NXT UK HITS & MISSES 3/25: Dragunov vs. Gradwell in an intense battle, the boredom of Supernova Sessions, more


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Supernova Sessions Featuring Trent Seven – MISS

This segment will always be a miss for me anytime it’s on the show. Yes, it’s attempting forward Seven as a character, but Noam Dar gets in the way. This was all about Trent Seven talking about his loss last week and trying to get down in the 205 division, but ultimately felt like set up for the rejoining of Mustache Mountain.

Jack Starz vs Joseph Connors – PUSH

This was just a match to help continue the feud between Jinny and Piper Niven. Using these two guys as a stand-in for the women is an interesting concept. These two wrestled a pretty good match even though it’s hard to take it as a big match since Connors is a bottom of the mid-card guy and Starz has been a jobber. Still a good match that helps forward the story.

Morrell & Jones vs Primate & T-Bone – MISS

This was another squash match for the new team of T-Bone & Primate. Nothing big about the match outside of that. It was used simply to show off the T-Bone & Primate team. In the end, it was too long for that being it’s only goal.

Aleah James vs Isla Dawn – PUSH

I’m wondering what they are trying to do with the Isla Dawn character as they had her showing a different side if herself in this match. The match ended up not being the focus and it just was a tool to forward the character.

Ilja Dragunov vs Sam Gradwell No Disqualification Match – HIT

This match started quickly which was smart given both have been at each other’s throats the last few weeks. From the start, you could see Dragunov trying to keep himself calm and have a regular match. Gradwell on the other hand was trying to drag him into the no disqualification side of the match to push Dragunov off the deep end. As the match kept going you could see Dragunov fight off his urges to snap and keep it calm. This match became even more hard-hitting and then it got to a point where Dragunov had to snap. After that, he beat Gradwell until the ref called the match. I guess this will be the new thing with Dragunov where he goes to this place in his head where he gets extra brutal.

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