6/30 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s report on MJF vs. Sammy Guevara, Young Bucks vs. Kingston & Penta, Miro vs. Pillman Jr.

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 30, 2021

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


-The opening theme played. Then inside Daily’s Place pyro blasted as Ross introduced the show.

-Chris Jericho’s ring entrance took place. Excalibur said it feels great to be back live on Wednesday night’s on TNT. Schiavone said it’s been a wonderful run in Jacksonville and they’ll be revisiting some of the highlights later. Jericho soaked up fans singing his lyrics as he leaned against the barricade near fans. He joined the announcers at the desk. He asked if that wasn’t insane.

(1) THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matt & Nick Jackson w/Brandon Cutler) vs. EDDIE KINGSTON & PENTA EL ZERO MIEDO – AEW Tag Team Title shot at stake if Kingston & Penta win

The Bucks came out sporting mustaches. Schiavone said they look like porn stars. Excalibur they continue to make questionable career and life decisions. Excalibur said they have the Winnipeg Upgrade with Jericho at ringside instead of Don Callis. They brawled before the bell, so the ref called for the bell. Matt had to kick out of two early near falls with his ring jacket still on. Jericho praised Kingston as a breakout star who “came out of nowhere.” Ross said he didn’t come from nowhere. Jericho clarified that he had no money for boots before this. Excalibur plugged tickets to next week’s Dynamite in Miami. He also plugged the Aug. 4 return to Daily’s Place.

Schiavone said he’s had enough of Nick mocking “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Jericho said Lanny Poffo could show up and knock him out. At 9:00, the Bucks were roundkicking Kingston’s back. He was more annoyed than hurt and battled back. They eventually took him down with a running kneestrike. Penta tagged in at 13:00 and rallied against both Bucks. He scored a very near fall on Matt. Fans chanted, “That was three! That was three!” Penta and Kingston hit a series of moves against Nick to score a near fall, broken up by Matt. The Bucks came back with a package piledriver on Penta for a near fall, broken up by Kingston. Kingston no-sold a superkick from Matt, but Nick’s superkick took him down. The Bucks went back after Penta, but he backdropped a charging Nick over the top rope. When Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows distracted the referee, Cutler sprayed at Penta, but Penta ducked the cold spray. Cutler sprayed Nick’s face instead. He kept spraying. “Stop spraying him, you idiot,” Jericho yelled. Kaz showed up and attacked Cutler at ringside. Meanwhile, Penta flip-dove onto Gallows, Anderson, and Nick. Penta and Kingston then finished off Matt in the ring with a Fear Factor and spinning backfist for the win. The crowd popped. Excalibur said the Bucks hadn’t lost for nearly a year.

WINNERS: Kingston & Penta in 16:00 to earn an AEW Tag Team Title match.

-Jericho plugged Sammy Guevara vs. MJF. He vowed it’d be one of the best and most violent matches in AEW history. Schiavone, Excalibur, and Ross plugged other upcoming matches. [c]

-Christian Cage told Jungle Boy that he and everyone else were proud of his effort last week. He said he doesn’t believe in “win or lose,” he believes in “win or learn.” He said he thinks Jungle Boy will be a champion some day. He said tonight he has a chance to be the first AEW wrestler to make it to 50 wins. Luchasaurus walked in and thanked Christian for watching Jungle Boy while he was gone. He said Dinosaurs are loyal, so now he has his back. He talked in a silly growly voice. Then when Christian said he’s part dinosaur, Luchasaurus’s voice got friendly and high-pitched and said he wanted to talk to him about his uncle. Marko Stunt was in the background looking on.

(Keller’s Analysis: Christian is so patronizing toward Jungle Boy, and I’m not not 100 percent sure he’s in on how cloying he’s being. That’s the most character development for Luchasaurus on Dynamite they’ve ever done.) [c]

-Schiavone interviewed Ethan Page with Scorpio Sky in the ring. He yelled at the fans for booing him. Jericho said it was great to have fans back. Ethan talked about busting Darby’s head on the independents and he’s shown up in AEW and he’s beat him up some more. He said the coffin match is meant to cripple Darby mentally. Fans chanted “We can’t hear you!” He turned to the camera and vowed to beat Darby. He said once he beats him, every time he thinks of doing a Coffin Drop in the future, he’ll think of him closing the coffin lid on him which will put an end to his confidence forever. Sting’s music interrupted.

