10/23 NXT UK TV REPORT: Trent Seven vs. Kenny Williams in Quarter Finals Match of Heritage Cup Tournament, Eddie Dennis vs. Oliver Carter, Amale vs. Nina Samuels

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 23, 2020

Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

(1) EDDIE DENNIS vs. OLIVER CARTER (w/Ashton Smith)

Carter took Dennis to the mat from the bell, butDennis grabbed his arm and reversed the action. Carter countered into leg scissors before Dennis escaped and continued to work on his arm. Carter escaped the hold and the two hit the ropes, with Dennis being sent into the ropes via head scissors from Carter and ending up on the floor. Carter went out and rolled him back in for the first pinfall attempt of the match. Dennis took control and started to rag doll Carter. Carter then battled back with an uppercut and roll up for two. Carter went to the ropes and executed a Tornado Facebuster. Dennis then escaped out of the ring but Carter immediately took him to the mat outside by diving through the ropes. Carter rolled him back in and springboarded off the top rope for a beautiful flip only to be met by Dennis’ knees. Carter slammed him for two.

Dennis lifted him up onto his shoulders but Carter escaped and superkicked him. Carter then with a springboard moonsault for two. Carter sent Dennis to the corner and laid in a series of kicks. Dennis got a hold of him and put him up for a Severed Bridge to win the match.

WINNER: Eddie Dennis at 6:29.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A good opening match. Dennis looks great and I think they are going to start utilizing him more. Ashton Smith must have went back to the locker room as he wasn’t seen during the match at all. Carter is doing a good job himself. I’m curious to see if the two remain a tag team or will break off as singles. I enjoyed this.)

-After the match, Dennis took the mic and claimed responsibility for taking out Flash Morgan Webster a couple weeks back and wants to talk to both of them next week.

-Vignette on the return of Joe Coffey in Gallus.

-WWE Hell in a Cell commercial.


The two charged at each other immediately before Amale took her to the ground after a shoving contest. The ref was forced to break them up but Amale kept going right at her, even getting an early two count after taking her down. She then got her legs around Samuels and smashed her head into the mat with them. She broke free from that and pounded on Amale, scoring a near pinfall after smacking her head in the corner. After the kickout, Samuels wrapped her in body scissors and transitioned into a hammer lock in the middle of the ring. Amale writhed in pain but broke free. As Samuels again transitioned into another hammerlock, she was flipped onto her back by the stronger Amale.

Amale sent Samuels into the turnbuckles and kicked her in the head. She was able to get a pinfall attempt in here. When Amale got up, Samuels tripped her into the middle rope and kicked her back into them. A two count from Samuels followed. Samuels lifted her for a waist lock that Amale countered and then applied to her. Samuels tried fighting out but Amale executed a nice northern lights suplex.  Amale tried to toss Samuels into the ropes but Samuels slid and and grabbed her arm, stood up and landed a Final Act fro the win.

WINNER: Samuels at 5:36.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Better than I thought it would be, honestly. Still nothing to write home about. A decent fight demonstrating some better executed holds then most in the division can.)

-Commercial for WWE Story Time on the Network. This season’s narrator is an animated version of himself voiced by Jerry “The King” Lawler. Previously the show was narrated by Mean Gene Okerlund who we sadly lost on January 2, 2019.

-Nina Samuels in a backstage promo calling out Piper Niven. by saying “Ms. Niven, I’ll be watching”.


-Quarter Finals Match of Heritage Cup Tournament. British Rounds Match rules.

Round One:

After a lock up, the two bring it to the mat and, like many of these matches, use the bulk of the first round to apply arm holds. Williams scored the first near fall after pinning Seven’s back into the mat. Seven kipped up and tripped Williams into a pinfall that he bridged out of. Williams popped up and wheel-barreled Seven to their feet and Seven slammed him to the mat with a hip toss. Williams jumped at him, got caught and slammed down again before Seven dropped a big leg for two. The rest of the round was spent in a grapple.

Dennis: 0  Seven: 0

Round Two:

The two circled for about the first thirty seconds of the round before Seven applied a straitjacket. Williams broke free, hit the ropes and executed a springboard back elbow right before a pinfall attempt. A hurricarana and dropkick kept Seven down for another two count. Williams applied a side headlock that Seven powered out of in the last thirsty seconds of the round. Williams was able to get a roll up pinfall here but only made it to two. Seven hoisted Williams up as the round ended

Dennis: 0   Seven: 0

Round Three:

Williams took down Seven and started to work his foot. Williams held his foot until Seven escaped, but got caught by Williams’ legs wrapping around his head. Seven escaped that hold and they got to their feet. Williams laid in a heavy chop that Seven retaliated with using a chop of his own, and followed by a DDT for two. When Williams was up, he picked Seven’s leg and attempted a Boston crab. Seven then executed a Seven Star Lariat for the first pinfall of the match.

Dennis: 0   Seven: 1

Round Four:

Williams got a quick roll-up as the match started, giving him a two count, followed by a second one after a backslide. Seven ran at him, but Williams leaped over, and as Seven was running back from the ropes, Williams laid down and wrapped his legs around Seven, taking him down and giving him his first pinfall of the match, with nearly two and a half remaining on the clock.

Dennis: 1   Seven: 1

Round Five:

Williams got the first pinfall attempt five seconds into the match but Seven kicked out early. The two exchanged strikes and kicks before a lariat took Seven down. Williams again for two before he execute a tremendous DDT for two and a half. As Seven was on his knees, Williams laid in some slaps but Seven got up and continued the exchange. Seven hit a wheelbarrow and snap dragon suplex for two. Seven went to the top as Williams went to the apron and uppercut him, knocking him to the mat, but Seven rolled through and pinned Williams down for the win with thirty-eight seconds remaining.

Dennis: 1   Seven: 2

WINNER: Seven in Round 5 with 0:38 on the clock.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A great match with two incredible talents. The near falls in the later rounds were close and exciting. Seven continued to show his incredible ability in the ring while Williams made himself a bigger name with the performance he put on. Bravo to both men.)

-WWE Hell in a Cell commercial


-Sid Scala was in the ring as the two men came down. Walter laid his title down on the table and both men sat down. Walter signed it first and when asked if he wanted to make a comment, he declined. Dragunov signed next. When he was asked if he wanted to say anything, he stood up and as he started to talk, Walter slapped him in the face. He ripped off Dragunov’s shirt and slapped him in the chest before tossing him around the ring. As it looked like he would be powerbombed through the table, Dragunov broke free and tossed the table and chairs. Walter was outside, Dragunov went to the top and was chopped halfway down. Walter continued to destroy Dragunov around the outside of the ring before refs came down to try and break them up but the two continued to brawl. The show went off air with Dragunov throwing the title at Walter and screaming at him.

-NEXT WEEK-  -NXT UK starting an hour later next week- 4pm EST

-Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster confront Eddie Dennis

-Walter vs. Ilja Dragunov- NXT UK Championship Match

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