HEYDORN’S RAW RECEIPT 12/13: Morgan and Lynch take logical step to rematch, but Liv not ready for championship


New champions crowned at Money in the Bank
Liv Morgan


This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-I really enjoyed Bobby Lashley’s opening promo this week. It was confident and he looked like a star. The creative for him? Silly. Nothing wrong with making Lashley look like a big deal, but booking him to beat each competitor in the championship match at Day One including the champion? There are better ways to establish him that also protect the other talent in that key match.

-Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens made me chuckle a bit this week, but what is happening with those two? Least threatening championship challengers ever … well not really, but you get my point. The WWE Championship is serious business and both Rollins and Owens were anything but on Monday night.

-“Coach” Randy Orton was not an era of Randy Orton that was high on my list of things we’d see in WWE. Psst … it worked for me, though. Orton and Riddle’s chemistry take this thing further than it should go. WWE cannot and should not lean on that forever, though. If Riddle starts getting more serious because of Orton’s help, fine. If next week we get the same ol with them again, not fine.

-A solid outing between Bianca Belair and Doudrop. The pivot to a serious Doudrop is impactful for the Raw women’s division as at the very least, it adds another player near the top of the mix.

-In terms of checking the boxes and getting to a Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch rematch, what took place this week on Raw worked. They got there and it was logical. If Liv Morgan is going to be anything for WWE, she almost has to win the title at Day One at this point. Her babyface credibility will be shot if she comes up short. The problem with that is, she’s not ready. The audience isn’t piping hot for her to win and are still slowly jumping on the bandwagon it seems. WWE is in a pickle with this and the fan base confused as to how to react to Becky Lynch isn’t helping.

-The point of the Ziggler and Roode win was? Exactly. Nada!

-Is this rock bottom for Rhea Ripley? It’s unfathomable what the main roster booking has done to her. In NXT, Ripley was an alpha and a clear top star. On Raw, she looks like a lost puppy out there and is now losing to fake queens in under a minute. She’s young and she has time, but sometimes perceptions are hard to repair and nothing about her screams top star right now.

-I feel embarrassed for being high on what Vince McMahon and Austin Theory have done to this point. Why? Because this week’s segment was an abomination. Not only could you barely make out what McMahon was saying, but what was decipherable made absolutely no sense. Not a good night for those two.

-Miz and Edge were fine this week, but a lot of the same in terms of story. It’s clear they don’t have much gas left in the tank and need the Day One match to happen pronto.

-OMG who would have thought it! Bobby Lashley did the impossible and the WWE Championship match at Day One is now a fatal four-way. Shocking! Not. This was as predictable as it gets in WWE and worse because the predictability also sacrificed the top championship contenders on the show. Now that he’s in, Lashley adds intrigue to the bout.

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