12/10 MIZ & MRS. REVIEW (Season 2, Ep. 13): Miz and Ziggler train together, Miz sings to try to get Monroe to use the potty, Maryse says Miz has bad breath, Beer Pong Memories

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 10, 2020

The show opens with Miz in the bathroom singing a song trying to convince Monroe to use the potty. He’s added teeth to the toilet seat. Yes, this is weird. Apparently Mr. Dumpski has “farts in his mouth but love in his heart.” Dear lord… Moving on, they show footage of Miz and Morrison having a match in the ThunderZoom. Miz is hiring a personal chef in order to have abs like Morrison. They arrange a date with some people while snuggling in bed.

Miz tries to make a move on Maryse, but she starts talking about potty training Monroe. No more canoodling. They discuss Mike’s diet, which is apparently giving him bad breath. Moving on, they go on this date with Renee Young and Amanda (Maryse’s best friend). Everyone has drinks but Mike, because diet. Miz and Maryse wave goodbye as Renee and Amanda go have drinks — because they don’t have a babysitter. They are no longer fun.

Miz and Dolph are training in Miz’s personal gym. Miz apparently wasn’t invited to Ryan Cabrera’s beer pong party. Mike is miffed that he wasn’t invited. Miz insists that he’s going. Later that day Marjo is eating pizza. Miz is naturally jealous of this pizza because of his diet. I love Marjo. Mike wants to have hangry sex with Maryse. He kicks the cameramen out. According to Miz, he went from Missionary Mike to Caveman Mike. They say goodbye to their kids; the baby spits up on Mike.

According to Mike, when he was in college they called him “Beer Pong Mike.” According to me, that’s not a very exciting nickname. Maryse is better at beer pong than Mike. They decide they can stay awake long enough to win the tournament. Maryse chases Dolph around a table. Inevitably, Maryse wins. They celebrate by swearing, I think. I dunno because it was bleeped and a black box appeared over both of their mouths.

Miz and Maryse come home triumphant with a giant red Solo cup. Miz breaks into Marjo’s leftover pizza. Barb is awake waiting for them. She asks them if they’re drunk. Miz declares that he and Maryse are still “Mr. and Mrs. Fun,” despite the fact that they’re probably never going out and partying again.

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