2/24 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Rey Fenix vs. Lance Archer, Dr. Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose, Adam Page vs. Isiah Kassidy, Jon Moxley in action, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Ryan Nemeth tried to hit a DDT to start the match, he was rewarded with a stiff slap form Jon Moxley for his efforts. Moxley then hit Nemeth several times. Nemeth got a quick comeback, but Moxley hit a suplex to ground his opponent. Moxley then had Nemeth in the corner and did the finger break spot, which was not really sold after the fact. Nemeth then got a second comeback, before Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift for the pinfall.

Winner: Jon Moxley in 3:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I like the change of pace to open the show with Moxley and a promo in ring. This match served its purpose. The promo was pretty much a perfect babyface promo. I think that Moxley did a lot to sell his match with Omega and this promo should be studied, this is how you babyface.)

-After the match, Moxley cut a promo where he said he would do whatever it takes to get his AEW World Title back. He asked what comes to your mind when you hear exploding barbed wire death-match? Blood, burns, agony; he said that they remind him of old Japanese magazines. He asked the royal you, how we thing of that? Moxley said that he is addicted to it, too wrestling and all parts of it. He said that he is too attracted to the idea of this match, even if it is a trap he wants that match. He then said to all his fans, that he will show them that he gave all he has after the match with Omega.

-A video recap of the Moxley/Omega feud up to this point was shown.

-The announce team then ran down the card for the evening.

-A video of Lance Archer and Rey Fenix being interviewed about tonights match was shown. The men were asked about the two teaming up. Archer said that both of them are great, but he would win the match vs. Fenix. Rey Fenix then said, in Spanish, that Archer was the worst partner that he has ever had. The two then brawled as the video cut.

-A video recap of Sting getting power bombed last week was shown. [c]

-A video of The Young Bucks taking a picture with their parents was shown (Aren’t They Likable!!!)


The match started with Ricky Starks and Brian Pillman Jr. The two traded wrist holds, and some catch wrestling moves to show off. Griff Garrison tagged in and took the fight to Starks, he quickly tagged Pillman back in as they did moves as a team. Pillman then did a dropkick through the top and second rope, with his feet meeting Starks face on the outside. Starks eventually pushed Pillman onto the floor as he tried a springboard move. Brian Cage then got some hits in. [c]

When the show returned, Cage was bicep curling Pillman, Starks then tagged in and continued the assault on Pillman. Pillman eventually got the hot tag to Garrison, who was able to get offense in on Cage and Starks, leading to a top rope dive onto Cage. He then got a near fall on Starks that Cage broke up. A double team move by the Varsity Blondes lead to another near fall on Starks. Starks and Cage then took command and Cage pined Pillman Jr.

WINNER: Brian Cage & Ricky Starks in 9:00

-After the match the lights went out and a video by Sting and Darby Allin was shown. Then Stings music hit and he walked out to the arena, with bat in tow, and a body bag that had Hook in it. Allin then came from the top seats via zipline and the two then attacked Cage and Starks. Sting finished with a Scorpion Death Drop on Cage. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: The match itself was ok, I still think that Cage and Starks are not portrayed as the stars that they are booked to be. They gave a ton of offense to Pillman and Garrison, then the ending was just kinds out of nowhere after they got worked over. Then the post match stuff, I though it was pretty fun. But, Sting just slowly kicking and hitting a bad splash on Cage really does not help anyone. I hope that Team Taz can get something back after this feud. I think at this point Cage and Starks have to win the street fight, or this will have been a huge disaster for their characters.)

-A video of Miro and The newlyweds (Kip and Penelope) was shown. Kip said beach break should have been the best day ever, but it was ruined by Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. Miro said he would get Orange Cassidy, he did say that Charles can come back to Miro. They then received a note if they wanted to wrestle at Revolution. Miro then tore up the note.

(Sage’s Analysis: NOOOOOOOOOO!)


JR mentioned that Hager was getting in shape for MMA when the match started, good to know that he doesn’t stay in shape for AEW. Hager got offense quickly to start and got a suplex, then threw Cutler into the corner where he worked the body. Hager then hit the Hager Bomb, he then toured over the broken Cutler. Cutler was able to get some moves in and he got Hager to the outside and hit to really impressive dives. Hager then caught Cutler mid air, and slammed him. Hager then hit a huge clothesline for the pin.

WINNER: Jake Hager in 4:00

-After the match The Inner Circle came out and attacked Cutler. The Young Bucks came out and saved their friend. Matt Jackson then called out Jericho and MJF, he said they didn’t need to wait until Revolution and called them out. Jericho’s music hit, but he and MJF appeared on video. Jericho said they weren’t gonna waste their time. They then showed Papa Buck with blood and they slammed him into the same truck where the photo op earlier occurred. The Young Bucks ran to their and after MJF and Jericho. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: The match was an enhancement match. I do think that Jake Hager should not allow the character Brandon Cutler, who is in the lowest tier of AEW with Peter Avalon in terms of wins/losses, to get in any offense. The post match stuff was not good. Very straight forward and uninspired in my opinion. The chase felt very cheesy and lame. Tony Schiavone said it was a horrible scene, and I would agree.)

-A recap of the Cody/Red Velvet & Shaq/Jade Cargill was shown.


