4/9 NXT UK TV REPORT: Tyler Bate vs. Kordan Devlin, Zack Gibson vs. Jack Gallagher, Mark Andrews vs. Joe Coffey, Pete Dunne vs. Trend Seven

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 9, 2020

Announcers: Andy Shepherd (from his home)

*Note: This is a recap show. The first post-WrestleManis 36 and took place during the COVID19 crisis.

-Show starts with Triple H announcing the tournament that would crown the inaugural NXT UK Champion. William Regal explained the details.

-Andy Shepherd announced (from his home) that these are “unique times” while referring to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. He states that we will be taking a look back at the history of NXT UK.

(1) TYLER BATE vs. JORDAN DEVLIN – Quarterfinal match from Jan. 15, 2017

The match started with Devlin attacking at the get-go while Bate twirled his mustache. Bate manhandled Bate for the disrespect until he got tossed outside of the ring. Bate rolled him back in and got a thumb in the eye from Devlin. He then stepped on Bate’s arm and punched him in the head on the mat. Devlin had a few pinfall attempts while he held Bate down and kept lifting his arm at two. Bate made it to the corner and executed a springboard from the top. As he lifted Devlin for an airplane spin, he countered and ran at Bate who caught him mid air and spun him for an uncomfortable amount of time. That dizzied both of them a bit so Devlin took advantage and thumbed Bate again. He connected with a knee for two. Bate went up and missed a backflip. Bate took advantage  and put him up for a Tyler Driver 97. Devlin countered and rolled him up for two. Devlin with an insiguri but wasn’t affected enough to prevent him from clocking Devlin in the jaw and finally executing his Tyler Driver 97 for the win.

WINNER: Bate at 6:09

(Koenig’s Analysis: A great match. Devlin already a veteran at 26 while fighting an immensely talented 19 year old in Bate.)

-Shepherd than told the rest of the story that resulted in him becoming the first ever NXT UK Champion. [c]

-Shepherd set the stage for the next match.

(2) ZACK GIBSON vs. JACK GALLAGHER – WWE UK Title Tournament Quarterfinal match from June 25, 2018

This match started off in a swift exchange of wrist locks and counters. The crowd was singing in unison to support Gallagher. Gibson took advantage of him as he basked in the adoration and brought Gallagher to the mat in another arm lock that he countered and rolled into a near pinfall. After a second near fall, Gallagher put Gibson into a chin lock and then brought him up and laid in some fierce uppercuts. Gibson powered himself up and dropkicked Gallagher’s hurt arm and pounded him down to get a two count in. Gibson with a basement dropkick and another near pinfall that he brought into a chinlock. Gallagher powered out. Gibson continued to work on Gallagher’s arm as the announcers emphasized that joint manipulation is a staple in British wrestling. Gibson tossed Galagher into the corner and preceded to toss him around the ring while mocking him, with the crowd responding heavily. He took Gallagher down again for another near fall.

Gallagher continued to have his arm worked on as Gibson held him into a chin bar and neck drag. Gallagher escaped and laid in a forearm to Gibson, followed by an impressive vertical suplex. Gallagher with a two count. As Gallagher went to the corner, Gibson tripped him on the second rope and connected with a codebreaker and followed with a two count. Gallagher elbowed Gibson in the head that sent him into the corner. As Gallagher charged, he was caught and slammed to the mat with a Liger Bomb. As Gibson approached to pin, Gallagher caught him in a triangle choke. Gibson countered by lifting Gallagher up and tossing him into the corner. Gallagher flipped over Gibson and executed an incredible sleeperhold transition but Gibson put his foot on the rope and rolled out of the ring. Gallagher rolled him back in, dropkicked him in the corner and went for a pin. Two count. Gibson chopped Gallagher throat and tossed him in the corner and out of the ring. He came back in the ring but was met with a lariat and an inverted belly to back into a Ticket to Ride, followed by a near pinfall. Gallagher got a dropkick in and finally put Gibson to the mat. He went up to the top but Gibson had both of his feet up. Gibson locked in the Shankly Gates and Gallagher tapped out.

WINNER: Zack Gibson at 13:33.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A clinic for this style of wrestling. Fast paced and lots of back and forths.)

-Gibson went on to win the tournament, but lost to Pete Dunne in the title match.

-Triple H’s announcement of the proper brand of NXT UK.

-Money In the Bank commercial.

-Shepherd sets the stage for the next match, which was the first match of the first episode.

(3) MARK ANDREWS vs. JOE COFFEY (w/Mark Coffey)

*My initial review of the match

Coffey’s strength was displayed early on in this match before the quickness of Andrews caught up with Coffey. Coffey would then use some heel tactics outside of the ring after being sent outside. His brother Mark was ready to attack him but the ref caught him in time. He made it back into the ring and Andrews started taking lead again. After both of them exchanging some pinfall attempts, Andrews landed a moonsault on top of the two Scottish brothers. The next time he went up though, Coffey followed and landed a belly to belly from the top rope, and hit a lariat won the match or Coffey.

WINNER: Joe Coffey at 7:40.

After the match, the Coffey brothers attacked Andrews, but Flash Morgan Webster came down to help even the odds.

-Shepherd went on to introduce the next match.

(4) PETE DUNNE vs. TRENT SEVEN – #1 contenders match from May 19, 2017

As stated above, the use of joint manipulation was put on display in this classic when Dunne started working Seven’s arm early in the match, and would continue the torture by kicking his arm in and out of the ring for several minutes. After a kick to the skull, Dunne got his first near pinfall. Afterwards, they got up and exchanged chops before Seven connected with a DDT, and soon after a Seven-Star lariat for two count. Seven followed with another pinfall attempt after a suplex.

The match soon went out of the ring, where Dunne tossed Seven into the barricade. He brought Seven up to the apron and the two exchanged strikes before Seven dragon suplexed Dunne. “Holy shit!” chants filled the arena. They both made it to the ring in time to beat the ten count. Dunne went to the top rope but Seven met him up there to suplex him, but Dunne flipped over and landed on his feet. They hit the ropes and Dunne was met with another lariat and a pinfall attempt. Dunne got him wrapped up in a hanging camera, but Seven hulked up and countered with another dragon suplex. Dunne got him up on his shoulders but Dunne countered with a Bitter End for the win.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A mat classic and one of the best matches of 2017. Another clinic for this style of wrestling.)

WINNER: Pete Dunne at 15:53.

-Dunne went on to explain the rest of the tournament that led him to winning the inaugural NXT UK title in a match against his other British Strong Style founder- Tyler Bate, and to the start of his feud with Walter.

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