4/20 AEW BEING THE ELITE (Episode #200): Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson cinematic special, tremendous Being the Elite montage from over the years

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 200 – “Matt vs. Nick”
APRIL 20, 2020

Watch it HERE

– A longer BTE opening aired that circulated all of their different openings across the previous 200 episodes while the song played on repeat. Kenny Omega, Cody, Adam Page, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, and a quick flash of Flip Gordon were shown throughout the opening montage.

– An aerial shot of the “BTE Compound” was shown. There was no ring on the tennis courts. Matt and Nick both talked about this being the 200th episode and the brother vs. brother match. Matt said he doesn’t think Nick is going focus on his back, a clip of Nick cut in saying he’s going to focus specifically on his back. Matt walked down to the tennis courts as the Young Bucks entrance music played. Matt struck his pose and some of the Young Bucks dollar bills flew behind him. Matt looks around and can’t find Nick and accuses Nick of not showing up for his own match. Nick, who was on the ledge above, jumps off the ledge and takes down Matt with a cross body.

(1) MATT JACKSON vs. NICK JACKSON – Falls Count Anywhere

Nick took off his jacket and says “now that’s a house show dive” as a bell dings to signal the start of the match. Nick went for a cover and scores a two count. Matt and Nick get up and Matt threw Nick towards the tennis court net. Nick jumped over and turns around to Matt who followed him and dives onto him taking him down. Matt tried to hit a sunset flip by running up the tennis court wall, but landed on his feet. Nick immediately threw him into the wall then charges at Matt who lifted him up onto the ledge. Nick back flipped off the ledge and took Matt down again. Nick tells Matt he’s wanted the match because he wants to see if he’s 100% as the two exchange blows. Matt walked up the stairs off the tennis court to get away from Nick, who followed close behind. Out of nowhere Matt super kicked Nick then laughed into the camera. The brothers started exchanging blows again and Nick seemingly had the advantage before Matt back body dropped Nick onto the concrete. Matt went for a cover, but Nick kicked out at one.

The two completely leave the tennis court area and Matt slammed Nick onto the hood of a golf cart. Nick kicked Matt and placed him into the passenger seat of the golf cart. He told the official to climb on and gets in the driver’s seat. He elbowed Matt a couple of times and goes to take off in the golf cart, but accidentally puts it in reverse and almost crushes the official against a wall. Luckily he didn’t and he starts driving. As Nick drove, he and Matt start exchanging punches before Nick crashed into a fence just outside of his garage and Matt falls out. Nick climbed out and the two enter the garage gym. The two try slamming each other onto the floor of the gym without any luck. Nick ran and jumped off a piece of equipment, but Matt caught him and slammed him to the floor for a two count. Matt picks Nick up and acted as if he were going for a punch. Nick put his hands up to block it, but Matt grabbed him for a DDT for another two count. The brothers exchange a flurry of near falls and counters into pinning predicaments with neither getting the advantage. Nick grabbed Matt by the hair and dragged him into the back yard.

Nick said he wanted to show Matt his back yard and the two start punching each other again. As they punch each other, Nick’s kids are shown watching out a window. A camera then shows the kids from behind and Nick’s wife walks over and pulls the blinds down so they can’t watch. Back outside, the brother continued exchanging punches until Nick hits Matt with a flurry of chops. The two then exchanged suplexes until Nick lands on his feet and clotheslined Nick for a two count. Nick, growing increasingly frustrated, picked Matt up and walked him towards the pool. He sarcastically asked if Matt likes swimming before attempting to throw him into the pool. Matt reversed it, but Nick slid to avoid entering the pool. As he went to stand up he was met with a dropkick by Matt. Matt tried to throw Nick into the wall surrounding the pool, but Nick reversed it throwing Matt into the wall, which was about waste high. Nick charged at Matt, but Matt got his foot up and took Nick down with a boot to the face. Matt went for a couple of pin fall attempts, but Nick kept kicking out. Nick bridged out of the final pin fall attempt, then walked along the wall and hit an arm drag on Matt sending him back into the middle of the yard. Nick charged at Matt again, but Matt caught him and hit him with five northern lights suplexes. Matt attempted a sixth, but Nick stopped it and hit him with a swinging neck breaker after running along the fence for added momentum.

