NXT UK HITS & MISSES 3/11: Bate thrives in Heritage Cup match, Teoman debuts, more


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Tyler Bate vs Dave Mastiff Heritage Cup Rules Match – HIT

This is another match on the journey of Bate and his chase for the Heritage Cup. The first round started out as a slow feeling out process. The second round started a little fast with a quick end to the round with a surprise pin of Mastiff by Bate. After that, Bate then changed his ring style to try to work with him being in the lead. This cost him and allowed Mastiff to pick up the pin in that round. From there, the match turned into a more aggressive style. Bate was able to fight back, mix up his styles, and get the last fall in the fifth round and take the win. A good match overall.

Teoman vs Danny Jones – HIT

A big debut match for Teoman. They have been running packages for him for weeks so this was his chance to show us what he has in the ring. In this match, Teoman came out with a ruthless strong style. The match as a whole wasn’t much to speak of when it came to both guys. Since this was a showcase for Teoman, he was able to get himself over. This was simple, but can’t wait to see how he builds this career from this first match.

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan vs Mark Andrews & Morgan Webster – HIT

This is a match of two tells for both teams. For Andrew & Webster, they’re coming off the street fight from a few weeks ago. They were taped up and still showing effects from the bout. For Williams & Jordan, the questions was will Williams continue to show heel tactics. The match started fast and was action-packed, but once Williams came in he was more overly aggressive than usual. The tag-team style of Andrews & Webster is so smooth and makes any tag match they’re in entertaining. Kenny Williams again showed more of the heel turn he has taken by using a mule low blow kick on Webster. This time Jordan saw and asked him why he did it after Williams got the pin. I’m enjoying what they are doing with this team. We’ll see if the push can work and  if this will lead Jordan to join Williams.

Piper Niven & Jack Starz vs Jinny & Joseph Conners – HIT

From the time they made this match, it was interesting to me. Piper has been in a feud with both Jinny & Joseph for weeks now and she’s been trying to get her hands on both. Jinny & Joseph started this match by trying to keep Starz in the match. Every time Niven got in the match they immediately would get her out by tagging to bring the men back in. This kept Niven away from Jinny. From there, Jinny & Joseph tried their hardest, but Niven helped Jack overcome the and finally got her hands-on Jinny. Once she did that the match changed and Niven & Starz took over. Then, Niven hit the Piper Driver 99 on Conners and tagged in Starz to get the win. A really fun match overall.

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