10/23 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes, Bryan Danielson vs. Dustin Rhodes, Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston, Ruby Soho vs. Penelope Ford, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


OCTOBER 23, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


The match started with the men battling over wrist control, with Dustin sending Danielson to the mat. Rhodes then ran the ropes but was taken out by Danielson. The men then did a test of strength, Danielson lead on his back and countered using the body weight of his opponent and locked in a squatting figure four. Rhodes broke the hold, leading to a collar and elbow tie-up and then uppercuts from Danielson; this was countered by Rhodes with an uppercut of his own. Danielson then hit a dive to the outside and Dustin did an apron senton onto Danielson on the outside.

Back in the ring, Danielson laid in kicks and then tried a backdrop suplex, Dustin countered with a German suplex and then started to work over his opponent. Bryan Danielson then worked the wrist and shoulder of Dustin Rhodes, on the top rope Danielson and Rhodes shared a superplex. After a moment, Rhodes hit a power slam and a body slam for a two count.

Rhodes then did his perched punches in the corner, Danielson hit a bulldog and then hit chops in the corner on Rhodes. On the top, Dustin countered and sent Danielson onto the top rope and then a flying elbow. Danielson then countered into a cross face hold, with Rhodes breaking the hold with his foot. The men then traded kicks and punches in the center of the ring, with Rhodes getting a roll through two count.

Danielson then face stomped Dustin and then tried the running knee, but Rhodes countered with a lariat and a pile-driver for a near fall. Danielson then ran the ropes and locked in a guillotine and won the match via submission.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An outstanding match that gives Danielson another win in another interesting way. Dustin Rhodes is such a good guy to have on the roster and these seemingly random matchups feeling and being this intense are really what separates AEW form others in 2021.)

-Kenny Omega was backstage with The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. Omega said they are taking on Adam Page and Dark Order next week. He said that he tagged with Page for a year, and he knows who he is and what makes him tick. [c]

-FTR called out the Lucha Bros. setting up a title match at Full Gear against them. Pentagon and Alex responded that they will play dirty if FTR wants them too.

-Tony Schiavone introduced Sting to give an update on Darby Allin. MJF’s music hit as Sting was about to talk, he said that he wasn’t out to start a fight or embarrass Sting. He said that they will never see Darby again, he called Sting a bad person and taunted the crowd. He said that it was Sting’s fault that Darby is now like Lex Luger. MJF then went in the ring and took a straight right from Sting. Wardlow and Shawn Spears then took out Sting, as MJF ran. MJF then sat on the chair next to a downed Sting, He asked if he broke Darby mentally as he held Stings face in his hands. MJF said if Darby comes back he will be just like Sting and always be second best to MJF forever. [c]

-It was announced that Britt Baker will be taking on Tay Conti at Full Gear. Baker then said that she will teach Conti a lesson.


Penelope ford started the match by throwing her leather jacket at Ruby Soho, she controlled the early portion of the match as a result. Ruby locked in a side head lock and hit a gut kick and then she got a two count on Ford. The two fighters were then on the apron area and traded shots. The Bunny emerged from the stage area and distracted Soho. Ford then kicked her opponent and knocked her down and worked over her. [c]

Ruby fought back and hit a thrust kick and kick to the side fo the head of Ford, getting her a two count pinning attempt. Ford hit a cutter after an exchange, leading to a near fall. Soho countered a submission attempt into a roll up and a two count, Soho took out Ford and then went to the top rope and missed a move.

Ford then hit a gut buster on Soho for another near fall. The Bunny tried to get the brass knuckles into the ring, but Soho rolled up Ford for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ruby Soho in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An ok match that had the correct winner. I would like to see Ruby go against better in ring competition, her match next against Statlander should allow her to Peter show her in ring ability.)

-Post match Red Velvet came out and made the save for Soho.

-MJF and Wardlow were backstage, Wardlow asked about why MJF did that to him last week. MJF said he apologized and he wants to have a little chat with him. He said that hired Shawn Spears as an accountability buddy. [c]


Fish punched Greene out onto the apron, Greene went to the top rope and hit a cross body for a two count. Fish then hit a springboard senton and then hit Greene into he corner and worked over his opponent and then took him to the other side and hit a dragon screw, a lariat, and then a German into the ropes. Leading to a fast win for Fish

WINNER: Bobby Fish in 3:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A way to give Fish some credibility as the heel Matt Sydal type on the show. Greene and Fish obviously have worked together run NXT and the matched felt high level for a squash match.)

