3/29 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Riddle vs. Sheamus, Asuka-Ripley contract signing, Lashley tries to get Drew taken out before WrestleMania

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


MARCH 29, 2021

Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, MVP

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


-They showed Drew McIntyre arriving at the arena to open the show. McKenzie Mitchell approached him and said she’s sure he’s heard Bobby Lashley’s bounty on him. (Well, they’re calling it an “offer.”) Drew said his eyes are alert because he might get attacked by two or three people. He dared anyone to come after him and get a “good old fashioned Scottish ass kicking.”

-Phillips said Drew is wary but ready.

-Lashley’s video vignette aired followed by his ring entrance alongside MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin. Phillips said every Superstar is a threat to Drew tonight.

MVP asked for the attention of the WWE Universe. He said they had an official announcement. He said they’re less than two weeks away from WrestleMania, where Lashley will walk in and walk out as champion. Lashley said if anyone takes out Drew before WrestleMania, they’ll be rewarded a title match at WrestleMania against him. MVP said not to mistake Lashley’s generous offer for weakness. MVP shrugged and said they just believe Drew has had his opportunity, so someone else should have a chance to step up. He asked if anyone wanted to step up to accept that generous offer. No response after a few seconds.

MVP then pointed to the big screen and said there are certain people who won’t be facing Drew at WrestleMania. They showed clips of Drew beating up both Cedric and Shelton last week. Lashley said because they failed last week, they are barred from ringside at his match at WrestleMania. He said they lost the tag team titles and that tarnishes his image. He said he cannot count on them for anything right now. He said he’s worked too long and too hard for the WWE Title, and he refuses to associate himself with incompetents.

MVP said Lashley is right. He said they had a two-on-one opportunity to take out Drew “and you failed miserably.” MVP said they can defend themselves. Cedric said they could have handled this privately. Shelton took the mic and asked if they wanted to embarrass them on TV. Shelton said Lashley wouldn’t even have the title if they didn’t have his back. MVP told him back off. Shelton told him not to talk to him like he’s some child. Shelton shoved MVP. Lashley hit Cedric. Shelton tossed Lashley down. Lashley got wide-eyed and threw off his suit jacket. Shelton and Lashley exchanged blows. Lashley threw some knees and gave Shelton a face plant. Cedric backed off at ringside. Lashley kicked Shelton in the ribs to send him to the floor, too.

MVP said they should be ashamed of themselves. Lashley said Hurt Business is over. He said the opportunity stands for everyone else to be rewarded a WWE Title match at WrestleMania. Lashley’s music played as Shelton and Cedric absorbed the situation at ringside.

(Keller’s Analysis: I don’t think Cedric and Shelton were a drag on the Lashley and MVP act at all. I don’t see the value and breaking them up. Lashley was stumbling a bit over his words in this segment. It wasn’t a huge deal, but Lashley seems better off being a man of few words and letting MVP carry the mic work.)

-A clip aired of Sheamus and Riddle last week interacting about his scooter before Sheamus jabbed him in the gut with it.

-Backstage, Riddle was riding his scooter around. Mitchell approached him and asked why he thinks Sheamus attacked him. Riddle said he’s not sure if he was having a bad day, a tummy ache, or just has no soul. He compared it to dropping a burrito on the floor. Riddle approached Titus O’Neal and asked, “What if you roasted a pig in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania.” Riddle thought he was roasting WrestleMania. Titus explained he was cohosting WrestleMania. Riddle pitched various food to him. Sheamus then attacked Riddle, knocking him off his scooter. “See ya’ out there, fella!” Sheamus said. [c]

-Phillips talked about a Miz segment later and the Sheamus-Riddle match. Then they replayed the break-up of Hurt Business from before the break.