A video played of Darby wearing an Ethan mask and then setting a casket on fire with a fire blaster. Then Sting rolled a coffin onto the ramp and pulled the sheet off the top. Darby leaped out of it and went after Ethan. He leaped onto his back with a sleeper. When Sky tried to break it up, Sting gave him a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby then tore into Ethan’s eyes, gouging at them. Security pulled Darby off of Ethan, who stumbled to the floor. He gasped for breath and yelled at Darby that he knows he can’t beat him at 100 percent. He said next week’s match is now off. He said he wants him to sign paperwork that he won’t touch him before the match and, if he behaves, maybe they can wrestle at Fyter Fest instead.

-Jericho plugged his new book, then threw to highlights of Kenny Omega beating Jungle Boy last week.

-Jack Evans, representing The Hardy Family Office, made his entrance. A soundbite aired with Hardy saying Jungle Boy will pay for sticking his nose in their business. He said he doesn’t care if Jack wins or loses, he wants him to make JB pay for what he did. Jungle Boy’s ring entrance then took place.


Jericho noted how much muscle Evans has added in recent months, but said he’s still agile. Excalibur plugged the Chicago events on Sept. 1, 3, and 5 for Dynamite, Rampage, and All Out. He said tickets go on sale July 9 at 10 a.m. They cut to a split-screen break a few minutes in with JB in control. [c/ss]

Evans controlled the match during the break. Evans set up a superplex after the break, but JB escaped. JB backflipped off the top rope and dropkicked Evans, the put him in the Snare Trap for the tapout win.

WINNER: Evans in 6:00.

-When Hardy and Private Party walked toward the ring, Marko and Luchasaurus attacked them. Christian joined in and brawled with Hardy. Jericho said this feud has been going on for decades. Not much of a reaction for Christian. He choked Hardy with his jacket, then fended off Evans attacking him. Hardy escaped to the stage.

-A promo aired with MJF who previewed his match against Sammy Guevara. He took some digs at Jericho, saying he has been bested by a man better than him, and there’s no shame in that. He said he should have retired, but instead he’s tried to turn AEW into his version of Looney Tunes. He said he doused them with bubbly and ruined his limousine. He said Jericho is a joke now, but he used to be a pro wrestling genius. He said he stoops so low now. He asked how low is he willing to stoop. He said he’s going to offer him stipulations to get one last match against him. He said if he doesn’t make it through his stipulations, he has to leave him alone forever. He then turned to Guevara, calling him “Samuel,” and he yelled that Guevara will be known as the “future” because he’ll prove to be the “now.”

-Jericho said he’ll accept whatever stipulations MJF offers short of being run over by a truck, but first Sammy is going to beat him. [c]

-Andrade El Idolo talked about how Matt Sydal interrupted him. Andrade said he’ll make an example of him in Miami, “the City of Latinos, the City of Sacrifice.” He referred to him as “Matt Something” a few times. That could catch on. He spoke mostly in Spanish and had Alexa the Interpreter leading the segment.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like this presentation of Andrade. It’s noteworthy that Vickie Guerrero was not with him there.)

-Schiavone interviewed Omega mid-ring. Jericho said Omega’s new beard makes him like one of the Almond Brothers. Omega said Schiavone is probably wondering how he can stay motivated given how great he has proven to be. Schiavone said that’s not it. Omega said he woke up feeling like a king. He touted his wins in AEW including JB last week. He said it pains him to say with no one left in the ranks of AEW, he’ll be taking a chunk of time off. He said he still has belts in other promotions, so they can see him defending elsewhere but his work in AEW is done. He was interrupted by… not Edge. Instead, Evil Uno walked out with Dark Order. Dark Order asked if he really just said he has no challengers. Omega said that is indeed what he said. Omega laughed at the prospects of “5” facing him. He said he wouldn’t even last five minutes with him. Jericho said he lasted ten minutes a year ago.

