9/21 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Eddie Kingston vs. Bear Bronson, Wardlow vs. JDX, Big Swole vs. Allie Katch, more


Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Excalibur and Taz on the call, welcoming us to the All Elite Zone.


JDX got off an enziguri and superkick, but ran into a boot and five Wardlow powerbombs. Taz regrets not having Wardlow in Team Taz over Brian Cage, which Excalibur says there’s a lot of buyer’s remorse with Cage. Wardlow hit the Casualty of War for the KO win.

WINNER: Wardlow in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Complete destruction from Wardlow. There’s not much more to say. This could’ve ended in 30 seconds, but the other two minutes were literally Wardlow powerbombs.)


Allie grounded Swole early, while Taz talked about the 3 Strikes Match a few weeks ago and joked about how easy the rules were to call. Swole hit one headbutt and the Dirty Dancing for a super quick win.

WINNER: Big Swole in 2:00

(Howard Analysis: Sadly Allie’s debut didn’t last long tonight. If you want some fun, I highly suggest watching the Tony Deppen vs. Ron Funches match from GCW that also involved comedian Paul Scheer, Danhausen, and Allie Katch.)

(3) SANTANA & ORTIZ vs. CHAOS PROJECT (Luther & Serpentico)

Santana & Serpentico had a nice quick series to begin, as Santana fired off a leaping arm drag and enziguri. Santana & Ortiz do a nice combo of double team moves, ending in a step up moonsault. Luther tried to stop this, but ran over his partner in the process. Ortiz went for a tope outside, but Luther launched Serpentico into Ortiz before it could happen. Luther splashed his own partner & Ortiz in the corner as Chaos Project isolated Ortiz momentarily before Santana made the hot tag with clotheslines & back elbows. Santana connected with the Three Amigos, looked for a Frog Splash, but Serpentico avoided it and hit a Flatliner. Luther launched Serpentico off the top for a Swanton for two. Serpentico accidentally super kicked Luther, which allowed Santana to hit a cutter and jumped in to hit a double team reverse flapjack for the win.

WINNERS: Santana & Ortiz in 7:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a pretty fun tag. Serpentico did most of the work with Luther doing all of the screaming, which is exactly how it should be. Santana & Ortiz looked very good in this one.)

(4) JOEY JANELA (w/Kayla Rossi) vs. DILLON MCQUEEN

We learned Kayla’s name last night on Elevation. Dillon mocked Janela after an arm drag, but Joey responded with boots in the corner. Joey missed a senton and McQueen answered with a shining wizard to the back. Joey low bridged Dillon and Kayla dropped McQueen on the railing outside as Joey took the ref. Back inside, Janela hit the DVD for the win.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Quick little victory for Joey to show off his heater.)

(5) TAY CONTI (w/Anna Jay & -1) vs. MARINA TUCKER

Tucker blocked a superkick, but Tay got a few judo throws and kicks square to the chest. Tay missed the home run shot, as Tucker bailed outside. Tay hit a punt kick on the apron, but Tucker got a knee with Conti coming back inside. Tucker connected with a sliding lariat for two. Tay fought back with forearms and clotheslines before hitting her spinning face buster. Conti hit three consecutive corner pump kicks, the Tay-KO & DD-Tay for the win.

WINNER: Tay Conti in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Tay Conti hit all of her finishers to put away Tucker, who looked good in her debut here.)


Anderson was in for about 30 seconds before Steward bailed and tagged Curtis, who demanded Johnson tag in. Curtis mocked Johnson, who hit a standing moonsault, mocking Curtis in return. Stewart & Curtis briefly had control of Johnson, but Brock tagged in and cleaned house. Brock drove shoulders to the midsection, got a blind tag to Johnson, hit a spinebuster on Stewart before Johnson hit a Frog Splash for the win.

WINNERS: Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a standard kind of match that young guys like Johnson and especially Brock should be having on shows like Dark. It was a solid showing.)

