4/16 NXT UK TV REPORT: Wrestlers comment on all-time favorite matches including Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid, Cesaro vs. William Regal, Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Noam Darr & Kenny Williams

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 16, 2020

Announcers: Andy Shepherd (from his home)

*Note: This is a recap show. Four NXT UK wrestlers picked their all-time favorite matches.

-Andy Shepherd announced from his home that some of the top stars in NXT UK will be talking about the matches that influence them.

-Dave Mastiff started this off and mentioned that he feels the Dynamite Kid was the most influential wrestler of all time.

(1) TIGER MASK (Satoru Sayama) vs. DYNAMITE KID – From August 1982 at Madison Square Garden

Tiger mask started out by taunting Dynamite Kid with air kicks and was taken down by a leg sweep. They went on to counter each others arm holds and moves at a breakneck pace. Tiger Mask tripped out Dynamite Kid and applied an ankle lock before Dynamite Kid grabbed the rope to force them back up. Here, Dynamite Kid started laying in strikes and slams, including a knee from the turnbuckles. A pinfall attempt followed, and then a suplex and another two count.  Dynamite Kid held Tiger Mask to the mat with a head scissor that Tiger mask kipped out of.

Back to their feet, Dynamite Kid head-butted and suplexed Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask then struck with an array of lightning fast kicks, sending Dynamite Kid out of the ring. When Dynamite kid got back into the ring, who aimed right for Tiger Mask’s leg and grounded him in a leg lock. After an escape, Dynamite Kid was met with a series of strikes. Dynamite Kid went to the top and missed a flying headbutt. Tiger Mask executed a suplex, went to the top rope and landed a moonsault for the win

WINNER: Tiger Mask at 6:37.

(Koenig’s Analysis: What else can you say about these two? They are legendary performers that were pioneering a groundbreaking wrestling style that shaped wrestling for years to come. Dynamite Kid had a complex history, personally in wrestling but you can’t take away the fact that modern day wrestling was inspired by his style.)

-Money In The Bank commercial.

-Kenny Williams announced the following match and that it was held in Scotland in the same building that he saw his first ever WWE house show.

(2) GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS (Zack Gibson & James Drake) (c) vs. KENNY WILLIAMS & NOAM DAR – From NXT UK May 8, 2019

Pre match, Zack Gibson announces that Amir Jordan couldn’t compete in the match that night. Kenny Williams came out and announced Noam Dar would be his partner. The two ran to the ring and started swinging.

Right at the bell, the four wrestlers started going at it in and out of the ring. Dar and Gibson were officially the legal wrestlers.

-Commercial break for “Edge- The Second Mountain” on WWE Network.

Back to the match, it was actually Dar and Drake in the ring and Dar tagged in Williams and started hitting the ropes, connecting with a cross-body. Drake then rammed Williams into the corner and was attacked by Gibson from outside. As he went to take care of him, Drake picked him up but Williams countered with a DDT and a near pinfall. The two started slugging, and rake was pulled out of the ring by Gibson. Williams flew over the top to take both of them out.

They got called back into the ring and Williams went to the top rope and connected with an elbow, followed by a two count. Drake got up and hit a backbreaker on Williams, and both competitors tagged in their partners. Dar ran in and started pounding on Gibson. Dar got Gibson in a knee bar and was able to tag in Drake before he would be forced to tap. Gibson attempted to set him up for a double team, but Williams pulled Drake out while Dar was held in a pile driver position, that he countered into a knee bar into an ankle lock. Williams and Dar rolled into the ring and Dar held in an ankle lock of his own as they were hoping to score a double-tap. However, that was broken up when the Grizzled Young Veterans started striking their partner’s opponents.

After that action was broken up, all four men were lying in the ring, with Gibson and Williams rolling out, leaving the two legal men back in. Drake went for a suplex but Dar countered with a roll up for two. Drake then put Dar in a leg lock and right when he was ready to tap, Williams blocked his arm from hitting. He got in and kicked Drake. Both men tagged in their partners and Drake and Williams started slugging. Williams would get a two count in after a face buster. Williams met Drake with an uppercut and didn’t realize that Drake tagged himself in. Gibson cornered him and Drake came in with a running kick to Williams. Gibson executed a Helier Skelter as Drake went to the top and hammered Williams. Grizzled Young Veterans for the win.

WINNER: Grizzled Young Veterans at 13:57.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A stellar performance by all four competitors. Fast paced action. I think the ref was a bit too liberal with allowing double teaming to occur. I think a couple of these interferences should have really ended in a DQ but that’s my only gripe, although its a fairly big one.)

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-Andy Shepherd introduces Ligero.

