1/24 ROH TV REPORT: Flip Gordon & Brody King & Marty Scurll vs. Bandido & Flamita & Ray Horus in standout thrilling main event, Bateman & Vincent vs. The Wrestling Buddies

By Ryan Sullivan, PWTorch contributor


ROH TV REPORT (ep.436)
JANUARY 24, 2020

Hosts: Ian Riccaboni, Quinn McKay

-The opening theme aired.

-The show opens with highlights of the PCO vs. Rush match from ROH Center Stage in Atlanta.

-Ian and Quinn appear on-screen, hyping up the Free Enterprise show in Baltimore, along with several upcoming live event dates.  Then Ian mentions the main event, Villain Enterprises vs. Flamita, Bandido and Rey Horus.

-Next, they show extensive highlights of the Andrew Everett vs. Rey Horus match for the Television Title in Atlanta.  Everett gets plenty of offense, but Horus eventually wins with a running knee.  I highly recommend you go out of your way to watch the full match on Honor Club.

-They quickly shift to Quinn McKay backstage in Atlanta.  As she was talking, Silas Young and Josh Woods interrupt her, as they were squabbling like two children about who would walk ahead of the other.  This leads to Silas pushing Woods, forcing Josh somehow into an awkward (and slightly sexually suggestive) stance with Quinn.  Both Silas and Josh quickly apologize, with Woods saying lets “Hug it out” to Quinn.  Before Woods can hug her, Silas reminds Josh of “that meeting” and he cannot go around hugging the female talent.  Quinn looks into the camera and says “It was a good show” as we go to commercial. (c)

-Returning, they show a video package of Vincent claiming he never got the credit he deserved for leading The Kingdom.  This was a good promo.  After the package ends, we go “live” to the ring in Atlanta.

(1) BATEMAN & VINCENT (w/Chuckles, Vita Constarr) vs. THE WRESTLING BUDDIES (Sal Rinauro & Michael Stevens)

The commentators were particularly putting over Bateman’s accomplishments and skills.  Vincent does not tag into the match, even when the Wrestling Buddies mounted a small comeback two minutes into the contest.  The finish occurred when Bateman hit a back elbow, a brain buster and a tombstone on Rinauro.  Bateman then tags in Vincent, who has a microphone and cuts a promo in the ring, which happened to be completed removed by Ring of Honor.  Vincent finishes talking, then pins Rinauro for the win. (c)

WINNERS: Bateman and Vincent (w/ Chuckles and VitaVonStarr) at 4:25

(Ryan’s Reaction: This match was fine and made Bateman look like a stud.  I also like the story that Vincent did not need to tag into the match, but collects the pin.  However, this would have been more effective if they cut 90 seconds from the match.)

-Returning from commercial, we have a cameraman chasing down Nick Aldis for a comment on why he is back in Ring of Honor.  Aldis says everyone should be thanking him for granting his presence again in ROH.  Aldis then pivots to say his friendship on with Marty Scurll is temporarily off, and challenges him to a turf war, his Simply Business faction against Scurll’s Villain Enterprises.  This was a strong promo.

-Ian and Quinn return on-screen, with both discussing Shane Taylor’s current situation in Ring of Honor.  Quinn then throws to Taylor’s promo in Atlanta.

-This promo begins with Shane Taylor, flanked with Moses and Kaun.  This was an edited version of the full promo.  Shane starts by calling out Joe Koff, and thanking him for the opportunity he has provided him in ROH.  Shane turns the conversation to his demands to remain in Ring of Honor.   Shane wants a guaranteed World Six-Man championship match for Moses, Kaun, and a partner of his choosing.  Shane wants a guaranteed World Championship match of his choosing, whenever he wants it.  Shane wants his face on every poster, and his name on everything.  Finally, he wants the highest paying per fight guarantee given to anyone ever in Ring of Honor. (c)

-Back “live”, Ian and Quinn discuss the current depth of the tag division; Ian says the “tag scene is on fire”!  Ian proceeds to throw to highlights of the Josh Woods and Jonathan Gresham match from Atlanta.

-Ring of Honor showed nearly 4:30 seconds of the Woods and Gresham match, focusing much of the time showing the multiple instances of interference by both Jay Lethal and Silas Young.  Gresham picked up the count out win, by putting Woods in a figure-four leg-lock until the count of 17, then snuck into the ring and Woods could not get into the ring before the referee said “20”. (c)

(Ryan’s Reaction: I completely understand the point of this match was to set up the future tag-team title match of 2 Guys 1 Tag verses Lethal and Gresham, but the interference really hurt what should have been a terrific match between two talented wrestlers.  I wish they could have booked this match differently.)

-Back from commercial, we immediately go to the ring for the main event.

(2) VILLAIN ENTERPRISES (Flip Gordon & Brody King & Marty Scurll) vs. BANDIDO & FLAMITA & RAY HORUS

Pre-match Scurll grabs the microphone, announcing that Flip will be substituting tonight for PCO and their Six-Man championships will be on the line.  (c)

Back to the ring, Brody and Flamita start the contest, with Brody flashing his tremendous power and Flamita showing off his incredible athleticism.  Neither man gains an advantage, before tagging in Scurll and Bandido.  Scurll and Bandido fight to a standstill, before tagging in Flip and Horus into action.  Horus quickly gains the advantage, before Villain Enterprises goes on the offensive into a commercial break. (c)

Returning “live”, Horus immediately makes a hot tag to Bandido, who takes on all of Villain Enterprises.  The last 9 or 10 minutes of this match is some of the wildest Lucha Libre wrestling you will see this year.  My words cannot do it justice.  

The finish sees Marty Scurll tease his chicken wing finisher for far too long, allowing Bandido to roll up Scurll for the 1-2-3.  The crowd goes absolutely bananas for the title change.

WINNERS: Bandido & Flamita & Rey Horus to capture the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles.

-After the match, the new champions celebrated in the ring, as the fans showered them with streamers and the screen fades to black.

(Ryan’s Reaction: Wow…  Just wow!  This is the best match I have seen thus far in 2020.  It may not be for everyone, but if you like Lucha Libre, go out of your way to watch this match on Honor Club.  This is an easy 4.5 star classic, and should be in consideration for Best Match in ROH in 2020.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a strong episode of Ring of Honor.  I wish they had chosen to show clips of the Bateman contest, while showing the entirety of the Gresham and Woods match, but I am nit-picking.  Ring of Honor is putting the focus back on the in-ring action, while sprinkling in a few promos, to help advance storylines and get talent over.  This is four consecutive solid weeks of television to begin 2020, and I hope fans begin to take notice of the improved product ROH is presenting each week.

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