7/11 ROH BEST IN THE WORLD PPV REPORT: Radican’s Results & Analysis of Deppen vs. Lee, Homicide & Dickinson vs. Titus & Gresham, Rush vs. Bandido

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_TORCH)



JULY 11, 2021


Note: I am late to the pre-show and joining it in progress

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman

They did a promo segment in the ring with Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia. Taven asked for a match at the ECW Arena next month and he said win, lose, or draw, he would leave ROH after the match. Marseglia said he wanted something else and then he said he wanted Taven’s ROH World Championship shot. Taven agreed to put it on the line on Aug. 21 at Glory By Honor: Night 2.

Marseglia agreed and said the match would be in a Steel Cage. Taven then attacked Marseglia because he accepted the match and he could now touch him. The Righteous jumped into the ring to help Taven. He fended them off at first, but eventually he was overwhelmed and put through his neon sign that was set up on a purple ladder in the ring.

Radican’s Analysis: This was a good segment, but I didn’t like that they lowered the stakes from Taven leaving ROH no matter what to simply putting his ROH World Title shot on the line.

Quinn McKay came out and said she is the host of ROH Week by Week. She invited fans to watch ROH on Monday for the Tweet along and then ROH Week by Week debuts Tuesday. She said tonight the ROH Women’s Championship would be revealed. She said we would also see the full bracket for the ROH Women’s Championship later tonight.

Brian Zane joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary.


The bell rang and MIlonas surprised PCO and sent him flying through the ropes to the floor. He got the upper hand and worked over Danhausen. Danhausen took a long beating until PCO got the hot tag. PCO hit a flip dive off the top to the apron on The Bruiser. He then wiped out Milonas with a cannonball through ropes. Danhausen went for a chokeslam on The Bruiser. PCO helped him hit the chokeslam and thought he had done it all on his own. He yelled at PCO and PCO went after him. Sledge made his way down to the ring. PCO charged at Danhausen, but he ended up hitting The Bruiser when Danhausen got out of the way. Dixon distracted Danhausen.

Milonas wiped out PCO with a shoulder tackle from the apron to the floor. Bruiser then climbed up to the second rope and hit a Vader Bomb to the floor. Danhausen jumped off the apron, but Milonas caught him. Danhausen got away from Milonas and managed to get back onto the apron. He hit a headscissors that sent him into the post. Danhausen woke up PCO. He nailed Bruiser with a headbutt and dumped the teeth down his throat. Bruiser blocked a DVD, but Danhausen managed to hit one on the teeth. PCO went up top and hit the PCO-sault for the win.

WINNERS: PCO and Dan Hausen in 9:15. (***1/2)

Radican’s Analysis: There was a lot going on with Sledge and Dixon at ringside, but this was a ton of fun. I love the dynamic between Danhausen and PCO.

Danhausen separated Sledge and PCO on the outside. Riccaboni said they had three hours of satellite time as he urged fans to order the PPV.


Brian Johnson came down and ran down the fans and then The Briscoes. He introduced P.J. Black and then said when he steps over the Briscoes the lockeroom won’t have an answer for him. He said he’s the best and he’s the M-e-c-c-a Mecca Brian Johnson. The Briscoes were out next to a good reaction.

Radican note: The crowd looks really sparse and there’s quite a few empty seats. The crowd did fill in a little bit during the pre-show in the stands. ROH is putting on a good product and I was hoping for a better turnout tonight. Hopefully they can find a way to get the word out about the positive changes that have been made in the direction of the company.


The action spilled to the floor quickly. They ended up back inside the ring and a Briscoes chant started. The Briscoes isolated Johnson and began working him over. A short time later. Jay taunted Johnson. Johnson fired back and said he worked his whole life for this. They began trading bombs. The Briscoes in control, but Johnson shoved Jay into Mark. He then rolled Jay up for a nearfall. Jay regained control and they set up for the Doomsday Device, but Black broke it up. Johnson got a rollup on Jay for nearfall. The action broke down and The Briscoes ran wild on the floor. Jay hit a Jay-driller on Johnson. Mark then followed up with the Froggy-bow for the win.

