12/21 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on TLC fallout, Flair & Asuka celebrate, Styles & Miz & Morrison vs. McIntyre & Sheamus & Lee in Street Fight, Hardy Bros.

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


DECEMBER 21, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe


-The Raw opening theme aired.

-Phillips introduced the show as the camera panned the “crowd” at ThunderDome. Saxton hyped the Drew McIntyre & Sheamus & Keith Lee vs. A.J. Styles & Miz & Morrison match. Phillips said Randy Orton “managed to win by setting The Fiend on fire” last night in a match that ended with “a horrifying conclusion.”

-Charlotte Flair made her entrance. Saxton said it was an exciting moment to see Flair return after six months away. Phillips noted Charlotte replaced Lana in the tag match with Asuka at TLC. She roamed around the ring a bit and smiled as her music played. Then they cut to footage of Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Asuka & Charlotte last night at TLC, ending with Asuka and Charlotte celebrating after their title victory.

In the ring, Charlotte said, “Well, well, would you look at this? I am in the ThunderDome,” she said. “And what would the ThunderDome be without the Queen.” She said she is a champion at her core, and nothing has changed over the last six months. “When a friend asks for help and there’s something in it for me, all they have to do is ask,” she said. She described Asuka as someone people call “the heartbeat of the Women’s Division.” She introduced Asuka. As Asuka came out, Phillips said Charlotte has called Asuka her greatest opponent.

Asuka said she is a double champion because Shayna & Nia were not ready for Asuka and weren’t ready for her partner, Charlotte. As Charlotte was beginning to ask Asuka about the Raw Title, they were interrupted by Baszler and Jax. Saxton said he has no sympathy for them “after all the atrocities they have caused.” Samoa Joe said they were caught off guard last night, but next time will be a different story. Saxton said they were caught off guard because they injured their original opponent.

Jax said it was good to see Charlotte, and after six months, her broken arm is healed, “but it hasn’t seemed to cure that robotic voice of yours.” Charlotte laughed and then stared at Jax and said, “I kicked your ass last night.” Jax said Santa Claus isn’t the only with a naughty or nice list. She said they don’t hand out coal to people who are naughty, they handout season’s beatings. They said to ask Lana or Kairi.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out to their music. Phillips said they are the scheduled opponents for Jax & Baszler tonight. Rose said Nia & Shayna look different. After a few holiday-themed insults, they said what’s actually different is they don’t have their titles. As they entered the ring, Charlotte asked for a ref and said she wants to watch these two teams wrestle.

(Keller’s Analysis: Unfortunately, there was no reset and refresh of the Charlotte “Queen” character. Being self-aware of her robotic reciting of scripted promos doesn’t make it any more dynamic or vibrant to listen to. They did frame her as a star, and she presents herself as a star, which is good. And she’s already hinting at wanting the Raw Title sooner than later.)

-A commercial advertised in two weeks, there’d be a Raw Legends Night featuring Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Beth Phoenix, and Torrie Wilson “plus many more.” They showed quick images of I.R.S., Sgt. Slaughter, Jimmy Hart, Michael Hayes, Hillbilly Jim, Big Show, Booker T, Tatanka, Mickie James, Papa Shango, Mark Henry, Alicia Fox, Ivory, Carlito, and Melina. [c]

-A Smackdown commercial hyped Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens for the Universal Title inside a cage, plus Sami Zayn defending against Big E, and Charlotte & Asuka will defend their newly won tag team titles for first time.

-They showed the announcers at ringside who were joined by Charlotte and Asuka.


Phillips announced Charlotte & Asuka would face Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce later on Raw. Phillips talked about Lana’s injuries, suffered at the hands of Jax and Baszler last week. At 2:00 Rose and Brooke knocked Jax and Baszler to ringside. Then they dove off the ring apron onto them. Dana flexed her biceps. Rose joined in. They, amazingly, did not go to a commercial break. Jax soon took over against Rose and threw her into the ringside barricade and then they cut to a break. [c]

Rose and Jax had a sloppy exchange after the break. They cut away from the exchange to show Charlotte chatting with the announcers. Charlotte said she and Asuka are excited to defend their tag team titles on Smackdown. Phillips said the work load is heavy for the Women’s Tag Team Champs. Charlotte said she once was working Raw, NXT, and Smackdown all at once, so having a tag partner will make it easier. She said she came back and wanted to be better, not worse, and so when Asuka asked her to be her partner, the choice was easy.

