12/10 NXT UK TV REPORT: Noam Dar’s debuts NXT UK’s first talk show segment, Tyler Bate vs. A-Kid, Jordan Devlin vs. Oliver Carter, Xia Brookside vs. Isla Dawn

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 10, 2020

Commentary: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness


-This is Devlin’s first open challenge to the WWE Cruiserweight championship, as he announced in the ring prior to the match.

Devlin started out strong with a kick to the gut and pounding Carter around the ring. Devlin controlled the match early on, but with Carter got a quick cross body cover for a near fall. Devlin then flipped Carter back wards but he landed on the ropes and had his leg caught. He rested and talked with the ref for a moment so Im not sure if that was planned or not. Devlin then got a two count after kicking him down to the mat again.

Carter was spending a lot of time rolling in pain on the canvas as Devlin continued to viciously manhandle him, getting a couple of near falls in along the way.

Carter countered a suplex and got a pair of forearms in, as well as a couple of takedowns before sending Devlin out of the ring. Obligatory dive through the ropes here before tossing Devlin back in. A two count from Carter followed. Devlin kept up the offense, which included another near fall before Devlin executed an impressive Poison Rana, which yielded a pinfall victory for the Irish Ace.

WINNER: Devlin at 6:29

(Koenig’s Analysis: I liked how Carter was shown in the back with Ashton Smith getting hyped up for the match prior to coming through the curtain. It gave it some realism. As for the match, it was fast-paced and exciting. Two young talents here, with Devlin’s experience shining through. I’d like to see him keep this open challenge up for a while because he is so good that he makes his opponents even better.)

-Jinny in a backstage interview from earlier in the week. She said that Piper Niven isn’t worthy of her speaking about her but that her time will come.

-WWE TLC commercial

-NXT UK package showing many members being photographed in and around London.

-Noam Dar’s “SPRNVA 11 Sessions” debuted tonight as NXT UK’s first talkshow segment. The graphic and music were very mid-80s looking and sounding. he was dressed in street clothes in front of a couch and folding chair. He introduced his first guest, the Heritage Cup winner, A-Kid, who came out carrying the handsome trophy. I laughed when Dar took the couch and left the folding chair for the guest. A-Kid beat Dar early in the tournament and told A-Kid that he was like a “sansei” to him, which is how he beat him. He then dubbed A-Kid as “A-Man”. He then said that Dar did nothing for him and that Tyler Bate helped him more than he did. Bate then came out and shook A-Kid’s hand and turned down Dar’s handshake. He congratulated A-Kid and said that he wished that he was part of the tournament. Dar twisted his words as a challenge to A-Kid and said that he would speak to Johnny Saint about making that a match tonight. Dar abruptly ended the show after that. I liked this segment and hope they don’t beat this talkshow into the ground like WWE did with “A Moment of Bliss”. For the most part, I enjoyed this.

-Commercial for the WWE Network special on Keith Lee.

-The Hunt and Eddie Dennis storm into Sid Scala’s office demanding a title shot for Gallus’ titles. Scala said that he will do what he can do after being intimidated by them.


– Commentary announced that the main event will be A-Kid vs. Bate during this match.

They lock up and Brookside grounds the action. The two women then exchanged arm bars, with Dawn ultimately holding her down longer before Brookside kipped up and escaped using the ropes. Dawn then got aggressive with a couple of knee strikes before applying a rear chinlock. Dawn with a great looking knee to the face before suplexing Brookside for two.

Brookside got a little offense in while shrieking around the ring and executing a sloppy Rana. She kneed Brookside in the corner and rolled out. Brookside slid out and sent her back in, with commentary making note that there was luggage placed at the end of the ramp for some reason. Right then, Nina Samuels came on the big screen and said “Brookside’s are only good for carrying my bags.” That distraction allowed Dawn to get in a knee strike and a lateral press for the win.

WINNER: Dawn at 5:28

(Koenig’s Analysis: For all the time I have been knocking Dawn, she has, as I mentioned in her last match, been stepping up her game and showing aggression. I like the path she is taking. Brookside is still terrible.)

– Sid Scala interviewed from earlier in the week from their performance center. Saxon Huxley comes out of a room screaming “better luck next time” (which was what Levi Muir said to him after his loss last week to Rampage Brown). Scala went into the room he came out of to se Muir and Jack Starz beaten down.

-WWE Smackdown commercial

(3) TYLER BATE vs. A-KID – British Rounds Match for the Heritage Cup

Round One: They lock up and feel each other out early on in the match, with A-Kid grounding the veteran with a headlock. Bate countered with a wristlock takedown. A-Kid escaped and both men made it to their feet. They displayed some mat wrestling for the remainder of the match.

A-Kid: 0   Bate: 0

Round Two: Both men grab hands and A-Kid turned that into a straitjacket which Bate then countered. A-Kid then reversed that prior to Bate tossing A-Kid into the corner to escape. he then brought the action back to the canvas. With thirty-seconds remaining, Bate started to work A-Kids foot. He escaped and the round ended with both men on their feet.

A-Kid: 0   Bate: 0

Round Three: The match went to the mat early on as both men knew they needed to speed up their game. Bate applied a headlock that A-Kid escaped. A-Kid then slid out of an airplane spin. As A-Kid hit the ropes, Bate grabbed his waist and rolled him up to get the first pin with 1:13 remaining.

A-Kid: 0   Bate: 1

Round Four: A-Kid needed to, and started to show some aggression here. The two circled each other for the first minute before A-Kid kicked him square int he head. Bate got pissed and laid in a series of hard uppercuts. He shot for the legs but A-Kid turned that into a front face lock. A-Kid then slammed him for two and applied body scissors. Bate got back to his feet and shoved A-Kid into the corner before pouncing onto Bate for another sleeper. The match went back to the mat and both men tried for pinfalls. He slammed A-Kid to the mat in the final seconds of the round and ended with A-Kid holding onto his head in pain.

A-Kid: 0   Bate: 1

Round Five: A test of strength early in this match brought Bate to the mat and A-Kid getting a two count in. An impressive flurry of escapes led to A-Kid ricocheting from the ropes and executing an awesome DDT, resulting in a pinfall with two minutes (on the nose) remaining.

A-Kid: 1   Bate: 1

Round Six: The two circled each other as both mean looked to strike first, A-Kid started with some open fists but got tangled up into the ropes. Bate attempted a standing suplex that A-Kid escaped and countered into a pinfall attempt. Bate then went for an armbar that A-Kid countered. The two rolled on the mat for a moment before A-Kid got the best of the British legend, securing his spot as Heritage Cup winner with just under a minute remaining.

A-Kid: 2   Bate: 1

-Bate shook his hand and gave A-Kid his blessing as he looked on smiling as A-Kid raised the trophy.

Winner: A-Kid in Round Six with :56 seconds remaining

(Koenig’s Analysis: I would have initially liked to have seen A-Kid show a little concern prior to risking his prized trophy to one of the best in NXT UK just one week after winning it, but alas the match was stellar. Much like the match with Trent Seven, it had a lot of drama and shined A-Kid up. You can’t really get much more of a rub than beating 2/3 of British Strong Style.)

-NEXT WEEK- The Hunt vs. Gallus in a championship match

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