7/27 NXT ON SYFY REPORT: Lindberg’s Report on Reed’s Opportunity Against Cole, Samoa Joe Addresses NXT Audience, Thatcher & Ciampa vs. Lorcan & Dunne, Hayes vs. Briggs, more.

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July 27, 2021, 8PM EST

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix

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-The show opened with a recap of last week’s events between Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross, ending with William Regal being knocked out by Kross.


Thatcher and Dunne kicked things off for their respective teams, locking up in the center of the ring jockeying for position. Thatcher managed to get Dunne on the mat and looked to go for some sort of leg lock before Dunne reversed it into one of his own. They made it back to their feet and into a test of strength with Thatcher bringing Dunne’s shoulders to the mat for a two count.

Dunne attempted a figure four neck lock with Thatcher reversing into a single leg crab. The two traded ground submission holds for a few moments before Ciampa and Lorcan tagged in. Ciampa synched in a head lock, bringing Lorcan to the mat. Lorcan backed Ciampa into the corner and they both began trading knife edge chops. Ciampa dumped Lorcan over the top rope and went out after him. He shrugged at Dunne, and then threw Lorcan back into the ring. Thatcher tagged back in, and locked in an arm lock submission. With the submission locked in, he tagged Ciampa in. Ciampa taunted Dunne once again, and then stomped on a prone Lorcan.

Thatcher and Lorcan entered the ring, and Thatcher and Ciampa did seated punches on both men. They knocked the two outside the ring and threw them both into the ringside barricade. Thatcher and Ciampa sat on the announce table, patted themselves on the back as the show cut to commercial. (c)

Picture-in-picture commercial, Ciampa and Thatcher traded tags, keeping Dunne on the mat as much as possible until Lorcan tagged in midway through, shifting the momentum in their favor.

Dunne and Thatcher were the legal men after the break. Dunne held Thatcher in a surfboard submission, tagged Lorcan who chopped Thatcher until the ref broke it up. Thatcher and Lorcan traded slaps and chops back and forth before both men tagged their partners. Ciampa made the hot tag and took out both heels with repeated clotheslines. Dunne and Ciampa traded forearms, with Dunne managing to hit a German Suplex, stomping on Ciampa’s fingers after. Thatcher and Lorcan began brawling on the outside when all of a sudden Thatcher was attacked by somebody on the other side of the barricade.

Ridge Holland was behind said attack. This distraction shifted the momentum just enough for Dunne to hit the Bitter End for the three count.

WINNERS: Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan in 12:57

-After the match, Holland joined forces with Lorcan & Dunne to decimate Thatcher and Lorcan. The three men stood tall next to one another to end the segment.

-A video package for NXT Breakout Star, Carmello Hayes played, introducing the newcomer to the audience and reminding us of his fantastic performance against Kushida a handful of weeks ago. (c)

-Hit Row was shown backstage, mouthing off at Legado del Fantasma.

-Samoa Joe’s music hit. He stormed to the ring with an NXT Contract in hand, grabbed a folding table and chair from under the ring and tossed them in. He set them up in the ring and grabbed the contract and slapped it on the table. He called out Karrion Kross and called him a gutless coward by not showing his face at the arena. He then asked Mr. Regal to come to the ring. Regal made his way to the ring, and Joe offered the chair to the NXT General Manager.

Regal visibly looked upset and angry after Kross’ attack last week. Joe said that he knew Regal was going to fire Kross tonight, but Joe said that he had a better idea in three easy steps. Step 1, Joe resigned from NXT Management. Step 2, Joe handed Regal an NXT Contract where all Regal needed to do was sign, and NXT was once again a member of the active NXT Roster. Regal signed, and Joe revealed Step 3. A piece of paper making a match, Samoa Joe vs. Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship at Takeover 36. Regal also signed that piece of paper making the match official.

The two men shook hands, and just like that Samoa Joe was back on the NXT Roster.