Jax and Baszler isolated Mandy in their corner for a while. Mandy eventually tagged in. She leaped off the top rope with a flip senton at Baszler. She completely missed and overshot her, to which Joe said, “Perfectly executed.” She got a one count, with Jax yanking her off of Baszler. Rose leaped at Baszler at ringside with a flying knee. Brooke gave a handspring elbow to Jax at ringside. Back in the ring Brooke rolled up Baszler for a near fall. Baszler went for a stomp on Brooke’s wrist, but Brooke broke free. Baszler then applied the Kirafuda Clutch for the quick tapout.

After the win, Baszler & Jax yelled down at Charlotte & Asuka. Rose and Brooke dumped them over the top rope. Sore losers.

WINNERS: Baszler & Jax in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not that they all can’t use ring time these days, but that was rough.)

-They went to the announcers on camera as Phillips threw to a recap of the Raw Tag Team Title match at TLC.

-The Hurt Business crossed paths with a hapless looking guy wearing a New Day t-shirt. They tore it off of him. He had another shirt underneath. They put a Hurt Business t-shirt over his torso including over his arms. He staggered away in a straight-jacket-like predicament. [c]

-Phillips said Hurt Business are flush with championship gold after TLC. Hurt Business walked to the ring looking even more dapper than usual in suits. Lashley was sans tie; the rest had ties on. Shelton Benjamin looked the least happy of the four. Phillips plugged Jeff Hardy & Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley & MVP later.

MVP introduced the VIP Lounge and touted his championship cohorts. He said the MVP Lounge “is for people better than you.” Cedric said they showed they are better than the New Day. “Forget about pancakes, forget about unicorns,” he said. “The Hurt Business are surrounded by champagne and custom-made suits.” He looked over at Bobby Lashley and called him “Mr. CEO.” He said they have proven their dominance, and there isn’t a man alive who can beat him for the United States Title. MVP said he invited a photographer to take photos in the ring with them. R-Truth stood behind them and photo-bombed them. Phillips laughed. Tozawa, Erik, Titus O’Neal, and Kalisto ran out and chased Truth to the stage. They darted in and around the crowd of Christmas trees.

Jeff Hardy’s music played. Hardy came out with Riddle. Both had wireless mics in hand. MVP said they weren’t invited to the celebration. Riddle congratulated them on their big win. He said he’s really digging their celebration, but he doesn’t know why they spend so much money at the clubs. He said they should be chillin’ out and relaxing with the homies. He suggested they grill and get a little toasted and listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast or a Dave Chappelle comedy special and escape the day-to-date existential grind that every day is. He said there’s no reason to spread negativity and be bullies because at the end of the day, they’re all the same. “We’re all self-aware carbon matter that’s on a rock hurling toward the void of space, so why don’t we all just chill out.”

MVP said they’re not all the same. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, so we don’t know what you’re talking about.” Hardy said what he is trying to say is there are more important things in life than status and money. He said a man’s character is the only criteria of wealth, so they’d rather live a life of pride than greed. He spoke of faith being more important than money. Hardy’s music played.

(Keller’s Analysis: I know what they were going for there, but that was a struggle. Riddle tripped up a bit and didn’t sound at all like he articulating words he thought of to say himself.) [c]

-Sarah Schreiber interviewed Angel Garza backstage about facing Drew Gulak for the first time. He presented Sarah with a rose and said he’d be thinking of her while in the ring. He suggested she interview him after the match under the mistletoe.


Garza has a new haircut and a new ring outfit. He entered the ring a bit like Sammy Guevara. Garza yanked his pants off and revealed neon lime green trunks. Garza won clean with a Wing Clipper.

WINNER: Garza in 2:00.

-They cut to the announcers at ringside. Phillips said they’d find out the state of mind Styles is in after last night’s WWE Title match. They aired a recap of the match.

-Backstage Charly Caruso interviewed Styles, who was with Omos. Styles said he is livid and past his boiling point. He said Miz screwed him out of the championship. Caruso asked why he agreed to be on Miz TV. Styles said he wants to know what he has to say for himself, “and, for his sake, it better be good.” [c]

-Miz TV: Miz and Morrison stood in the ring as Miz’s music faded back from the break. He welcomed everyone to Miz TV. He said in life, you aren’t often presented with an opportunity to become WWE Champion, and last night he had that chance to etch his name in the history of books as a two-time WWE Champion. He said he failed himself and his family, “and for that, I’m sorry.” Morrison said that isn’t his only ap0logy tonight.