WINNERS: Jay & Mark Briscoe in 8:10. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good back and forth match. Johnson looked good taking a beating from the Briscoes and not backing down. This was a nice win for The Briscoes as they seem to be climbing back in the picture for the ROH World Tag Team Championship.)

4 – EC3 vs. FLIP GORDON 

Gordon is wrestling for the ROH World Championship on Aug. 20 at Glory By Honor: Night 1, so I expect this will be a match where he gets a good win over a name like EC3. EC3 used his power during the early going to dominate the action, but Gordon slipped under him in the corner and hit a superkick to his leg. Gordon then dropkicked EC3’s leg. EC3 is in tremendous shape. EC3 fired back and hit Psycho Boy. He hit a backbreaker using his injured leg and ended up hurting himself in the process. EC3 tried to drag Gordon back into the ring, but Gordon snapped his neck over the ropes. He then ran his leg into the ringpost. The fans booed Gordon as he stared at them on the floor. Gordon went back into the ring and continued to work over EC3’s leg.

They battled up top and EC3 hit a superplex. Gordon went for a springboard a short time later and EC3 chopped him out of the air. EC3 continued to sell his leg after every move. Gordon fired back and hit a superkick to EC3’s leg. Gordon nailed EC3 with a superkick and EC3 told him to bring it. EC3 then hit a butterfly suplex and locked in The Purpose for the win.

WINNER: EC3 in 13:00. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This is one of my major problems with ROH booking. Gordon should have been booked strong here ahead of his title shot and not taken the loss. It just makes him look like he should be behind other wrestlers in line for title shots.)

After the match, EC3 wanted a handshake. Gordon slapped him twice. EC3 offered his hand again and Gordon spit right in his face. We’re far away from COVID prortocals aren’t we?

Eli Isom and Dak Draper made their way out first. Their partner Dalton Castle then danced his way down to the ring with The Boys.


Kaun and Draper kicked things off. Draper went for a step up splash off the top, but Kaun wiped him out with a kick. He tagged in Moses, but Draper rolled away and tagged in Isom. Moses had Castle backed up in the corner, but he offered a clean break. Castle backed Moses into the corner and offered a clean break, but he ended up going for a clothesline. Moses got out of the way, but Castle pulled the ropes on him a short time later as he charged at him and Moses went to the floor. Castle went to the floor and celebrated with The Boys.

Riccaboni talked about how Castle is working with Draper and Isom because he sees something in them. Castle asked Taylor what’s going to happen when he fires up and beats his ass. He fired up and shook his fists and walked right into a big punch from Taylor. Isom came in and hit a Riphandle Spinebuster on Isom. Castle screamed at Isom to show Kaun what he’s got. The announcers said this wasn’t the time for that because this is a championship match and Castle had him down before tagging Isom in.

The action broke down and Moses ran wild. The fans fired up behind Moses. Draper ended up catching Moses as he came off the ropes and he turned it into a Colorado Stampede, but Moses wasn’t the legal man. Taylor hit the Marcus Garvey Driver on Draper, but Isom broke up the pin. Castle weas shown getting fanned by The Boys on the floor. Isom appeared to have Taylor finished, but he didn’t go for the cover. Isom went up top. Castle joined him. Isom shoved Castle to the floor. Kaun nailed Isom with a top rope Jackhammer. The action continued at an incredible pace. Taylor finally hit Welcome to the Land for the win.

WINNERS: Shane Taylor & Kaun & Moses to retain the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Titles in 11:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was tremendous. They seem to be setting up a split with Castle eventually feuding with Castle and Isom after costing his team this match by trying to do too much during the match. Taylor & Kaun & Moses are just a great trio that mesh well together in the ring. Taylor is going to be a big player for a major company one day with the proper push.)

6 – JOSH WOODS vs. SILAS YOUNG – Last Man Standing match 

Woods attacked Young as he made his entrance and the match was on! Both men brawled on the floor. A ladder got introduced on the outside by Young. Woods set a table up in the corner a short time later. They were going at it in the ring and Young lifted up Woods and ran them both into the lower part of the table. They exchanged blows on their knees. Woods got the Gorilla Lock, but there are no submissions. Young got to the ropes, but that didn’t mean anything. Young screamed in pain and tapped out on the apron. Woods finally ran out of energy and released the hold.

