12/22 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Best of Impact 2020 with Matthews & D’Amore hosting, Anderson & Gallows vs. The North, Austin vs. Miguel, EC3 vs. Moose, Purrazzo vs. Grace

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Hosts: Josh Matthews, Scott D’Amore

-Opening video

-This is the Best of Impact Wrestling 2020, Part One. Josh Matthews and Scott D’Amore introduced the show. They were sitting in chairs in front of a fireplace with Christmas decorations. They plugged the six-man match at the Hard to Kill PPV. D’Amore walked off after getting a phone call.

(1) ACE AUSTIN (c) vs. TREY MIGUEL – X Division Title match

This match was from the Hard to Kill show in January and was joined in progress. Good action and Austin retained with his finisher. They showed Trey’s mother in the crowd after the match.

WINNER: Ace Austin

-Backstage, Chris Bey walked out of an office that had “Impact Management” on the door. Bey ran into Rohit Raju and informed Rohit that he had been added to the X Division match at Hard to Kill. Bey took a call and walked off. Rohit pounded on the door in frustration. The match is now Manik vs. Rohit vs. Bey.

-Clip of Ace Austin talking about winning the award for X Division Wrestler of the Year. He called himself the best X Division champion of all-time and talked about perhaps going after the X Division title again. He said winning the award was “inevitable”. [c]

-Brian Myers said his best moment of 2020 was returning to Impact Wrestling to make the league more relevant.

-D’Amore rejoined Josh on the set. They discussed all the new arrivals who debuted at Slammiversary. A video package aired of highlights from that show, including clips of Moose, Chris Bey, The North, the Motor City Machine Guns, Deonna Purrazzo, and Eddie Edwards.

The hosts discussed the tag teams that wrestled in Impact in 2020.

(2) THE NORTH (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) vs. THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match

This match was from the Turning Point special on Impact Plus. The match was joined in progress. Gallows pinned Page after the Magic Killer to win the belts. Gallows and Anderson celebrated in the ring afterwards.

WINNERS: Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson

-The hosts talked more about the tag team scene in 2020. They plugged next month’s Genesis special.

-Ethan Page was on the phone (talking to Josh Alexander) and informed him that they won the Impact Wrestling Tag Team of the Year Award. They cut to Josh on the other end. He ended the call, then talked to himself and said maybe they could regain the belts. He called Page back. They cut to the phone ringing and the hand of Page’s alter ego Karate Man picked it up. Josh fumed. [c]

-In the dressing room, Rich Swann played the guitar. He briefly talked about the Swann holiday family traditions.

-Josh and D’Amore plugged the Hard to Kill main event again. Josh said it was hard to believe that he was saying the AEW World Champion would wrestle in Impact. They discussed the Knockouts tag team tournament and showed the brackets. D’Amore said there would be a little surprise for the winner when the champions are crowned.

(3) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. JORDYNNE GRACE – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

This was the 30-minute Iron Man match that aired on Impact in the summer. Full ring entrances were shown, then they cut to the last three minutes of the match. Purrazzo won after applying her submission finisher.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

-Taya Valkyrie talked about Deonna Purrazzo’s success but said Purrazzo was lucky she hadn’t crossed Taya yet. She said she would clear her calendar for Purrazzo and challenged her for a match at Hard to Kill.

-Josh and D’Amore discussed if Purrazzo would accept.

-Clip of Deonna Purrazzo, who won the Impact Wrestling Knockout of the Year award. She ran down her accomplishments in 2020. She said she was thankful that everyone realized all that she had done. She said things could only go up from here. [c]

-Josh said they would announce the Match of the Year next week. He and D’Amore discussed that Sami Callihan had been in the MOTY two years in a row. They said the Sami vs. Eddie Edwards feud seemed like it would never end, then showed a video of their feud in 2020. Josh announced that they would wrestle in the first Impact episode of 2021. [c]

-Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz discussed their holiday traditions.

-Josh plugged that more awards could be seen on their website. He plugged the new Micro Brawlers coming next month.

(4) MOOSE vs. EC3

This was the cinematic match from Bound for Glory. Moose “won” after knocking out EC3.


-A clip aired of Moose’s interview from last week where he brawled with Willie Mack and security.

-The security guard that Moose attacked last week, Matthew Palmer, accepted Moose’s three-minute challenge. If Moose can’t beat Palmer in three minutes, Palmer wins. Josh plugged Moose vs. Willie Mack and the Super X Cup Tournament at Genesis. The brackets were put on-screen while Josh and D’Amore discussed the entrants. [c]

-Johnny Swinger talked about his holiday traditions.

-Acey Romero met Larry D in “jail”. Larry was in handcuffs and in an orange jumpsuit. Acey said he was stressed and told Tommy Dreamer that Larry didn’t shoot John E. Bravo. Larry said he was set up and someone else sprayed the cologne when the lights were out. Acey vowed to get to the bottom of it.

-The hosts discussed Larry D’s predicament then pitched to a video package of the John E. Bravo/Rosemary wedding and shooting angle. [c]

-AEW Paid Advertisement segment. Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan were in front of a set with holiday decorations. Schiavone introduced Tony Khan as the only owner in wrestling who wasn’t a carny. Khan said it was good to be in Nashville, then discussed his business interests in Nashville. Khan talked about Kenny Omega wrestling at Hard to Kill and said he had the power to stop it if he wanted to, but he said it was fine with him. He invited Impact to send wrestlers to Dynamite tomorrow. Schiavone ran down the matches for Dynamite. Khan discussed the tag teams in Impact and talked about who he might sign. He said he would be watching the Impact PPV and that Omega would win.

-Eddie Edwards discussed family holiday traditions.

-Josh and D’Amore talked about Eric Young, then pitched to a video package of Eric Young’s feuds with Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Rhino, Heath, and the Deaners. [c]

-Willie Mack talked about his family traditions.

-Josh and D’Amore talked about the upcoming Moose vs. Mack match at Genesis. They then talked about Don Callis showing up to help Kenny Omega win the AEW title. D’Amore said Callis is a unique character and said he tipped his hat to Callis for pulling it off. They pitched to a package of Omega winning the title from Jon Moxley and clips of Final Resolution, along with parts of the Omega and Callis interview on the bus.

-New interview with Don Callis and Kenny Omega at a photoshoot. Callis talked about his favorite holiday memories. Callis told a story about an 11-year old Omega saying he wanted to run the wrestling business. Omega bragged and said the AEW was the only title worth a damn. Callis said that Omega appearing on Impact was a great Christmas gift for Impact. Callis said if there were more children like Omega, he would have actually had kids. Omega said he was often imitated and never duplicated. Callis wished everyone Happy Holidays.

-Josh and D’Amore discussed the Hard to Kill main event. They said it was can’t miss. [c]

-When Josh asked what D’Amore wanted in 2021, D’Amore said his goal for 2021 was to find a new play-by-play announcer. They pitched to an interview clip from Impact Wrestling’s Wrestler of the Year, Deonna Purrazzo. She said we are in the Age of the Virtuosa.

-Josh and D’Amore complimented Purrazzo, then signed off and wished everyone Happy Holidays.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a good overview of Impact’s 2020, spotlighting the key players who will be featured in 2021. Most of the matches had been seen by Impact’s hardcore fan base, but they might be new to people who started watching since the AEW angle. They mixed in new footage (such as the Bey/Rohit angle and the AEW segments) and the award acceptance speeches to keep things fresh. The holiday tradition segments were somewhat out-of-character and provided a cool touch. Part Two is next week, including the Match of the Year.

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