-Backstage Cedric and Shelton approached WWE exec Adam Pearce. They said after all they’ve done for him, they want to show him he’s nothing without him. Cedric said Shelton wants him this week and, if there’s anything left, he wants him next week. Cedric asked if Pearce makes the match or not? “Where is your sack, Pearce?” he said. “Make the match, Pearce.” Shelton said, “Grow a pair.” Then he walked away.

(Keller’s Analysis: I hope they didn’t break up Hurt Business a year or two too early just to give Lashley TV opponents to squash the next two weeks.)

(1) RIDDLE vs. SHEAMUS – Non-title match

MVP joined the announcers on commentary. He said if Cedric and Shelton showed that kind of fortitude regarding Drew, they wouldn’t be in the position they’re in now. When Riddle kicked off his flip-flops, they added an augmented reality graphic of colorful birds flying away.

Sheamus likes to dish it out and take it, and Riddle will oblige given his MMA background. Sheamus took over early and settled into a side headlock, then grinded his elbow into the side of Riddle’s face. Byron said Shelton and Cedric made good points about having Lashley’s back and making sacrifices. MVP said they should have maintained their tag team titles. Riddle countered into a sleeper hold. Riddle landed a Floating Bro onto Sheamus at ringside as they cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Back live, Sheamus was in control. MVP remained on commentary. MVP said they don’t tolerate failure because they’re an elite group. Saxton asked MVP, “What if Shelton beats Lashley?” MVP said he’s a crazy man and asked if ever listens to himself. Riddle launched Sheamus off the top rope. MVP said that’s one of those situations where you can’t tell which wrestler got the worst of it. A graphic on the screen hyped the Asuka-Rhea Ripley contract signing later.

Riddle landed a Pelé kick and then kipped up and landed an overhead suplex. Riddle followed up with a barrage of kicks to Sheamus’s chest. He landed a Final Flash and Bro-ton for a near fall. Riddle applied a leg triangle around Sheamus’s head. Sheamus lifted him and powerbombed him, but Riddle held on. Sheamus reached the bottom rope to force a break. Sheamus lifted Riddle and gave him a White Noise on the edge of the ring apron as he leaped to the floor. He then scored a believable near fall. MVP said he is impressed Riddle kicked out. Sheamus gave him an Alabama Slam for another two count.

Sheamus signaled for a Brogue Kick, but Riddle popped up and small packaged Sheamus for a near fall. Sheamus fired back with a knee strike for the three count.

WINNER: Sheamus in 13:00.

-As Sheamus celebrated on the second rope, Riddle knocked him to the floor. He yelled down at Sheamus, “You’re going to get what’s coming to you.” Phillips defended Riddle by saying Sheamus attacked him before the match even began.

-Phillips commented on Shane McMahon’s training session before Fastlane where Shane claimed he hurt his knee. Then a clip aired of Braun Strowman beating Elias followed by Shane hitting Braun with a metal crutch, which Braun no-sold.

-Backstage, Shane was chatting Elias and Jaxson Ryker. The new interviewer approached Shane and asked if he can offer any insight on what he’s going to “reveal” later about Braun. Shane said he appreciates he’s a reporter asking questions, but no. He said they will be enlightening. [c]

-A WrestleMania commercial aired.

-Backstage Drew walked past A.J. Styles and Omos. He said he won’t turn his back to them. He said the Lashley offer seems like something Styles couldn’t refuse. Styles said he had bigger plans for WrestleMania. Styles said he’d like to see Omos slam him against the concrete a few times, but they plan to embarrass the New Day at WrestleMania and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions. He said he has to focus on his match against Xavier Woods tonight. He said he’s sure their paths will cross soon enough. Drew yelled and asked who is going to take Lashley up on his offer.

-Shane McMahon stood mid-ring as his music played. Elias and Ryker were still with him. He said in light of his amazing athleticism last week, people are saying his knee injury that prevented him from competing at Fastlane was “somewhat illegitimate.” He said people who think that don’t understand that it was adrenaline that gave him enough pain relief to get out of the way where he did not further injure himself so he can get back to 100 percent and beat Braun Strowman at WrestleMania.