Woods set up a table on the floor and grabbed another table. The fans started chanting to stack the tables and Woods gave them a thumbs up. Woods put the tables together and the fans booed. Woods looked disappointed that he let the fans down with the spot he had to set up. Young went for a cannonball with Woods sitting in a chair, but Woods caught him and powerbombed him into the ladder that was leaning on the apron. The ref began counting and it looked like Young’s back was cut.

Radican note: Ian Riccaboni said they had a near sellout tonight, so that’s why the crowd looked limited. My apologies for my previous remark about the crowd looking thin, as the seating setup is by design.

Young hit a Misery variation. The ref began counting and Woods rolled to the floor to land on his feet. That was a creative way to avoid a loss and it was well-timed too by Woods. Young and Woods slugged it out on the apron right over the tables. Woods eventually hit a German that sent both men through the tables. Woods got to his feet and Young was unable to get to his feet, which gave Woods the win.

WINNER: Josh Woods at 14:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good win for Woods. He won the rubber match to end his feud with Young. Hopefully this launches Woods up the card. Young wrestled a heck of a match to make Woods look good.)

Quinn McKay was backstage. She went into a room to interview Matt Taven. She asked Taven if he wants to get in a Cage with Vincent. Taven talked about everything Vincent had done to him, but he got Vincent to agree it would come to an end. Taven promised to leave Vincent with scars he would have for the rest of his life.


Lethal hit The Lethal Injection out of nowhere and King kicked out at one. WOW! King staggered to the floor and Lethal hit a pair of dives through the ropes. Lethal then hit a third five through the ropes. Lethal hit a fourth dive and King was still on his feet. Lethal went for a dropkick through the ropes as King tried to get back into the ring and he barely moved him. King backdropped Lethal over the top a short time later to break his momentum. King controlled the action and a short time later he placed Lethal up top like he weighed nothing. He went for a superplex, but Lethal blocked it. Lethal slipped under King and hit a powerbomb. King kicked out of a pinning combination from Lethal and hit a snap piledriver. Lethal quickly rolled to the floor.

King grabbed a chair on the floor and set it up for Lethal to sit in it. He nailed Lethal with a hard chop. He got a running start and wiped Lethal out with a flying crossbody. King hit a big lariat back inside the ring and hit a Gonzo Bomb. He said this MFer is a deadman. He hit another Gonzo Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Brody King in 11:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: Is this the same booker? Who’s booking this company? All kidding aside, the wrestling in this match was fantastic. Lethal sold like aces for King, who looks like a force of nature that will not be stopped until he wins the ROH World Title. This was great all around from a creative standpoint to execution to get King over.)

8 – JONATHAN GRESHAM vs. MIKE BENNETT – ROH Pure Championship match (60 minute time limit) 

The fans chanted for both men after the opening bell rang. Former ROH owner Cary Silkin joined the commentary booth. Bennett got the London Dungeon and Gresham used one of his rope breaks early. Gresham got the upper hand and worked over Bennett’s shoulder. Bennett began to favor his left arm more and more as Gresham continued to work over it. Gresham eventually made Bennett use a rope break to escape a submission. Gresham got a Kimura on the floor and Bennett tapped, but Riccaboni said you can’t win this match with a submission on the floor. Gresham rolled Bennett under the ropes and maintained the kimura and Bennett used his second rope break.

Bennett countered Gresham and got the London Dungeon again. Gresham began going towards the ropes and basically let him go there to use his second rope break. Both men only have one rope break left. Bennett went for a piledriver twice, but Gresham countered it. Bennett finally landed a Spicolli driver for a two count. Gresham kicked out and he went right into applying the London Dungeon. Gresham used a pinning combination to escape, but he only got a two count. Bennett went for a piledriver, but he couldn’t use his injured arm. Bennett went for it again, but Gresham powered out of the piledriver attempt. They traded blows and Bennett ended up hitting a big clothesline for a two count.