Omega told them to turn and leave because they’re not even close to be ranked high enough to face him. Uno said none of them have enough singles win to go after the AEW Title, but they know someone who does. Uno said that someone is a friend of theirs, someone he used to be good friends with. He said he is the no. 1 ranked singles competitor in AEW. “Hangman! Hangman!” chanted the crowd. Omega said if he actually is talking about the person he thinks he’s talking about, he wouldn’t appreciate him speaking on his behalf. He said that person doesn’t have the guts to face him. He said unless he has another trick up his sleep, he will bid him adieu. Omega’s music played and he walked through the crowd of Dark Order to leave the ring. [c]

-A soundbite aired with Brian Pillman Jr. He said he didn’t have parents growing up, but he had friends who helped him. He said Griff Garrison is a good friend, and when MIro laid his hands on him, he made a big mistake. He said he’s nothing but a big bully and he’ll show him he’s nothing but a “big Bulgarian bitch.”


(3) MIRO vs. BRIAN PILLMAN JR. – TNT Title match

Pillman was with Garrison and Julia Hart on the stage before he made his way to the ring. Jericho said Miro is all business and all serious, a complete makeover from when he first arrived in AEW. “Lord help him tonight,” Jericho said in reference to Pillman. Miro dominated early. They cut to an early split-screen break. [c]

Pillman made a comeback with a springboard dropkick. He went after Miro to ringside. He caught a charging Miro back in the ring with a superkick. He played to the crowd and went for a third kick, but Miro blocked it and then landed his own Machka Kick. Miro stomped on Pillman’s back and then applied Game Over (the camel clutch) before bending backwards. Pillman was out and the ref called for the bell. Excalibur asked, “Who can stop this man?” Schiavone said once you’re in Game Over, there’s no getting out.

WINNER: Miro in 7:00 to retain the TNT Title.

-Alex Marvez was about to approach Dark Order when Hangman Page barged past him and angrily asked what they were doing. He didn’t like that they issued a challenge on his behalf. Colt Cabana said he is afraid of failure, but he shouldn’t be. John Silver said, win or lose, they’ll always have his back. Alex Reynolds put his hand on his shoulder and said he’s waited long enough, this is his time. [c]

-Taz said Ricky Starks and Brian Cage aren’t there. He said their rivalry has been toxic for him, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook. Hook said he’s tired of it. (Were those his fist words on Dynamite?) Taz said Cage will defend the FTW Championship against a medically cleared Starks in Austin, Tex. on July 14. He said sometimes family members need a good old-fashioned fight to clear things up.


Jericho said the crowd erupted for Baker. He said whether she likes it or not, people cheer for her. Excalibur plugged the Aug. 13 Dynamite in Pittsburgh, Pa. Vickie shoved Rebel. Rebel shoved her down. The bell rang. Jericho said Vickie isn’t a trained wrestler. Schiavone said she wanted this match, though. Rebel put Rose in a sleeper seconds into the match. Rose tossed Rebel off of her. The crowd chanted “DMD!” Baker dropped off the ring apron when Rebel wanted to tag out. She assured Rebel she could handle things. Once Rose had Rebel down, Vickie tagged in. They cut to a split-screen break as Rose pulled a table out from under the ring. Vickie got cocky, giving Rebel time to recover. Rebel took over against Vickie right away. They cut to a partial split-screen break. [c]

Baker tagged in after the break and took Rose down with a sling blade. Rose set up a powerbomb, but Baker escaped and superkicked Rose. She put on her glittery glove, but Rose chokeslammed her. Jericho exclaimed, “Shades of Paul Wight!” Rose put Baker over the top rope, then leaped off the top rope with a knee to her back for a near fall, broken up by Rebel. Vickie tagged in. Ross said he didn’t agree with that tag. Vickie accidentally knocked Rose off balance and Rose bumped hard onto the ring apron. Baker then put Vickie in the Lock Jaw for a tapout win. Vickie cried out in anger afterward, then rolled out of the ring.

WINNERS: Baker & Rebel in 7:00.

-Rose attacked a celebrating Baker afterward, delivering a powerbomb mid-ring. Fans booed. Ross said Baker just got rag-dolled. Vickie set up a table at ringside. Rose powerbombed Baker off the ring apron through the table at ringside.

-Excalibur announced that Tony Khan has booked the Young Bucks defending against Kingston & Penta next week, plus Cody vs. Q.T. Marshall, Matt Sydal vs. Andrade, and Santana & Ortiz & Hager (w/Konnan) vs. Wardlow & FTR (w/Tully Blanchard).