(7) FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. STALLION ROGERS & ANTHONY GREENE

Wheeler grounded Rogers with a wrist lock into a hammerlock early as Rogers scrambled into a front face lock. Harwood got the tag and we had a face-off with all four men before Dax & Greene picked things up. Dax grounded Greene with a headlock and some shoulder tackles, but Greene fired off a few arm drags. Dax pulled the hair of Greene to his corner, but Greene got free and we had another face off. Greene & Rogers worked over Cash, but Rogers got slammed with a back elbow by Wheeler. Dax slapped Rogers in the face and suckered him into a chase, which led to a Dax lariat and Cash slingshot knee drop. FTR keep picking apart Rogers for a few minutes before Cash missed a corner splash and Rogers floated over a Dax suplex and both men clunked heads. Greene made the tag and fired off a nice combo including a corkscrew cross body. Rogers hit a tope to the floor on Wheeler as Greene got a victory roll on Dax for two. Greene & Rogers went for a double team, but Cash low bridged Greene to the floor. Dax & Rogers traded close near falls, including Rogers floating through a powerbomb into a roll up. Dax planted Greene with a brainbuster outside and Rogers hit a tope elbow almost to Dax. Back inside, Rogers was met with a spinning back breaker into almost a stalling Falcon Arrow for the win.

WINNERS: FTR in 10:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I was looking forward to this match as soon as it was announced and it delivered. I know some hate the use of this word, but this was a banger of a tag match. This was probably the most competitive tag match I’ve seen on Dark in quite some time. I realize with FTR facing Darby & Sting tomorrow, some might not want a 10 minute tag, but a quick squash instead. I’m not one of them. FTR are one of the best teams in the world and it’s nice to see them put on longer matches like this on shows like Dark & Elevation. I know this isn’t the last time we saw Greene & Rogers at these tapings, but I’m hopeful we see them as a team again down the line in AEW.)

(8) THE BUNNY (w/The Butcher & The Blade) vs. XTINA KAY

Excalibur asks if Taz knows anyone named Xtina and Taz says his teacher sophomore year was Xtina Xtina. Bunny slammed Xtina down by her hair early and pulled the hair from her fingers. Xtina fought back with a back handspring into a shoulder tackle, wasting too much time as Bunny immediately regained control. It doesn’t take much longer for Bunny to send Kay Down the Rabbit Hole for the win.

WINNER: The Bunny in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a quick and dominant showing from The Bunny.)


I give credit to Kross, who was one of the few Archer opponents who actually made it to the ring on his own. Kross for some reason did the splits on the apron like Melina, so Archer booted him to the floor. Back inside, the bell rang and Kross hit a springboard dropkick. Archer responded by Pouncing Kross across the ring and a big splash in the corner. Archer hit a huge choke slam and the Black Out, even though Kross was begging for Archer not to.

WINNER: Lance Archer in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was a long squash for Archer, despite only being two minutes. He’s more than ready for Moxley & Kingston this week.)

(10) PETER AVALON & RYAN NEMETH (w/Cezar Bononi & JD Drake) vs. JOHN SILVER & ALEX REYNOLDS (w/Alan “5” Angels, 10 & -1)

Silver & Reynolds hit a nice double hip toss into a face buster for two before Silver launched Avalon clear across the ring. Silver connected with a leaping uppercut for two before Avalon got a jawbreaker and tag to Nemeth as The Wingmen hit a double enziguri on Silver for two. Silver was able to fight off Nemeth & Avalon with a double suplex as Reynolds made the hot tag. Nemeth was dropped with a neck breaker and Avalon with a pop up knee for two. Nemeth planted Reynolds with a DDT, looked for a double Rude Awakening, but Reynolds and Silver hit a double slam. Avalon hit a few corner forearms but ran into the crazy combo Silver & Reynolds always break out to give them the win.

WINNERS: John Silver & Alex Reynolds in 5:30

(Howard’s Analysis: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss hearing the Pretty Picture theme song. This was an action packed little tag match. It was nice to see Silver & Reynolds getting a win as a team once again. I’m happy Alex Reynolds is back in action.)

(11) DANIEL GARCIA (w/Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) vs. ALAN “5” ANGELS

Garcia wrestled Angels to the ground in the opening minutes, but Angels fought back leading to a chop battle. Angels hit a nice leg lariat that sent Garcia outside, tried a tope, but Garcia cut him off. Angels was able to recover long enough to jump up on the entrance stage and connect with a running somersault dive, wiping out Parker, Lee & Garcia. Back inside, Garcia took the ref, which allowed Parker & Lee to trip up Angels and Garcia took control. Garcia picked Angels apart before both men collided in mid air, which actually allowed Angels to recover. Forearm battle ended in a drop step enziguri by Angels and standing Spanish fly for two. Angels went for a top rope dive, but rolled through and Garcia hit a shotgun dropkick to the corner for a near fall. Angels answered with a Flatliner into Koji Clutch. Lee took the ref and Parker raked Angels eyes, allowing Garcia to lock on the Sharpshooter for the submission.

