4/16 AEW BEING THE ELITE REPORT – #199, PT. 3: Matt and Nick Jackson get into “heated” brotherly rivalry over who is better with Cody, Cutler, Kenny chiming in

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 199 – “Part 2”
APRIL 15, 2020

– Matt Jackson walks into frame and sits in a chair. He asks where the coffee is, a voice off screen tells him there isn’t any and they assumed he had some before already. Matt was not pleased and said he doesn’t know why he even bothered coming.

The voice off camera (Brandon Cutler) asks Matt if this will be his biggest match ever. Matt said that heading into BTE 200, this match is undoubtedly the biggest match of his career. Cutler interjects and notes that the Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page at AEW Revolution was pretty big as well. Matt agrees then resets and says that heading into BTE 200, this is the second biggest match of his career. Cutler interjects again and brings up the Young Bucks match against the Lucha Bros. Matt remembers the escalera de la muerte match, agrees, and resets again. Matt now says that this is the third biggest match of his career.

Cuter asks him where this match is being held and Matt says it can be held anywhere. He’s been travelling for 16 years. He’s been to Tokyo, Chicago, and Reseda. Matt says if they want to do the match in Reseda, California he will buy some property and build a building to do it there. Cutler stops him and reminds him that they’re in quarantine and they can’t travel.

Nick Jackson is sitting in the same interview chair. Cutler asks him where this match is being held, Nick says it’s happening at the BTE Compound also known as his back yard.

Cutler asks Matt about some of his brothers weaknesses and Matt doesn’t want to answer the question. He says Nick is his baby brother and he doesn’t want to just talk about that on camera, he could never do that.

Nick, asked the same question, directly says he’s going after Matt’s back. Cutler then asks Nick why he wants this match so badly and Nick says it’s the match he needs to have to prove he’s 100 percent coming off his injury. He said he doesn’t want to come back to wrestling until he feels 100 percent.

Matt is asked why he’s afraid to have the match and he says that the last time they wrestled each other was ten years ago on TNA on Spike TV. Before that, it was in WXW in Germany. Even before that they were wrestling each other every day in the back yard. Home footage aired of the Young Bucks wrestling each other in a backyard ring as he talked about this. Matt says he doesn’t want to hurt Nick because he loves him and he’s afraid of how far they’re going to take this thing because they’re both competitors and they both like winning. He said the thought of facing off with, basically, his clone is scary and, admittedly, he is a little afraid, but he’s afraid of what he’s willing to do to Nick. He’s not scared of what Nick will do to him. He’s the older brother and growing up, fights stopped when their mom would knock on the window and tell him to stop hurting Nick because he would beat his ass and that’s what’s going to happen at BTE 200 as well.

Nick said that Matt is four years older than him and he taught him everything he knew about wrestling, but as they’ve grown and become veterans, he’s become better than Matt.

Matt reacted to Nick saying that he’s better than him after Cutler told him and laughed it off saying he taught him everything he knows about wrestling. Cutler asked Matt how far he’s willing to go to win and Matt said we’re going to have to wait and see because he doesn’t know. A video of Matt raking his yard in full wrestling gear aired as he answered and he looked at the rake and smiled thinking about how he may be able to use it in the match next week. He leaned forward in the chair and said he has a trick or two up his sleeve and a little trick under his shoe as he looked directly into the camera and really emphasized the “under my shoe” line.

Nick was asked the same question, how far are you willing to go to win this match? The “Merch Freak” music started playing as Nick’s eyes seemed to gloss over.

Scorpio Sky was sitting in his living room. He yelled damnit and said he wishes this wasn’t happening. Matt Hardy said he’s very excited to see the match between Matt and Nick. Broken Matt Hardy said he can’t wait to watch the epic battle between Matthew and Nicholas. Brandon Cutler said that they’re both willing to do anything. Matt Hardy was back and said that people think they’re just two guys who do acrobatics and a lot of high risk maneuvers, but they’re so much more than that. Broken Matt said that this will be a clash of two titans and one that will never be forgotten.

