2/13 IMPACT WRESTLING NO SURRENDER PPV REPORT: Swann vs. Dreamer, Good Brothers vs. Private Party vs. Beer Gun, and more


PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling


FEBRUARY 13, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-The show started with a Tommy Dreamer promo reflecting on his long career. Still photos and video highlights played as well. He held pictures of his children and wrestling boots. He talked about his injuries and daily pain due to wrestling all these years. He said he would still do it all over again because he loves it. He called this his last shot and he would try his hardest to be what the fans wanted him to be. Very well-done video segment. It made the show seem more special.

-Footage of Dreamer entering the building. He said he was inspired by Tom Brady beating a younger rival.

(1) XXXL (Larry D & Ace Romero) & TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. DECAY (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve & Rosemary)

Rosemary and Tenille started it off. They tagged out to Taurus and Acey. Decay ran XXXL out of the ring. XXXL soon got the advantage over Steve. Tenille tagged in and stomped Steve in the corner before tagging out to Acey. Taurus tagged in and went to town on XXXL with head butts and clotheslines. Taurus got a two count on Larry after a Samoan Drop.

Tenille waved a red bullfighting flag and posed to distract Taurus. Larry and Taurus traded dives to the outside on each other. Steve dove over the top rope onto both. Rosemary blocked Acey from doing the same. Tenille kicked Rosemary to the outside. Acey threw Tenille over the top rope onto the group. Rosemary sprayed green mist in Acey’s face. Taurus pinned Larry in the ring after a powerslam.

WINNERS: Decay in 8:00.

D.L.’s Take: Fun opener, all action with some comedy thrown in. Black Taurus was positioned as a big deal.

-Striker and D-Lo appeared on camera and ran down the matches for the show.

-Video package focusing on the Brian Myers/Eddie Edwards feud.


Myers (wearing an eye patch) squared off with Edwards to start the match. Cardona tagged in, but Myers immediately tagged out to Hernandez without touching Cardona. Edwards and Cardona tried to double team Hernandez but he clotheslined them both. Myers took it to the outside and Edwards got clotheslined by Hernandez.

Back in the ring, Hernandez had Edwards in a bearhug, then tagged out to Myers. Myers had Edwards in a chin lock. Striker noted that Myers and Cardona do a podcast together that makes a lot of money. Hernandez tore one of the top turnbuckle pads off. Edwards back suplexed Myers. Hernandez tagged in and prevented Edwards from making a tag. Hernandez and Myers tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Edwards. Edwards tried to make a tag but Hernandez had knocked Cardona off the apron.

Edwards superplexed Hernandez. Cardona and Myers tagged in and Cardona ran wild on Myers and Hernandez. Myers hit a tiger driver for a two count. All four wrestlers got in the ring and mixed it up. Cardona hit a Frankensteiner off the top rope on Myers for a two count. Cardona missed a move and hit the exposed turnbuckle by accident. Myers clotheslined him for the pin.

WINNERS: Brian Myers & Hernandez in 10:00.

D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match. Seems like they are slowly building momentum to make Myers more of a major player.

-Matt Hardy and Private Party backstage promo. Hardy hyped up Private Party and said this was their night. Private Party were confident. Hardy said they would win the Impact tag belts tonight and never come back.

-A video package on Violent by Design’s feud with Cousin Jake aired.

(3) JAKE SOMETHING vs. DEANER (w/ Eric Young & Joe Doering)

Jake is no longer billed as “Cousin Jake” and is now called Jake Something, which he previously used before Impact. He had “Something” on his trunks and entrance video. Jake took it to Deaner early. Deane rolled out to consult with Eric Young. Jake still overpowered Deaner. On the outside, Young applied a neckbreaker on Jake, then rolled him back in.

Deaner had the advantage over Jake. Young punched Jake from ringside. Deaner continued his assault. Jake finally made a comeback and fired up and hit a series of moves on Deaner. Deaner rebounded with a neckbreaker on Jake. They battled on the top rope. Jake landed a dive over the top rope to take out Young and Doering. Jake hit a Black Hole Slam on Deaner for the pin. Young and Doering immediately jumped Jake after the match and Doering power bombed him through a table.

WINNER: Jake Something in 10:00.

D.L.’s Take: Good match. It’s been fun to see both of these wrestlers evolve from the low-card comedy acts they were into more serious personas. Jake showed agility and good fire.

-Backstage, Eddie and Alisha Edwards presented a gift bag to Tommy Dreamer for his birthday. Eddie wished him luck and said he was glad to call him a friend. Alisha gave him a hug. It was cute.