-A video package for former Evolve Champion, Josh Briggs who is also competing in the NXT Breakout Tournament. (c)

– Cameron Grimes and LA Knight were shown on the golf course with Grimes furiously washing LA Knights golf balls. Grimes bet Knight that he’d hit the trees, not the fairway. Knight hit the trees and then ordered Grimes to go get the ball.


The two men stared each other down for a few moments before Briggs handily picked up the much smaller Hayes and powerslammed him to the mat. Hayes tried to get the upper hand and irish whip him, but Briggs just stood in place. Hayes sprung off the middle rope and tried to cross body, but was caught and slammed to the mat for his trouble. Hayes backed Briggs into the corner and gained some momentum with a series of punches and strikes. Briggs stumbled to the center of the ropes and Hayes tried to clothesline him out. Instead, Briggs tossed him out of the ring.

Hayes was able to get his wits about him and hit a springboard leg drop on Briggs for a two count. He then locked in a guillotine submission on Briggs, and broke it after a few moments. As soon as he broke the hold, Briggs delivered a massive lariat as they cut to commercial. (c)

Back from break, Briggs had a submission locked in on Hayes. Duke Hudson joined the commentary team during the break to give his thoughts on the match. The winner will advance to face Hudson in the next stage of the tournament.

Briggs hoisted Hayes up in the air for a powerbomb, and Hayes was able to escape. He delivered two enziguris without knocking down the big man, although the third was able to take him off his feet. Briggs managed to get up and went for a chokeslam. Hayes hit a codebreaker for a two count. After a moment, he tried suplexing Briggs but Briggs countered. Hayes kicked him into the corner, and Briggs countered with a big boot. He delivered a Chokeslam that Kane and Undertaker would be proud of, Hayes bouncing off the mat. Hayes kicked out at two and a half and the match continued.

Briggs looked for a sidewalk slam, Hayes turning it into a tilt-a-whirl takedown. He hit a top rope leg drop on Briggs for the win.

WINNER: Carmello Hayes in 10:02

-Franky Monet was asked about her association with the Robert Stone brand. She gave a non-answer with different possibilities of what they could do to face the womens division. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter came into the frame and said that they were the real deal, they do everything together and can even finish each others sentences. Monet said that she thought they were both annoying with Kamea and Robert Stone in agreement. (c)


-Back on the golf course, Cameron Grimes was narrating LA Knight teeing off. LA Knight wiffed the shot and ordered Grimes to get the ball out of the water hazard. He went in after it. Ted DiBiase rolled up on a Golf Cart and gave Grimes a pep talk. He said he wasn’t born to be a butler, he was born to be a champion, leaving Grimes to ponder his life choices.

-A replay of Ridge Holland’s return earlier in the night aired. Ridge Holland was then asked back stage why he attacked Thatcher. Holland said it wasn’t anyones business and that Thatcher would not be the last person he’ll smash up before leaving the building.

-NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai made their way to the ring for Gonzalez to address the NXT audience. Gonzalez grabbed a mic and said that she crushed Xia Li last week and has dominated every other challenger. She asked who was next and Bill Goldberg came to… nah, just kidding. She asked who was next and then went into a Spanish tirade, making her look like a total badass. Dakota Kai said she has been the most dominant NXT Women’s champion, naming off a handful of former champions. Kai asked if we knew why the women’s division was the greatest. It’s because of one woman. She said that Takeover is four weeks away and asked who is woman enough to challenge Raquel. Nobody came to the ring or out of the crowd. Kai said that the two had been through so much together and as long as Kai had her back, she’ll always be champion.

Dakota Kai then attacked Gonzalez and held the Women’s Championship high above Gonzalez as she laid on the mat. She laid the belt on the laying champion and walked backstage.

-Adam Cole was backstage and said that everyone was trying to tie their name to his. He said that last week, Bronson Reed said that Cole would be his rebound match after losing the NXT North American Title. Cole took exception to this and said that tonight would be just another sad chapter in the 14 year journey of Bronson Reed (c)

-Io Shirai & Zoey Stark were shown in a training facility. Stark said that she and Io should be training together to form a partnership. Shirai asked “Like friends?” Shook her head and tried to walk away. Stark convinced her that they should hang out and get on the same page, and Shirai reluctantly agreed.

-Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jane were shown backstage having a private conversation. Mandy Rose shoo’d the cameras away.


Kamea & Carter kicked things off, circling each other around the ring. Carter dodged an attack and taunted Kamea. Kamea signaled for a test of strength and kicked Carter when she obliged. Carter tagged in Catanzaro and the two double teamed Kamea. Carter quickly tagged back in and rolled Kamea up for two. Kamea sprung to her feet and roundhouse kicked Carter. Carter knocked her into her own corner, and Monet tagged herself in. Monet hit her double knee in the corner and tagged Kamea back in.

Kamea hit a snapmare for two and tagged Monet back in. Monet clubbed Carter who then slapped Monet in the face. Monet kicked Carter’s feet from under her. Carter managed to rebound and knock Kamea off the apron before going back to attack Carter. Robert Stone tried giving Monet a weapon to use, distracting Monet. Carter and Catanzaro hit a 450 splash/suplex for the win.

WINNERS: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Karter in 3:29

-After the match, Monet started tearing Robert Stone a brand new you-know-what. You could even hear them over Wade Barrett introducing the next segment.

-Wade Barrett sat down earlier with Diamond Mine’s Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens. He asked Strong how he got in contact with Bivens after he quit NXT months ago after Undisputed Era’s split. Strong said that this game is 90% mental and 10% physical and that everyone knows his 10% is better than everyone else’s 100%. He said that Bivens reached out to him after the drama with the Undisputed Era. Bivens helped him remember who he was and that’s when he knew Diamond Mine was for him. Bivens said that he brought Strong back to NXT, something Regal couldn’t even do. Barrett asked them if the next big money match for Diamond Mine was Strong vs. Bobby Fish. Bivens said that everyone loves money, and that’s why that match will be happening in NXT. Strong said that next week after he finishes Fish, “this” is over. (c)

A pre-taped segment featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H and William Regal aired after the commercial break to hype the NXT UK Championship match between Walter and Ilja Dragunov that needed to be postponed due to injury would take place at NXT Takeover 36.

-Dakota Kai’s betrayal of Raquel Gonzalez was replayed. They met up with Kai as she was leaving the building asking her to explain her actions. She just walked out the door without a word.

(4) IMPERIUM (Fabian Aichner & Martel Barthel) vs. HIT ROW (Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla)

-Adonis & Barthel kicked things off for their respective teams. Adonis hit a dropkick, only for Barthel to rally back with a massive arm drag. He tagged Aichner who got Adonis into a fireman’s carry position. Adonis managed to wriggle out and hit a neckbreaker for two. Adonis went for a kick, Aichner caught it and gave him a massive clothesline. Adonis crawled over to Top Dolla who put Aichner out quickly with a flying knee to the jaw. Dolla tagged Adonis and double teamed Aichner for a two count.

Aichner was able to get over to Barthel and made the tag. B-Fab got on the ropes and distracted Aichner, allowing Adonis to get the upper hand and knock down Aichner for a two count as they went to commercial. (c)

Back from commercial, Adonis was double teamed by Imperium. Aichner, the legal man, tagged Barthel. Aichner hit a massive spinebuster and Barthel climbed to the top. It looked like they were going to pull off a massive double team move, and Adonis reversed both men. He tried tagging in Top Dolla, but Barthel locked in an ankle lock. Adonis tried to reverse, and was dragged to Imperium’s corner. Aichner tagged in and hit a back breaker for two. Barthel tagged back in and hit an underhook suplex for two.

Adonis managed to throw Aichner out of the ring and managed to tag in Top Dolla. Aichner made the tag to Barthel and they attempted to double team Dolla. Top Dolla made quick work of Imperium and hit a side slam on Aichner followed by a huge standing diving elbow. He would have gotten the pin, but Barthel broke it up. Legado del Fantasma ran to the ring and distracted Hit Row just long enough for Imperium to get the victory.

