6/30 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Sammy Guevara vs. MJF, Miro vs. Brian Pillman Jr., The Young Bucks vs. Eddie Kingston & Penta, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JUNE 30, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-Chris Jericho came out to his entrance music, before he sat down at the commentary desk.


All four men were brawling as the match started. Eddie Kingston and Matt Jackson started as the legal men. Kingston and Penta were able to double team Matt. Nick detracted the ref and when this was going on Penta did a stomp off the top rope onto the groin of Matt Jackson. Penta then tagged in and continued to work over Matt Jackson, who was soon able to make a counter and tagged in his brother Nick Jackson.

After Nick worked over Penta, Matt was tagged in and the two men teamed up to hit moves. Nick was soon tagged in, as Matt and Penta were outside the ring. Penta took out Matt, then Nick, and then hit the hot tag on Kingston. He then was able to work over Nick Jackson and got him to the ground and tried some submission moves. On the outside Kingston was taken out by Nick Jackson from the apron. Brandon Cutler hit both Bucks with the cold spray. Nick got a one count pin on Kingston, back in the ring.

In the corner, both Bucks teamed up to work over Eddie Kingston. The Bucks hit kicks to the back of Kingston, he no sold those and got up to hit some chops on both men. The Bucks were able to take down Kingston again, with Nick Jackson as the legal man. Kingston hit a superplex on Nick Jackson, both men were left laying on the mat. Both men were able to tag, making Penta and Matt the legal men. Penta hit a DDT and then a slingblade, and then a code red on Matt Jackson for a very near fall. The crowd yelled “that was three,” after the ref’s count.

Nick Jackson was now legal and he took a double move form Penta and Kingston and Matt had to break up the pin. Matt dove out and took out himself and Kingston. Matt then hit a low blow on Penta, and then The Lucha Bros. finish, Eddie Kingston was able to break out the pin. The Good Brothers entered the arena and waited at ringside. The Good Brothers distracted the ref, as Cutler cold sprayed Matt Jackson on accident, Frankie Kazarian entered and helped Kingston and Penta. Kingston and Penta then hit double moves and got the pinfall on Matt Jackson.

WINNER: Pentagon & Eddie Kingston in 16:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match that started slow and really built toward the end. It was nice to see the tables turned on The Bucks after seeing the opposite result so many times. I also was not expecting to see Kingston & Penta get the win so that is always an exciting way to start the show.)

-Christian Cage and Jungle Boy were backstage. He said that JB could learn form the loss, and he was almost there, and that he will one day be champion. They then hyped that Jungle Boy was going for 50 wins. The rest of Jurassic Express entered and interacted with Cage. [c]

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky, Page was asked why a coffin match with Darby Allin? Page said that he had not been doing enough, and then berated the crowd for not letting him talk. Page said his goal is not to beat Darby, but to exterminate him. He then talked about all the times he has hurt him, in and out of AEW. He said that he will cripple Darby Allin mentally, he then stared at the camera and said he would beta Allin and that Darby would think of him every time he does a coffin drop in the future.

The lights went out and Sting came out to the ring, with a coffin. Darby was in the coffin. He and Sting charged and sauntered to the ring respectively. Page and Sky ran out of the ring. Page said that Darby couldn’t beat him at 100%. He then canceled the match for next week. He then said that if Allin behaves then maybe it will happen at Fyter Fest.

-Chris Jericho then did a sales pitch for his new book. Then a recap of Saturday’s World Title match was shown. Matt Hardy appeared and said that Jack Evans is only supposed to hurt Jungle Boy in the next match, he doesn’t care if he wins.


