9/28 NXT ON USA REPORT: Lindberg’s Report on Gonzalez vs. Monet for NXT Womens Championship, Lash Legend Debut, Strong vs. Waller, B-Fab vs. Lopez, more.

By: @NateLindberg - PWTorch Contributor




Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix

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The show kicked off with Hit Row on their way to the ring. Ashante Adonis said that tonight was all about the ladies and asked for the ladies in the house to make some noise. He said it was an honor and a gift to be in their presence. He hyped the Women’s Championship match later tonight between Monet and Gonzalez. Top Dolla hyped the Women’s Tag Title match between Shirai & Stark vs. Toxic Attraction

Swerve taunted that his title wasn’t on the line tonight, but hyped the Cruiserweight title match between Waller & Strong later tonight. B-Fab then called out Elektra Lopez and she said that Lopez has no chance tonight. Elektra Lopez then made her way to the ring accompanied by Legado del Fantasma.


The two ladies began brawling on the outside before bringing the action into the ring. They locked up and B-Fab took control with a sloppy dropkick to Lopez sending her to the outside. Lopez went for a weapon under the ring with B-Fab stopping her. Lopez went to attack with a trash can and B-Fab blocked it. Lopez sent B-Fab into the steps causing the male members of each stable to begin brawling into commercial. (c)

Back from break, Lopez was in control choking B-Fab with a boot in the corner. Lopez went under the ring for a table with B-Fab stopping her. They played tug of war with the table and Lopez shook B-Fab off. They brawled on the outside a bit longer before Lopez threw B-Fab into the ring and went for a few chairs. She threw the chairs into the ring and B-Fab tried to attack her with one. Lopez blocked it and body slammed her twice onto a folded chair.

Lopez set a chair up with the legs in the air, B-Fab hit drop toe hold and sent Lopez into the legs of the chair face first. She hit Lopez with a kendo stick and then went to set up a chair to… sit in? Lopez then cross body blocked her through the chair. She picked B-Fab up into a fireman’s carry and sent her into another chair face first. Lopez then hit a sit out power bomb for the win.

Winner: Elektra Lopez in 10:18

(Lindberg’s Analysis: Kelly Wells will not be joining us for PWT Talks NXT tonight. During this match, Tom Stoup sent a message to our three way Skype chat saying “Kelly, you are missing the worst match I’ve ever seen on WWE television”. I honestly can’t say he’s all that wrong. Sure, there was the evening gown match between Brisco and Patterson that may out do the stink that was this opening match, but not by much. I understand that NXT is going back to developmental roots. But… both Lopez and B-Fab seriously need more in-ring developing before they have any business being on TV.)

InDex were shown on their honeymoon, spending time with one another on a sandy beach, drawing hearts in the sand. LaRae and Gargano were then shown spying on them from a hotel balcony with binoculars. LaRae asked Gargano if she remembered their honeymoon and Gargano reminisced about that night and suddenly became more protective of Indi. Indi then stood up in her bikini while suggestive music played and InDex went into the water. A shark began looming around, sending InDex fleeing the water. It was then revealed that it was just Gargano in a shark fin helmet. (c)

Joe Gacy appeared in ring and began cutting a promo and called the ring his safe space. He said that last week he made a big impact and he hasn’t been cancelled as people were saying. He said he made a bigger impact than people like Roddy Strong, Bron Breakker and Tomasso Ciampa using only his words, not violence. He said last week when he went back to the locker room he saw triggered faces and that confused him. He’s inclusive and conflicts can be solved with communication. He said that no one person can change the world but he is here to usher the world into a new normal. He thanked the crowd for his open minds and returned the audience to their regularly scheduled programming.


Xion Quinn started things off with a body block and then threw the Boston Brawler out of the ring. Lorcan made his way back into the ring and was taken down by a corkscrew lariat. Lorcan realized he was up against a monster here, and kicked into a higher gear. He backed Quinn into the corner, but Quinn bieled Lorcan across the ring. Lorcan managed to take Quinn to the mat and locked in a chokehold. Quinn fought to his feet and rallied with strikes and a headbutt. He gave Lorcan a powerful clothesline and a massive Samoan Drop before beginning to signal for his finishing move. He hit Lorcan with a running axe handle to the face for the win.

