10/27 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on CM Punk vs. Bobby Fish, Jon Moxley vs. 10, Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida, More.


OCTOBER 27, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Fish went onto the apron area before entering and getting into to a grapple contest, leading to Fish getting Punk in the corner where Fish hit a few moves into a rest hold. Punk reversed the hold and got Bobby Fish to his feet and ran the ropes, leading to a scoop and slam by CM Punk. Fish tried and counter but was slammed once more, Punk then tried to slam Fish onto the outside of the ring.

Fish was able to counter that by grabbing the ropes, Fish then gained control and slowly worked over Punk. Eventually Punk was able to clothesline Fish outside the ring and then he dove out onto Fish. Punk went to the top for the Macho Man elbow, but fish rolled out and tripped punk on the way down.

Fish then continued his mat based assault, here Fish worked the left knee with dragon screws. On the outside, Fish slammed Punk into the barricade. The two men then traded knees, with Fish dropping Punk on the outside. Back into the ring, Fish continued to kick and abuse the left knee. On the top rope, both men traded shots; Punk knocked Fish down to the mat. Punk sold the left knee and did a one legged elbow drop.

Punk then hit a neck breaker and a knee strike, he then tried the GTS. But, Fish countered and hit a Dragon Screw. Punk then countered and finally hit the GTS and pinned Fish, who kicked out at 3.1

WINNER: CM Punk in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An old school, non-AEW match. The first 10 minutes were pretty slow, but the crowd stayed up for a vast majority of the match. As I have said before here, I don’t really think Bobby Fish is some sort of Technical savant. So this match being structured in this manner keeps Punk at the exact same level in my mind. I did like the selling Punk did at the end. Also, what was up with the quick kick out by Fish? Was that some storyline move, or did that finish not work for him, brother?)

-Malakai Black had comments about his loss on Saturday. He said that he separated the Nightmare Family, and made the crowd hate Cody. He said that it wasn’t about pinfalls, and the house always wins. [c]


MJF offered a handshake and kicked Donovan as he went for the handshake, MJF hit a heat seeker and got the pin.

WINNER: MJF in 30 seconds

-MJF got on the mic and made fun of Boston and the women that live in the city. He then called out Darby Allin, and said Boston loves them because they love losers. He said that he beat up Sting, and beat Adam Page. Sting’s music hit, but MJF laughed as he had tricked the fans. The lights then went out and Sting appeared with baseball bat and he took out Wardlow and Spears. Darby then appeared and hit Wardlow and Spears with the skateboard with tacs. Darby then challenged MJF at full gear. [c]

-It was announced that Britt Baker would be having a no DQ match vs. Abandon on Rampage.


Sammy ran to the ring and tackled Page and sent him to the outside, Guevara then dove out and took out Page. Page was then thrown into the ringside table, and into the barrier. Sammy then threw Page into the ring and the match officially started. The men traded forearms, with Sammy countering some rope running with a drop kick.

Sammy then chopped and hit a German for a one count pinning attempt. Sammy threw Page and then hit a knee on the way down. Guevara went to the top, but Page was able to knock him off the the top, the two men then fought and Page hit a back breaker on the top rope, sending Guevara to the floor. [c]

Page and Guevara traded forearms, until Sammy was able to use his speed to dodge and hit a head kick, he then hit the double springboard cutter. Page countered with a big boot, but Sammy then countered the counter with a Spanish Fly, for a two count. Sammy then went to the top rope, as Page was on the outside. Sammy hit a Shooting Star Press out onto Page. But, after a few minutes Page was able to hit a few moves to get the advantage back.

Page went to the top rope, but he was met by Sammy. Page picked up and slammed Sammy to the mat, and Page got a two count. On teh opposite top rope Page tried a top rope Ego’s Edge, that was countered and Sammy rolled up his opponent.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really fun match, these two have different styles but I though they worked well together and brought the best out of each other. The end match stuff set up the PPV match, that was fine.)

-Post match Page and Sky beat up on Guevara, but The Inner Circle ran out and made the save. Jericho announced the 10-man tag at Full Gear.

-Tony Schiavone was back stage with Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston. Kingston said that he fights depression everyday and that he works hard everyday and walked off. Danielson said that is the Kingston that he wants to see and fight. He said that he has done the same and doesn’t complain. He said he and Moxley are the two toughest pro wrestlers he has ever met. [c]

-The Lucha Bros. had a promo about FTR and there upcoming match for the AEW titles at Full Gear.


Deeb and Shida started by mat wrestling, with Shida on the winning end as she ground and pounded Deeb. Serena was sen to the outside and she was able to grab the leg of Shida and slammed her opponents leg on the ring post. Deeb was slammed on the same ring post, Shida then got Deeb up and hit a superplex. Shida then continued the offense into the break. [c]

Deeb and Shida were trading punches and forearms, with Shida winning the exchange. Shida then hit a top rope drop kick and then a vertical suplex for a near fall. Deeb then countered and hit a few uppercuts, Shida hit a backslide, the two then traded close counter strikes and Shida then hit a slam and then a knee strike to the back of Deeb’s head for a near fall.

