MITCHELL: Great Pro Wrestling Stuff To Watch Featuring Bullet Bob Armstrong (with Video Embeds)

By Bruce Mitchell, senior columnist


WWE Agent B.G. James revealed on Twitter last week that his father and fellow WWE Hall of Famer “ Bullet” Bob Armstrong had brain cancer and had made the decision not to receive treatment for it. James tweeted this as his 80 year old former Marine, Marietta Ga. fireman, weight station head injury survivor, and 60 year pro wrestling main-eventer was on his way to the gym to lift weights.It seems like an appropriate time to put together a watch-list for The Bullet, not if only because he fits the criteria for what i shoot for in these, hugely entertaining wrestling promos that drove fans to buy tickets to see stars fight each other.

“Bullet” was a master promo man, and ahead of his time in his use of catch phrases and branding. He was, for the most part, unequivocally a hometown babyface character, completely unafraid to say and do heroic things. His lack of embarrassing self-awareness enabled to sell otherwise corny catch phrases and cultural expressions in his promos with Souther brio.

For example:

Bob Armstrong was a top star who both booked and had ownership in major promotions (check the stated motivation for winning wrestling matches, plus the Mongolian Stomper):

From one of the top verbal battles of its time on pro wrestling’s most popular show, Georgia Championship Wrestling, Bob Armstrong goes nose to nose and toes with Rowdy Roddy Piper:

Total chaos and bedlam:

Here’s the finish of a match Armstrong had with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan in 1979:

Bob Armstrong challenges for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship:

There came a day, though, when even Bob Armstrong let jealousy rule his actions;

This led to Armstrong having the time of his life flying his villainous flag and feud, that’s right, with the play-by-play announcer Charlie Platt:

This is for you, Fannie Mae:

The Fullers, The Flame and The Midnight Express:

Bob Armstrong, Smoky Mountain Wrestling Commissioner all-time area legend:

And in WCW:

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  1. Thank you for these; big fan of Bob, especially his run in Continental under the mask as The Bullet — I know everything can’t be listed, but too bad there’s no Continental clips included here.

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