Shane then produced on the screen an alleged Braun fifth grade report card. The grades on it were D-, D-, D, and D+. He asked how one gets a D in gym. Teacher comments recommended he be held back a grade or two. Other comments said he often instigated fights. It also said summer school is a necessity. Shane said a picture is worth a thousand words. A graphic said: “2 + 2 = 5. I’m not stupid! I’m not stupid! I’m not stupid!” with a picture of Braun in a dunce hat. Shane said this is proof Braun is intellectually challenged. Ryder said he almost feels bad, but it’s true. Shane said he will outwit Braun at WrestleMania. He said maybe what Braun needs is a big old warm hug from all of them. He said they’d give him it to him. Braun’s music interrupted Shane stuttering Braun’s name to mock him.

Braun walked out and roared. MVP said Shane is one of the most intelligent people he knows. Shane danced in the ring and acted all ready to fight, but had Ryker and Elias flanking him. Shane bailed out as soon as Braun entered the ring. [c]


Saxton plugged WWE Network on Peacock TV just before the bell rang. Braun tossed Ryder around in the opening seconds, then went after Shane at ringside. Shane ran away. MVP said Shane is a bully. Saxton said he’s not sure that’s a legit report card. MVP indicated it seemed believable to him. Ryder caught a charging Braun with a boot to the face. The train noises played as Braun charged at ringside into Ryker. (Now that’s stupid.) Braun yelled down at Shane and then gave Ryker a running powerslam for the win.

WINNER: Braun in 3:00.

-Braun chased Shane in and out of the ring. Elias attacked Braun from behind. Shane joined in the attack on Braun. Braun stood and shoved them both off of him. Shane retreated up the ramp. Braun grabbed a mic and asked Shane where he’s running off to. He said he hasn’t forgotten that he accepted his challenge for a match of his choosing. Braun said he’s made up his mind what kind of match. He said it’s the kind that his goons can’t get involved in. He said there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. He said at WrestleMania, he’s going to “get these hands in a steel cage match.” Shane nodded and tried not to sell it. He then smiled and said, “Okay.” Phillips said there will be nowhere for Shane to run and nowhere for him to hide at WrestleMania.

(Keller’s Analysis: The photoshop humor here was decent in the context of Shane preposterously pretending to have obtained Braun’s report card and trying to humiliate him. Braun carried himself with dignity here by “outsmarting” Shane by making it a cage match. Shane not selling it is Very McMahon of Him. But it also suggests Shane has a plan to outwit Braun even if it’s a cage match. This was all okay for building up sympathy for Braun against Shane.)

-A clip aired of Miz challenging Bad Bunny to a match at WrestleMania.


-The Miz and John Morrison sat mid-ring. Morrison said, “If you’re wondering why my hair is so big, it’s because it’s full of secrets.” Miz said this is one of the most anticipated Dirt Sheet’s ever because it will feature the world premiere of their new single, “Hey Hey, Hop Hop.”

Miz and Morrison laughed about Bad Bunny not winning a VMA last year. Miz said Bad Bunny will lose to him at WrestleMania. He said speaking of Bad Bunny, he’d like to address what happened last week. He said Bad Bunny doesn’t belong in WWE, which he made clear when he hit him in the back with a guitar. He said he solidified his stance when he challenged him to a match at WrestleMania. He said Bunny accepted and hit him with a chair. He said he was trying to teach Bunny a lesson when he hit him, whereas Bunny was trying to hurt him. Miz said he was out of line, but it’s out of line. He promised to pay him back for every shred of disrespect and every splinter of wood that is in his back.

Miz and Morrison shifted to plugging their new music video. Morrison said the locals in San Juan loved them when they filmed it on site for a few days. The video then aired.