Styles made his ring entrance with Omos. Omos shot Miz a dirty look. Miz said he invited Styles out there because he wanted to offer an explanation. He said he’s not usually an impulsive man, but he took advantage of an opportunity. Styles interrupted and said he might be the biggest idiot on earth. He called himself selfish and incompetent. He said he cashed in the Money in the Bank contract in a ladder match, and they both lost because of him. Miz stood and, in a rage, said that contract was everything to him. He yelled that ten years ago he main evented WrestleMania, and this was going to be the same this year. He said for 15 years he has dedicated himself to being the poster child of WWE. “And nobody respects me,” he said. “Nobody cares.” He said maybe if he cashed in at the right time and won, everyone would respect him and he could have taken Raw to new heights. He said he can’t do anything about that now, but he wants to make things right with Styles. He apologized to him. “We were both robbed last night,” he said. “I blew it.” He said he wanted to make things right. He offered him a chance to costar in the latest installment of “The Marine.” They showed a “Marine 7” poster with a small image of Styles behind Miz.

Omos and Morrison chimed in. Miz watched the bickering as it heated up and finally stepped between Styles and Morrison. He said Omos is right that Morrison cashed in the MITB contract. He said he’s the only one who can cash it in. “Do you know what that means?” he said. “I demand my Money in the Bank contract. I deserve it.”

Drew McIntyre walked out and said they have a six-man Holiday Street Fight later tonight, and he’s the one who’s going to take them out. He said after TLC, he had a little celebration. He noted the mark on Styles’s cheek from their match. He said he has been reminiscing about last week’s “Nightmare Before TLC.” He said he has an idea for a sequel. He pulled out a napkin and read, “The Nightmare After TLC.” He began reading it. Sheamus suddenly appeared behind them at ringside and read some of it. Keith Lee showed up suddenly at ringside and read a little. Drew, Lee, and Sheamus entered the ring. Drew said they’re ready to fight right now. A brawl broke out. Styles dropkicked Lee into Sheamus. Lee and Sheamus argued. Drew played peacekeeper.

(Keller’s Analysis: After establishing the heel trio aren’t necessarily eager to work together, they added a little tension to Lee and Sheamus, too. Was Miz saying he didn’t cash in MITB a throwaway line or will he pursue getting the briefcase back based on that technicality.)

-A video package aired on the Ricochet-Retribution storyline.

-T-Bar made his ring entrance. [c]

-Sheamus and Lee were still arguing backstage. Drew barged between them and yelled at them that it was an accident. He told Sheamus to go cool the hell down because they have a six-man tag later. Sheamus left. Drew calmly told Lee that he knows it was an accident. He said Sheamus is an old friend, and while he can be a prick sometimes, he is a great teammate. He told Lee to let him worry about Sheamus. Lee nodded and said, “Okay, got it.”

(3) T-BAR (w/Slapjack, Reckoning, Mace, Mustafa Ali) vs. RICOCHET

Ricochet went after T-Bar at the bell. T-Bar made a quick comeback, overpowering him. Retribution cheered him on at ringside. He scored a near fall after a hard clothesline, then settled into a chinlock. When Ricochet made a comeback and knocked T-Bar to the floor, Slapjack and Mace went after him. He knocked them down. T-Bar, though, blindsided Ricochet. Ali called off T-Bar and pitched for him to think with his mind, not his heart. “You belong with us,” he said. “When are you going to learn?” Ricochet starting punching away at Ali’s head. T-Bar attacked him from behind and finished him with a kneelift to the jaw.

WINNER: T-Bar in 3:00.

-T-Bar told Ricochet that they are his ally and not his enemy. “You will either join us or you will end your existence,” he said. He threw down the mic as Retribution surrounded him.

-They went to the announcers at ringside on camera. Phillips threw to a video from WWE Network earlier in the day with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston discussing their loss. Xavier said it was a rough night, but they’ll regain the belts. Kofi said he spit out pieces of his teeth last night, but they will bounce back because that is what they do.

-Hurt Business began their ring entrance. [c]


Hardy tagged in against Lashley a couple minutes in. Hardy and Riddle knocked Lashley to the floor, then double-teamed MVP with an assisted Floating Bro. Riddle kicked MVP in the chest off the ring apron. They cut to a break. [c]

Lashley knocked Hardy off the top rope. Hardy landed on the edge of the stairs. Riddle went to check on him. Shelton and Cedric laughed. Lashley worked over Hardy’s injured arm. MVP tagged in and grinded his elbow into Hardy’s shoulder area. Hardy came back with a quick Whisper in the Wind. Riddle called for a tag. Hardy made the hot-tag to Riddle. He landed a Bro-ton and a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall, broken up by Lashley. Riddle kneed out of a Lashley suplex while upside down. Hardy tagged in. Riddle dove off of a kneeling Hardy and took out Cedric and Shelton. Hardy then went for a Swanton, but Lashley moved. Lashley went for a spear, but Hardy avoided it. Lashley, though, applied the Hurt Lock. The ref called for the bell. Hurt Business assembled to celebrate the win.

