HEYDORN’S RAW RECEIPT 11/8: Kevin Owens back where he belongs as a heel on Monday Night Raw


WWE Raw hits and misses
Kevin Owens (photo credit Brian Mathesen © PWTorch)


This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Seth Rollins had one helluva get up on Raw this week. My goodness. It was like a bathrobe for a black tie event or something. Wow. I continue to like this Seth Rollins. He’s obnoxious, but going for it and balances it out with a serious trajectory around the WWE Championship. There are stakes involved with what he does and isn’t playing his character just to do it.

-A really good, fast-paced match to start Raw between a bunch of talent that has athletic range and in-ring abilities that encompasses a large spectrum. From high flying, to Omos power spots, the match had it all.

-The Randy Orton/Riddle relationship has pivoted toward a father and son dynamic instead of an older brother/younger brother dynamic. There were already questions surrounding Riddle playing those roles and those questions are emphasized with this tone shift.

-Adam Pearce’s logic behind changing the Raw Survivor Series team was beyond laughable and an example of why people have tuned out the WWE product. Team Raw was announced just two days prior to the show. Adam Pearce forgot about Bobby Lashley? He forgot he wanted all champions as a part of his team? Not buying it. Also, why is Raw “his” team? Pearce is on both shows! I’m gonna stop before I toss my computer out the window ….

-Some strong promo work from Big E up and down the show. Between the backstage segments with Kevin Owens and Chad Gable, along with having a guest spot on commentary, Big E sounded like a star all night long.

-Can Chad Gable still walk after that rolling German suplex to Big E? Spot of the night across all matches.

-Can we stop with the bickering women’s segments already? The backstage promo segment between the Raw women’s division felt like Adam Pearce trying to maintain control in a toddler classroom. WWE eventually got where they needed to go and featured the participants of the fatal-five way match talking about what winning would mean during short inset vignettes, but the arguing is overdone and lacks impact or meaning.

-Liv Morgan, the ball is in your hands. Your court. Time to run down field. Morgan has been the victim of start and stop pushes, which have derailed momentum. Morgan needs work and to better highlight she’s in a fight during a match and not having a performance. Becky Lynch is the best star on the roster to bring that out of her.

-Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins delivered a stellar main event. Action packed with believable near-falls and storytelling. Just great stuff all around.

-Show of hands. Anyone see the heel turn coming? So, you can never rule something like that out of the question with WWE and Kevin Owens in particular, but they did a serviceable job hiding it by the time everything went down at the end of the show.

-Kevin Owens is back where he belongs as a heel. Owens certainly could have climbed higher than he did as a babyface, but the heel lane is where he’s most natural anyway. Big E vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship is a fresh championship program on a show that desperately needs one. Excellent.

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