This was Impact’s first Triple Threat Revolver Match. Basically, three wrestlers start the match and each person that is pinned or submitted gets replaced with a new wrestler. Trey, Blake, and Suicide started it off. It was fast paced and all three traded moves. The action spilled to the outside with Christian diving over the top rope and over Suicide to land on Trey. Suicide eventually tapped to a leg lock from Trey and was eliminated.

Next in was Chris Bey. He dominated the action, until Christian started getting the upper hand. Bey hit the vertabreaker on Christian for a pin. Next in was Daivari. Bey and Daivari squared off; Trey was still on the floor. Trey hit a meteora on Daivari for a pin. Josh Alexander entered the match next. Alexander dominated the action for awhile, including suplexing Bey while Trey was still holding on to his back. Josh made Bey submit to an ankle lock.

Willie Mack was next up. He ran wild on Trey and Alexander and hit his trademark moves. Mack and Alexander trades moves back and forth. Trey hit another meteora and pinned Mack. Ace Austin was the final entrant and he dominated the action initially. Trey and Alexander eventually recovered and made comebacks. Trey hit an innovative rope assisted cutter for a two count.

Trey and Ace traded dives to the outside, then squared off in the ring. Trey took out Alexander on the outside. Alexander made his way back in the ring and took on Ace and Trey by himself. Alexander had Ace in an ankle lock but Ace got out of it. Alexander got a piledriver on Ace for the pin.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 23:00.

D.L.’s Take: The format worked and gave off Royal Rumble vibes. The match itself was a typical X Division match with fast action, high flying moves, and little selling. With that said, what they did was really good. Good win for Alexander and his X Division title match should be excellent.

-A video package of the Fire N Flava vs. Havoc/Nevaeh feud played.

(5) FIRE N FLAVA (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) (c) vs. HAVOC & NEVAEH – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title match

This match was no DQ. All four wrestlers squared off and threw punches at the start. Havoc tossed around Kiera and screamed. Kiera dropkicked Havoc in the corner. Tasha stomped and eye raked Nevaeh. The announcers noted that Brandon Tolle was the referee (in storyline, he has heat with Fire N Flava for being ripped off on their Fire N Flava Fest). Havoc made a comeback on Kiera and Tasha with power moves.

Havoc and Nevaeh double teamed Kiera. Havoc set up a chair between two turnbuckles. All four wrestlers continued to fight in the ring. Kiera hit Nevaeh and Havoc with a kendo stick and took both of them down. Nevaeh fought Kiera and Tasha by herself but was overcome. Havoc recovered and fought Kiera and Tasha.

Havoc double suplexed Kiera and Tasha and continued to fight them in the ring. Havoc accidentally ran into the chair she had set up earlier. Tasha hit a cutter on Nevaeh for the pin. After the match, Neveah walked out on Havoc.

WINNERS: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz in 9:00.

D.L.’s Take: A wild brawl. This match was fun and full of action. Fire N Flava are a great act and are on a roll. I’m looking forward to their next challenger/feud. Looks like we could be headed towards a Havoc/Nevaeh feud, which has the potential to be really good.

-Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann backstage. Swann talked about his title match tonight. He was delighted that he wouldn’t have to deal with Moose tonight. He said he gave Dreamer a title shot for a gift, but he would also give him the gift of new teeth after he kicked his teeth out.

-A video package of the Rohit/TJP feud aired.

(6) TJP (c) vs. ROHIT RAJU (w/ Shera) – Impact Wrestling X Division Title match

Rohit attacked TJP at ringside before the bell, then threw him in the ring. Rohit rolled TJP back in. TJP dropkicked Rohit off the top rope, then dove on Shera. They continued to fight on the floor. The bell finally rang after a couple of minutes of action. TJP took over with punches. Rohit reversed a DDT attempt.

Rohit took over the match and had TJP in a face lock. Shera choked TJP on the outside. Back in the ring, Rohit still had the advantage. Rohit worked on TJP’s arm. TJP made a comeback and did a modified Boston Crab while he was on the ropes. He missed a splash. TJP and Rohit traded the advantage. TJP superplexed Rohit. TJP missed a splash and got caught in a submission. TJP reversed that into a knee bar. They traded the advantage, until TJP landed his Mamba Splash for the pin and the victory.

WINNER: TJP in 12:00.

D.L.’s Take: Excellent match, especially the last few minutes. TJP always delivers good matches. Rohit’s character has lost all traces of comedy and he is much more focused and serious, which should serve him well going forward.

-Gia Miller interviewed Tommy Dreamer backstage. Dreamer gave an emotional interview, tearing up talking about going to matches with his father and a girlfriend. He asked how old Gia is and she said 22. He said when he was 22, he was being caned by the Sandman. He teared up and said he wanted to give the fans one more Tommy Dreamer moment. He went back to doing pushups.