Bennett went after Gresham, but he kicked his arm. Gresham got a La Majistral for a two count. Gresham gained some momentum. He got a backwards bridging pinning combination for a nearfall. He then hit a big running kick to Bennet’s arm and the fans fired up and applauded. Bennett ended up using his last rope break a short time later. The announcers kept reinforcing the 60 minute time limit. Gresham hit a moonsault off the ropes. Bennett went to the floor and Gresham nailed him with a dive. Bennett countered an inside out springboard a short time later and nailed Gresham with a big powerbomb. They traded pinning combinations and Gresham got a crossface. The announcers mentioned that Bennett has not rope breaks left. Gresham let go of the hold and began hitting Bennett’s neck with elbows. Bennett had Gresham on his back, but he drove Gresham into the corner. Bennett hit a powerbomb, a lariat and a piledriver for the win…or so everyone thought.

Bobby Cruise said that the ref ruled that Gresham used his third and final rope break to break the pinfall. Bennett went for a piledriver, but Gresham went after his knee. Gresham went for La Majistral, but Bennet sat down on him for a nearfall. Gresham got a nasty ankle lock on Bennett and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham at 19:21. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a tremendous match. Bennett looked really good in this environment wrestling under the pure rules. Gresham is one of the best in the world at this style and both men delivered what you would want out of this match.)

Kenny King came in on commentary.

They went backstage. They said Jay was supposed to tag with Titus and couldn’t wrestle. Titus asked Jonathan Gresham to tag with him. Titus said Tracy Williams couldn’t go out there as he recovered from a car accident. Gresham agreed to tag with Titus.

9 – TONY DEPPEN vs. DRAGON LEE (W/BESTIA) – ROH World TV Championship

They went at it hot and heavy right off the bat. Deppen hit some big chops in the corner. Lee told him to bring it and they traded slaps to the face. Deppen sent Lee to the floor with a dropkick, but he avoided a dive. Lee fired back on the floor and hit Deppen with a kick. The announcers talked about how Dragon Lee never lost the title. Tony Deppen hit a sunset bomb through the ropes. Holy s–t! Deppen hit a Hidden Blade variation for a near fall. Lee fired back and hit a big running boot to Deppens’s head in the corner and the fans fired up. They went up top and Deppen got hung upside on the apron side of the ropes. Lee then jumped off the top and hit a double stomp. WOW!

Lee went for a powerbomb, but Deppen floated over him and got a pinning combination for a near fall. Deppen was unloading on Lee and King ran down to distract Deppen. Both men kept trading German suplexes and they kept getting up! Lee hit a poison rana and Deppen got up. Lee ran at Deppen, who turned Lee inside out with a clothesline. Both men were down, but they got to their knees and began trading blows. Deppen laughed as they continued to trade blows. They got to their feet and began hitting each other with hard overhand chops to the chest. Lee hit a big forearm and Deppen wobbled. Lee then hit the Dragon Driver, but Deppen kicked out at the last second. Lee hit a Rainmaker slap to Deppen’s face. He did not let go and he began hitting several knees to Deppen’s shoulder and face. Deppen got up and just slapped Lee over and over in the face. Lee fired back and hit a Rainmaker, but Deppen kicked out at one! Lee set up for Incineration and connected for the win. What a match!

WINNER: Dragon Lee in 10:15 to become the new ROH World TV Champion. (****½)

(Radican’s Analysis: That was a wild match! Both men brought their A game here and had a wild match and this felt like it could have kept going for another 5-10 minutes.)

After the match, Dickinson and Homicide ran down to the ring and helped Deppen avoid getting jumped. Rhett Titus and Jonathan Gresham then ran down and the tag title match was on.

10 – RHETT TITUS & JONATHAN GRESHAM vs. CHRIS DICKINSON & HOMICIDE – ROH World Tag Team Championship Fight Without Honor match

This was wild right from the start. Titus hit a falcon arrow through a table on the outside on Homicide. The action settled down a bit with Dickison working over Gresham, who had already wrestled a 20 minute match. Dickinson hit a Spicollii Driver for a nearfall. The action picked up inside the ring. Dickinson broke up a Titus pin on Homicide with a deadlift German and all four men were down. Titus hit a belly-to-belly while holding a chair on Homicide back a short time later for a two count. Dickinson got a bully choke variation on Gresham. Homicide slid a table into the ring. Homicide raked Gresham’s eyes and got his fork out. He said he was going to cut him. Titus ended up making the save with a gut wrench suplex. He then broke up Dickinson’s submission on Homicide. Dickinson and Titus battled up top and Dickinson hit a Pazuzu Bomb off the top through a table. Homicide then drilled Titus with a 187 for the win. WOW!

