1/29 GCW Fight Forever: The Wind of God Results: Blackheart Lio Rush vs. Blake Christian, Joey Janela vs. Treehouse Lee, KTB vs. Matthew Justice, Spider Nate Webb vs. 1 Called Manders, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 29, 2021

This is the first event of GCW’s Fight Forever 24 hour wrestling event. Per the IndieGoGo from GCW, “A historic event to benefit Independent Wrestlers who have seen their work and income disappear throughout the pandemic.” “100% of the proceeds goes to the wrestlers!”

There is a link at the bottom of the page to the event’s IndieGoGo.


Blake Christian started the match by attacking Lio Rush from out of nowhere. The opening bell rang after the first strike by Christian. Christian brought a trash can into the ring, Rush made a brief comeback and wedged the trashcan in the turnbuckle. Rush then irish whipped Christian into said trash can. Rush then grabbed a Crown Royal bag that was full of Obsidian looking stones, he dumped those on the mat.

Rush and Christian were trading moves, with Rush using a low blow, then clothesline, into a dive to the outside. This resulted in a near fall for Rush. Christian countered a pinning attempt and then slammed Rush onto the stones that he brought into the ring. Christian got a series of 2 counts after this moment. The two men traded stiff forearm’s that turned into a double Spanish fly, into a frog splash by Rush. Rush got the 1st fall on a pin after the splash.

Rush grabbed a red door at ringside, the key to getting the 2nd fall of the match. Christian countered a power bomb through the table, leaving Rush sitting on said table. Lio Rush countered and threw the door outside of the ring. Christian then hit a 450 and tried to pin Rush, but that is not how the 2nd fall would be won. Rush then grabbed date red door and leaned it on the ring apron and a stairwell (you read that right). Christian took down Rush and threw a few chairs into the ring, along with a non-red door.

Rush was in control and he set up the non-red door on two chairs in the ring. Rush lit a tiki torch on the turnbuckle and tried to push Christian’s face into it. Christian put his hand over the flame and put it out, he then threw Rush down and through the non-red door.The final fall was a casket match type fall, with a casket over on the stage area of the event’s building.

Christian put the trash can on Rush and hit a running knee on the trash can. Christian threw in a small ladder and put it in one of the corners. Christian threw Rush into the ladder, he then pressed the ladder on the back of Rush and did a ladder assisted Texas cloverleaf submission hold on Rush. Christian broke the hold and set up a second ladder on the ring apron and the stage with the casket on it. Christian tried to suplex Rush onto the set up ladder, but Rush countered and both men were on the apron. Rush and Christian were both on the top rope and Christian superplexed Rush down to the mat.

Rush then tried to do a spinning flip into Christian on the red door, Christian moved and Rush went through the Red door counting as the second fall. The final fall was a casket match type fall, with a casket over on the stage area of the event’s building. Christian was hit with a chain and landed on the ladder. Rush did a frog splash onto Christian and broke the ladder as a result. Rush threw Christian onto the stage near the casket.

Near the casket, Rush did a short DDT on the casket, Rush then opened the coffin. Christian was thrown in and almost had the door shut, but he powered out and back onto the stage. Christian then got Rush into the coffin, but Rush’s arm blocked the close. Then both men were in the casket, with Rush in the power position. Rush did a submission move and made Christian pass out, he then closed the casket for the third and decisive fall.

WINNER: Blackheart Lio Rush in 27:58 (***)

(Sage’s Analysis: This match had two of the best performers in the world. Not on the Indy scene, in the world. That being said I would rather see these two work a straight up match if given the option. Both men put their bodies on the line and put on a great match, but their talents are not maximized in this type of match.)


1 Called Manders threw Nate Webb to the mat as soon as the match started. A second collar and elbow tie up was a draw. Webb then tried a running lariat, but Manders solder talked Webb multiple times. Manders then did a vertical suplex, that he held for over 20 seconds, with a squat for good measure. Webb went to the outside and hit Manders with a chair to even the odds. Manders recovered and threw Webb onto the stage, where he hit Webb with the chair that was used on him previously.

Webb then threw Manders into the exposed brick, and hit him with the chair. Manders then pushed Webb off the stage, but he jumped on the apron. Manders then jumped toward him and was kicked onto the floor, where his head appeared to hit the stage. Back in the ring, Webb made a chair bridge and went to the top rope. Manders grabbed Webb and tossed him into the bridge and got a near fall on Webb.

Manders then threw in two doors into the ring, he put door #1 on the middle rope and a plastic chair. Manders picked up Webb and threw him through the door. Instead of covering Manders set up the second door and did the same thing, and got another near fall. Webb then countered and threw Manders into a sitting chair. Webb then missed a chairsault, Manders hit a a lariat with a chair and got the pinfall win.

WINNER: 1 Called Manders in 9:09 (***1/4)

(Sage’s Analysis: A quick and absolutely brutal match. I though Manders really hurt himself on a few moves, but he powered through. Nate Webb is the perfect baby face for this type of match, and he did such a good job in the role. Great action, and ok psychology.)


The match started with a collar and elbow tie up, with Myron Reed getting Brayden Lee’s arm locked up. Lee countered and both men were back on their feet. Lee then hit Reed with a shoulder tackle and forearm. Reed hit the same offense after, with Lee doing a kip-up after. Showing the even match that both men were having. Lee then countered Reed several times while Myron Reed was running the ropes, showing off his athleticism.

