11/1 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Rok-C & McKay vs. Alize & Max the Impaler, Trios Tag Team Championship, more



NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes everyone to this week’s show. She says she is not hosting today and she is preparing for our match. She notes that she has been tasked with drawing names for the tag team survival match. They only show her draw out EC3. She says she hopes that whoever they have host is more articulate. The host is Delirious. He mentions the matches STP defending the ROH 6 Man Tag Championships vs Danhausen, Sledge, and PCO and a tag team match between Rok-C and Quinn McKay vs Miranda Alize and Max the Impaler.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: A graphic was shown for the matches today. That is the only way I know what Delirious said. Not sure why they didn’t show the other wrestlers who are in the tag team match. I guess ROH wanted the element of surprise, but ROH has provided too many surprises this week.)


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. Maria Kanellis-Bennett joins in on commentary. Max the Impaler comes out first accompanied by Amy Rose. Miranda Alize comes out next. Quinn McKay comes out next and is joined on the stage by Rok-C. In a prematch promo, Rok-C says for someone so confident in their abilities Miranda Alize can’t do the dirty work by herself. Quinn McKay interrupts her to remind her that they have a bigger problem in Max the Impaler. McKay says Rok-C has already proven she could beat Miranda and that Rok-C is the champion. McKay says that they have to make sure that neither of them is left alone with Max.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Promo was fine. Not sure why ROH has been airing promos for only half of the competitors lately.)

Code of honor not adhered to as Rok-C slaps away Alize’s hand. Rok-C charges Alize and Alize runs to the ropes. When Rok-C turns around, Alize knocks her down. The bell rings and they trade punches. They fight into the corner and McKay tags in. McKay separates them. McKay goes behind Alize and takes her down with a side headlock. Alize reverses with a head scissors. They get up but Alize grabs the wrist and takes her down. Alize pins her for a one count. (c)

During the break, Rok-C tagged in and wrestled back and forth with Alize. Alize has Rok-C down with a knee to her back. Rok-C slaps Alize and tags McKay. McKay hits a series of clotheslines followed by a dropkick. McKay throws Alize in the corner but Alize counters with an elbow. Alize hits an arm breaker on Rok-C sending her to the outside. McKay charges Alize but gets kicked. Alize kicks Rok-C on the outside. Alize for to tag Max but McKay blocks Alize and hits a sunset flip for a two count. McKay hits a power slam for a two count. Alize rakes McKay’s eyes and bites her fingers. Alize kicks McKay and tags Max. Max doesn’t come in and Alize tells Rose to tell Max to go into the ring. Max goes in and charges McKay. McKay kicks Max and goes for a sleeper hold. Rok-C runs but Max choke slams Rok-C. Max throws McKay onto Rok-C. Alize tags in. Alize hits McKay with a GO to Sleep but Rok-C breaks up the pin. Alize argues with Rok-C and McKay rolls her up for a two count. Alize hits McKay with a superkick. Alize tags Max. Max knocks down McKay and Rok-C. Max lifts them both up and hits a double back drop. Max picks up McKay and hits a back breaker. Rose commands Max to tag Alize. Alize poses then pins McKay for the victory.

WINNER: Miranda Alize & Max the Impaler at 6:37

A replay of the finish is shown. Alize stares at Rok-C as Rok-C holds the Women’s title. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Match was quick. Alize wrestled most of the match like a handicap match for some reason. Rok-C was put in the Bandido position of looking weak and it was ironic that McKay’s warning of not being left alone with Max didn’t matter since Max took them out on their own. The finish teases and alliance between Alize and Rose.)


PJ Black is on commentary. This match is contested with lucha rules. Demonic Flamita enters first and he is teaming with O’Shay Edwards who enters next. The next entrant is Silas Young who is teaming with Rey Horus. Young and Horus argue in the aisle. The next entrant is World Famous CB who is teaming with EC3. Flip Gordon comes out next and he is teaming with Matt Taven. (c)

Code of honor adhered to by Young and CB. They start grappling with control through various wrestling holds. CB buts a submission on Young. CB hip tosses Young but Young responds with chops. They continue to grapple for control and trade sunset flips. Young and CB reach a stalemate. Horus tags Young and they argue. Flamita comes in behind CB and throws CB to the outside. EC3 argues with referee Joe Mandak. Flamita and Horus trade slaps. Flamita grabs a side headlock and takes Horus down with a shoulder tackle. He hits Horus with an elbow for a one count. Flamita kicks Horus into his corner. Flamita and Horus trade moves until Horus sends Flamita outside with a head scissors. Gordon jumps at Horus but Horus moves out of the way. Gordon chips Horus and flips over him. Horus hits a head scissors but Gordon lands on his feet and hits a superkick. Gordon sends Horus to the outside and EC3 comes into the ring. Gordon introduces EC3 to Ring of Honor and shakes his hand. EC3 reminds Gordon that they had a match and he spit in his face. EC3 tries to hit Gordon but he flips backwards. Gordon goes to tag Taven but EC3 punches him. Gordon tags Taven. EC3 and Taven lock up. They trade takeovers. EC3 takes Taven down with a serious of shoulder tackles. EC3 throws Taven into the corner. Taven eludes EC# and drop kicks EC3 to the outside. (c)