ODB and Lee squared off to start, with ODB getting the better of it. Grace and Susan tagged in and wrestled. Grace got the best of that exchange. Jazz and Deonna entered next. Jazz got the advantage with punches. Grace tagged in and dove on Deonna and Susan on the outside. ODB and Jazz followed up with dives to the outside also.

Back in the ring, Deonna worked on Grace’s arm. Lee and Susan tagged in and out to keep the advantage. Grace finally made a comeback and tagged to ODB. Susan took her jacket off. ODB ripped off Susan’s sleeves. OBD ran Susan’s head into the turnbuckle and got a two count after a Thesz press. All six wrestlers fought in the ring and traded moves.

Jazz punched Susan. Susan poked Jazz in the eye. Jazz accidentally hit ODB. Lee dove off the top to the outside. Jazz locked Susan in an STF for the tap out win.

WINNERS: Jordynne Grace & Jazz & ODB in 10:00.

D.L’s Take: It was a fun, but basic match. Jazz and ODB fit in well and add some fun to the division.

-A video package of the tag team title feud played.

(8) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (c)vs. PRIVATE PARTY (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy w/ Matt Hardy) vs. JAMES STORM & CHRIS SABIN – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match

Quen and Storm started it off. Storm got the advantage with a hip toss. Kassidy tagged in and got put in an armlock. Private Party rolled to the outside and consulted with Matt Hardy. Private Part double teamed Sabin in the corner, then Sabin and Kassidy traded moves. Sabin yelled at Private Party that they had talent and didn’t need Hardy. Private Party took over with double team moves on Sabin. Karl Anderson tagged in and got double teamed by Private Party.

Gallows tagged in and took over with punches and a kick on Quen. Anderson worked on Quen’s arm. Gallows got a two count on Quen after a leg drop and another two count after an elbow drop. Anderson worked on the arm. Storm tagged in and went at it with the Good Brothers. Sabin and Storm worked on Gallows, then Anderson. Private Party double teamed Sabin, then worked on Storm. Hardy shouted instructions from ringside.

All six wrestlers got in the ring and fought. Kassidy DDT’d Gallows. Everyone traded moves. Hardy got a twist of fate on Storm behind the referee’s back. Quen hit a shooting star press on Storm. Anderson rolled Quen off and got the pin himself. Hardy yelled at Private Party afterwards and said they let him down.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers in 14:00.

D.L.’s Take: Good match. Should be interesting to see how Matt Hardy handles this loss and where Private Party goes from here.

-A video package of the lead-up events to Swann vs. Dreamer aired.

(9) RICH SWANN (c)vs. TOMMY DREAMER—Impact Wrestling Title match

Dave Penzer made the in-ring introductions. They started off at a slow pace at the beginning then they began to trade moves. The action spilled to the floor and Dreamer hit an elbow from the apron. Dreamer appeared to hurt his hand and referee Brian Hebner put up the “X” sign. The doctor ran to ringside, but Tommy popped his finger back in place and continued.

Swann worked on the hand. Dreamer made a comeback and went after Swann’s knee. Dreamer got a reverse DDT for a pin. Dreamer had Swann in a cloverleaf submission. Swann and Dreamer tumbled to the outside. Swann hit a cutter on Dreamer on the floor. Back in the ring, Dreamer made a comeback and got a series of two counts. Swann had Dreamer in an armlock and worked on his injured hand. Dreamer reached the ropes to break the hold.

Swann hit a series of kicks. Dreamer caught a kick and got a backslide for a two count. Swann caught Dreamer with a kick. Swann missed a splash off the top. Swann had Dreamer in the Rings of Saturn but Dreamer powered out. Dreamer hit a Spicolli Driver for a two count. Swann hit more kicks, then hit his Phoenix splash for the pin. As Dreamer was presenting Swann the belt, Moose attacked from behind and pounded Swann. He also speared Dreamer. Moose attacked Swann’s knee with a chair. Moose held up the Impact and TNA belts, then left the ring.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 15:00.

D.L.’s Take: The match result was never in doubt, but it was still entertaining. Good job by both wrestlers.

-After the match, a video aired with the New Japan Pro Wrestling logo and clips of Juice Robinson and David Finlay.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Impact Wrestling continues its streak of delivering with these Impact Plus specials. The opening video, Dreamer interview, and commentary from Striker and D-Lo helped to make the main event seem special. Wrestlers such as Brian Myers, Jake Something, and Josh Alexander showed signs of upward mobility. Fresh feuds seem to be on the horizon for Fire N Flava, TJP, Decay, the Good Brothers, Havoc, and Nevaeh. Nothing was must-see, but it was an enjoyable show.

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