11/3 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo, Kenny Omega vs. Alan Angles, World Title Tournament Semifinal, TBS Title Tournament First Round Match

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Angels started with a drop kick, and then followed that up with stomps in the corner. Kenny Omega then followed up with stiff chops sending Alan to the mat a few times. Omega continued the assault and hit a crusher then a kick to the ribs and a kick to the back of the legs, for a two count. Omega then hit an Atomic Drop as Kenny then pointe the finger guy and went for the V-Trigger. Angels dodged and rolled up Omega for a two count.

Angels then dove out onto Omega, but Kenny was able to slam Angels into the ring apron and the barricade. Angels jumped and countered and hit a moonsault out onto the floor. Angels then followed that up with a crossbody leading to another two count. Angels went for a frog splash and Omega was able to get his knees up.

Omega followed up with buckle bomb, leading to a near fall. Omega was now frustrated, and put in a double undertook hold, and then hit strikes on Angels. The two men then traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Omega tried for the One Winged Angel, on Angels. Who escaped, Omega then hit a V-Trigger and got a near fall on Angels. Omega then hit two more V-Triggers and he then pinned Angels for the win.

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match that protected Omega and framed his character going into the PPV.)

-After the match Kenny got on the mic, he said that he has the power to giveth and taketh away. He then called for a chair Adam Page’s music hit and he ran Omega out of the ring. He said that Omega had 10 days left with that title.

-Malakai Black had a video. He talked about the interests of men, he said him being bared from ringside would not have an effect tonight. He said that when Julias Caesar was assassinated it wasn’t just Marcus Aurelius that committed the act. [c]

-CM Punk came out to the ring. Punk asked if he could be serious for a moment, he asked for everyone to chant Jon Moxley’s name. He said that it was important to him that they did that. He said he knows what its like to be worn down and needing to take yourself off of the hamster wheel. He said that he should not be criticized and that he is proud of him. He said that if you are in a place where you need help, to please ask for help and reach out. He then pivoted to Eddie Kingston, he said that he couldn’t ask him to his face. He said that he doesn’t like to be interrupted, he said he would fight him but he wasn’t there. He said that he will be in Saint Louis and will be ready to accept an apology from him.

-Miro had a video, he said that he cursed, warned and threatened his God. He asked if God was trying to help him, or play with him. He said that the path to the AEW title will be paved with blood and skulls. He will be loved and then he will forgive. [c]

-The supercliq was backstage, Adam Cole said the loss last week was a fluke. Nick Jackson said they were tough guys, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus attacked the group. The Supercliq then took out the two, until Jungle Boy dove out and took out the group. The Young Bucks then took out Cage on the stage area. Then Luchasaurus then choke slammed the Bucks onto Adam Cole. Jungle Boy then locked in a submission and made Cole Pass out. Cage then put a chair under the head of Cole and slammed another chair on top of his head.

-Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander had a video talking about their quarterfinal bout for the TBS title.


Cash Wheeler and Samuray started the match, with Wheeler getting some early advantage with his strength. Del Sol threw Wheeler out of the ring as Aero Star was tagged in. Del Sol and Star teamed up and hit middle rope dives to the upside. Dax Harwood was able to get some offense in to change momentum going into the break. [c]

When the show returned, Aero Star dodged a move by Harwood, Star then front flip dove out onto Harwood. Star then did a reverse headbutt off the top on Wheeler and tagged in Del Sol. The team of Star and Del Sol hit a move on both members of FTR. Then a double cover was made by the lucha team. After a flurry of action Star hit a springboard elbow and covered.

Harwood pulled out Aero Star and was taken to task by Harwood. Aero Star and Wheeler traded roll up attempts and Wheeler locked in and got a three count by holding the middle rope.

(Sage’s Analysis: a solid tag match, that felt a little more like an indy show from a booking standpoint. A fun match that didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of AEW. But, FTR are really at their best going against high flying teams.)

-Shida got her 50 wins in AEW trophy, Nyla Rose confronted her and said that she wouldn’t advance in the TBS tournament against her. [c]

-The Inner Circle emerged and walk into the ring. Jericho summarized that they get to choose who they face at Full Gear, Dan Lambert and company come out. Lambert pleaded with the crowd that his face wasn’t that fat he then talked about his MMA gym. Lambert said he had a signed contract and gave it to The Inner Circle. Lambert then went over all his team members. Lambert then talked about Hager in Bellator, and then talked about his two guys that are combined 16-0 in that same company. Hager called out Junior Dos Santos, Santana called out Andre Orlofsky. Lambert then reminded Jericho of what he said about Paige VanZant and she went back and fourth. Jericho announced that the fifth member would be Dan Lambert.

(Lambert in the match is the most predictable thing AEW has done in a “reveal,” going into a PPV. I was not a fan of this segment, I looked forward to this story being completed.)