Cody Rhodes was standing in front of a picture of the Elite crew at the Warner Media announcement of AEW. He talked about the classic brothers in history including Peyton and Eli (Manning), Cain and Abel, Wilber and Orvel (Wright).. Cristopher Daniels said ti could go either way and the ramifications of this match could change everything. Scorpio Sky still struggled to find the words. Daniels said he doesn’t know who he would pick. Frankie Kazarian said there’s no love lost between the brothers. Brandon Cutler said that they used to make tables out of everything and he’s seen them both crash through plywood, drywall, even doors. Home footage aired of them crashing through various things. Kazarian said that there’s been a picture painted that they grew up wrestling and loving each other, but there’s a lot of resentment and jealousy. Daniels said he’s worried about the after effects this match could have. Scorpio Sky asked for a minute as he was getting emotional and walked off camera. Kazarian said that Nick has pulled him aside and told him that his brother is a real piece of shit and Matt has said very disparaging things about Nick as well including “he’s the shits” and that he’s tired of carrying him. Kazarian said Matt’s also called him a jobber and a “j-brone.” Daniels emphasized what a bad idea this is and that it could ruin everything.

Kenny Omega said that he doesn’t know who will win, but he’d like to offer a piece of advise: be careful because neither of you will be the same again. Cody then provided a demonstration of what is going to happen using some Young Bucks Funko Pops. Cody demonstrated the two brother super kicking each other over and over. Hangman Page was shown sitting in his living room, he took a sip from his drink and looked into the camera. Cody continued his demonstration and called this match the perfect super kick party storm. Page was shown again taking a sip of his drink and looking around in confusion wondering why he was even being filmed.

Matt filmed his son Zachary and asked him who he thought would win. Before Matt even finished asking the question, Zachary answered Nick and smiled. Matt got upset that he didn’t even get to finish the question and that he didn’t pick him.

Joey Ryan said it’s no secret that Nick has the best hot tag in the business, but this isn’t a tag match and Matt can be pretty vicious. Marty Scurll asked why the hell he would care about this match because those guys are dead to him. Joey Ryan said that the real wildcard in this whole thing is Fat Ass Masa because we haven’t heard a word from him. Fat Ass Masa was shown and he said “I don’t care. F*** the Young Bucks.”

Colt Cabana said that Matt and Nick have been on every single episode of Being the Elite, much like himself, so he can see why this match means so much. Flip Gordon spit out his water in shock at Matt vs. Nick, then asked if he can get booked. Cabana said hi to Kenny and confirmed that he’s in the episode again, then forgot he was supposed to talk about Matt vs Nick. Kenny yelled to get Colt out of here.

Brandon Cutler was asked who his pick was and he said he can’t answer that question. Matt was off camera and pressed Cutler for an answer. Nick, who was working the camera, turned the camera to the mirror and tried to stop Matt from pressuring Cutler into answering. Matt and Nick looked at each other and talked some trash. Some slow motion training footage aired of Matt and Nick in their wrestling gear preparing for the match. Matt was slowly using an elliptical for dramatic effect, but got caught by the camera when he asked if it looked good or not.

A graphic was shown for Matt vs Nick at BTE 200.

Matt Jackson said at BTE 200, his ninth biggest match in his career, he isn’t holding anything back and he’s not holding anything back. He stood up and asked where his coffee was.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I thought this was a really well done comedic style promotion for an upcoming match. It was very clearly a spoof of a traditional hype video and, while I’d NEVER want to see this on Dynamite, it’s perfect for Being the Elite. The cameos were a lot of fun and call back to some of the characters from the previous 198 BTE episodes. It’s a fun video and the cameos aren’t so long that they alienate someone who hasn’t watched all of Being the Elite, they’re pretty short. The content in the cameos may not make sense though since Marty says his friends are dead in reference to him “dying” on an earlier BTE episode and Flip Gordon trying to get booked. Overall, I liked this a lot given the tone and the platform on a comedy show and not a serious wrestling show.

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