Isiah Kassidy started by attacking Adam Page once he entered his corner, Page quickly rebounded and tossed Kassidy across the ring. Hangman then hit a big clothesline that Kassidy sold like a finisher. Page got Kassidy to the outside and then jumped over the tope rope onto Kassidy. Page then clotheslined Kassidy over the barricade and into the crowd. Kassidy escaped a power bomb attempt and rolled back into the ring .

TH2 distracted the ref, while Matt Hardy grabbed the leg of Page. Kassidy then hit a move on Page. John Silver and Alex Reynolds then came out and Hardy was tossed. [c]

The show returned with Kassidy still in control, Page countered on the apron but was knocked to the floor. Silver and Reynolds pumped him up and he tried to hit his finishing move, but was countered. Page then hit an elbow strike for a near fall. Page then hit a quick death valley driver and then went on an offensive attack. Kassidy then hit a big move and got a near fall, Kassidy regained wrist control and he tried to get an arm bar on Page.

Kassidy hit a cutter like move on Page as he came off the top rope toward Kassidy on the apron. Page then hit his old finisher which is a reverse pile-driver for the pin.

WINNER: Adam Page in 14:00

-After the match, Matt Hardy said that he was gonna hurt Page and all members of The Dark Order. Hardy came out with Alan V Angels, and threw him off the stage into a table.

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was really good, Kassidy and Page have a lot of chemistry. I was happy to see Kassidy get a spotlight to show off as a singles wrestler. The early story was ok before the first break. I am glad that Page and Kassidy were able to tell the story in the ring with a clean finish.)

-Callis and Omega were in a metal shop working on the Moxley death trap for their match at Revolution. [c]

-A recap of Women’s tournament matches were shown.


Nyla Rose grabbed Britt Baker and threw her to the mat to start, Baker then got Rose in a headlock. Rose powered out of that and slam Baker several times. Baker then walked away from then ring area and started throwing items around the outside ring area. After a while she returned and Rose hit her with a Samoan drop. Rose then worked over Baker in the corner. Rose then picked up Baker and tossed her across the ring. Baker rolled to the outside where the two women brawled. [c]

A superplex and then a snap suplex by Baker opened the return from break. Rose then countered with elbows, she then was seated on the top rope and took out Rebel on note apron. Rose then hit a neck breaker and she got a near fall on Baker. Baker then got the glove from Rebel, she was then choke slammed by Nyla.

Rose attacked Rebel and Baker took advantage of the distraction, she had Rose in near Lock Jaw position, but Rose Powered out. Each women then got a near fall on each other. Baker then hit a super kick, then a crucifix bomb, then she tried to apply the lock jaw once more, but Rose powered out. Rose then power bombed Baker and got a near fall. Rose then hit a second power bomb and pinned Baker.

WINNER: Nyla Rose in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was really great as well! Rose and Baker have improved so much. I am really surprised that Rose won and I like to be surprise like that. More of this please!) 

-A recap of the FTR/Jurassic Express was shown.

-The announce team ran down the card for next week’s episode of Dynamite. [c]


The matched opened with Lance Archer pushing Rey Fenix’s head, Fenix answered with a chop, and kick attempts. Archer cooked and dodge those until Rey got on a second rope and kicked him down. Rey then tried to do a flash move, bust Archer slapped him to the ground. Archer was then in control and he moved Fenix around the lower ropes, until Fenix countered and knocked Archer out of the ring and hit a truly insane dive to the outside where he and don his feet in the crowd. Jake Roberts then attacked Fenix, but then Fenix jumped over Jake Roberts and onto Archer. The two men then traded slaps on the outside of the ring. [c]

When the show returned Archer had Fenix grounded and beaten down. Fenix got up and pushed and slapped Archer, he no sold those and then chopped Fenix off his feet. Archer then clotheslined Fenix on the apron, Fenix was then thrown into the barrier. Archer continued to work over Rey on the outside and he then threw Fenix into the ring. Archer Suplexed Fenix into the corner and then he tried the Blackout, but Rey countered out and hit a springboard stomp on the back of Archer.

Fenix tried to pick up Archer, but he failed and was suplexed. Archer then grabbed Fenix and did the rope walk moved got the near fall. Fenix was able to counter and chop Archer, but he was wackily thrown back into the corner. Archer ran into Fenix several times, but on one attempt Fenix countered and hit some kicks and then ran on the tope ropes and kicked Archer, leading to a near fall. Fenix then hit a cutter and got a two count. Archer then got up and hit a fisherman buster on Fenix for a near fall. Fenix then hit a Spanish fly off the tope rope for a near fall. Archer then tried t take the mask of Fenix off, Archer then hit A shoulder block, knocking Fenix off his feet. Archer then hit a choke slam for a near fall. Archer then set up Blackout and hit it for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 17:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another great match, Rey Fenix is so amazing. Lance Archer also brought it when he needed to in spots, this type of kind of random main event that is this good is what sets apart AEW from other companies right now.)

(Final Thoughts: This was an up and down show. Besides the Moxley promo, I though the first hour was one of the worst hours of TV that AEW has ever done. But, the second hour; Page/Kassidy, Rose/Bake, and Archer/Fenix I thought might hav been one of the best hours they have ever done. So I will be positive in saying that I think I will remember the last hour and not all the bad storytelling from the first hour. I do think that Revolution cannot come fast enough, as a lot of these stories need wrapping up.)


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