Deeb caught Shida’s Katana attempt, and hit a dragon twist. Shida then threw Deeb to the outside and followed and picked up a chair. Deeb caught her opponent and once agin worked the legs of Shida in the ring post. In the ring Shida hit an inside cradle, Shida then hit a running knee, but that was countered into a knee bar and a figure four by Deeb onto Shida. The hold was broken with the bottom rope, by Shida.

Deeb then grabbed the 50 wins trophy, Shida countered and threw the trophy. Deeb took advantage and hit roll up fora near fall. Shida countered and rolled up Deeb for the pin fall victory.

WINNER: Hikari Shida in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: WOW what an awesome TV match. This mini feud along with Baker and Thunder Rosa’s non-title feud earlier this year show the real growth of the women’s division within AEW this year. The crowd was really into this at the end and both Deeb and Shida feel more important now.)

-It was announced that Mike Sydal was injured and that Dante Martin will be taking on Matt Sydal for the third time on Rampage. [c]

(5) JON MOXLEY vs. 10

Moxley quickly knocked down Preston “10,” Vance and then took him outside the ring and slammed his opponent into the barricade and stairs and ring post. Moxley then ripped the mask and bit the face of 10, who was then bleeding in the corner. Moxley then knocked down 10 and pushed the open wound. Moxley then hit the Paradigm Shift and pinned his opponent.

WINNER: Jon Moxley in 3:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A surprisingly brutal and quick match. It really got over this slight change of Moxley’s character and he feels as fresh and exciting as ever.)

-FTR responded to the Lucha Bros, they accepted the title opportunity. Tully Blanchard said that the bros. had no idea what was coming to them. Dax Harwood said they would fight for their live and go down as the greatest tag team of all time.

-Cody’s music hit, his entrance took place during the break. To hide the boos? [c]

-They did not hide the boos, Cody said that he hears them in the arena and online. Cody then licked his teeth like when he was heel in ROH/NJPW. He said he almost broke his covenant to go for the world title, but he said that would be the easy way out. He then said they could boo or cheer. He said people cheer Tony Khan, but not himself who built the company. He then took his shoes off and threw them and implored the fans to walk in his shoes. He then praised all the members of his family. He said that he would not turn, he said because he loves the fans and always will. He apologized for going to Hollywood, and then then apologized to the whole nightmare family. He then turned to Arn Anderson and said its and honor to stand in the ring with him.

Andrade El Idolo came out and said these people don’t like him, and that he doesn’t care about the people. He said he has made stupid choices, 1st the neck tattoo and 2nd getting in his business. He then treated Cody as he entered the ring, the lights then went out and Black was in the ring. Pac then jogged out and made the save. [c]

(Cody in 2021: so weird, so disconnected, a truly remarkable series of promos for him in the last three months that are a series of ego and head scratching choices. At this point I respect the commitment, while also giving up faith that there is an epic long term story at play here.)


John Silver and Adam Cole started with a collar and elbow tie-up. Cole then took out Silver momentarily, Silver hit some kicks and then hit a back body drop, and then Evil Uno was tagged in as was Kenny Omega. After a skirmish Matt Jackson was tagged in and he was ridden like a horse (Uno was dressed as a horse). Then all four members of Dark Order took out Matt Jackson and Colt Cabana hit Matt with the cold spray (he was dressed as Brandon Cutler). The 8 men then battled. [c]

Stu Grayson fended off the elite, Then Colt Cabana took out everyone as John Silver entered and took out the legal man Nick Jackson. As Silver was about to win he took two super kicks. Kenny Omega then hit a snap dragon suplex and then the other three elite members hit a super kick. Grayson made the save. Too much was happening for a moment, Matt Jackson then took out the ref.

The three members of Dark Order were all hit with strep low blows and then they got their proton packs (The Elite were the ghost busters), and hit the members with the packs and then piled up the packs and slammed Cabana on them. It was then reviled that Adam Page was in the Stay Puff Marshmallow costume, and he took out the Elite and helped the Dark Order win.

WINNER: The Dark Order in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Please send all your hate my way, but I absolutely loved that match. It made a inconsequential match feel important at the end. Was this silly? Yes. Should this type of match happen more than once every few years? No. Did that Adam Page reveal feel amazing and make me smile ear to ear when it happened? Yes. That was plain fun and if you can’t see that I feel bad for you.)

-One more note on the main event. This show had a classic slow building, mat based, match that sold a body part to start. An 80’s type heel promo, a high flying match, an epic women’s match and an over the top main event. If every match was like the main event it would be a problem, but it was one match in a really good show.



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