10/26 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Bryan Danielson vs. Aaron Solow, Eddie Kingston vs. Jack Evans, Fish vs. Khash, more



OCTOBER 26, 2021

Announcers: Excalibur and Taz

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-Excalibur and Taz on the call, welcoming us to the show.


Before the match, there was a recap of Bobby Fish beating up Anthony Greene on Dynamite & CM Punk making the save. Commentators plug Fish vs. Punk tomorrow night as Fish dragon screwed Khash’s leg followed by a sliding lariat for two. Khash blocked a kick, hit a forearm, but Fish fired back with a flying kick and exploder into the ropes. Fish connected with a Buzzsaw Kick for the victory. Post match, Tony Schiavone interviews Fish, who said Punk is allegedly Best in the World, but tomorrow night, it’s clobbering time.

WINNER: Bobby Fish in 2:00

(Howard’s Analysis: Total dominance from Fish in this one. His match with Punk tomorrow should be excellent.)


Both ladies took turns working the others arm before Riho bridged out of a pin and hit a dropkick. Kay drove Riho down by the hair, did a backflip before she drove a shoulder into the midsection. Taz said the backflip wasn’t necessary as one doesn’t have to be a Fancy Dan or in this case Fancy Danielle. Kay tried the same backflip again, but Riho fired off forearms and dropkick. Riho went to the top and hit a high cross body for two. Each lady fought off a suplex attempt until Riho hit a snap suplex before she went up top, missing a double stomp. Kay hit a nice spinebuster, but missed a standing moonsault. Riho hit the running double knees for the win.

WINNER: Riho in 4:30

(Howard Analysis: Pretty good back & forth battle here with Riho looking strong. This is the first time she’s been on Dark since March of last year before everything shut down. I’m glad she’s back and hope we see more of her.)

-Sammy Guevara came out to a loud ovation and talked about his TNT Title match with Ethan Page tomorrow on Dynamite. He said on the biggest night of his life, Page will fail like he has his entire life. Sammy says he’s willing to die to defend his title. Ethan Page interrupted and ran down his credentials in AEW like throwing Darby down steps and throwing him into the crowd. Ethan put himself over while he ran down the crowd & Sammy. Scorpio Sky attacked Sammy from behind and did Jim Ross style commentary while Page beat Sammy down, busting his nose open badly. Page went for the Ego’s Edge, but Santana & Ortiz made the save.


Taz predicts the bald man will win this match. Evans hit a corkscrew kick, handspring back elbow and springboard kick early for two. Evans hit another spin kick and standing sky twister press for another two. Commentary put over the toughness of Lance Archer during his match with Kingston last week and I’d have to agree. Kingston caught a leaping Evans with an exploder suplex to take control with some chops. Kingston hit a beautiful DDT for a close two, Evans flipped out of a backdrop and hit a Michinoku Driver for two. Kingston fired back with a spinning back fist, backdrop driver and Stretch Plum for the submission.

WINNER: Eddie Kingston in 4:30

(Howard’s Analysis: This was the first time seeing Jack Evans post haircut from Orange Cassidy and it’s been weeks. I wish there was more of a follow up to that match. Regardless, no matter the opponent or how short the match is, Eddie Kingston gives his opponent a whole lot and this was no different. I really enjoyed this match.)

(4) DANTE MARTIN (w/Lio Rush) vs. JDX

The height that Martin gets on leap frogs & dropkicks is absolutely insane. JDX got an enziguri to the back, charged at Martin, who did his standing backflip as JDX went outside. Martin wiped him out, went for his double springboard moonsault, but landed on his feet. JDX hit a charging flatliner for two. Martin used his speed to respond with a double springboard moonsault for 3. Post match, Tony Schiavone interviews Lio Rush & Dante as Rush said the Sydal name needs to get away from Martin. He will take Dante to the highest flight.

WINNER: Dante Martin in 3:00

(Howard’s Analysis: I liked how Martin missed his moonsault at first, but used his speed to connect with it soon after. I’m interested in seeing where this Rush & Martin pairing leads to, especially whenever Darius Martin returns.)

-Adam Cole made his entrance to a loud BOOM as Tony Schiavone waited to interview his mortal enemy. Cole said when he & The Bucks threw Jungle Boy off the stage, he metaphorically told him to wake up. Everyone is in denial at how good The Elite is. This promotion is called All Elite Wrestling for a reason and said if they thought what they did to Jungle Boy was bad, they ain’t seen nothing yet. He drops the mic before Tony can grab it.

-We go from Tony Schiavone and throw it backstage to Tony Schiavone with Jade Cargill & Mark Sterling, who puts over Jade’s winning streak. Jade says it’s That Bitch Show, so just give her the belt. This was pretty pointless.