The video consisted of Miz and Morrison dancing and rapping on the Raw stage while wearing suits, with cutaways to cheering crowds. They showed Miz and Morrison singing along live in the stage as it played on the big screen in ThunderDome. Miz and Morrison on occasion wore Bunny suits as they took shots at both Bunny and Damian Priest. They got up and started dancing in the ring as the video kept playing with clips of them hitting Bunny with a guitar.

(Keller’s Analysis: That just might get stuck in my head, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.)

Back in the ring, Miz was tearing up and he said he was just thinking about thanking his family when he wins an Emmy Award. Bad Bunny and Priest interrupted. Priest said they actually enjoyed the video. Bunny said it was entertaining. Priest said he’s glad Miz had time to laugh, chill, and goof off, because he won’t be laughing after facing Bunny at WrestleMania. Priest said Bunny is going to make Miz his bitch.

Miz and Morrison walked up to Priest at ringside. Priest told Miz to go past him and go get Bunny. Miz went after Bunny, but Bunny popped him in the face with a punch. Bunny entered the ring and yelled that he’s ready. Morrison yelled at Bunny that he missed up. Bunny began throwing the set chairs out of the ring. Bunny then knocked over and bent the poster in the ring. Morrison said Bunny just signed his own death warrant. Saxton said he’s not sure Bunny fully understands what he’s getting himself into. He said he cannot wait.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good to see Priest back in the mix. I’m still surprised it’s not a tag match with those four.)

-Randy Orton stood backstage and said he’s shared the ring with some of the greatest talent the industry has ever offered such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane, and John Cena. He said none of them quite compare to The Fiend. He said he chose to drop the match and see The Fiend burn. He said no man could have survived that. He said he was so blinded about wanting Fiend out of his life that he ignored that the Fiend isn’t a regular man, and is actually a sadistic abomination from hell. He said at least he now knows what he is dealing with. He said for the final time at WrestleMania, he will stand across the ring from a sick, twisted abomination, not a man. “Lucky for me, we were both cut from the same cloth,” he said. He said at WrestleMania, he will dig down deep and do what he needs to do. He said he knows how far he has to sink to be sure Fiend is out of his life once and for all.

(Keller’s Analysis: The level of nonsense Orton is trying to address in this storyline is too much to overcome, but his dedication to being intense and sincere in his delivery is commendable. Still no hint of what kind of match it’ll be.)

-Lashley made his ring entrance with MVP. Saxton said he can’t wrap his head around how Lashley treated MVP like he was dirt.

-They showed a determined Shelton Benjamin backstage heading toward the entrance stage with Cedric walking behind him. [c]

-Phillips said tickets are still available for WrestleMania, “but they won’t last long.” He said Miz vs. Bad Bunny will be on night one.


Shelton attacked Lashley at the bell from behind. MVP said Shelton and Cedric didn’t get the job done and don’t measure up to the standards of the Hurt Business. He complimented Shelton as a great athlete, but said they do business at the highest levels and if you can’t keep up, you get left behind. Lashley took over and threw Shelton into the ringpost on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelton caught Lashley with a surprise Pay Dirt. Lashley kicked out. Phillips was amazed. MVP said Lashley has kicked out of many finishers. Lashley gave Shelton an Almighty Spinebuster, then applied the Hurt Lock. The ref called off the match. As Lashley celebrated, Phillips hyped his title defense against Drew at WrestleMania.

WINNER: Lashley in 4:00.

-Backstage, New Day approached A.J. Styles and Omos. They pretended to be chickens and accused Styles of being scared. Meanwhile, Xavier plugged his podcast and YouTube Channel on an easel. Then they ran off laughing. [c]

-Back from the break, Saxton asked how Shane will survive the cage match against Braun. Phillips said it was just made official that Riddle will defend the U.S. Title against Sheamus at WrestleMania.