-Ligero chooses his match. A brief history of Kay Lee Ray and Tegan Nox’s rivalry followed.

(3) KAY LEE RAY (c) vs. TEGAN NOX – From NXT UK October 3, 2019

*My initial review of the match follows…

The match started with a lockup and them hitting the ropes. They exchanged slaps and then hit the mat before Ray rolled out of the ring for a moment. After rolling back in, Nox went to the top rope for a high cross that connected for the 2. Ray tried to walk back up the ramp but Nox wasn’t having that. She held her in a headlock and marched her back into the ring. Ray countered when Nox put her up on her shoulders and went right to attacking Nox’s previously injured knee. They exchanged slaps again before Ray grounded her into a neck crank that she countered into a roll up for 2. Ray tooled with Nox around the ring, focusing on furthering damage to her knee. After forcing Ray to the corner and kicking the knee for a bit, she struck with a front- face suplex for another 2. Nox rolled out of the way after Ray went to the top for a failed swanton bomb. Ray dove shoulder first into the post as Nox held her knee, giving her time to get to the other corner and writhe in pain over the damage that was done. They make it back to their feet after a short rest and exchange strikes. Nox got several forearms in on Ray and tripped her to the canvas. Nox fired up again and kicked Ray to the back of the skull before slowly climbing to the top rope and surprisingly hitting a Molly-Go-Round before a failed pin attempt. Back to their feet, Nox struck an impressive superkick and went for the pin. Back up, Ray hit a DDT and then went into an immediate guillotine, attempting to make Nox tap. Nox powered herself back up, chest to chest with Ray, and drove her into the mat with a modified spinebuster. Ray perked her head right up and returned to the guillotine. Nox rolled to the bottom rope while Ray remained deep in the hold. The 2 hit the ropes and Nox gained a 2 count after a chokeslam. She went to the top once again and was crotched when Ray came up and struck the rope. The 2 exchanged moves until Nox executed a successful destroyer into a pinfall. Another 2 count. Nox got yet another pinfall attempt after hitting a shiniest wizard, but Ray hooked the wrong leg and Ray’s foot made it to the bottom rope. After the 2 separated, Ray made it to the outside ring apron and positioned herself at the ring post. Nox attempted to kick Ray but she moved out of the way in time for Nox to drive her knee right into the post. Ray rolled back into the ring and finished off Nox with a gory bomb.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray at 13:40.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Lots of action in a traditional face/ heel match, which is getting less and less traditional these days. Not too many high spots. I like that. Good storytelling. I enjoyed.)

-WWE Network commercial

-A-Kid announces his pick.

(4) ANTONIO CESARO vs. WILLIAM REGAL – From NXT TV December 25, 2013

Cesaro starts this match off in a wrist lock, grounding Regal, and wrenching his arm behind his back. Regal then countered into a submission of his own. Cesaro broke free and the two men made it to their feet. Regal brought Cesaro to his knees in a choke but Cesaro countered with an impressive suplex from his knees. A two count followed. Regal got up and started pounding away on Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro escaped and started to work on Regal’s knees, bringing him to the apron and slamming them onto the hard wood. [c]

Back to the match, Cesaro was laying in several uppercuts to Regal. As Regal was lying down, Cesaro picked him up for a Cesaro Swing. As Regal was dizzied, Cesaro put him up for a neutralizer that he countered by flipping Cesaro over and went to work on his arms, followed by a side slam. Regal went to kick Cesaro but his knee went out, Cesaro went in for some headbutts but was met with a kick to the skull. Regal would go on to put Cesaro up for a butterfly suplex but Cesaro’s strength was too much and he lifted Regal up and slammed him to his back for a two count that Regal himself countered. He crawled on top of Cesaro and attempted to put in a Regal Stretch but to no avail. As they both got to their feet, Cesaro connected with a dropkick, popped his shoulder back into its socket, and then landed a double stomp to the back of Regal’s head. Cesaro lifted Regal up slowly and was able to get Regal into a neutralizer. Regal delayed because he knew he might be “putting away” the veteran Regal (a la Michaels/ Flair). He was hesitant to execute as Regal tried to climb up Cesaro. However, that was a ploy to get Regal into a better position for the neutralizer that scored him a victory.

(Koenig’s Analysis: I was happy that he picked this match because Regal and Cesaro are amongst the best in the business, as well as personal favorites. Also, with the announcement of the passing of Howard Finkle yesterday, it was great hearing his voice announce this match. A great semi-farewell match for Regal. The right man won as the veteran laid down for the incredible Cesaro. Sadly, WWE has not used Cesaro to his full potential. I still feel seven years after this match, that Cesaro is the most underrated and underutilized wrestler int he WWE.)

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro at 11:27.

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