Bell sounded and Ruas hit a roundhouse back kick that KO’d Brown for the pinfall. Post match, Tony, making an appearance in the fourth segment in a row, interviewed Ruas, who said this opponent didn’t have the technique to keep up. He said he’s here because he wants competition.

WINNER: Tiger Ruas in 14 seconds

(Howard’s Analysis: 1 and done for the former Arturo Ruas. That’s all I got.)


Moore took it to Diamante early as both women fired forearms at one another. Moore got a school girl for two, but Diamante was up first, hitting a series of short arm clotheslines. Diamante hit a standing Sliced Bread, then locked on almost a Cobra Clutch with a body scissors for the quick submission.

WINNER: Diamante in 1:00

(Howard’s Analysis: After failing in tag team action last night on Elevation, Diamante gets back in the win column tonight with a dominating performance.)

-Tony Schiavone is backstage interviewing Tony Nese, who said AEW is the perfect place for The Premiere Athlete. Nese said half the talent on the roster doesn’t deserve to be there and he’ll start picking off guys next week, starting with Fuego Del Sol.

(7) 10 (w/-1) vs. SHAYNE STETSON

Stetson foolishly wanted a test of strength, chopped 10 instead, but 10 mowed him down. 10 launched Stetson back into the ring and hit a spinebuster. 10 locked on the Full Nelson for the quick submission. -1 cleared the ring post match, booting Stetson from the ring.

WINNER: 10 in 1:00

(Howard’s Analysis: 10 squashing a fella before his match with Moxley tomorrow.)


Fuego 2 starts the match and has a very striking resemblance to a certain American Nightmare who has the same tattoos. Both Fuegos hit a double dropkick for two as Fuego 1 takes over, but gets cut off. Bandit made the tag and immediately got taken down with an arm drag from Fuego 2. We almost got a signature Cody Rhodes drop down punch, but he hesitated and hit a kick instead. Dos Fuegos picked apart Kid Bandit, who Taz said had Pat Tanaka gear. Bandit hit a big corkscrew corner kick on Fuego 2 as Alexander put the boots to him. Alexander hit a nice springboard dropkick that almost looked like a Disaster Kick on Fuego 2. Bandit tried a hurricanrana, but Fuego 2 powerbombed him. Fuego 1 made the hot tag with a springboard moonsault and short superkick for two. Alexander planted Fuego 1 with a Tombstone, but Fuego 2 took him out. Bandit wiped out Fuego 2 with a tope, but Fuego 1 spiked Alexander with a Tornado DDT for the victory.

WINNERS: Too Fast Too Fuego in 6:00

(Howard’s Analysis: If you don’t watch the Sammy Guevara Vlog, then this will confuse you just as much as the graphic did for Taz. I have no idea if this will happen again, but doing it on a show like Dark is fine I guess. I can only imagine what people thought if they’ve never seen that Sammy Vlog.)

(9) BRYAN DANIELSON vs. AARON SOLOW (w/QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto)

We saw wrist control and joint manipulation early from Danielson, who rolled out of a counter from Solow into a suplex for two. Solow bridged out of a pin attempt, so Bryan transitioned into an arm bar, focusing on the wrist, stomping on it. Danielson fired off corner chops, went to the second rope, but Solow swept the leg and Bryan came crashing down. Solow connected with a shotgun dropkick and took the ref while QT choked Bryan briefly. Solo went for another dropkick; Danielson caught him, tried a catapult, but Solow turned it into a nice double stomp. Danielson ducked a few Solow clotheslines, got a running start and hit his leaping clothesline. Danielson connected with a multiple running corner dropkicks and hurricanrana off the second rope. Danielson hit kicks to the chest and Buzzsaw Kick as QT ran distraction while Comoroto tripped him. Solo hit his corkscrew kick for a very close two count. Danielson backflipped out of the corner and wiped out Comoroto with a tope. Back inside, Danielson leapt off the top, but Solo hit a dropkick out of mid air. Solo went for the Pedigree, but Danielson countered into the LeBell Lock for the submission.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson in 9:30

(Howard’s Analysis: To the surprise of no one, this was Match of the Night and Solow’s best showing in his AEW career. If you told me a month into his AEW run that Bryan Danielson would be on Dark, I’d think you were nuts. I’m so thankful he is and I get to recap a match of his. I also chalk that up to a lot of the roster being on the Jericho Cruise at the time of this taping, so thanks Chris Jericho!)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was one of the most enjoyable episodes of Dark I’ve ever seen and not just because of Danielson in the main event. There were some heavy hitters involved on this show like Bryan and Eddie Kingston. This did a great job of building interest for Dynamite & Rampage this week. The only small criticism would be having Tony Schiavone in four segments in a row. They need to space them out better.

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