WINNER: Daniel Garcia in 10:30

(Howard’s Analysis: I know the Dark Order is having their differences, but I don’t know why Silver, Reynolds or 10 didn’t stay with Angels ringside after his entrance. This was a real good back and forth match, with the finish really souring it for me. I know 2point0 were out there for a reason, but I hated after all that time, just an eye rake led to the finish. Regardless, this was 99% great, so I’m definitely giving props for that.)

(12) THE FACTORY (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solow) vs. SEAN MALUTA & COLE KARTER & DARIAN BENGSTON

Solo took down Bengston early and suckered Karter into tagging in to get a cheap shot on him. Comoroto tagged in, who no sold Karter’s offense as he steamrolled Karter with a lariat. QT tagged in to pick up the pieces, but was only in for seconds as Comoroto tagged in with a DVD on Karter. Maluta tagged in, caught Comoroto with a superkick, but missed a jump corner kick as Comoroto hit a powerbomb. Solo tagged in and hit a double stomp off a backbreaker from Comoroto. QT jumped in, hit a Diamond Cutter and stole the win without breaking a sweat.

WINNERS: The Factory in 4:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was exactly what you’d expect in a Factory squash with Solow & Comoroto doing all the work with QT stealing the glory.)

(13) COLT CABANA (w/Evil Uno & -1) vs. JD DRAKE (w/The Wingmen)

A failed test of strength led to Cabana working the arm briefly. Both men traded chops, headlocks & shoulder blocks before Drake sent Colt to the outside where The Wingmen trash talked. Uno & -1 backed off Nemeth, Bononi & Avalon as Drake took control back inside. Drake connected with a nice Manhattan Drop, bodyslam & head butt combination. Colt started fighting back and a chop battle ensued. Drake missed a corner splash and Colt finally took the big man off his feet. Colt hit his jabs and bionic elbows before he connected with a flying apple in the corner. Cabana got a bodyslam for two, looked for a Chicago Skyline, but Drake hit a leaping leg lariat off the second rope and corner cannonball for two. Drake went for a moonsault and missed, Cabana responded with one of his own for the victory.

WINNER: Colt Cabana in 7:00

(Howard’s Analysis: This was one of Colt Cabana’s best singles matches in AEW, which is nice to see. He’s been primarily in tag matches that are rather quick. Cabana and Drake have nice chemistry, so this is a match I wouldn’t mind seeing again. I also appreciated there being little to no interference and Drake and Colt just went in there and wrestled.)


Eddie fired off a crazy amount of machine gun chops in the corner that brightened up the chest of Bronson. Kingston was caught with a stalling exploder suplex that sent Eddie outside and Bronson hit a massive tope to the floor. Back inside, both men traded chops and forearms before Bronson sat down on the chest of Kingston for two. Bronson & Kingston both missed corner splashes, but Eddie hit a running STO for the double down. Both men started slapping each other while on their knees and it changed to forearms and chops on their feet. Kingston hit an enzugiri, big boot, ran into a Black Hole Slam for a two count for Bronson, who followed with a corner cannonball. Bronson hit a wild lariat for two and couldn’t believe it. Both men no sold exploder suplexes, but Kingston’s second one connected. Bronson screamed he was going to break Kingston’s neck, but Eddie hit two spinning back fists for the victory. Post match, Kingston called out Archer and the two brawled ahead of their showdown.

WINNER: Eddie Kingston in 8:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Well, these two beat the crap out of one another and I loved it. Kingston is one of the best sellers in wrestling and Bear Bronson always delivers when in singles action. This was a very good main event.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a really enjoyable episode of Dark, even though it was 14 matches, which is too much in my opinion. We got some very entertaining matches in this one though, with match of the night going to FTR vs. Green & Rogers and Kingston vs. Bronson a very close second. Angels & Garcia had a fun back and forth mat based match, while Colt & Drake had a hard hitting battle as well. I’d go out of your way to watch those matches as we usually get one or two really good matches on Dark, not four, which was fun.

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