REIGNS-O-METER #114: Tracking the Tribal Chief’s ability to check in on KO’s family, beat the odds, and remain on top

By Tom Colohue, PWTorch contributor


The feud between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens isn’t particularly intricate and that’s fine. Each week, Jey Uso gets beat up by Kevin Owens and each week Kevin Owens gets beat up by Roman Reigns. In the mean time, they both cut promos about family because that’s a key part of the character and personality for both men. It’s been like that for weeks and yet, somehow, this is still one of the most enjoyable things in wrestling at the moment.

It could be that Kevin Owens has returned to the main event and that’s a great thing. It could be that Roman Reigns is in full angry badass mode and that’s a great thing. It could be the overall elevation of Jey Uso and the undoubted eventual elevation of Jimmy Uso. It could be the litany of interesting ways in which Roman Reigns is avoiding doing any wrestling between pay-per-views.

More importantly, it’s three men with great chemistry doing that wrestling thing. It’s left Monday Night Raw in the dust as the top story on Smackdown. Drew McIntyre might never get a main event again.

Smackdown this week involved both sadism and masochism. Going into a show like TLC, which is supposed to be all about carnage similar to the typically quite destructive Hell in a Cell, we need to know that people really enjoy a fight. It also involved Roman Reigns hiding around a corner until Kevin Owens had left the right before then making his entrance. That’s a champion right there. That’s what champions do. They hide.

Roman is upset and he’s a bit emotional. Kevin Owens is suggesting to people that Roman is a bad guy and that’s hurt Roman’s feelings. How rude can one person be? Roman wants to prove to everyone that he’s a good guy. Gone are the days when he wasn’t either bad guy or good guy but the guy. Nowadays he needs people to realize he’s a good guy. This is wrestling, where men talk about their feelings and ask for apologies when they’re upset. We don’t need to fight. Owens is instigating the whole thing!

Owens also suffers from dumb babyface syndrome because he pretty much instantly gets attacked by Jey Uso and then Roman. It’s just not an original story, Kevin.

Highlight of the segment? The weakest forearms I’ve ever seen from Roman. Like, it’s bad, man. Owens is laying face down waiting for a prompt to sell and it just doesn’t come.

What does all of this lead to? Well, first, a recap. That means in the first half hour we’ve had a recap of this week, last week, and the week before. Tell me somebody actually watches this show. Talk to me people, do you need all these recaps?

Roman tells his cousin to end Kevin Owens. This would be very convenient right before the title match. Roman Reigns just really fell in love with time off during his time off, didn’t he?

In other news, Billie Kay is looking for a tag team partner. I’ve heard good things about this Peyton Royce person. Something to consider. She’s had no luck whatsoever without the Iiconics umbrella so far. BT Sport, who host Smackdown over here in the UK, don’t know Carmella’s name.

Bianca Belair loses to Bayley which apparently wound up a lot of fans. Oh and Sami Zayn gives himself an award. He really should be winning something. If only there was some sort of championship he could have won and then won all over again recently.

As you might expect, the last word for this month’s go home show goes to Roman Reigns. That’s very hard to argue with. In a change from the usual system whereby Owens beats up Jey Uso before Roman beats up Owens, something else happens. Actually, I’m lying. Nothing different happens. Through broken tables, chairs, and ladders, Roman and Jey Uso quite literally bury Kevin Owens. A symbolic image that Roman Reigns has used very effectively in the past.

And yet, before the show has ended, Kevin Owens has risen from the ashes.

Owens doesn’t really stand a chance at TLC. I think we all know that. Still, this feud has been very, very good for him. Bring on TLC. We know the match is going to be great fun and honestly, isn’t that the most important thing?

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