10/27 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: John Morrison vs. Apollo Crews, Veer vs. Jaxson Ryker, more


WWE Main Event results and analysis


OCTOBER 27, 2021

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


  • Commentators talk up Veer’s professional baseball career


Ryker had control early with a wrist lock but Veer battled out quickly. Veer grunted loudly while landing kicks in the corner. Ryker threw Veer into a corner and went back to a wrist lock. Veer ran the ropes and the men collided in the middle with neither giving way. Ryker knocked Veer down with a shoulder tackle and covered for a two-count. Veer ducked a clothesline then leveled Ryker with a Thesz press before covering for a one-count.

Veer stood over Ryker and dropped an elbow to his shoulder, then covered for two. Veer applied a chinlock. Ryker fought free but still caught a knee to the midsection. Veer clotheslined Ryker, then planted him with a sidewalk slam and covered for another two-count. Veer paced a bit, then telegraphed another elbow drop – Ryker rolled aside and Veer landed hard on the mat.

Ryker got in some offense and hit a high cross body and covered Veer for a two-count. Ryker climbed to the top rope and went for a diving (falling) head butt but Veer rolled out of harm’s way. Veer came back with a big clothesline in the corner, and another in the middle of the ring. Veer covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Veer by pinfall in 5:35.

(Meyers’s Analysis: During ring entrances, the commentators noted how Veer was the first Indian to play professional baseball for MLB. This is close to the truth – he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates and pitched with their Single-A minor league affiliate and was also one of the subjects of the film “Million Dollar Arm.” These facts are ten times more interesting than this match, which had little flow or intrigue. Between matches, a “Veer: Coming to Raw” video package was shown.)

-Main Event recap session:

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  • Replay of Belair / Lynch in-ring segment from Raw
  • Replay of Balor vs. Owens vs. Mysterio vs. Rollins ladder match from Raw

(2) JOHN MORRISON vs. APOLLO CREWS (w/ Commander Azeez)

Morrison ducked an early clothesline and rolled up Crews in a series of quick pin attempts. Crews rolled out of the fray to ringside, but Morrison soon followed with a diving attack through the ropes. Morrison dodged an incoming attack by Azeez by leaping off the steps, but Crews caught him on the landing and took Morrison to the floor with a belly-to-belly suplex. We cut to break.

Crews had control after the break, knocking Morrison to the mat with a reverse elbow. With the ref distracted in the ring, Azeez took out Morrison on the floor. Azeez backed off while the ref looked down and began counting Morrison out. Crews rolled Morrison back into the ring and covered for two. Crews landed a series of punches to Morrison, then shouted at the crowd who booed him in return. Crews dropped an elbow and covered for two.

Crews held Morrison in a suspended vertical suplex position before dropping him to the mat. Crews applied a chin lock, but Morrison landed elbows and a kick to Crews’s head. Both men struggled to their feet, but Morrison struck first with forearm shots in the corner. He knocked Crews to the mat with a running kick, then hit a springboard enziguri off the middle rope. Morrison covered for a two-count.

Morrison ran at Crews but Crews got up the big boot – he covered Morrison for two. Morrison came back with a knee strike and dragged the prone Crews toward a corner. Morrison prepared for Starship Pain but Crews got to his feet and ran to the corner to grab Morrison with a rear waist lock. Morrison knocked him away with a reverse elbow strike, then again prepped for Starship Pain. This time, Azeez approached the apron and swept one of Morrison’s ankles, causing him to flip flop down to the canvas. Crews moved in for the cleanup – he scooped Morrison and hit an Angle slam and covered for three.

WINNER: Apollo Crews by pinfall in 7:20.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Crews makes his Raw roster debut unceremoniously on Main Event. The commentators mentioned how he plans to restore his status as a national hero of Nigeria. The match was fine and included good cheating efforts by Azeez.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.0

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