AEW HITS & MISSES 2/26: Pac vs. Omega, Santana & Ortiz & Guevara vs. Jurassic Express, Hangman & Page-Bucks promo with J.R., Jericho-Moxley weigh-in, Women’s Four-way

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

Pac (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)


•Pac vs. Kenny Omega – HIT: This was the best presentation of Kenny Omega in AEW. Omega works best as the “come from behind winner” who has phenomenal matches. Even his new entrance video gave him far more energy coming to the ring. Pac and Omega execute their moves so well that their sequences are nearly flawless. This match also had the first disqualification in the company. The logic was sound such that Pac was willing to risk losing one fall so he could beat down Omega. The crowd didn’t balk at all and instead continued to give this match the reaction it deserved.

•Santana & Ortiz & Sammy Guevara vs. Jurassic Express – HIT: Entertaining match between these teams. With the exception of Sammy Guevara, most involved in this match don’t have anything announced for Revolution. Guevara took the pin in this one off of a distraction from Darby Allin. It felt needless to have Guevara lose again, but it feels like it could be pointing to him going over on Allin this Saturday.

•The Butcher & The Blade vs. Best Friends – HIT: Best Friends are a charming and fun act. They put on a solid match with The Butcher and The Blade that was highlighted by a spot from Orange Cassidy. Cassidy stood mid-ring with The Bunny while she took his sunglasses and he took her bunny ears. The crowd in the arena ate it up. Post match, Schiavone interviewed Best Friends and announced that Orange Cassidy would face Pac at Revolution in his first singles match. Pac and Orange Cassidy could not be more different as wrestlers. It feels like a match that fans never knew they wanted, but it provides a way for Pac to get back to winning while Cassidy can play up his antics.

•Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Yuka Sakazaki vs. Shanna – HIT: For a show that was heavy on building the matches for Revolution, the women’s portion of the show focused on setting up a challenger after the pay-per-view. Hikaru Shida is someone they could hold onto the championship and consistently have good matches. If Nyla Rose is to hang onto the title for a chunk of time, that’s a match that could be built up to.

•Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks Interview – HIT: These are the type of segments that AEW needs to do more of. While Jim Ross still delivers on commentary, he excels in these sit down interview roles. He provides that legitimacy and high-stakes feel that can’t be duplicated with anyone else. The Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, and Young Bucks storyline has left open plenty of options for the pay-per-view. It’s difficult to get a definitive read on what AEW is planning which elevates the level of intrigue beyond the potential of a just having a great match. The Young Bucks finally cut loose on Hangman calling him a jobber in Ring of Honor. Hangman blew them all off while Omega wants to retain their friendship despite the match.

•Jon Moxley & Chris Jericho Weigh-In – HIT: What a way to cap off the spectacular build to Revolution. Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho is among the best built matches in North America in the past fifteen plus years. The final image as Dynamite signed off the air with a bloodied Jericho standing over Moxley was the perfect way to end the show going into the pay-per-view. The UFC style weigh-in helps give the match a more sports-like feel which is what a lot of fans have been craving for. Familiar voice Gary Michael Cappetta was brought back to host the segment and take jabs from Jericho. Moxley incited the chaos by head butting Jericho creating a seven stitch gash near his left eye. Dustin Rhodes brawled with Jake Hager into the concourse area while Sammy Guevara broke Darby’s skateboard over his head.

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  1. Pac-Omega the best U.S. pro wrestling match I’ve seen in years, maybe since Michaels-Undertaker at WM26. That’s hyperbole, but it was outstanding. This was a great presentation for AEW. If AEW wants people to know what it’s about, this is the show to present to people. Outstanding episode.

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