4/14 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Billy Gunn vs. Shawn Spears, Cody joins Schiavone on commentary, AEW actually hypes the Dynamite line-up

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


APRIL 14, 2020

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Cody

Ring Announcer: Dasha Gonzalez

– Tony Schiavone welcomed the fans to the show off camera and welcomed his partner for the show, Cody. Schiavone immediately ran down the line up for Dark including Billy Gunn vs. Shawn Spears. Highlights aired of Cody beating Spears in the TNT Championship Tournament last week on AEW Dynamite as Cody said he was excited to see how Spears responds from the loss. Schiavone then sent it to Dasha Gonzalez for ring introductions.

– Before the match started, Schiavone was talking with Cody in regards to the number of finishers he now has at his disposal because he’s won matches in AEW with the Cross Rhodes, a Gale Lock, and now a Figure Four Leg Lock. Rhodes said that you really want to advance your move set as you go. He said that he is always training trying to get better and add things to his arsenal.

(1) BILLY (w/Austin Gunn) vs. SHAWN SPEARS

Spears immediately climbed out of the ring as Billy looked on in frustration. Cody talked about being happy that he won, but thinking that people also have more respect for Shawn Spears given his performance against him last week. Billy backed Spears into a corner and Spears used the ropes to force Billy back. Austin Gunn was chanting for Billy at ringside chanting “Let’s go Billy, Shawn Spears sucks” by himself. Finally Spears and Billy locked up and Billy powered him into a corner and Spears had the referee back him off. Spears took Billy down then did a cartwheel and shook his butt in Billy’s face mockingly. Cody and Schiavone then started talking about who had good asses in wrestling and Cody thought of Colt Cabana and his brother Dustin before refocusing on the in-ring action.

Billy grabbed Spears’s arm and twisted Spears to the mat and dug his elbow into Spears’ shoulder. Shawn Spears tried to counter the arm hold, but was met with a closed right fist to Spears. Spears called for a timeout as he rolled to the outside. Spears checked his teeth in the camera reflection as he bought time pacing at ringside. Schiavone and Cody then said that Britt Baker should come check on him. Cody said he has respect for Baker, but he doesn’t think she’s a “full practicing dentist.” Cody said he thinks Britt is actually a dental assistant. Cody said he has his own people in the dentistry world because his mom actually works at a dental office. Spears reentered the ring and chopped Billy who no-sold the chop. Billy then grabbed Spears by the head and threw him into the corner. Spears reversed it and punched Billy a couple times before throwing him into the opposite corner. Spears charged at him, but Billy moved and Spears laid across the top turnbuckle after his failed splash attempt. Spears tried calling for time, but Billy kicked him in the stomach to which Spears pushed himself two feet off the turnbuckle. Billy then mocked Spears trying to call time again before kicking him again. Spears came off the turnbuckle and Billy punched him in the face again before scoring a one count. Spears rolled out of the ring again as Cody and Schiavone talked about the tough guys of wrestling and saying that Billy should be in that conversation as well.

Austin Gunn started talking with Spears, who kept backing up. Billy exited the ring and stood on the ringside stairs until Spears turned around to walk away form Austin. Billy stood on the steps with one leg in the air and Spears turned around and just stared at his crotch, then did a double take before backing up. Realizing he was caught between them, he slid back into the ring followed swiftly by Billy. Spears was tossed over the top rope onto the apron then met with another right hand by Billy which knocked him back to the floor. Cody then criticized Spears, who had a quickness advantage and should try to wear out Billy who’s a bigger, more muscular guy. Billy slammed Shawn’s head onto the ringside steps and Shawn stood up and walked over to Dasha who was sitting nearby and dropped his head onto her leg. Dasha looked disgusted. Billy grabbed Shawn quickly and slammed his head into the ringside fence a couple of times in a slow methodical manner.

Spears finally found an opening when he threw Billy into the post then threw him into another post, then the stage at Daily’s Place. Spears then slid into the ring and called for the referee to begin counting. The referee got to the count of six before Billy reentered the ring. Spears stomped away at Billy then started punching him. Billy rolled out of the ring, but Spears followed him and slammed his head into the ring apron. Spears then walked over to the ringside table and grabbed a water and took a drink before going back to Billy and punching him a couple of times. Spears then threw Billy back into the ring, told the camera guy to come over to him as he applauded himself and patted himself on the back for his efforts. Cody and Schiavone questioned Spears’ Barry Horowitz impression by patting himself on the back.

Billy punched at Spears trying to make a comeback, before Spears hit him with a DDT for a two count. Spears then punched away at Billy as he sat on his knees and mocked him. Spears did the patented DX crotch chop which seemed to reignite Billy who took him down with a huge lariat. Spears charged at Billy, but was met with a couple of clotheslines. Billy splashed Spears in the corner. Spears cradled Billy for a two count then immediately stood up, kicked him again then scored another two count. Spears stood up slowly and climbed to the top rope. Spears went for a double stomp, but Billy ducked underneath before hitting a Baron Corbin style Deep Six maneuver. Both men were down and slowly staggered to their feet. Billy ran the ropes and hit Spears with a famouser, but Spears rolled out of the ring before Billy could capitalize. Billy rolled out to get Spears and slowly muscled him back into the ring. Billy went for a splash in the corner, but Spears moved out of the way then picked him up and hit his C4 finisher for the win.

WINNER: Shawn Spears in 16:00

– Schiavone and Cody then previewed what’s in store on AEW Dynamite tomorrow including Colt Cabana vs. Lance Archer in the TNT Championship Tournament, Britt Baker in action, Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor, Sammy Guevara in action, and finally an Empty Arena No Holds Barred match between Jake Hager and Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship with Jim Ross on commentary. Schiavone then signed off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Some quick fire thoughts this week:

– Billy Gunn was just going by Billy this week which is interesting since he’s been Billy Gunn in AEW on TV before. The tag team with his son is still going by Gunn Club, so I’m not sure why his name was changed?

– Only this one long match on the show tonight. Seems like AEW is wanting to continue AEW Dark, but is also trying to keep as much content in the can as possible since they’re not taping live right now. This match was taped at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, so I wonder how many matches they have taped from there for Dark as they haven’t been there for a number of weeks now.

– The match itself was skippable. It’s adequate, but it’s not something anyone needs to go out of their way to see.

– They hyped Dynamite and I couldn’t be happier! That was perfect. That’s literally all you need to do. Tell people what’s going to be on Dynamite! They didn’t just harp on the AEW Championship match either, they gave us a full slate of things to expect! I hope they keep doing this or find different ways to hype the AEW Dynamite line up because it just doesn’t make sense not to!

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