WINNERS: MVP & Lashley in 9:00.

-Styles was shown arguing with Miz and Morrison backstage. Morrison yelled about wanting to get on the same page. [c]

-They showed a freeze-frame of Fiend burning up as Orton watched. Phillips said Orton was apparently proud to tweet that image. He said they’d have an update on what Orton did after the match last night later.

-Elias, accompanied by Jaxson Ryker, sat mid-ring and strummed his guitar. He talked about going no. 1 to the charts and then being electrocuted and surviving. He said his 2020 has been a whirlwind. He said his music changes people’s lives. Lucha House party interrupted. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado ran to the ring.

(5) JAXSON RYKER (w/Elias) vs. GRAN METALIK (w/Lince Dorado)

Elias sat on the top turnbuckle and strummed his guitar. That distracted and annoyed Metalik. Metalik yanked Elias down with a head scissors as Dorado played with Elias’s guitar. Ryker, though, caught Metalik with a sitout chokebomb for the win. Saxton said Ryker was reborn in the universal truth, according to Elias.

WINNER: Ryker in 1:00.

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Phillips called it a harrowing and terrifying conclusion to the Inferno match including Orton setting Fiend on fire. They didn’t shy away from showing images of Fiend’s body apparently burning up.

-They showed Orton smiling and walking backstage. Saxton said Orton would speak next. He said he can only imagine the sick thoughts percolating in his mind 24 hours after “burning Fiend alive.” [c]

-A bio on the screen noted that Kofi Kingston is a native of Ghana, Africa and is a graduate of Boston College. It also noted his WWE title reigns.

-Orton walked out. Phillips said it was chilling and horrifying, but Orton seems satisified. Joe said Orton is carrying himself with “smug satisfaction.” Joe said you cannot compare anything he has done in the past to what Orton did last night. Phillips said the first man to set his opponent on fire would win the match, but Orton took it further. Saxton said they’ve said for years how barbaric and ruthless Orton is. Joe said evil comes in many forms, and there’s darkness in Orton’s mind. Orton struck his pose in the ring as his music faded.


Orton said in his life he’s been called many things, including sick, twisted, deranged, and demented. He said last night he proved he is each and every one of those things “when I burned The Field alive.” He said a normal man would have regrets, “but Fiend is no man and I most certainly am not normal.” He said he enjoyed every single second as he stood by and watched The Fiend burn. He kneeled right where it happened in the ring. He said that type of stench tends to linger. He said the usual voices aren’t in his head. He said all he hears are the Fiend’s gasps for his last breath as the flames grew more intense. He said The Fiend is gone and no more. “And I am the evil son of a bitch that took him out,” he said. The Fiend’s special effects began to take over the ThunderDome.

Orton shook his head as if to say this isn’t happening or can’t really be happening. He hopped out of the ring. In the ring was Alexa Bliss on a swing set smiling. There was a hobby horse and kids slide, too. She asked, “Expecting someone else?” She said Fiend built it for her. She invited him to come play in her playground. She said if he’s wondering where “he” is, he could be in a tanning salon or the beach. “But I hope he doesn’t get sunburn,” she said. She said he might be at his favorite restaurant eating BBQ. She giggled. She stood and said you can still see and smell what Orton did to Fiend’s flesh. “It’s almost as if he absorbed into the mat, under each layer of the earth,” she said. “He’s home, but if he ever leaves home, he might come back to Alexa’s playground.” She got sinister in tone and said if he ever returns, it’ll be unlike anything he has seen before. The lights went dark.

(Keller’s Analysis: This whole thing is happening in another realm, but it doesn’t work when it overlaps so much everything else going on that’s in a normal realm. Orton was good here executing what he was asked to do, and Alexa returning to foreshadow Fiend’s return is a logical next chapter in this.)

-They cut back to the announcers who were confounded. Joe said there’s no way Fiend could come back after that.

-A video package aired on the Charlotte return at TLC last night. Charlotte then made her ring entrance. [c]

-Charlotte eyed Asuka from center-ring as Asuka danced to her music. They cut backstage to Schreiber interviewing Lacey and Peyton. She asked if they’re up for the challenge. Lacey called it a nasty question and said they asked for the match. Peyton turned down Lacey’s high-five offer. Lacey headed to the ring. Peyton told Schreiber she issued the challenge and made this match possible.


