4/14 AEW BEING THE ELITE REPORT #199 PT. 2: Kenny Omega really really needs to go no. 2, Under the Limit Battle Royal

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE – EP. 199 – “PT. 2”
APRIL 14, 2020

– Matt Hardy introduces himself and presents the rules to an “Under the Limit Battle Royal” which are:

  • Rule 1 – Every 60 seconds a new person comes in.
  • Rule 2 – You can enter the battle royal in groups of two if you’re jobbers.
  • Rule 3 – The winner of the match gets to main event BTE Episode 200 and choose his match.

Hardy then slowly walks towards the camera and says “it shall be absolutely orgasmic!”

– SCU is up on a ledge overlooking the ring set up on the tennis court. Frankie Kazarian is oiling his chest and talking to Scorpio Sky. He says everything is on the line in this Under the Limit Battle Royal tonight since the winner gets to main event BTE 200. He says both he and Sky have a good chance to win and Sky agreed. They talked about the numbers they drew for entering. Kazarian said he drew “ONE of the worst numbers” and ”Sky said that he TOO drew a bad number.” Christopher Daniels finally stands up and turns around acting as if he hadn’t heard their entire conversation and asks them what numbers they drew. Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian both look at him and walk off refusing to answer his question.

– Being the Elite opening aired.

– Private Party were in a backyard at an “undisclosed location.” Marq Quen walked up to Isaiah Kassidy who was sitting in a chair watching a video on his phone and asked if he was ready to go live on Instagram. Kassidy showed Quen a clip from BTE of the Young Bucks wrestling on the tennis court ring. Quen asked if they were really wrestling in a ring during a time like this with jealousy in his voice. Both of them began twitching as if they had the urge to wrestle again. Quen said if he had a ring he’d do this, and grabbed Kassidy. A doorbell rang and they opened the back fence, Kassidy said that it better not be “Hangman Pussy Page.” They opened the fence and asked who it was. The man said that this is his house and they both know him. The two laughed and welcomed him in. E.J. walked over and grabbed a drink off the table and when the camera turned back around, Private Party were in ring gear, they were also wearing facemasks and latex gloves. The two then hit a series of moves on E.J. including tagging each other in behind an imaginary rope. E.J. fought back for a moment but got taken down with an enzeguri. Quen grabbed a lawn chair and almost used it, but instead sat E.J. down in the chair and Kassidy hit him with a cutter and the two pinned him. After they got up the doorbell rang again. Again Kassidy said it better not be “Adam Pussy Page.” This time, it was a teddy bear wearing a facemask. They apologized saying the match is over and walked away. They turned around since they didn’t hear the fence door close and the bear flew through the air and took them both down with an explosion graphic.

– Britt Baker said hello to someone off camera, like she was on a video call. She said she’s sitting there in complete pain and agony with a tissue in her nose. Tony Schiavone popped up on the screen next to her in his man cave. Baker said she has a world renowned advisor that they are going to talk to. Benigno Bodega popped up (he’s been on BTE before as a future teller/career advisor for various wrestlers). He first told Schiavone that there are no refunds and he only accepts cash or charge payments, he doesn’t work through insurance. Baker said that Schiavone will do it, Bodega said he knows he will because Schiavone still has that WCW money. Bodega said he knows Schiavone despises entering the arena to Jim Ross’ Boomer Sooner song, Schiavone denied it, but Baker agreed. Bodega said that he feels that Schiavone still has heat with Mick Foley for ruining his championship win on Nitro. Again Baker agreed and Schiavone put his head in his hand in a mix of confusion and frustration. Bodega said that Schiavone will receive a phone call today that will show him his true life’s meaning. Baker said that sounds great and Schiavone laughed and asked what’s going on. Bodega said he has one more thing for Schiavone and it’s that he has a cavity. Baker looked shocked then yelled at Schiavone telling him that she’s been saying this for weeks. Schiavone hung up on them both and was then shown answering his phone. Schiavone answered his phone and it was Steve with Starbucks. Steve congratulated Schiavone for getting the position of head barista at their Atlanta location. Schiavone yelled “son of a bitch” and hung up the phone.