-New Day stood mid-ring with tables with colorful coverings and games on them. Kofi and Xavier said it’s Game Night. There was an oversized Jenga set, a Connect Four game, Uno, and more. They invited Omos and Styles to the ring. As Styles and Omos walked out, they plugged the Raw Tag Team Title match. Saxton said it pains him, but he believes they will beat New Day for the titles at WrestleMania.

Kofi and Xavier said they know it’s important for them to be a well-oiled machine. He said these games will prove who the better team is. Styles said they’ll play their little silly games just to prove they’re wrong. Xavier said charades was up first. There was a bowl full of words to act out for their teammate.

Xavier guessed “A Thousand Miles by Venessa Carlton.” They celebrated. Styles banged his forehead with a mic. Styles said it was his turn. He drew his word. It was “The Lion King.” Styles tried to immitate a lion licking his paws and then wearing a crown. Omos didn’t guess anything and seemed uninterested. They ran out of time.

Next up was Pictionary. New Day got “Rocket Ship” right away. Styles got “The Sun.” Again, Omos didn’t play along at all. Styles drew a sun, and Omos just stared at Styles. Omos yelled, “Enough! Enough with the games!” He said they just have to win at WrestleMania, and he will show them both what he is capable of. Xavier said they’re all out of time. Game show music played as Styles threw the easel out of the ring angrily and knocked over other games.

(Keller’s Analysis: Omos came out of that with his dignity. Styles is good at the comedic stuff and seems to enjoy it, just like Johnny Gargano over in NXT.) [c]

-They showed a kid dressed up like Hulk Hogan who sent in a video. Saxton said the full-sized actual Hulk Hogan will be co-hosting WrestleMania with Titus O’Neal.

(4) A.J. STYLES (w/Omos) vs. XAVIER WOODS (w/Kofi Kingston)

The match was joined in progress after the break. Omos stopped Xavier from charging at Styles on the ring apron with a kick. He grabbed his leg. The ref DQ’d Styles. Omos then threw Kofi over the barricade. They did the low-angle camera to make Omos look ten feet tall.

WINNER: Xavier via DQ in 3:00.

-Afterward, Omos slammed Xavier head into the mat. MVP laughed and said, “One more time, please!” Omos stood on Xavier’s chest and then Styles counted to three. Phillips said it could be over that quickly at WrestleMania.

-They went to Alexa Bliss rocking in a chair in the ring set. [c]


-Phillips threw to a video package on the Orton-Bliss-Fiend storyline including the angle last week.

-They went to Bliss who held a Jack in the Box. She said it might look normal, but it’s so much more. She said centuries ago, those used to be called The Devil in the Box. “Legends say they had spells written all over them containing a demonic presence.” She said at TLC, Orton burned The Fiend alive and he truly believed The Fiend was gone forever. She said Randy was wrong. “The Fiend was just weakened and trapped,” she said. She explained he was trapped in the box. She said all he needed was time, and now he’s salivating at the idea of standing across the ring from Orton at WrestleMania. She said Orton’s biggest mistake is thinking he understands what’s next. “He doesn’t,” she said. She said she had a hint: “At WrestleMania, the Legend Killer dies.” She cranked the box and began laughing. Then the camera panned to the right and there was charred and scorched Fiend.

-Backstage, Drew took a deep breath, then got up and banged on the wall as he walked by. He entered the locker room and asked who is going to try to take him out. He said nobody has stepped up, and he’s frankly disappointed. He said a few years ago, he would have done it. Drew mocked a wrestler off camera for getting on his phone to try to get trending. He looked down at Braun and said he should be a five-time champion by now. He told him to step the hell up. Braun stood and said when he’s done ripping Shane to pieces at WrestleMania, if Drew is champion, he’ll be the first to come find him.

Next, Drew grabbed Humberto Carrillo. He told him to hit him. He tossed him aside. He walked up to Riddle. Riddle said Sheamus is like a full Thanksgiving meal and he’s stuffed. Drew asked if anyone takes this seriously. He told Drew Gulak to do something. He head-butted him. Ricochet stood up and Drew said he knows wants an opportunity, so take it. Ricochet said he’s known him a long time, and he’ll bring a fight, but Lashley’s offer doesn’t mean anything. Drew said he respects that and he’ll see him in the ring.

-Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Reginald made their way to the ring. [c]

(5) SHAYNA BASZLER (w/Nia Jax, Reginald) vs. NAOMI (w/Lana)

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke joined the announcers on commentary. Reginald distracted Naomi on the top rope. Lana took a swing at Reginald, who flipped out of the way. Jax then got upset and set up Lana for a Samoan Drop. Dana and Lana got into a fight. Baszler kicked Lana. Naomi then rolled up Baszler with a bridge for the three count.

WINNER: Naomi in 2:00.

-They showed Asuka backstage. Riddle rode up to her on a scooter. He said he’s a little sore and a little beat up, but at least he gets to wrestle Sheamus at WrestleMania. He asked Asuka if scooters are big in Japan. He then stopped and said he forgot what he was saying. He scooted away and Asuka laughed.

(Keller’s Analysis: That looked like an outtake they decided to keep and just air. Asuka seemed to break character with her laugh.)

-They showed Rhea Ripley backstage. [c]

-Phillips plugged WrestleMania tickets again. Then they aired a clip of the Miz & Morrison world premiere music video.

-Pearce stood mid-ring for the official contract signing for the Raw Title match at WrestleMania between Asuka and Ripley. He introduced Ripley first. Phillips said Charlotte is “out of action” which opened an opportunity for Ripley. (Not a lot of explanation there why she leapfrogged to the front of the line.) Pearce then introduced Asuka. Phillips said Ripley is being audacious considering how impressive Asuka has been lately. Saxton said he thinks Asuka was pleasantly surprised Ripley stepped up. Phillips said Asuka wants more and more challengers.

Ripley said Asuka is the current Raw Women’s Champion, stressing current. Asuka laughed and sat back and said Ripley is overconfident. Ripley said she’s right, she is. She said in her first night at Raw, she was confident enough to challenge her to a match at WrestleMania. She said she is now confident enough to say she’s going to beat her for her title at WrestleMania. She signed the contract and shoved it back at Asuka. Asuka signed it promptly, eyeing Ripley as she did it. She let out a laugh. As she said she is going to learn she’s not ready for Asuka, Ripley threw the table into the face of Asuka.

Jax, Baszler, and Reginald walked out. Jax said she’s not sure what’s worse, Ripley having the audacity to request a championship match at WrestleMania or Asuka for accepting her challenge. Baszler said, “They’re both pretty bad.” She said Ripley is new, but Asuka should be ashamed of herself. She said after everything she has done to her, she should know better. She said they have dominated the entire women’s division for an entire year. “Where is our WrestleMania match, huh?” she asked. Baszler said she’s already proven she can kick the champion’s teeth out of her mouth. She said she wants to give Rhea a dose of that reality. Jax said if Asuka can pull herself out from under the table, how about they both face them next week “and I’ll show you what brutality really is.” Ripley looked down at Asuka and said, “We accept.” She threw the mic down. Asuka looked up, holding her mouth as if she had her teeth knocked out again.

-Backstage, MVP approached Ricochet and said after all this time, he’s glad to see him thinking like a businessman. Ricochet said this isn’t about Lashley’s offer because he thinks he and Lashley are full of it. He said he’s going to beat Drew tonight because he knows he can and he doesn’t know when he’ll get another opportunity.

-Drew’s entrance theme played. [c]

-The announcers noted that Kane, Great Khali, Molly Holly, Eric Bischoff, and Rob Van Dam would be part of the 2021 Hall of Fame Class. They showed RVD telling Fox Sports, “I’m honored.”

-Back to the announcers at ringside, who plugged Peacock as the only place to stream WrestleMania.


