land a running knee strike, then covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Sarah Logan by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: There were some repeated motions from last week’s match, but enough new material to not seem repetitive. The awkward moments were ironed out, and it was nice to see Purrazzo home in on Logan’s left arm and shoulder.)

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Alexander slowed down Moss’s efforts early with a side headlock in the middle of the ring. When Moss bounced off the ropes and tried to fire Alexander off, Alexander cinched in the headlock even tighter and dragged Moss down to the mat. Moss soon broke free and leveled Alexander twice with running shoulder blocks. We cut to commercial break.

Afterward, Moss still had control, landing multiple forearm blows to Alexander in the corner. Moss screamed at the crowd, who booed him in return. Moss whipped Alexander toward the ropes, and Alexander dropped and appeared to try to roll beneath the bottom rope out to ringside, but his leg popped up and caused him to rebound off the bottom rope and remain in the ring – this looked awkward.

Moss rolled with it and shoved Alexander into the corner before taking him down with a snap mare. He then applied a chinlock to Alexander. Alexander quickly battled out with elbows, then hit a charging Moss with a knee lift to his jaw. Alexander went on the offense, landing two clotheslines against Moss in the corner, then leveling him with a back elbow. Alexander covered for two.

On their feet, Alexander laid in three chops to Moss’s chest. He leaped onto Moss, suspended in a front chancery position. Moss wouldn’t go down, though, and instead charged at a corner to crush Alexander back-first against the turnbuckle. Moss ran diagonally to the opposite corner, then back toward Alexander to deliver a spear to Alexander’s midsection. Moss then ran the ropes to deliver a big uranage, planting Alexander to the mat for the three-count.

WINNERS: Riddick moss by pinfall

(Meyers’s Analysis: Moss’s debut wasn’t bad, and his power moves (shoulder blocks, uranage) were made to look especially impressive thanks to Alexander. The commentators mentioned his connection with Mojo Rawley, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Moss was Rawley based on his heelish mannerisms between moves.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.6

FINAL THOUGHTS: Two decent matches an an in-ring debut make this a notable episode of Main Event. Check it out.

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