Edwards comes in and during the break hit a suplex on Taven. Edwards lifts Taven into his corner and tags Flamita. Flamita hits Taven with two shoulder charges and a snap mare. Flamita hits a drop kick for a two count. Horus comes in and he teams with Flamita to take out Taven. Flamita superkicks Horus after working Taven but Taven hits Flamita with a springboard kick. Gordon tags in and hits a missile dropkick on Flamita followed by several chops on Horus. Gordon hits a rolling Shooting Star Press and Flamita and works over Horus in the corner. Gordon hits a powerbomb for a two count but EC3 breaks up the pin. EC3 throws Horus to the outside. Gordon tags Taven and they double team EC3 with kicks. Gordon kicks EC3 and Taven follows with a frog splash. Taven pins EC3 for a two count but Edwards breaks it up. Edwards grabs Taven to do a double team move on him but Flamita kicks Edwards. Taven takes Flamita down with a spinning kick. Taven runs the ropes preparing for a dive but EC3 takes him out with a clothesline. Flamita comes in and hits EC# with an enziguri. EC3 hits a backbreaker and clotheslines Flamita sending them both over the top rope.CB dives on Edwards but Edwards catches him. Taven dives and takes out both of them. Horus goes for a baseball slide but Taven moves out of the way. Taven gets Horus into a full Nelson. Gordon runs the ropes but Horus breaks Taven’s hold and kicks Gordon. Gordon is draped on the ropes while Horus runs the ropes and dives over him onto CB and Taven. Flamita does a dive to the outside. Gordon climbs the top rope and dives to the outside. Back in the ring, Horus hits a high cross body on CB followed by a big boot. Horus hits a drop toe hold and a 450 off the top rope. Young runs in and pulls Horus off of CB and pins CB for the victory.

WINNER: Silas Young & Rey Horus at 11:29

Young and Horus argue. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Not sure why Young got the pin himself when his team was guaranteed to win. The match had some good action and a lot of possibilities for different directions that will likely never get met.)


Mark Briscoe is on commentary. Danhausen comes out first followed by Sledge and PCO. In a pre-match promo, Danhausen says it his most powerful day of the year and he has a treat for Danhausen and Sledge a 6 man title match. PCO says titles repeatedly and more power. Sledge says PCO will get his power and Danhausen will get his money and he will get the belt. Danhausen says to Sledge not to screw this up especially on Halloween. Danhausen walks away and PCO and Sledge stare at each other. Shane Taylor Promotions comes out next. In a pre-match promo, Shane Taylor says you can’t look over any competition and they won’t be overlooking their opponents. They are just in the wrong place at the wrong time and will get the beating that LFI should have got. They are going to bow down to the greatest 6 man tag team champions of all times. Moses and Kaun say they tell no lies, when one dies, a thousand rise.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: At least this match has comments from both sets of competitors before the match. The challengers showing dissension in contrast to the champions seem to indicate where this match is going.)

Danhausen and Kaun start the match. Danhausen and Kaun grapple for control until Kaun throws Danhausen to the ground. Moses tags in and Danhausen dropkicks him down. Danhausen runs the ropes but Moses takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Danhausen asks for Taylor to be tagged in. Taylor charges and misses. Danhausen hits several punches on Taylor. Danhausen attempts to Irish whip Taylor to no avail. Taylor sends Danhausen into the corner. Danhausen kicks Taylor and escapes out. Taylor grabs Danhausen by the arm but Danhausen slaps him. Danhausen goes for a choke slam. Taylor blocks it and slaps Danhausen. Danhausen tags Sledge. Sledge and Taylor trade forearms until Sledge hits a pump kick. Taylor responds with an elbow and a forearm. (c)

Taylor charges Sledge but Sledge hits a spear. PCO tags in but he and Sledge argue. Sledge shoves PCO causing PCO to malfunction. PCO hits double ax handles on Sledge, Taylor, Kaun, and Moses. Danhausen stops Sledge from getting into the ring. PCO throws Todd Sinclair to the ground and exposes the top turnbuckle. He shoves Taylor, Kaun and Moses into the exposed turnbuckle. PCO runs the ropes and does a cannonball onto the floor. Taylor throws PCO into the barricade and throes PCO back into the ring. PCO and Taylor trade strikes until Taylor gets the advantage. Taylor tags Moses. Moses Irish whips PCO into the corner but PCO gets a clothesline. PCO tags Sledge and he hits Moses with repeated clotheslines in the corner followed by a T bone suplex. Kaun comes in and Irish whips SLedhe. Sledge goes up and over and sweeps the leg. Sledge kicks Kaun. Sledge backs into his corner and Danhausen tags him. Sledge charges Taylor but Taylor catches his leg and hits him with a knee. Danhausen, climbing the top rope, kicks Taylor and hits a hurricanrana followed by a pump kick. Kaun enters the ring and takes out Danhausen. PCO comes in and shoulder tackles Kaun. PCO malfunctions and dives onto Sledge. Back inside the ring, Danhausen gets hit with SOS’ Implant DDT followed by Shane Taylor’s Marcus Garvey Driver for the win.

WINNER: STP at 8:33

STP celebrate after winning and leave the ring. Sledge attacks PCO and they brawl as the show ends.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Match was quick and was more of a vehicle to set up an angle between Sledge and PCO. Ian Riccaboni was hinting that a team from outside ROH might need to challenge Shane Taylor Promotions but that might not happen. I am not a fan of theme shows and this wasn’t the best. It was intended to be a place holder show but with the news of ROH changing its operations, it was more of a sad affair.)

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