Ricochet made his ring entrance. Phillips brought up to MVP that Ricochet believes he’s full of it. MVP said just when he was giving credit to Ricochet, he showed he doesn’t understand the opportunity in front of him. Drew hit a high backdrop early. Phillips said Drew is in quite a mood. Drew then tossed Ricochet half way across the ring. They showed Lashley watching on a monitor backstage. Ricochet reversed Drew into the turnbuckle and then delivered a leaping knee to the face. Drew went down. Ricochet delivered a leaping kick off the second rope for a one count. Ricochet tossed Drew to the floor, but Drew yanked him by his boot to the floor and whipped him. Ricochet landed on the barricade and then landed a running dropkick. Back in the ring, Ricochet went for a 630, but Drew moved and then hit a Claymore for the clean win.

WINNER: Drew in 3:00.

-As Drew celebrated, Mustafa Ali attacked Drew. He stomped away at him. Saxton said Ali is a Superstar without a country right now. The ref tried to pull Ali off of Drew. Drew tossed him to the floor. Drew asked Ali if he wants to fight him right now. They cut to a break. [c]

-A commercial aired for Smackdown featuring Logan Paul.


With the match in progress after the break, Ali was in control. He yelled down to MVP. MVP said he loves it and to get the job done. Drew came back with a snap powerslam a couple minutes in. Drew threw chops and kicks at Ali in the corner. Then he overhead tossed Ali. Drew head-butted Ali out of mid-air. Then he signaled for and delivered the Claymore for the win.

WINNER: McIntyre in 5:00.

-As Drew celebrated his second win and caught his breath, he asked, “Is there no one else? Anybody?!” He yelled for a mic. He called Lashley to the ring. He said everybody who tried got their ass kicked. He called for him to come out and finish him his damn self. They cut to MVP who didn’t react. Then Lashley’s music played. Lashley walked onto the stage. Drew stared back. MVP said, “This is not a good business decision. What’re you doing, champ?” he asked. [c]

-Back from the break, Phillips hyped Raw Talk featuring Asuka, Riddle, and Miz & Morrison as guests.

-Back in the ring live, Drew said he was so focused on the match, he never noticed MVP was sitting behind him. He said Lashley can send anybody after him and play any tricks he wants, but no matter what, he can’t prevent the inevitable. He said they’ll be fight at WrestleMania. Lashley said he almost ended Drew’s career at Elimination Chamber, “and in hindsight, I should have.” He said that will pale in comparison to what he does to him at WrestleMania. He said his time is up and it’s now the Almighty Era.

Drew said Lashley is big, bad, aggressive, and dangerous. “If Drew McIntyre didn’t exist, you’d be the man in this whole company. But I do exist, and tonight sending everyone out to get me, you proved to me Lashley is afraid of Drew McIntyre.” Lashley shoved Drew. They exchanged punches. Lashley dropped Drew and punched away at him and landed a headbutt. He knocked him to the floor with a kick. Drew yelled, “You better bring more than that at WrestleMania, you bitch!”

King Corbin then attacked Drew from behind. MVP said he’s showing an entrepreneurial spirit. Corbin gave Drew a Deep Six. Lashley then re-entered the ring and put Drew in a Hurt Lock. Corbin looked on as Lashley rag-dolled McIntyre. Corbin yelled for him to do it again. Lashley did, and then he threw Drew hard to the mat. Drew was out. Lashley held the belt in front of Drew’s face and asked if he’s ready for a war. Lashley applied a third Hurt Lock. Corbin continued to look on and taunt Drew. “How do you like it, Drew!” he yelled. Drew faded as MVP said that is a preview of the highlight of WrestleMania. Lashley held up his belt to close the show as Corbin looked on.

(Keller’s Analysis: Hard to know what to make of Corbin being part of this. Is this just to set up a match on Raw next week, or does this possibly add him to the mix at WrestleMania? I can’t believe they’d really consider that. I was waiting for Corbin to attack Lashley from behind, but he didn’t.)

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