NXT UK HITS & MISSES 3/18: Jordan and Seven deliver a classic, Walter asks for competition, more


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Nathan Frazer vs Ashton Smith – HIT

This was the first match for Ben Carter under his new name of Nathan Frazer. Another good match for Frazer, too. Even if the name changes, his ring style is still amazing. They need to continue the slow build of Frazer now that he has his name and a ring style that is different from everyone. He pulled out the win against a heavyweight on this show. Let’s see where this goes and how they make people invest more in him as a character.

NXT UK: Prelude – HIT

The announcement of this show was needed for the brand. NXT UK needs a show like this to keep the hype up for future shows. Since they are having this special show, feuds and programs will build toward something concrete.

Dani Luna vs Meiko Satomura – HIT

A great strong style match and a logical next match for Satomura after her loss to Kay Lee Ray. These two women beat each other up. Luna is an amazing up-and-coming babyface and even with the loss at this time, you can see a bright future with her.

Walter Announcement – HIT

Walter is the best champion in the WWE. In this segment, he was trying to say he needs more competition. Then Rampage Brown came out to tell him he is next and he doesn’t need to look far. This match will be tremendous.

Jordan Devlin vs Trent Seven NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match – HIT

The best matches outside of Walter and Kay Lee Ray belong to Jordan Devlin. This was an amazing match. I like this because this shows both guy’s ring work while showing star power. Both guys worked hard and they did their thing. In the end, it was a good win for Devlin and he can now take the championship to NXT Stand and Deliver.

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