Nick talked some trash to Matt as Matt walked back towards the pool in an attempt to create some space from Nick. Nick again talked about this being the match he wanted, he said that it’s his house and his rules. Matt then spiked Nick face first onto the fence. Nick grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into Matt’s eyes then super kicked Matt who sat on the edge of a table that was behind him. Matt asked Nick if that’s all he had, so Nick super kicked him again. Matt laid back on the table and Nick grabbed Brandon Cutler, who was operating one of the two cameras, and told him to come with him. Nick walked back towards the pool then climbed up onto the roof of an awning. Nick then hit a Swanton Dive onto Matt across the table. Nick went for the cover, but Matt again kicked out at two. (Graham’s Thoughts: The angle of the shot specifically hid the ground before cutting back to Nick going for the pin. I’m assuming they had a crash pad. Honestly, I’m hoping they did because that was a big jump onto a patch of dirt and there’s no possible soft or safe landing without a crash pad.)

Nick stood up and grabbed Matt by the neck as they walked back towards the pool again. Matt asked Nick if he was trying to kill him, Nick said yep then shoved Matt’s head into the pool as if he was trying to drown him. Matt scrambled to his feet and spit a mouthful of pool water at Nick. Matt found new life as he got more upset with Nick trying to drown him. Nick stumbled onto the diving board and Matt super kicked him. Matt super kicked him again while calling him a sick bastard for trying to drown him. Matt then hit Nick with a sunset flip into the pool. The two came up with Nick floating on his back. Matt yelled for the official to get in the pool and do his job and the official jumped into the pool in a very cartoonish manner. (Interestingly enough, the official also had time to take his shoes and socks off before he jumped in.) Matt hooked Nick’s leg as he floated on his back but Nick kicked out at the last possible second. Matt argued with the official that it was a three count, but the match continued. Nick backed off trying to calm Matt down, but Matt wasn’t listening. Nick then got out of the pool and sat on the ledge and asked Matt if he wants to see some magic. Nick’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as the “Merch Freak” music began playing.

Suddenly Matt had teleported somewhere else. Matt was dressed like Marty Janetty and Nick grabbed Matt’s hand and held it in the air, while wearing a leather jacket. The camera zoomed out and they were standing in front of a window that read “BARBER SHOP.” Nick held his hand up as a clapping audience sound played before Nick super kicked Matt then threw his head through the Barber Shop window. Matt was shown sitting against the building with a bloody head.

Matt was then shown again, now fine with no blood on his head and back in his original wrestling gear. He was now on a wooden platform overlooking the BTE Compound. Matt was confused and asked where he was, Nick popped up from behind him and hit Matt across the back with a shovel and climbed onto the platform as well. The two then tried to clothesline each other three times before they tried super kicking each other. Nick finally got a kick to land then power bombed Matt onto the platform for a two count. Matt and Nick both struggled to their feet and Nick goes to throw Matt off the platform, but Matt keeps his footing and fights Nick off. Matt started yelling at Nick for a second possible attempt to kill or injure him. He grabbed Nick and smashed him against the fence. Matt then tried to throw Nick off the balcony, Nick reversed it, but Nick slides on his knees to stay on the platform. Matt keeps hold of Nick’s arms through his legs and lifts him up. Nick was in position for a tombstone pile driver. Matt asked him if this is what he wanted, Nick yelled no, but Matt hit the tombstone pile driver onto the wooden platform anyway. Matt looked at the camera and said he didn’t want to have to do this, but Nick’s left him with no choice. Matt crawled to the edge of the platform and grabbed a spiked boot. Matt looked at the show menacingly, touching it to see how sharp it was, even awkwardly licking it while looking into the camera as if he’d gone crazy. Matt put the shoe on, told Nick this was all his fault, then super kicked him. Matt apologized to Nick, much like Shawn Michaels did to Ric Flair before super kicking him, then he super kicked Nick again. Nick fell to a piece onto a piece of wood with some cardboard boxes underneath it. Matt walked to the edge of the platform and hit an elbow drop onto Nick through the wood and boxes for the pin fall victory.