-Backstage in a stairway, Jake Hager, Ortiz, and Santana cut a promo. Hager was worked up over MJF punching Dean Malenko in the face. Santana said when they meet in Miami, they better bring all the fight that they can. Ortiz simply said, “Ohhh, you messed up.”

-Jericho said he’s having a face-to-face with MJF next week so he can hear his stipulations regarding what he needs to do to get that piece of crap in the ring again.

-A clip aired of Blade KO’ing Orange Cassidy with brass knuckles. Excalibur said there will be a Cassidy & Kris Statlander vs. Bunny & Blade mixed tag match next week in Miami.

-MJF made his ring entrance. [c]


Guevara made his entrance after the break, slapping hands of fans at ringside. Ross said Guevara reminds him of Gino Hernandez. Jericho said Sammy isn’t the type to go out and party, but rather he’s been focused on how to take out MJF. Jericho touted the match and said he expects it to be among the best and most violent in AEW history. MJF chopped Guevara in the throat a minute in, but Guevara came back with a GTS attempt. MJF escaped and they continued to counter each other in a chain of moves. They scored a series of two counts against each other in a small package that kept tilting back and forth. They both kipped up. Fans applauded. Jericho said it’s more of a wrestling match than he anticipated.

Sammy went aggressively after MJF in the corner. When the ref tried to separate them, MJF poked him in the eye. Sammy came right back and went for a top rope move, but MJF rolled out of the way and to the floor. Guevara went after MJF on the floor, but MJF ran back into the ring. Guevara landed a springboard cutter back in the ring for a near fall. MJF rolled to the ring apron. MJF swept Guevara’s legs on the ring apron, then threw him hard into the barricade. As MJF gloated, they cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Back from the break, Excalibur talked about how these two wrestlers are the building blocks of AEW’s future. Guevara countered MJF on the top rope with a Spanish Fly. Jericho said he is living vicariously through MJF tonight. They both tumbled over the top rope after a Guevara clothesline. Guevara pulled himself back into the ring and then corkscrew dove onto MJF. He delivered a Destroyer to MJF back in the ring for a near fall. Fans chanted, “This is awesome!” MJF caught a charging Guevara with an elbow. Then he snapped his neck over the top rope. MJF splashed water on himself and then grabbed a chair. Guevara swing-kicked the chair into MJF’s face. Schiavone said he hoped it would knock his ass right out. Guevara climbed to the top rope and flip dove over the barricade onto MJF in the crowd. Both were down and slow to get up. They replayed it twice. Guevara was a flying missile there.

Guevara threw MJF back to ringside and then into the ring. A loud “Sammy!” chant broke out. When he climbed to the top rope, MJF popped up and knocked MJF off balance. He then delivered a tombstone piledriver off the second rope for a two count. (!!) A loud “AEW!” broke out. MJF sold a knee injury from the move. He couldn’t pull off the next move. Guevara caught MJF with a small package for a near fall. MJF set up a Heat Seeker, but Guevara blocked it and then sunset flipped MJF. MJF sat down on it, but Guevara rolled through for a two count. He followed with a superkick followed by a GTS for a near fall; MJF’s feet were in the ropes to stop the ref’s count. They went to a rare wide shot of the crowd on all sides of the ring, which I’m surprised they didn’t do more since it’s a great scene. Guevara climbed to the top rope. MJF begged off. Guevara landed a flip splash for a near fall. Shawn Spears made his way to the ring. Jericho got up to stop him. Wardlow attacked Jericho from behind. Spears hit Guevara with a chair over his head. Guevara got his hands up, but he still crumbled after impact. The ref was looking over at Jericho and didn’t see what happened. MJF then pinned Guevara. Ross said they don’t like MJF, but he’s a tough son of a bitch.

WINNER: MJF in 20:00.

-As MJF celebrated, Guevara lay motionless on the mat on his back. The announcers thanked Jacksonville for their long run of 15 months. Ross said Jacksonville has become home. They threw to a video package on the pandemic era at Daily’s Place. Ross closed by saying there’s nothing like being in person at a WWE Dynamite event. Oops.

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