-Fish continued to beat up Greene and CM Punk made the save and ran Fish out of the arena, setting up a future match.

-Lio Rush and Dante Martin were backstage, Lio said that he is trying to mentor Martin, he also said Sydal was not that. Martin defended Sydal, and Lio rebutted that and said that Dante is better than Sydal. He said the Lio and Dante have a tag match against the Sydal brothers.


Kingston attacked Archer from behind as he entered the arena, the two men then battled outside the ring with a “fan,” at ringside being used as a weapon. Archer was in control and threw Kingston into the ring and the match officially started. Archer hit hard chops and elbows in the corner. Eddie fought out of black arrow and put Archer in a kneeling submission. Archer countered and was in control. [c]

Archer was over the prone Kingston, and allowed him to get up. Archer dropped Kingston once he stood and put him into the corner and smashed the face of his opponent. Archer went up to the top rope and did a moonsault and landed on his head, and he rolled to the outside. Archer then rolled back in and Kingston quickly pinned him to end the match. [c]

WINNER: Eddie Kingston in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Not much to say here but I hope that Archer is ok.)

-The men of the year were in the ring with Dan Lambert. Ethan Page said that the Inner Circle sucks, he said Hager hasn’t seen any of his matches, but Scorpio Sky has pinned him. He said Santana and Ortiz are from the streets, well they own the streets. He then went to Chris Jericho and said he wasn’t there. He said Jericho gets to do whatever he wants, he referenced getting beat up in their match. He said that he and Sky are the further of the company, not Sammy Guevara.

Guevara then came out and told them to stop complaining. He told page to stop complaining and work to get better, not cry about it. He then called out Lambert and the crowd joined in. Lambert told Sammy to lighten up, he said that he was proud of him for cutting a promo for the first time in his career. Lambert said it would be Inner Circle vs. American Top Team/men of the year at Full Gear. He said he had to take on Page for the TNT title next week. If he losses he ha stop leave the Inner Circle, Sammy agreed under one condition, he gets to choose the three members of top team to be in the match.

(Sage’s Analysis: I cannot wait to see Dan Lambert in an AEW PPV match, {insert eye roll})

-Jon Moxley cut a promo about the tournament, he said he was gonna keep it real. He is thinking about his daughters eyes and tells the story of her grabbing his pinky. He said he doesn’t care about anything but getting home to his family. He said the only way to get home is to hurt other people and get to the end. His message to everyone is that he will get them before they get him. [c]

-Adam Page and Dark Order were backstage andPage was talking about their match next week.


Jungle Boy sent Cutler to the outside and then hit a diving spear to the outside. Jungle Boy then countered a Panama Sunrise and sent Cutler flying. Jungle Boy then slapped and kicked and then hit a power bomb and locked in the snare trap.

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 1:00

-After the match Jungle Boy got on the mic and said that was a nice warm up. He said he was feeling good and called out any member of The Elite to come out and take him on. Adam Cole came out when he locked in the snare trap again. Cole walked to the ring and took the attention of Jungle Boy and The Young Bucks hit super kicks on JB. All three men then beat up Jungle Boy on the top of the stage. The three then tossed Jungle Boy off the stage onto some tables.

-The announce team ran down the cards for Dynamite and Rampage next week. [c]

-Miro had a video saying that his wife needs her champion back, he is God’s forsaken champion but will be God’s champion once more.


The match started fast with Cody getting the advantage as the match was very mat based. Black was able to quickly get a knee bar, then the match reset and Cody was able to get some punches in. Black then got a headlock, Cody countered and was able to hit a power slam. Black went to the outside and grabbed a chair and threw it into Cody as Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson came out. [c]

During the break Cody hit a crossroads out onto a table. Cody was sent into a post and he bladed as Arn distracted Black. Andrade came out as both Black and Cody tried to get into the ring. Black misted Arn, Pac took out Andrade. Cody and Black then battled. Cody hit another Crossroads for a near fall. Black then went to the top and hit the foot stomp and a German Suplex for a near fall. Black then hit the back heel kick, sending Cody through the ropes.

Cody then hit a dive out onto black after a series of moves. Back in the ring he hit a Cody Cutter and then Crossroads as the crowd booed, he hit a Tiger Driver 98 for the win.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good main event and a good Cody match. But the reaction from that crowd is going to continue if Cody and AEW try to continue doing this character. This felt more like a match that should be at the PPV not the tag match that is coming so that is a bit odd to me as well.)


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