WINNERS: Homicide & Chris Dickinson in 11: 40 to become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was just an insane brawl from start to finish. It didn’t live up to the bloody standards of past Fight Without Honor matches, but it was very good in its own way.)

Maria was on the stage. She introduced Lenny Leonard. He said the tournament for the ROH Women’s Championship would last throughout the summer. Maria unveiled the title. The full brackets were revealed. Maria said she made the brackets and Lenny commented on some of the matches. Maria said she had the perfect person to claim that spot. She said she couldn’t wrestle, but she had a lot to say. A video aired and Chelsea Green came out.

Chelsea said she wished she could say the hot mess is back. She said she had spent two years waiting for opportunity after opportunity. Green said this time she needs to prove to everyone and herself that she is enough. Green said she came here tonight to wrestle with a broken arm and to win the Women’s Championship Tournament. Green said the athletic commission in Maryland deemed her unfit to compete. Green said she would watch every match and study all of the women. She said when she gets into the ring, she will prove to the entire world what she can do. She said she will prove why she deserves to hold the title over her head. Green said the stars under her cast are a reminder that she is unstoppable. She said she didn’t have to wait 90 days. She said in one month, she would take the women’s division to the forefront of wrestling.

11 – RUSH (W/LFI) vs. BANDIDO – ROH World Championship match

Rush nailed Bandido with a dropkick during the introduction. He then hit the Bull’s Horns, but refused to cover Bandido. Rush laughed as he whipped Bandido with a chord on the floor. He then choked him with the chord, but the ref broke it up. Rush continued to toy with Bandido. The announcers said the ref wouldn’t DQ Rush because that is what he wants. Rush nailed Bandido with a chair and tossed Bandido. Bandido suddenly fired up and nailed Rush with a dive through the ropes. He then hit a Tornado dive to the floor. Bandido hit a 450 off the top for a nearfall. The fans fired up and chanted for Bandido. Rush grabbed Bandido’s balls and asked where they are. Bandido caught Rush coming off the ropes and went for a knee, but Rush blocked it. Bandido hit a crucifix driver a short time later for a near fall. Rush fired back and got a leverage pin for a nearfall. Bandido charged at Rush, but he suplexed him right into the corner.

Rush sent Bandido to the floor and nailed him with a gorgeous flip dive. Bandido set up a table and then cleared the timekeepers table. He set them up side by side near the apron. Bandido got a running start and hit what appeared to be a blockbuster through the tables. Both men were worse for wear after that spot and were slow to get up. Bandido barely beat the 20 count back in the ring. Both men picked up the pace and traded bombs and both men were down after Rush caught Bandido with a big kick. They battled up top and Bandido hit a moonsault slam off the top. Bandido slowly got up, but Rush was on his feet. He went for the 21 Plex and landed it for a nearfall. WOW! The fans fired up with both men down on the mat. Bandido charged at Rush, who suplexed him into the corner. Rush went for Bandido’s mask and tore part of it off. Rush shoved the ref away and argued with him and Bandido rolled up Rush for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Bandido in 16:00 minutes to become the new ROH World Champion. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a tremendous main event to end an excellent show. Rush took Bandido lightly early after running wild on him during the opening minutes of the match. Bandido turned the tide and they built up to some great spots including Bandido’s blockbuster off the apron through two tables on the floor. The rollup pin and the shock of the announcers as they sold Bandido’s win was excellent.)

LFI came down after the match and worked over Bandido. The announcers pointed out Bandido didn’t have anyone to make the save for him. Rush nailed Bandido with the title. Bandido and the rest of LFI bumped fists and paused over Bandido to send the show.

I highly recommend the replay of this show. It’s one of the better wrestling PPVs I’ve seen in 2021.

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