WINNER: Matt Jackson in 17:00

– After the match, Matt and the official helped Nick up. Matt and Nick sat on the edge of the platform and Matt asked Nick if he felt better now that they had their match. Nick said that the fans, the world, and he needed this and why he wanted to do all these cool high spots. Matt said clearly he isn’t 100 percent healthy and Nick agreed, but said he felt pretty damn good. Nick said the last four years have been the best of his life. Matt said they never thought, at the time, that they’d be at 200 episodes of Being the Elite. Nick said he would do it all over again and thanked Matt for giving him his match. He asked Matt if they should throw to some emotional montage and Matt agreed. The camera panned into the sky and the montage began.

– Early footage from Being the Elite aired featuring Matt and Nick, Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll and Adam Page. Scorpio Sky did the first “This is the worst town I’ve ever been in” bit as well. Joey Ryan and Adam Cole made appearances with the Young Bucks signing contracts on Adam Cole’s back. Footage of Marty Scurll being revealed as a member of Bullet Club aired when the Young Bucks turned on Adam Cole. Lots of small clips of Matt and Nick throughout the years aired. Clips of the Bullet Club turmoil between Cody and Kenny Omega aired including them arguing back and forth. Matt and Nick fighting with Kenny Omega about Kota Ibushi was shown as well. The announcement of All In, Bullet Club invading Monday Night Raw, and behind the scenes footage of All In was shown next including Cody announcing they were sticking together. Finally, the creation of AEW was shown including Chris Jericho speaking in Jacksonville and his face off with Kenny Omega in Las Vegas. Video of Brandon Cutler getting emotional after being offered an AEW contract was included as well as Rick Knox being asked to join AEW, and Private Party being asked as well. Behind the scenes footage of the TNT show announcement was included and the revealing of the AEW championship belt. The last clip was Kenny sitting between the Young Bucks and he said “no matter how tough things get, as long as the three of us stick together, we’ll always get through it.”

– Matt and Nick get into their SUV following their match, Nick still had blood on his face. Nick asked Matt “where to next?” Matt said that, for the first time ever, he didn’t know. The screen cut to black for a second, but came back and Nick said that they still have one thing they need to do. Matt grinned and nodded in agreement and the camera went black.

– Nick asked “did you like that video? I hope you did.” Nick appeared on screen alone and closed his laptop with a sigh of relief.

FINAL THOUGHTS: That was one of the best episodes of Being the Elite I’ve seen. The match was good, it was a little goofy in spots where Nick attempted murder, or the magical interference to do The Rockers Barber Shop bit, but overall it was entertaining. It was filmed with some obvious post-editing done, but it wasn’t theatrical like WWE’s WrestleMania matches, or the Ciampa-Gargano match. I thought it was well done and, given the tone of Being the Elite, perfect.

The thing I can’t praise enough was that montage. Nick did an incredible job putting that together and kudos to him and whoever may have helped him that we don’t know about. It was long, but it was a trip down memory lane from all the key moments in Being the Elite. I strongly encourage everyone to watch that part if not the whole show. I think it’s well worth the time.

As for the teaser at the end by the Young Bucks, it has to be the Revival, right? That’s the one thing that wasn’t addressed in the montage. All the “FTR” stuff that went on for so long had to be left out intentionally. I think it’s an Easter egg for people who know the history of BTE. I wouldn’t take it as a guarantee, but if those two aren’t in AEW after this, I would be shocked.

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