– A stuffed dinosaur said hello to Luchasaurus who responded “mom?” Luchasaurus told his mom that he lost his tail and she responded asking him if he’s ever been to hell. Luchasaurus said he feels like such a disappointment to which his mother responded that he is a disappointment. She told him to go find his dirty tail, Luchasaurus called for her repeatedly then a video of an asteroid hitting the Earth played. Luchasaurus called for his mom again, but a different dinosaur puppet was now shown and yelled that his mother and all of his friends are dead. It said he’s never going to find his tail and Luchasaurus screamed no over and over until the dinosaur disappeared. Luchasaurus’ hand was held out infront of the camera and he walked through a curtain to see Super Panda. Super Panda started to run around, but it faded to Taya Valkerie’s jacket. She turned around and, with a demonic voice, said that it’s time to cut the head off the snake and swung a sword at the camera. Luchasaurus sat up out of bed screaming from his nightmare, but quickly realized it was just a dream. He shook his head and said he needs a doctor before picking up his phone to make a call. The camera panned down to show his dinosaur socks and faded to black.

– Kenny Omega was standing in front of a bathroom door, extraordinarily energetic. He said he has some pre-match jitters and has been trying to get into the bathroom for 45 minutes now. He knocked on the door and kindly asked that whoever was in there please let him go. A woman yelled back just a second. The lady argued with them through the door saying he was up next and he’s an EVP so they need to get out so he can use the bathroom before his match. The door opened and it was Colt Cabana. Cabana stepped out and yelled at Kenny that he’s working. Cabana slammed the door in Kenny’s face and locked it. Kenny paced back and forth trying to figure out what to do. He said it’s time for him to flex his EVP muscle then walked up to the bathroom next to the one he’s been trying to get in to. It was taped off and marked out of order, but Kenny apologized and opened the door. Cabana popped out and yelled at Kenny again before locking the door. Kenny started stomping around and grabbing his butt saying he has to go to the bathroom. Cabana opened the door again, threw a roll of toilet paper at Kenny, and told him to go outside. Cabana turned to the camera, asked if he was on, then said hello before closing the door again. Kenny looked into the camera and swore he would get his revenge on Colt Cabana. Cabana opened the door and yelled “no you won’t!”

– A drone video of the ring being built on the BTE Tennis court aired as Justin Roberts introduced the main event of the afternoon: The Under the Limit Battle Royale. Roberts explained the rules saying that two wrestlers will start in the ring, every 60 seconds another will enter, unless you’re a jobber then two may enter (a picture of Simon Lotto and Steven Andrews was shown). The winner of this match will main event BTE 200 and get to choose the opponent.


Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky started the match. The two locked up as Excalibur ran down the rules including his personal edits. Excalibur noted that someone new enters every sixty-ish seconds, eliminations occur when someone goes over the top rope and both feet touch the floor, and inexplicably jobbers can enter as a pair. Kazarian powered Sky into a corner and hit him with a couple of elbows before Sky reversed Kazarian into a corner and punched away at them.

Christopher Daniels entered at number 3.

Daniels immediately entered and stopped Sky and Kazarian from fighting. He told them that they’re in prime position to go to BTE 200 if they work together. They high fived and Daniels continued pitching the idea to them, he went to point to the BTE sign, but there wasn’t one hanging in the rafters for him to point at. A hard camera shot was then given with a BTE 200 graphic added in the corner above the ring. Daniels then looked towards the staircase where people were entering and waited for the next competitor, but Sky and Kazarian threw him out instead. Daniels got his wrist stuck in the ropes and had to have Kazarian untangle him as Excalibur laughed that he was eliminated while almost breaking his wrist. Daniels stormed off as the next competitor entered.

Matt Jackson entered at number 4. Sky and Kazarian stomped away at Jackson, but Jackson took them both down with a double clothesline. Matt monkey flipped Kazarian who hit Sky with a clothesline. Kazarian then apologized saying he isn’t used to Sky being the guy he clotheslines, but the guy who flips him. Matt then went to super kick Kazarian, but he moved and Sky was super kicked out of the ring instead. Kazarian tried to roll up Matt for a pin fall, but Rick Knox yelled at him that there are no pin falls. Matt then put Kazarian in a sharp shooter and tried to get a submission, but Knox reminded him there are no submissions either. Excalibur was extremely confused at both men forgetting the rules already. The two started fighting again as the ringside camera showed Scorpio Sky now playing basketball on the other end of the tennis courts, Excalibur made sure to point that out as well.

Simon Lotto and Steven Andrews enter together at number 5.