WINNERS: Imperium in approx 12:00

-As Imperium and Legado attacked Top Dolla and Adonis, Swerve grabbed a chair and entered the ring, swinging crazily. All members of Legado and Imperium scattered.

-Indi Hartwell, Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae were backstage trying to figure out why Theory left, blaming one another. A knock on the door, and someone delivered a gift to Hartwell. She opened it, and it was a drawing by Lumis. The picture was of The Way with Lumis standing in Theory’s empty spot. Gargano and LaRae said that he would never be a part of this family. Hartwell said that everyone deserves a chance and said that Gargano and Lumis should have a match. If Gargano wins, Lumis gets a chance with Indi. Otherwise, she’d have to leave Lumis alone.

-Bronson Reed was shown getting ready for his match against Cole. (c)

-Back on the golf course, LA Knight and Grimes were shown holding up Grizzled Young Vets from teeing off. Grimes said that they won’t be rushed and that they won’t be disrespected. GYV said that the next person to sink the ball into the hole takes the money that Grimes and LA Knight had been betting. LA Knight shot the ball right into the water hazard. Grimes took out a golden ball and teed off, hitting LA Knight in the testicles on the back swing and then in the head on the follow through.

-LA Knight, not knowing what happened, was told by Grimes that GYV did this and told LA Knight to “get them” as Knight chased them off of the course. Grimes said that he loved golf, who knew it could be this fun?


Cole started the match by trying a waist lock and getting hurled across the ring by Reed. Cole grabbed a headlock, Reed shot him off the ropes and body blocked him. He picked Cole up and went for a body slam, but Cole reversed and chopped the knee. Reed didn’t go down, but Cole honed right in on the knee and attacked it over the middle rope. Bronson Reed swatted him away and hit a massive military press slam followed by an elbow drop.

He picked up the former NXT Champion, slammed him to the mat and then sat on Cole to try and cover. Reed’s foot was under the rope, so the pin was invalid. He brought Cole to the top rope for a suplex, Cole reversed, slid through Reeds legs and then kicked the injured knee of Reed, sending him falling to the outside from the top turnbuckle as they cut to commercial. (c)

During the picture-in-picture break, Cole and Reed fought on the outside for a few moments with Cole throwing Reed back into the ring. Cole remained in control for the vast majority of the break with Reed attempting to reverse the momentum every so often.

Back from break, Cole had Reed in a leg lock, working the knee of Reed. Cole hit a Dragon Screw on Reed and stomped him on the mat a few times. Cole draped Reeds leg over the bottom rope and stomped on it. He did so once again with Reed laying on the mat, bouncing off of the leg of Reed with Reeds foot on the rope.

Reed struggled to get to his feet, and began trading blows with Cole. He backed Cole into the corner, charged him and then threw him off the ropes. He body blocked and delivered a senton to Cole for two.

Reed went for a suplex, but Cole reversed. He hit an enziguri on Reed but couldn’t capitalize. Reed hit a massive suplex on Cole for two. Reed went for a powerbomb with Cole jumping over his head and onto the mat. He hit Reed with a running knee for two.

Reed made it to his knees with Cole trying to knock him down with superkicks. Reed caught the third one and rallied with chops to Cole into the corner. The ref broke it up, allowing Cole to capitalize and hit a Panama Sunrise for a two count. Cole lowered the knee pad and went for the Last Shot. Reed scouted it with a clothesline into a powerbomb. Reed went to the top and looked for the Tsunami Splash, Cole rolled out of the way. Cole connected with the Last Shot for the three count and win over the Colossal Bronson Reed.

WINNER: Adam Cole in 12:06

-As Cole celebrated on the ramp, Kyle O’Reilly attacked with a chair from behind. He took the top of the folded chair and pinned Cole’s neck to the floor, then hit him with the chair. He threw the top half of the stairs across the arena and suplexed Cole on the lower half. KOR stood tall over Cole as the show faded to black.

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