Reed’s young boy grabbed the foot of Lee, and Reed gave the distracted Lee a running knee. Reed then had control of the match for several minutes. Brayden Lee kicked Reed in the head to even the odds. Lee then hit moves leading to a springboard fly for a near fall. Lee had Reed in a power bomb position, Myron Reed was able to counter into a cutter and submission hold. Brayden Lee then broke that hold and hit a vertical suplex.

Myron Reed then hit a springboard power bomb on Lee and got a near fall. After that, Brayden Lee hit two dives onto Reed, one of which was like a hurricanrana. He took those gains and got a 2 count on Reed. Brayden Lee then continued his offense with a few really spectacular moves of Reed and his young boy. Lee then tried a 450 and Reed got his knees up, leading to a near fall for Reed. Reed then caught Lee in a deep pin and got the 3 count.

WINNER: Myron Reed in 9:59 (**3/4)

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, with Brayden Lee looking like a future big time star. I have never seen him perform before and I am very impressed. He seems like a young Kota Ibushi in my estimation. Reed is also a really good hand and he really guided Lee, who is obviously still pretty green, through a well told and fought match)


A collar and elbow tie up started the match, with Matthew Justice transitioning that into a headlock. KTB tried to suplex out of the headlock, but Justice held on and had the headlock on the mat. Then Justice and KTB traded shoulder tackles with no winner, both men then ended up outside of the ring. KTB threw Justice onto the bar, and he stood up and jumped off of the bar. Back in the ring, KTB hit a cutter after a dive off the top rope by Justice. KTB then had control for a few moments with a near fall mixed in.

Justice was able to counter while on his back, leading to a chop and forearm exchange, ending with KTB slamming Justice. Matthew Justice rolled out of the ring and ended on the bar area. KTB set up to doors that were on the stage area, and the ring apron. Justice tried a sunset flip, but KTB held onto the ropes. Justice then speared KTB, leaving both men in pain. Justice rolled and got a 2 count on KTB. KTB then hit several moves and got a near fall of his own. KTB then set up a door on the top rope. KTB was on the middle rope and did a fireman’s carry slam off of the middle rope onto the door. Justice kicked out at one after that. Justice then did a coast to coast front flip onto KTB. KTB kicked out at one after that.

Justice hit KTB with a door shard, Justice then got on the top rope and did a front flip onto KTB who was on the floor. Justice then did a dive on KTB for the pinfall.

WINNER: Matthew Justice in 9:09 (***3/4)

(Sage’s Analysis: A really great match between two heavyweights. KTB and Justice have similar styles, but both were able to have a fun and competitive match. I liked that both traded kick outs at 1 after crazy moves. The end of the match felt a little quick and it left me wanting more.)


Treehouse Lee grabbed Joey Janela’s hand to start, Janela countered that into a pinning attempt. Janela hit some strikes and then both men locked up, with Treehouse Lee getting a headlock until the hold was broken. Janela was able to get his offense in and he was in control of Lee, until Lee reversed a whip and hit a Samoan drop with the flourish of some dance moves. Janela then got the match to the outside where he was able to throw Lee into the stage area and the garage door.

Back in to ring Janela was still in control, he hit some strikes and got Lee into a body scissors hold. Once Lee got up he tried to run the ropes, but Janela speared him and then hit a neck breaker. Lee rolled out of the ring himself for a breather as a result. With the down time, Janela grabbed a door and left it in the corner of the ring, he then went and threw Treehouse Lee into the ring. After several minutes, Lee was able to counter Janela with a DDT.

Lee then gracefully threw Janela into the ropes and hit several strikes and kicks, leading to a number of 2 counts. Janela threw Lee onto the bar area and then picked up and slammed Lee onto the ropes and into the ring. Janela then hit a superplex and then Treehouse used their momentum to get a near fall. Janela responded with a pile-driver and another 2 count.

Lee was able to then use the momentum of Janela to hit a German suplex into the door, leading to a near fall. Lee and Janela then traded slaps, punches, and forearms. The two men then went back and forth with big offensive moves. After countering Janela, Treehouse Lee grabbed a door from under the ring and brought it into fray. Janela hit a package pile driver, then took a drag of a cigarette. Janela then hit another move and got a near fall. Treehouse Lee then got Janela out of the ring and did a dive over the top rope. Janela was able to hit a knee, then a Death Valley Driver on the apron to Lee. Janela then hit an elbow drop for a near fall. An upset Janela then Locke din a Boston Crab submission hold, Lee did not tap, but the Ref called the match.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 19:43 (**1/4)

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was good, just a little too long for the pace and the style. I like Treehouse Lee’s style and think if he is given a platform he could really excel with his brand of wrestling. This was one of 17 main events in 24 hours so the pacing seems right to me for such a long event.)

(Overall Analysis: This was a great opening event for Fight Forever. I think Lio Rush, Blake Christian, and Brayden Lee have a really good chance to really be big stars in the future. Yes I know Lio Rush had his time in WWE, but I think his Indie run and future run with a major company will be great.)

If you are interested in contributing to the Fight Forever IndieGoGo, please do so at this link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-forever#/


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