-Matt Sydal and Dante Martin were backstage, Sydal then congratulated Martin. Sydal then said that Lee Moriarty was with him and he challenged Martin and Lio Rush.


A collar and elbow tie-up started the match, Anna Jay was able to hit a shoulder block and then was able to trade headlocks with Jamie Hayter. The match went to the outside, here Hayter was thrown into the barricade and then back into the ring. Hayter then took control as the split screen started. [c]

Anna Jay hit a big DDT and got a two count for her efforts. Jay then locked in a Queenslayer hold. Rebel and Britt Baker distracted Jay and Hayter hit her lariat for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that made Jay look strong, but she was screwed out of the finish. This works for both characters and sets up a heel/face match in the next round.)

-Britt Baker and co went to beat up on Jay after the match. Tay Conti and Thunder Rosa made the save.

-Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling had a video, they said whoever wins between Red Velvet and The Bunny will be destroyed in quick order.

-MJF came out to the ring and asked to cut the bull, directed to Darby. He said that when all the new talent arrived people were worried, but not Darby and himself. Because they are top guys and pillars of the company. He said they both have “it,” and will both be legendary. He asked why they boo him and cheer Darby. He said that he lost sleep about that. He said that of course they boo him, he is a symbol of what people want to be but can’t. He then called Darby an Incel and sad he can’t talk. He said that he will never fit in and never win just like the fans. He said he is cool outside the ring, but becomes a stunt man in the ring and loses his facilities. He said that Darby will lose because he will want to hurt MJF, not beat him. MJF said that he is a better wrestler than Darby, so much better. He said that he could beat him with a headlock takeover.

Darby responded by saying he wouldn’t attack with his skateboard, he would have a real wrestling match at Full Gear. Darby then went down to the ring as MJF walked away. Sting and people in Darby masks chased him back. Shawn Spears and Wardlow began to fight Sting and the mask guys. Darby and MJF then Battled in the crowd. Darby then hit a huge lariat over the barricade. [c]


Andrade started the match with a face slap, Cody followed that up with a Rhodes drop punch and then worked punches in the corner. The two men were then on the apron, Cody was able to knock Andrade face first onto the apron. Andrade tried a move off the top, Cody countered with a drop kick. Cody tried a springboard Cody Cutter, but was pushed off the top rope onto the floor. [c]

Cody hit a back elbow to retake the advantage, Cody then hit a body slam. The crowd then cheered and booed him for his efforts. Andrade then went for a running knee, but Cody hulked up and took out Andrade. Cody went for Cross Roads and Andrade countered with Three Amigos. Andrade again went for the bulls horns and connected.

Andrade went to the top and tried for a moonsault, but Cody dodged. Cody then hit some Rhodes punches and a Rhodes elbow. Andrade countered by locking in the Figure Four leg lock. Cody was able to flip the pressure and Andrade broke the hold. FTR took out Cody from under the ring and Andrade hit a suplex and pinned Rhodes.

WINNER: Andrade El Idolo

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match, that was more about who would be used to hep defeat Cody. But the final 3rd of the match was pretty good.)

-Andrade and FTR beat up Cody. Arn and Tully began to fought, the Lucha Bros then came out and took out FTR. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: AEW does a lot of post match angles, but wow tonight it is after every match. I get setting up the PPV but you have 4 mores hours of content after this show. I would like to see less of these angles going forward.)

-John Silver was in the ring, talking about his match with Adam Cole on Friday. The announce team went ver the card for Rampage. Including a video about The Bunny and Red Velvet first round match in the TBS title tournament.

-Bryan Danielson came out and joined the commentary team for the upcoming semi-final match.


Cassidy ran the ropes and then went out onto the floor. Cassidy then ran in the ring as Miro went outside. Cassidy did a dive and was caught by Miro, from here Miro dominated the action going into the break. [c]

Miro threw Cassidy into opposite turnbuckles, Cassidy was able to counter and hit some right hooks and then a dropkick. Cassidy then hit a spinning DDT for a two count. Miro rolled to the outside and laid on a table, Cassidy dove off the top rope and elbowed Miro through said table. Miro beat the 10 count, Cassidy tried for the Orange Punch, but hit the Beach Break for a two count. Miro hit a body block and then Locke din the game over hold for the submission win.


(Sage’s Analysis: Miro vs. The American Dragon is going to be an excellent match. Truly some lemonade was made tonight and best wishes to Jon Moxley and his family.)

(Final Thoughts: A good show from a news and content prospective. This solidified Full Gear completely and I am looking forward to that card. But, a lot of post match beat downs in two hours begins to lose its effect. It felt like Tony Khan wanted every single person on this show so it felt more rushed than usual. Overall I liked every segment besides the Top Team and Inner Circle stuff.)


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