Lotto and Andrews threw Jackson and Kazarian over the ropes and tried to eliminate them, but Kazarian and Jackson shouldered them in the stomach, jumped over them back into the ring and hit them with stereo drop kicks. Kazarian hit a cutter on Andrews, but was taken down by Lotto with a cross body off the top rope. Matt Jackson threw Lotto over the top rope then tried shoving him out with his foot before giving up and refocusing on Andrews.

Peter Avalon entered at number 6.

Avalon immediately climbed to the top rope and tried to cross body all four people in the ring who stood by as he climbed. As soon as Avalon jumped they all moved out of the way and Avalon crashed to the mat. Lotto and Andrews kicked Avalon upside the head, Kazarian then kicked him square in the groin. Matt Jackson was set up for a super kick, but Avalon turned and noticed and decided to jump over the top rope himself instead. Brandon Cutler, who was on ringside camera duty, mocked Avalon for eliminating himself. Avalon then took the camera from Cutler and informed him that he was next into the match.

Brandon Cutler entered at number 7.

Before entering the ring, Cutler casually finished off a Capri Sun juice pouch he was holding. Cutler then casually climbed into the ring only to be immediately clotheslined back out by Matt Jackson. Avalon returned the favor making fun of Cutler. The two then fought over the ringside camera momentarily until Avalon stormed off. Back in the ring, Andrews and Lotto tried to eliminate Kazarian and Matt Jackson, but didn’t have any luck lifting either on their own.

Nick Jackson entered at number 8.

Jackson sprinted to the ring, climbed to the top rope and hit a cross body on all four men. Nick slid out of the ring under the bottom rope and sprinted over to Scorpio Sky who was still playing basketball by himself. Sky went up for a shot, but was blocked from behind by Nick. Nick then started dribbling the ball as sound from the old NBA Jam video game aired. Nick dribbled for a moment including through the legs of Sky. Nick tossed the ball to Sky then super kicked him before grabbing the ball, running up and jumping off Sky’s back for a dunk. Nick then told Cutler to follow him back to the ring. Nick jogged back towards the ring, but was intercepted by Avalon who attempted to throw Nick into the tennis net, but Nick reversed it. Avalon awkwardly came off the tennis net as if it was a rope and Nick super kicked him as well. Nick slid back into the ring and quickly eliminated Lotto and Andrews by himself with a double clothesline over the top rope. At this point, Excalibur said that “there are no continuity errors on Being the Elite so Frankie Kazarian must have been eliminated off camera.”

The match came down to Nick and Matt Jackson and the two circled each other. Nick said he wants his match. Nick and Matt locked up and Nick quickly shoulder tackled Matt. The two then tried to knock the other down in a quick series of leg sweeps. Suddenly, Frankie Kazarian emerged from under the ring to the shock of Excalibur and he entered the ring again as he wasn’t actually eliminated. Kazarian threw Nick over the top rope, but he held on without touching the ground. Kazarian tried to pull Nick back into the ring and hit him with a cutter, but Nick landed on his feet. Nick shoved Kazarian into Matt who threw him onto the ground, but Kazarian said he only had one foot touch. Kazarian hopped on one foot pleading his case with referee Mike Knox when Nick jumped over the top rope onto the apron and kicked Kazarian across the chest causing him to touch both feet to the mat. Matt super kicked Nick who was still on the apron, but he didn’t fall. Nick slid his feet under the rope and held on to the middle rope to keep himself from falling. Matt punched away at Nick who let go of the middle rope, but he hooked his feet on the bottom rope. Matt tried to unhook his feet, but wasn’t quick enough as Nick sat up. Nick then pulled Matt over the top rope and tried to suplex him off the apron. The two brother punched away at each other trying to get the other to drop, but both held on. Nick punched at Matt’s back before finally hitting a German Suplex for the win.

WINNER: Nick Jackson in 11:00.

Nick then immediately announced his match stipulation for the main event of BTE 200. It will be Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson one on one. Nick said that this will show he’s ready for his in-ring return. It will be one on one, anything goes, no disqualification. Matt said Nick has no idea what he just signed himself up for and walked off.

A graphic was shown for Matt vs. Nick Jackson on BTE 200 next week.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Part 2 came faster than I was expecting, but I got the Matt vs. Nick match correct. It should be good! I’m expecting a long episode of Being the Elite with these two having a match. It’ll be interesting if they do anything else on that show or just showcase that match. Since it’s their 200th episode, I’d expect more, just an extended version of the show.

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