Winner: Xion Quinn in 3:43

(Lindberg’s Analysis: Quinn showed a ton of potential out there tonight. Oney Lorcan is an amazing technical wrestler and Quinn looked like he could hang with him easily. The name and the gimmick is a little odd, but I like what I see so far.)

A video package for Greyson Waller was up next, explaining how he was a thrillseeker. He was shown skydiving and doing other extreme sports. He said after he wins the Cruiserweight title tonight, everyone will know his name.

Tag Champs MSK made their way to the ring next to address the audience after the commercial break. (c)

In the ring, Samantha Irvin interviewed MSK and asked them what was next. They said that what’s next is that they’ll continue smoking the tag division and be the fighting champs they’ve always claimed to be. Whether its the new blood or the old guard, they were waiting for someone to step up and face them.

The Grizzled Young Vets came out asking them where their 2 v 2 title opportunity is, and until they get it MSK cannot call themselves fighting champions. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams came out with Hayes’ contract to a match for any title match, threatening to challenge for the tag titles right now. MSK told everyone to shut up and that they’ve proven that they are the best tag team in NXT. But, if GYV wants to try again they are welcome to try.

Briggs & Jensen then came out next and challenged for the titles themselves before attacking Trick and Carmelo. GYV then attacked MSK with MSK standing strong. MSK and Brooks & Jensen stood tall in the ring as the heels ran scared.


Shirai and Dolan kicked things off, locking up in the center of the ring. The two traded offense and reversals until Shirai dropkicked Dolan into her corner. Jacy Jane tagged in and trash talked Shirai. She went for a test of strength and kicked Shirai when Shirai went to lock up. Shirai brought Jane to her corner and tagged in Stark. Stark took Jane down with a leg sweep and covered for a pin. Jane reversed into a cradle of her own. The two reversed each other’s cradle pins three or four times before breaking it up.

Stark landed a springboard senton for a two count. Jane recovered and tagged Dolan in without Stark noticing. Dolan kicked Stark and covered for a two count. Mandy Rose got on the apron to distract Stark when the ref got involved and backed her off. The action spilled outside the ring with Stark leaping off the top onto Jane, Dolan leaping off the top onto Stark and Shirai leaping off onto Dolan as they cut to commercial. (c)

Dolan and Shirai were the legal competitors back from break with Dolan in control. Dolan tagged Jacy Jane who hit a vertical suplex and covered for two. Jane stomped Shirai and tried to pick Shirai up. Shirai punched her in the head and tagged Stark in. Stark came in on fire and suplexed Jane and made a cover. Dolan broke up the count the Stark threw Dolan out of the ring. Stark went for a moonsault on Jane, but Jane moved. Stark landed on her feet and Jacy took her down with a neckbreaker. Both women tagged in their partners and Shirai came in on fire locking a crossface in on Dolan. Jane broke it up, but Shirai managed to put a double crossface on both of her competitors. Mandy Rose put Jane’s foot on the rope without the ref seeing it.

Shirai knocked Dolan off of the apron and Stark ran after Dolan to make sure she stayed out of the way. Io Shirai hit a moonsault on Jacy Jane for the win.

Winners: Zoey Stark & Io Shirai in 12:02

(Lindberg’s Analysis: A decent tag match, however I didn’t think Dolan and Jane had much of a chance at a win. They may be getting pushed, but not pushed to the point of pushed past the likes of Shirai & Stark.)

A video package for Bron Breakker played next, with clips from media outlets singing his praises. He cut a Steiner-like promo making his intentions at Tommaso Ciampa’s NXT Title very clear.

Tommaso Ciampa facetimed into the show and spoke with the commentary team to respond to Bron Breakker. Ciampa said Breakker is something special but let’s not put him in the hall of fame just yet. He said it took him 908 days to get Goldie back. He said nobody has beaten him for the title, as he had to relinquish it. He knows that the match will happen sooner rather than later and when it does, Breakker will drown in an ocean of inexperience.