A Collar and elbow tie-up started the match, the two men then did a series of chain wrestling moves. Jungle Boy went for a snare trap to try and end the match early. JB then tried a drop kick, but Evans avoided that and then Evans was able to take control of the match momentarily. Jungle Boy hit a drop kick as the commercial break started. [c]

Evans controlled most of the break, but JB took over almost instantly getting a big move and then trying for a standing submission. Evans was put in the tree of woe, and JB hit a double kick and then locked in a Snare Trap for the submission win.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 6:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid near squash match for Jungle Boy. The crowd was good, but not great in terms of JB being over. The end being all about Christian and Matt Hardy was odd and I did not think that it framed Jungle Boy in the correct light)

-Post match Matt Hardy and his office came out, Christian Cage and Jurassic Express came out to defend. Cage then choked Hardy with his jacket and then beat up on Evans.

-MJF had a promo. He said that he has out worked, smarted, and talked Chris Jericho. He said there would be no shame in leaving as the worse man. But he has made AEW a clown show getting back at him. He said that Jericho is a joke, he used to be cool, but now he is just sad. He asked how low would Jericho go to get a shot at him again. He said that next week he will give Jericho stipulations he needs to fulfill in order to get a shot at him (Just like Cody did 18 months ago). He then called out Sammy and their match later tonight. [c]

-Andrade el Idolo, was backstage and said that Matt Sydal interrupted him last week. He will make an example of him in Miami next week.

-Tony Schiavone introduced Kenny Omega to the ring. Kenny thanked Tony, and said that they had a conversation earlier. Tony asked him how he stays motivated, Tony said that they haven’t talked today. Kenny said that he feels like a king today, he said that he has beaten almost everyone in his path as a champion and before then. He said that no one is left in AEW and that he will have to take time off, but he would defend belts all around the world. Then Dark Order came out, Evil Uno said that he does have challengers left. Kenny made fun of the entire faction, he said they are not close to him.

Uno said that he was right, but that Kenny knows someone who does have the skill and wins to challenge him. Kenny said that if they are talking about the same person he thinks they are, they shouldn’t talk for him. He also thinks that person doesn’t have the guts to face him. That person doesn’t think that he can even be champion. Kenny then said good night and walked out of the ring. [c]

-Brian Pillman Jr. had a promo before his match. He said that he had great friends and teammates growing up, that made him the man he is today. He said when Miro put hands on his friend he made it personal. He isn’t God’s favorite, he is just a big bully.


Miro missed a kick to start, Brian Pillman Jr. was able to get in some brief offense. Miro hit a side suplex and then beat on Pillman in the corner, and the middle of the ring. Miro then laid in kicks to the chest of a kneeling Pillman. Miro hit a fallaway slam, throwing Pillman out of the ring. [c]

Miro continued the assault on Pillman as the show returned. Pillman made a last stitch effort and kicked Miro off the apron with a drop kick off the top and then through the ropes. He then continued the assault on the outside. Pillman then did a springboard clothesline and got a one count on Miro. Pillman then hit a big boot, and then another. Miro caught the third attempt and then took control of the match. Miro then locked in the Game Over submission, Pillman passed out and the ref called the match.

WINNER: Miro in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another great match from Miro. Pillman also looked great and pretty believable as a real babyface. The crowd was very behind his comeback. Pillman may be a dark horse to add to the list of up-and-coming young, non-WWE stars within AEW)

-Adam Page and The Dark Order were backstage. Page yelled at Dark Order for making the challenge for him. The Dark Order members then tried to pump up Page as they walked out. [c]

-Team Taz had some breaking news, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks were not present. Taz said that their relationship is hurting everyone. Taz announced that Brian Cage would defend the FTW belt against Ricky Starks on July 14th.


Rebel and Britt both hit Vicki Guerrero before the bell rang. Rebel jumped on Nyla Rose and tried to submit her. Rose threw her off and then started to work over Rebel. Vicki was tagged in and she danced as it went to a break. [c]

Britt was able to hit a move on Rose, letting Rebel get a near fall. Britt tagged in and she hit a series of kicks on Rose. Britt then put on her glove and was choke slammed by Nyla. Rose then hit a falling Knee on Baker, who was perched on the top rope, for a near fall. Vicki was then tagged in and pushed into Rose. Baker then put Vicki in the Lockjaw for the win.