Asuka went for an early Asuka lock on Peyton, but Lacey broke it up. They showed Jax and Baszler watching on a monitor backstage. They cut to an early break. [c]

Peyton tagged herself in. Lacey wasn’t pleased. They ended up arguing. Peyton told Lacey they are a team and have to work together. Asuka gave Peyton a back suplex, then hot-tagged in Charlotte. Charlotte kipped up and chopped away at Peyton, then gave her a boot to the chest (not timed the best). She began a figure-four, but Lacey broke it up. Charlotte gave her an overhead toss. They showed Jax and Baszler watching again. Peyton caught Charlotte with a single-leg crab. Lacey knocked Asuka off the ring apron. Asuka ducked her and broke up the leglock. She then went back after Lacey on the floor. Charlotte went back to a figure-four attempt, but Royce rolled her up for a two count. Charlotte finally did apply the figure-four and then bridged into the Figure-Eight for the tapout win.

WINNERS: Charlotte & Asuka in 7:00.

-Drew tried to talk Sheamus and Lee into putting their differences aside backstage. [c]

-A Royal Rumble commercial aired.

-They replayed clips of the brawl earlier with those in the main event.

-Backstage Miz was making his case on the phone that he should still be the MITB holder. He said he’s sick of being mistreated. Styles and Omas walked up to Miz. Miz told him to hang up because they have a match. Morrison was warming up all along behind Miz.

-Drew made his ring entrance. Then Sheamus. [c]

-Phillips hyped Raw Talk with Charlotte, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton.

-Lee’s ring entrance did air next.

(6) KEITH LEE & DREW MCINTYRE & SHEAMUS vs. MIZ & MORRISON & A.J. STYLES (w/Omas) – Holiday Street Fight

Sheamus opened against Morrison. They had Christmas-themed props on tables at ringside. Morrison went after Drew’s knee, injured at TLC. Drew came back with a headbutt, then tagged in Lee. Drew and Lee tossed Morrison across the ring with a dual suplex. Lee offered a tag to Sheamus. Sheamus hesitated, but did tag in. He and Lee worked together to knock down an interfering Miz and a charging Styles. Sheamus patted him on the chest. Lee slapped him back a little harder. Sheamus returned fire. Lee did the same. Drew stepped between them and told them to get on the same page. [c]

Sheamus and Drew bent Miz and Morrison over the top rope and forearmed their chests. Then they threw them into the arms of Lee at ringside who caught them and shoved them into the barricade. Sheamus settled into battering Styles on the mat mid-ring. Styles avoided a charging Sheamus, who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Miz and Morrison double-teamed Sheamus. Lee made the save. Sheamus climbed to the top rope. Styles distracted Sheamus. Morrison then climbed up and knocked Sheamus onto the table at ringside full of cookies. Styles threw a cookie at Lee.

Back in the ring Morrison took it to Sheamus in his corner and scored a two count. Miz tagged in and raked at Sheamus’s face. Miz DDT’d Sheamus for a near fall. Styles took a cheap shot at Lee at ringside. Sheamus came back with a White Noise, but was slow to get up. He crawled over and tagged in Drew. Drew went to work on Miz and kipped up. He favored his knee a little. He then slammed Morrison onto Miz. Drew covered Miz and then Styles made the save with a dropkick. Lee charged and checked Styles. Morrison gave Lee a kick to the head. Sheamus gave Morrison an Irish Curse backbreaker. Miz kicked Sheamus. Drew clotheslined Miz out of the ring. Styles bashed Drew with a “candy cane kendo stick.” Phillips noted it is legal in this street fight. At ringside, Drew came back and powerbombed Styles onto a table and he ended up covered in egg nog. Back in the ring, as Sheamus and Morrison swung candy cane kendo sticks at each other, Drew set up a Claymore. Sheamus tagged himself in, though, to set up a Brogue Kick. Lee tagged himself in and shoved Morrison into the arms of Omos. Omos slammed Morrison through the table. Meanwhile, in the ring, Lee gave Miz a Spirit Bomb for the win.

WINNERS: Lee & McIntyre & Sheamus in 18:00.

-As they began to celebrate, Sheamus gave Lee a Brogue Kick. Drew said, “He just won the match! I vouched for you. Why? Why?” They had a tense staredown as the match ended.

(Keller’s Analysis: And the “inevitable” Sheamus turn has begun, sparked by tension with Lee.)

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