[4] BOA (w/Mae Ying) vs. ANDRE CHASE 

Boa took control right away with a snapmare, with Chase following it up with one of his own. The two traded hammerlocks and headlocks before Chase took Boa to the mat with an armbar. Boa made it to his feet and kicked Chase in the quad, hard. He ran Chase into the ropes and delivered a kitchen sink knee. Chase rallied with a neckbreaker and then pummeled Boa with punches and kicks.

Chase locked in a modified crossface while Mae Ying looked on at her young protégé almost in disgust. Boa finally dug down deep, and sent Chase flying through the ropes and to the mat. Chase got up and started trash talking Mae Ying who blew smoke in his face. Chase stumbled back into the ring and was swiftly put away by Boa.

Winner: Boa in 3:08

(Lindberg’s Analysis: I’m not quite understanding why Boa continues to look weak whenever he is in the ring, relying on Mae Ying to save him. After this many months of story telling with him supposedly becoming a martial arts master, how does he continue to fail? He certainly would have lost tonight if it wasn’t for her. I’m assuming this will be addressed eventually, but right now it feels flat.)

Back to the InDex honeymoon and Gargano was shown wearing the shark fin helmet, walking back into the hotel room to greet LaRae. LaRae asked where they went and they realized they went to a hotel room. And there are beds in hotel rooms. “What’s the worst that could happen?” asks Gargano. LaRae and Gargano slowly look at LaRae’s growing belly and Gargano runs off looking for protection for the newlyweds. He found a housekeeper who let him into their hotel room, where he found a bunch of condoms in a suitcase. InDex came back into the room and had a pillow fight that sounded more like a sex romp to Gargano who was hiding in the closet. Gargano escaped when Indi fell asleep but was caught by Dexter Lumis who just gave Gargano a thumbs up and pulled a dozen or so condoms out of the pocket of his bathrobe.

Before the match could start, Waller attacked Strong during entrances. Commentary wondered if this match would even happen as they cut to commercial.


After commercial, Waller was in control with Strong laying on the mat. Waller went to the top rope but was pushed off and onto the floor before he could hit a move on Strong. Strong chopped Waller into the corner and then stomped a mudhole and walked it dry.

Strong landed a backbreaker and covered with Waller kicking out at one. Waller rallied and tried pinning Strong who kicked out and reversed into a pin of his own. The two reversed pins a few times before Strong was able to hit another backbreaker taking Waller down. He locked in a camel clutch on Waller, but Waller made it to his feet. He tried to overpower Strong, but Strong hit a vertical suplex and covered for two. Strong locked in a submission hold with Waller making it to the ropes.

Waller climbed to the top and hit a missile dropkick on Strong. He landed a clothesline and a series of kicks on Strong and a discus forearm to take Strong down. Waller hit a massive top rope elbow on Strong for a near fall. Waller hit a stunner on Strong, who kicked out at the last possible second.

Strong then countered Wallers next offensive move with a knee to the face for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong in approx 7:00 (match started during commercial break)

(Lindberg’s Analysis: Greyson Waller might be my favorite thing about NXT 2.0 so far. Risk taking, actual character development and a hell of a hand in the ring. Roderick Strong is always going to go out there and have a good match, but I felt like this match was one of Strong’s better singles matches. It takes two to tango.)

LA Knight was back stage and was asked if he felt like he bit off more than he can chew by challenging the massive Odyssey Jones next week. LA Knight said that he’s not afraid and that Jones has one week to learn a lesson when Jones walked into frame. Andre Chase walked through the shot, ranting and raving that there should have been a DQ called during his match. LA Knight took the distraction to attack Jones and leave him laying. (c)

A video package for Dante Chen aired, introducing him as the Spirit of Singapore.

Lash Legend and her talk show “Lashing Out” debuted. It took place on a separate stage in front of an audience. She hyped the audience up about the draft coming up and she said that she knew something about drafts where she got a rebound record with 27 records leading her to a spot in the WNBA draft. She then called out Cora Jade and Trey Baxter making out in the locker room. She said that Baxter wasn’t a real man, and if they want a real man they need someone like Ikeman Jiro. She also called out Andre Chase as a Pee-Wee look alike.

Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland were making their way to the ring when Kyle O’Reilly attacked. The commentary team once again wondered if the match would even start.


The match was underway as we came back from commercial with Ridge Holland in control of KOR in a waistlock. Holland hit a series of suplexes and made a cover for two. Holland whipped KOR into the corner extremely hard, then picked him up in a bearhug and slammed him into the corner once again. He kept the bearhug locked in and KOR began to fade. KOR managed to hit a bell clap and escaped. He tried locking in a guillotine choke, but Holland threw KOR off of him. KOR rallied with a flurry of strikes and kicks, sending Holland to the corner. He splashed Holland in the corner and hit him with a running knee for two. KOR immediately tried to transition to an armbar with Holland picking KOR up and powerbombing him into the corner.

Holland hit a massive tilt-a-whirl slam with KOR managing to kick out at the last second. KOR then tried to attack the knee of Holland, but was met with a powerbomb for his troubles. Holland covered for two and KOR kicked once again. KOR started working the knee of Holland again, taking him to the mat. KOR went to the top rope and Pete Dunne caused a distraction. KOR sent Holland into Dunne and then rolled Dunne up for the win.

Dunne and Holland immediately attacked KOR after the match ended when Von Wagner ran to the aid of KOR. The two took out the trash and stood tall as Dunne & Holland retreated backstage.

Winner: KOR in approx 6:00 (match started during a commercial break)

(Lindberg’s Analysis: Big plans for Von Wagner it seems as he has now rubbed elbows with certified main eventers twice now. The match itself was okay, KOR needed a strong win to keep him looking relevant and credible.)

Another vignette for Tony D’Angelo aired down at the docks. He said that his family used to benefit from the goods that may have fallen off these docks. His cousin owns the place. If things go down at the docks, he gets a call from his cousin and he takes care of family issues.


The two locked up trying to overpower one another for the first few moments of the contest. Monet managed to take Gonzalez to the mat first with a headlock takedown. Gonzalez made it to her feet and powered out of the headlock. She picked Monet up by the waist and slammed her face first on the mat. Monet stood up and laughed loudly. Gonzalez mocked her for laughing and Monet sent Gonzalez to the corner. Gonzalez quickly fought back with a fall away slam. Robert Stone pulled Monet to safety out of the ring. Gonzalez followed her and tossed her back inside.

Gonzalez hit a spinning sidewalk slam and Monet rolled out of the ring again. Gonzalez went to bring her back in, with Monet knocking her off the stairs and slamming her to the floor. She rolled Gonzalez into the ring and covered for two. Monet backed Gonzalez into the corner and hit her running double knee to the face. She hit a suplex on Gonzalez for another two count.

Monet locked in a leg scissors with Gonzalez fighting out. Monet continued talking trash and kicking the champ while she was down. She started screaming at Gonzalez in Spanish which fired Gonzalez up. She hit Monet with a clothesline and a big boot into a splash for a near fall.

Monet picked Gonzalez up and ran into a powerbomb from Gonzalez who pinned her for the win. Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction made their way to the ring next, attacking Monet on the ramp. They circled the ring and entered from all sides, surrounding Gonzalez. The crowd chanted “This is stupid” as Toxic Attraction beat down Gonzalez, leaving the champ laying to end the show.

Winner: Gonzalez in approx 6:00

(Lindberg’s Analysis: A lackluster matchup with an even worse finish. Nobody wants to see Mandy Rose vs. Raquel Gonzalez. And something tells me she may actually win…)

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  1. This is straight out of the “nowhere, but I hope it happens” book of thought. Obviously, NXT has a glut of tag-teams, all of whom think they are “the best”. I would love to see the RAW and SmackDown tag-team show up on NXT (leading to Survivor Series, of course), to explain to all of those young teams that they are NOT the best, but we are. Of course, we will get to see a few weeks of new challenges, before the RAW, SmackDown and NXT tag-teams go head-to-head in a Bragging Rights Match. Oh, to dream, to dream.

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