WINNER: Britt Baker & Rebel in 7:00

(Sage’s Analysis: At best this was silly fun. At worst, which I am leaning too, this was just absolute crap. This was a match with two non-wrestlers in the AEW context, and the match itself was dreadful minus some spots between Rose and Baker. I do not know how this idea was cleared and made it on a television screen. It is borderline disrespectful to frame your women’s champion this way, with this match.)

-Post match Nyla Rose power slammed Baker, she then power bombed Baker through a table on the outside.

-The announce team ran down the card for the show next week in Miami. This includes new matches featuring Inner Circle vs. Pinnacle and a mix tag match with OC & Kris Statlander vs. The Bunny & The Blade. [c]


The crowd chanted for Sammy before they men touched, MJF ran out of the ring before the first blows were landed. The two men traded Ric Flair struts, while then tumbled and showed their athleticism. Sammy hit a knee strike and tried a GTH, but MJF countered. The two men then wrestled on the mat, with many pinning combinations locked in. Both did a kip up after that exchange.

MJF offered a handshake, but Sammy ran in with knee strikes. MJF then gouged the eyes of Sammy, but MJF was countered and Sammy went up for a 630, but MJF ran to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring Sammy hit a springboard cutter for a near fall. MJF was able to sweep the leg of Sammy and send him down onto the apron and then slammed him into the barrier at ringside. [c]

MJF was dominate throughout the break, when the show returned he had a headlock on Sammy in the middle of the ring. Sammy tried to do a baseball slide, but MJF pulled date curtain and forced Sammy under the ring. Sammy was able to get some offense and throw MJF into the ring. Sammy tried a springboard move, but was caught by MJF and he turned that into a Liger Bomb.

A few moments later, Sammy hit a second rope Spanish Fly. Sammy then hit a big lariat and kicks on MJF who was in the corner. Sammy then hit MJF to the outside area, He then did a tornado dive out onto MJF. Sammy then hit a springboard destroyer for a near fall on MJF. After a flurry, MJF was able to hit a stomp onto the arm of Sammy. He then tried to submit Sammy with the hurt arm.

MJF went for a chair, but Sammy drop kicked the chair, MJF was on the fan side of the barrier. Sammy hit an absolutely insane front flip off of the top rope into the crowd onto MJF. Back in the ring, MJF took out the feet of Sammy and then MJF hit a piledriver from the middle rope for a near fall. MJF sold his knee after the piledriver.

MJF tried to pick up Sammy, but he sold the knee and both men fell to the mat. MJF stood up and Sammy got a near fall with an inside cradle. Sammy stood up, and MJF elbowed his knee sending him back to the mat. MJF tried a Piledriver ring the ropes, Sammy pushed him off and they traded near falls. Sammy then hit the GTH, but MJF’s foot was on the ropes as Sammy pulled his legs up for the pin.

Sammy went up for the 630, MJF begged Sammy to not do it as he stood. Sammy hit the 630, but MJF kicked out. Shawn Spears walked out, and Jericho went to stop him. Wardlow took out Jericho in the upper crowd area. Wardlow then threw Jericho off of the stage, Spears then hit Sammy with a chair as the ref was distracted. MJF rolled over and pinned Sammy.

WINNER: MJF in 22:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Wow, what can you say. That match had everything you would want. It was a clinic in athleticism, workmate, and in the last 3rd of the match in psychology. The angle at the end worked with the story, but I would say that is what kept this from being a 5 star match contender. Which in its own way is for the best. Tony Khan can main event any PPV in the future with these two guys and know that it will have the potential to be the best match in AEW history. In the moment that is what I would call this match, if it isn’t it is right up their with the Omega & Page vs. The Young Bucks match for that honor. Amazing stuff.)

-A thank you package for the fans in and out of Jacksonville was shown as the show ended.

Final Thoughts: This was a really good show, that will hopefully start a string of good shows on the road in coming weeks. Besides the outright bad Women’s tag match, this was a really good example of what AEW does right on a regular basis.



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